In the past few years, unique devices called diffusers have become increasingly widespread. They work on the basis of essential oils — extracts of various plants that have restorative, relaxing or cleansing qualities. Due to the fact that the device is considered fairly new, many people have no idea what to look for when buying them. We decided to fill this gap and developed a ranking of the best diffusers in 2022. In it, we will not only tell you in as much detail as possible about the useful characteristics of the most popular devices among buyers, but also give some useful tips that will definitely help when choosing such a gadget.

How to choose the right aroma diffuser for your home?

Such devices available on the market today can operate on the basis of various principles. The most popular is spraying, when vibration is created during engine operation. Under its influence, the molecules of essential oils are separated from the carrier and spread throughout the room in the form of tiny particles. Others work on the basis of heating — the carrier fluid is heated, due to which the oil molecules separate much faster. There are diffusers that operate on the principle of a fan or on fogging technology.

Atomizers that do not have a heating function will not change the characteristics of essential oils, devices with heating work absolutely silently, but the effectiveness of the impact on the human body is much less. An important criterion is the maximum area for which such a device is designed. Many users pay attention to the form factor of the device. On sale you can also find portable ultrasonic designs that have compact dimensions, so you can take them with you even on long trips.

In general, spraying essential oils has a positive effect on human health. They are often used as prophylactic agents to prevent colds and other respiratory diseases. Also, the oil will be quite effective in the treatment of upper respiratory tract and nasal congestion. In this case, it is advisable to use peppermint, rosemary or eucalyptus oils. Peppermint or orange oil will help keep you warm even in severe frosts, they also have an invigorating effect.

When we chose models to include in our rating of the best diffusers, we took into account all the points discussed above. However, we also took into account user reviews and the value for money of products. We have tried to compile a review of not too expensive devices so that they are affordable for most of our readers. We hope that after a careful study of all the main characteristics of the presented devices, you will be able to choose the most suitable device for yourself.

Mechanical Models

5. Evo Beauty Home Blooming flax

Evo Beauty Home Blooming flax photo

Not too expensive, but at the same time a very stylish device that will easily fit into any interior of the room. It is equipped with a reservoir with a capacity of 50 ml. Manual control, lighting is not provided in the design. The degree of intensity of the aroma in this design will be regulated by the number of sticks used.

The diffuser comes with a liquid with floral and woody aromas. They are, in general, universal, so they are quite suitable for use not only at home, but also in the office or even in catering establishments. Users note that these aromas are well refreshing and invigorating. To some, at first it seems somewhat harsh, but over time it is fully revealed. In addition to two rattan sticks, the manufacturer added blooming flax branches to the kit, which had a positive effect on the overall design of the device.


  • Quite an attractive appearance;
  • Pleasant refreshing aromas;
  • Good build quality and component materials;
  • Independent of electricity.


  • For some users, the cost of the device seems somewhat overpriced.

Mechanical diffuser Evo Beauty Home Blooming flax

4. BAGO home Guaiac woodBAGO home Guaiac tree photo

Users note that in such a device, the supply of liquid is enough for approximately 2 months. The model is equipped with a reservoir with a capacity of 50 ml. The device is characterized by a fairly stylish design, it will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room or bedroom. The developers managed to create an extremely curious composition of woody aromas. However, not everyone liked it — some users are simply delighted with this smell, so they will buy it again and again for their home, while others believe that such aromas are overly harsh.

The manufacturer put a fairly large set of sticks in the kit. However, people who are hypersensitive to fragrances should be aware that the smell will be quite intense. The composition is one of the highest quality, due to which it is characterized by high durability, the consumption of perfumed liquid is also insignificant.


  • Very stylish design of the device;
  • Low consumption — enough liquid for a long time;
  • Fits well into any interior;
  • There are enough incense sticks in the set.


  • The aroma of this diffuser was not to the liking of all users.

Mechanical diffuser BAGO home Guaiac wood

3. Sweet Home Aroma Vanilla

Sweet Home Aroma Vanilla photo

With this device, you can easily change the intensity of the smell by adding sticks or reducing their number. The volume of the tank is much larger compared to previously reviewed gadgets. The device does not have a backlight, but the kit comes with liquids with a dessert and vanilla-caramel smell. This product is sure to appeal to people who prefer sweet flavors.

As users specify in the reviews, the smell here is more like not vanilla, but rather burnt caramel. Often a similar diffuser is installed in the kitchen. The aroma spreads around the room very quickly, often it seems to many even excessively intense, because the manufacturer puts a decent number of sticks in the kit, but it is not necessary to use them all at once. Many users use only a part of those that the manufacturer puts. The volume of the bottle is decent, with an economical use of the liquid, it will last for about 3-4 months. The composition does not contain petroleum products, formaldehydes, parabens and alcohols.


  • One refill is enough for a long time;
  • Absolutely safe for human health;
  • The set comes with a large number of sticks.


  • The fragrance claimed by the manufacturer is not true.

Mechanical diffuser Sweet Home Aroma Vanilla

2. Breesal Aroma Sphere 1001 nights

Breesal Aroma Sphere 1001 night photo

One of the cheapest models on the Russian market. The device costs almost twice as much as other devices. No wonder this diffuser is very popular among consumers. The volume of the tank is 40 ml, there is no backlight, the design is absolutely non-volatile, it does not need to be connected to the network. The kit comes with a liquid with a floral and dessert aroma.

Many users compare the diffuser by smell with an expensive perfume. If you insert 4 sticks into the device at once, then the apartment will be filled with a pleasant smell in just a few minutes. It should be borne in mind that the aroma may be excessively intense at the place where the product is placed, but this problem can be easily solved by removing one or more sticks. Users note that the bottle does not close, so that its contents can be easily spilled.


  • Quite affordable cost;
  • Good, very pleasant and persistent aroma;
  • It spreads almost instantly over a large area.


  • Insignificant volume of the tank;
  • The bottle does not close — the liquid can be spilled if handled carelessly.

Mechanical diffuser Breesal Aroma Sphere 1001 night

1. CAROMIC Italian afternoon

CAROMIC Italian afternoon photo

In the first place in this part of our review is located products belonging to the middle price category. This is a manual control device, devoid of illumination, it is equipped with a reservoir of a decent volume — 100 ml. With the help of this equipment, in just a few minutes, create a unique atmosphere in your home. The composition, which comes with the diffuser, allows you to move to the sun-drenched Italian vineyards.

At the same time, the manufacturer provides customers with a number of other refreshing and warming aromas. According to users, the smell from this diffuser is quite intense, some people even remove a few sticks to make the scent weaker. The more sticks used, the faster the aromatic liquid will be consumed.


  • Quite an acceptable cost for a decent amount of aromatic liquid;
  • The house is filled with a pleasant aroma in the shortest possible time.


  • Not all users like such an intense aroma.

Mechanical diffuser CAROMIC Italian afternoon

Electric diffusers for home fragrances

5. Oregon Scientific WA633N

Oregon Scientific WA633N photo

First of all, users note the reliability of this ultrasonic diffuser. The case is characterized by increased strength and quality factor, as it is made from the highest quality materials. It has a candle form factor, which allows the device to fit perfectly into any interior. The design of the case has an attractive pattern, backlighting with three modes of operation is provided. The capacity of the tank is insignificant — only 100 ml, so it is not recommended to use this technique in the form of an air humidifier.

When adding essential oils, this electric diffuser allows you to get a pleasant aroma. The maximum area of ​​the room should be no more than 14 square meters. m. The device is absolutely safe during operation, as the manufacturer has equipped it with an automatic shutdown function in case the tank runs out of water.


  • It will be a great interior decoration;
  • High quality materials and assembly;
  • The evaporation rate can be adjusted if necessary.


  • Insignificant volume of the tank;
  • Cannot be used as a humidifier.

Electric diffuser Oregon Scientific WA633N



It is quite expensive, but it is characterized by compact dimensions — this device can be carried with you all the time. The device is electronically controlled, its power is 1.5 watts. The product is additionally decorated with LED lighting.

It can be seen that the capacity and volume of the reservoir are insignificant, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to process a significant area. It is very easy to control this electronic device — to turn it on, just press a single button on the case. LED lighting allows you to provide additional decor for the interior. Filling the tank is very easy — you just need to unscrew the lid and pour water into it, often a few drops of essential oils are added to it.


  • Compact overall dimensions of the device;
  • Very attractive design;
  • Very easy to use.


  • The case may periodically leak;
  • The cost is much higher compared to other similar devices.

Electric diffuser MINI HUMIDIFIER

3. Air Green 3 in 1

Air Green 3 in 1 photo

Perfectly aromatizes air of the room, and this device works absolutely silently. It is equipped with a safe and soft LED-type backlight, thanks to which this device can even replace a night light. The tank is one of the most capacious in our review — up to 400 ml of liquid is placed in it. The control system is mechanical, the diffuser power is 14 watts. Ultrasonic product. It not only aromatizes and moisturizes the air, but will also become a wonderful decoration of the room.

The case of the device is stylized as wood. The main difference from the classic humidifier is that various essential oils can be added to the liquid tank. The design is able to easily work with both expensive and the cheapest formulations. Due to the low power, it will not be possible to use it as a humidifier, since only a small area can fully humidify the device.


  • Very stylish design;
  • Can be used as a night light if needed.
  • The device works absolutely silently;
  • Able to function with both cheap and expensive essential oils.


  • Moisturizes the air weakly due to the low power of the structure.

Electric diffuser Air Green 3 in 1

2. M&A.corp Lotus with remote control and LED backlight

M&A.corp Lotus with remote control and LED backlight photo

A very comfortable and stylish product based on ultrasonic liquid evaporation. The design provides a convenient and functional remote control. The design is produced in the form of a lotus, and the case is stylized as a dark tree. The device looks quite stylish, it will fit well into any interior of the room. Often it is installed not only in apartments, but also in small offices. The volume of the tank and the power of the diffuser itself are quite enough to fully humidify the air in a small room.

The key function of this device is to aromatize the air. Any essential oils can be added to the liquid, which will create a very cozy atmosphere in the room. There are convenient buttons on the case that start the device for 1, 3 or 6 hours. The design provides two spray modes, there is also a multi-colored LED backlight.


  • Creates the most comfortable atmosphere in the room;
  • A remote control is supplied with the diffuser;
  • Works almost silently;
  • Attractive LED lighting and beautiful appearance.


  • The kit does not include a power supply.

Electric diffuser M&A.corp Lotus with remote control and LED backlight

1. Xiaomi HL Aroma

Xiaomi HL Aroma photo

The device was released by a world famous Chinese company that manufactures digital technology. Today, this device is in maximum demand among buyers. The body can be painted in two colors. The tank does not have a very large volume, however, for the full aromatization of air, its capabilities will be quite enough.

The evaporation rate can be changed using the electronic control system. If the liquid is used sparingly, then it will last for about 10 hours. The backlight is LED, represented by seven colors at once. This electrical device has an indication — it starts to glow if the water level is low. When the liquid runs out completely, the device turns off completely.


  • Attractive appearance;
  • High build quality;
  • multi-colored illumination;
  • There is an indication;
  • Works safely.


  • Not detected.

Electric diffuser Xiaomi HL Aroma

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best aromatic diffusers that can only be found on the shelves of Russian household appliance stores has come to an end. We tried to collect the maximum amount of information on each model so that you can get a complete picture for yourself and choose the most suitable option for yourself. If you have any questions, you can always ask us. Editorial staff will try to provide the information you are interested in as soon as possible.


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