Digital technology is becoming more and more dense in our lives — today few people can be surprised by smartphones, smart watches, robotic vacuum cleaners. The latter technique is very convenient to use, besides, with its help it will be possible to effectively cope with dust and dirt, freshen the air, and so on. On sale you can find not too expensive devices. The Starwind company is known among users for the development of small household and climatic appliances. Consider the robot vacuum cleaner Starwind SRV7550. With the help of this technique, it is possible to significantly reduce the time for cleaning the premises, save energy. You can control the device through a special application, so the cleaning time can be programmed in advance.

Design and packaging of the device

Robot vacuum cleaner Starwind SRV7550

Outwardly, this technique is practically no different from the products of other manufacturers regarding this price segment. The device is placed in a round case, has not too large overall dimensions — 350x350x82 mm. He does not need a lot of free space, but he will still need a certain place in order to freely stand on the base. The case is made of high-quality plastic, the assembly is at a decent level — we did not find any backlashes or other defects.

Starwind SRV7550 equipment

The package is quite rich. Together with the vacuum cleaner itself, there is a charging station with a detachable mains adapter, a remote control equipped with an informative liquid crystal display, a water container is provided, which will be necessary when carrying out wet cleaning. In addition to them, there are two nozzles for wet cleaning at once, four side brushes, a spare HEPA filter, and a brush that allows you to effectively and completely clean the dust collector from dirt. If you handle this equipment as carefully and carefully as possible, clean the dust collector in a timely manner, then you will not have to purchase anything additionally — the device will reliably serve for many years.

What is a sensor system?

robot vacuum cleaner Starwind SRV7550

This robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with 18 infrared sensors at once, which will scan the space of the room, thanks to which a map of rooms is built. The installed gyroscope and height difference sensor help the device overcome various obstacles and calculate the angle of rotation. The device moves along the floor surface in parallel lines, avoids obstacles carefully and does not touch furniture. After the end of the cleaning process, the device will automatically return to the base to charge the battery. There is no need to give him an additional command for this.

Characteristics of Starwind SRV7550

The capacity of the built-in lithium-ion battery is 2600 mAh — a similar resource should be enough for approximately 150 minutes of continuous operation. On average, on a single charge, the vacuum cleaner is able to clean up to 120 square meters of area. When we tested the device, we were able to find out that the actual cleaning area is somewhat smaller — about 80-100 squares. If you have a larger room, then there is nothing wrong with that — the electronics of the vacuum cleaner are quite smart. If it is discharged, and the cleaning is not yet completed, the device will return to the base, charge the battery, and then continue cleaning again. It is worth noting that the product takes about 5 hours to charge, but no human participation is required, in addition, this is the standard charging time for cordless vacuum cleaners, so we did not consider this moment as a drawback of the device.

Starwind SRV7550

Operating modes

Container Starwind SRV7550

The developers have included four modes of operation in this model — automatic, local, along the walls, and the device can also move along a zigzag path. According to the type of cleaning, dry and wet are distinguished. When using the first technology, a special dust container is installed in the structure, when wet cleaning is required, a nozzle must be placed — all these elements are supplied with this device. The device is supplied with a very detailed instruction, translated into literary and enough understandable Russian. Based on it, it becomes clear what and where to attach, although this is already clear even at an intuitive level. The dust container capacity is 350ml and the water container is 300ml.

Starwind SRV7550 kit

The design provides for a turbo brush and side brushes, with the help of which it is possible to cope with the cleaning of any surfaces, including carpets with a fairly high pile. Additionally, fine filters are installed in this device. They effectively retain even the smallest particles of dust, and also prevent allergens and pathogens from entering the air.

Starwind SRV7550

How to operate and care for the robot vacuum cleaner?

As we said earlier, you can start the robot either through the remote control that comes with the kit, or through a special mobile application, respectively, you can send the device to clean up, even when you are far from home. The device easily copes with any obstacles that appear on the way, so there will be no need to monitor it all the time. The capabilities of the device allow you to set up a schedule so that cleaning is carried out according to a given schedule. However, before this, the device should be launched so that it can build a map of the premises for itself, and in the future it will only repeat this route.

Robot vacuum cleaner Starwind SRV7550 rear

Starwind SRV7550

It is quite natural that this equipment will have to be looked after — from time to time it will be necessary to clean the dust container. The robot itself will inform the user when it needs to be done, water should be poured for wet cleaning. It is also necessary to clean the brushes if hair or threads are wrapped around them. All these processes take a minimum amount of time, however, such maintenance will be quite enough for the robot vacuum cleaner to work reliably and stably for a long time.

Test impressions and conclusions

Starwind SRV7550 Kit

The first thing we liked about this robot vacuum cleaner, literally on first glance, was the stylish look and excellent build quality. Despite the fact that the device is placed in a plastic case, it looks very attractive and can fit into almost any interior. The design has good maneuverability due to not the greatest height. She easily drove under our sofa, where no one had cleaned for a very long time, and was able to clean everything there just to perfect condition. Rides, as we were able to find out, not too fast. It cleans surfaces at the highest level, does not run into pieces of furniture during cleaning, easily goes around them, remembers their location.

Containers Starwind SRV7550

Although it drives into a thick carpet, it does it with great difficulty, although it cleans the pile perfectly. We tried to sprinkle millet and buckwheat groats first on the surface of linoleum and laminate — the vacuum cleaner did not leave the slightest trace of such dirt during spot cleaning. Then they decided to complicate the task: the same products were scattered on the carpet. It took the robot much longer to collect the grits, but still managed to almost successfully complete the task assigned to it.

At the end of the article, I would like to give the positive and negative points associated with this device. Let’s start with the traditional advantages:

  • Quiet operation;
  • The low height allows you to get into even the most inaccessible places;
  • It is very easy to control the device, both through the remote control and through a special application — it can work on any mobile operating systems;
  • Excellent value for money products;
  • A high-quality battery ensures a long battery life.

New Year Starwind SRV7550

Too significant shortcomings in this robot vacuum cleaner, we were unable to identify. Unless it is removed much longer compared to more expensive models. And the case of the product is made of glossy plastic, which literally attracts any dirt to itself, so the structure will have to be wiped periodically — usually they do it with a dry soft cloth without the use of detergents and abrasives. Otherwise, there were no difficulties and difficulties with this device.

Starwind SRV7550


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