Every self-respecting housewife strives to keep her home clean — regularly wipe the dust, wash the floors, and so on. The best way to clean the room is with a vacuum cleaner. Home appliance stores offer a wide selection of these products, and designs can vary greatly from each other in a number of ways.

Today we want to tell you about vacuum cleaners that do not have a dust bag. They clean the surface much more effectively due to some functional features, which we will talk about a little later. The parameters will also be given here, on their basis it will be much easier to choose the most suitable product. Let’s start from now on with our roundup of the best bagless vacuum cleaners of the year.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner without a dust bag?

As in the case of other suction products, one of the key roles is the maximum power consumption, which indicates the maximum consumption of electricity in the event of a complete blockage of the motor. In wired devices, it ranges from 600 to 2400 watts. The higher this parameter is, the stronger the vacuum cleaner will absorb dust and other contaminants — this indicator, as a rule, is not lower than 300 watts. As the container fills up, the suction power decreases. Many experienced housewives recommend not to bring the device to the full filling of the tank, but to empty it when it is filled to a maximum of half. This will help you achieve optimal suction power.

Before buying, you need to check how convenient it is to use a vacuum cleaner. It is best if the power control is electronic, and its control is placed on the hose handle — you don’t have to bend over again to change this indicator. On sale you can find devices that have an electronic menu and touch controls, thanks to which the type of coating is selected, and the device will choose the required power on its own.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner without a dust bag

There must be an indication of the degree of filling of the container, and it can be both electronic and mechanical. The first is much more convenient, and also much safer for the device itself. Initially, the vacuum cleaner informs the user about the fullness of the container, and then turns off the motor, preventing it from overheating. It should be checked how easily the container can be removed from the housing so that contact with dust is minimal. On the body should be special rubberized bumpers. They will protect both the vacuum cleaner itself and pieces of furniture from various damage in the event of a collision with them.

The filtration system in most cases includes several stages that allow you to completely rid the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner from dust. The most modern filter is considered to be HEPA, which can trap even the smallest particles, which is very important for people with allergies. The principle of operation of a vacuum cleaner with a dust container is the presence of several cyclones in it. The air is swirled like a whirlwind, due to which, under the action of centrifugal force, the garbage is separated from the air and remains directly in the container itself. Such devices are quite noisy, but they clean the room much more efficiently.

When working with such devices, you do not have to additionally purchase dust bags, suction power remains approximately the same level regardless of the degree of filling of the container, after cleaning there is no foreign smell in the air. The trash bin is easy to clean. The volume of this element is different — it should be selected depending on the area that is planned to be cleaned.

When we selected models to include in our ranking of the best bagless vacuum cleaners, all of the above points were taken into account. In addition, user reviews and value for money were taken into account. We have tried not to include the most expensive models here, so that each of our readers can choose the best products for themselves.

9 of the best vacuum cleaner models without a trash bag

9. Samsung SC8836

Samsung SC8836 photo

Excellent for dry cleaning, however, the device is strictly forbidden to use for collecting spilled liquids or in rooms with a high level of humidity. A plastic container is installed in it, the maximum suction power reaches 430W. This indicator is enough even for heavily soiled surfaces, including carpet or carpet with a high pile. Available in three colors — red, blue and grey. The latest generation cyclone filter is made of fairly dense transparent plastic. The kit includes three nozzles that increase the functionality of the device and allow you to penetrate even the most inaccessible places. The vacuum cleaner can be used not only for cleaning the floor surface, but also for working with upholstered furniture.

The development used Super Twin Chamber technology, due to which high suction power will be maintained throughout the entire operation time, regardless of the degree of filling of the container. The latter is very easy to empty — it is equipped with a swivel mechanism with a secure latch. As a filter, a level 13 HEPA element is used here — it does not leave dust the slightest chance. All controls are located on the body, the length of the power cable is 7 m.


  • High suction power;
  • Reliable and efficient filtration system;
  • The nozzle in the form of a brush has a sufficiently long and hard bristle, which allows for a thorough cleaning of the carpet;
  • Optimal container size.


  • The flexible hose does not have a swivel mechanism, so during the cleaning process you will have to make sure that it does not twist.

Samsung SC8836

8. LG VK76A02NTL

LG VK76A02NTL photo

It has fairly compact overall dimensions — 435x282x258 mm — this allows you to store this device even in a small apartment. The suction power is decent, despite the low cost of the device. It is 380 W and fully corresponds to the one declared by the manufacturer. There are three standard nozzles in the kit — for dusting, for floors with pile and crevice. It uses the original Ellipse Cyclone air filtration system. It effectively retains dust in the container. At the bottom of the case you can find a foam air filter. As it becomes dirty, it must be washed under running warm water, although it does not clog too often. At the outlet of the vacuum cleaner, the air passes through a class 11 HEPA filter, which allows it to be cleaned by about 95%. It can also be washed under water or blown with a jet of air.

The control system on the body is represented by two buttons — on / off and a button for winding the cord, there is a folding handle for carrying. The length of the power cable is 5 m — quite enough even for a very spacious apartment. The function of the dust collector is performed by a glass made of polycarbonate, the volume of which is one and a half liters. Inside the case is fixed easily and securely.


  • Attractive design and good build quality;
  • Moves very easily;
  • Easy to enjoy;
  • For a vacuum cleaner with a cyclone container, it is quite quiet.


  • The flexible hose is attached to the handle without a latch, by simply putting it on, as a result of which it can fly off during operation;
  • Power regulation conditional.


7. VITEK VT-1894

VITEK VT-1894 photo

Looks very modern and original. The function of the filter here is performed by a special multi-cyclone system that prevents power loss as the container is filled with dirt. The purity of the exhaust air is also ensured by a five-stage system based on a HEPA filter. For greater ease of use, this vacuum cleaner has wheels of a fairly large diameter, equipped with rubberized rims that will not damage even such delicate surfaces as linoleum or laminate. There are only two nozzles in the kit — combined and crevice. The maximum suction power is very high — 400 watts. The dust container here is plastic, its volume is 2.5 liters. This indicator will be quite enough to produce a high-quality cleaning of a large area.

It is convenient to store the vacuum cleaner in an upright position, the handle is made of plastic, the telescopic tube is metal, but the sliding mechanism is also plastic. The length of the network cable is 5 meters, the weight of the entire device is 4 kg. Cleaning is provided exclusively dry.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Good suction power;
  • The device is equipped with a multi-cyclone filtering mechanism;
  • Small overall dimensions and weight;
  • Does not damage the floor covering;
  • Pretty long cable.


  • Relatively flimsy sliding mechanism on the tube;
  • Weakly thought out ergonomics of the main brush;
  • At first there is a smell of plastic after cleaning.


6. ECO-1870VC

ECON ECO-1870VC photo

The first model in our review, which is additionally equipped with a water filter. Initially, this vacuum cleaner was developed for delicate cleaning of interior spaces. Although its motor power is not too big — 1800W, which is slightly lower compared to other products in the ranking, the motor is able to maintain a high suction power of 360W. The device is noisy — during operation it produces about 89 dB. The volume of the dust container is as much as 3 liters, so it will be enough even for cleaning a fairly large apartment. The engine is reliable, you can be sure that it will not fail for a long time.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a three-stage filtration system, and two stages, if necessary, can be easily washed and dried. At first, during operation, there is a smell of plastic, but after a while it completely disappears. The device works on the basis of the «Multicyclone» technology, which allows you to keep the suction power at the same level throughout the cleaning. The dust container is displayed directly on the surface of the case, which allows not only to save time when cleaning it, but also to check the degree of its filling. All device controls are located on the case. The handle of the flexible hose is plastic, durable, not sensitive to physical influences. The filter works at a height — the smallest particles of dust and allergens are captured, after which only clean and fresh air remains in the house.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • The dust reservoir has a large volume and is located on the body;
  • Good build quality;
  • There is a water filter.


  • It is not very convenient to use a telescopic tube for a tall person.


5. Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert

Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert photo

It has an above-average suction power of 420 W, which makes it not very loud — 79 dB of noise. The case is made of reliable and high-quality plastic. All elements are tightly fitted to each other, when pressed, extraneous sounds such as creaking do not occur. Additional nozzles are stored in a special compartment directly in the vacuum cleaner itself, which is very convenient, since they are always close by. The power adjustment is located on the case, it is made conveniently: the buttons are plastic, there is also an LED indication that displays the selected operating mode. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful and fairly reliable cyclone filter that instantly copes with the incoming dust. In addition, there are two filters. One of them must be washed under the tap and completely dried — they do this about once a month. It is located at the outlet of the container directly in front of the motor, so the bulk of the dust does not get to the engine, thereby extending its service life.

The container is positioned in such a way that the user himself can easily see when he needs to be cleaned. Maneuverability is a little lame — it is unlikely that it will be possible to turn the vacuum cleaner without lifting its upper part from the floor surface. It can be stored both vertically and horizontally. There are two carrying handles on the case.


  • Small size, well assembled;
  • Works stably;
  • Efficiently designed filtration system;
  • Works well with hair and animal hair;
  • Nozzles are stored in a special compartment — they are always at hand;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • Poorly maneuvers on the surface.

Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert

4.Thomas Multi Cyclone Pro 14

Thomas Multi Cyclone Pro 14 photos

This vacuum cleaner is characterized by very high quality and reliability — it was developed by the engineers of the German company THOMAS, it is intended for dry and fast cleaning of premises. The suction power here is consistently high, largely due to the original filtration system based on the «multicyclone» technology. It includes one large cyclone that filters out large debris from the air and sends it to a container, as well as thirteen smaller cyclones that work with fine dust. This allows you to maintain suction power no matter how full the container is. The vacuum cleaner uses a HEPA filter of class 10, which provides 93-95% purification of the blown air. Air quality fully complies with the requirements for living quarters.

The design of the device is thought out in such a way that the cleaning process is as comfortable as possible and takes the hostess a minimum of time. Emptying the waste bin is easy — just press the button while holding it over the bin. Three nozzles are included: a switchable retractable bristle nozzle for hard or tufted flooring, a crevice nozzle that allows you to get into the most hard-to-reach places, and a two-in-one nozzle used for upholstered furniture and delicate surfaces such as digital technology, polished surfaces, etc. Further.


  • Works pretty quietly;
  • Does not require special maintenance;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Small weight of the device;
  • Original filtration system;
  • True German quality.


  • Cannot be stored upright
  • Relatively expensive.

Thomas Multi Cyclone Pro 14

3.Lumme LU-3217

Lumme LU-3217 photo

On the 5th place in our rating of bagless vacuum cleaners was one of the most budget models among those available on the Russian market. For such a price, it is difficult to expect something supernatural in terms of technical characteristics, but manufacturers were able to pleasantly surprise buyers. First of all, the vacuum cleaner has compact overall dimensions, which makes it easy to store it in a small apartment. The engine power is only 1 kW, however, this parameter is quite enough to work even with the most serious pollution. The usual cyclone is used as a filtration system. The container is made of reliable and durable plastic, which can withstand temperature extremes and other physical influences. It is located on the body of the device, so it is noticeable when the element needs cleaning.

The power button is quite large, so you can press it with your foot. The length of the power cable is 3 m — not too much. The suction hose is equipped with reliable protection against kinks, it is a pleasure to work with such a vacuum cleaner. The telescopic tube is made of plastic, the sliding mechanism is very reliable. Surfaces are easily cleaned of any dust, debris, hair and so on. The suction power here is 400 W, and the volume of the dust collector is 2 liters. The product also has a pre-motor filter.


  • The optimal ratio of price and quality of products;
  • Consumes not too much electricity;
  • Capacious dust container;
  • A pre-motor filter and a fine filter are provided.


  • There are no protective bumpers on the body;
  • All elements are made of plastic;
  • No storage space provided.

Lumme LU-3217

2. Samsung VC18M31A0

Samsung VC18M31A0 photo

Works on the basis of the latest developments. In particular, the engineers equipped this vacuum cleaner with a special Anti-Tangle turbine, which does not allow the filter to become clogged with debris, wool, and other contaminants. Using this approach, it was possible to provide the device with high power at low energy costs. Suctions dust stably regardless of the degree of filling of the container. Among other things, the turbine is very light and easy to use. It does not allow tangling of hair, dust, debris. The dust container is optimally positioned — it can be easily detached and cleaned with a simple push of a button. The volume of the tank here is 2 liters, so you don’t have to empty it regularly. The container has a large transparent lid through which everything is perfectly visible. The length of the power cable is 6 m — you can easily clean the entire apartment without switching between outlets. The noise of the device is not very loud — 87 dB. It is strictly forbidden to collect liquid with it.

The case is completely plastic, looks very attractive. The control is purely mechanical — it is represented by a single rotary button, which also regulates the suction power. It is worth noting that the device turned out to be quite heavy — its mass is almost 5 kg.


  • The ergonomics of this device is well thought out;
  • High suction power;
  • There is not much dust left on the exhaust filter thanks to the original cyclone, so it will rarely need to be washed.


  • Poor equipment of the device;
  • At first there will be a smell of plastic when working with a vacuum cleaner, then it disappears.

Samsung VC18M31A0


KARCHER VC 3 photo

As users note in their reviews, this is one of the most successful models on the market for cleaning equipment for home use. The vacuum cleaner itself is compact and easy to use. It is intended for dry cleaning only. With it, you can remove dust from absolutely any surface, including upholstered furniture. The filtration system is three-stage, although there is no aquafilter here, the rest of the elements successfully cope with their work. The design of the product is quite simple, which ensures a very long service life of the device, and the dust container is located on top, so it is convenient to remove it. The trash bin is transparent — you can see not only how quickly it fills up, but also all the objects that accidentally got inside. The cyclone filter is disassembled and washed if necessary. The length of the elastic hose is one and a half meters — it is quite suitable for a person of average height. The hose bends well, does not break, turns absolutely in any direction.

The buttons for turning on and rewinding the cord are made of durable plastic, quite large, so you can even press them with your foot. Power consumption is low — only 700 watts per hour. At the same time, the engine power is 1500 W, and the suction power of the device surpasses almost all models available on the market — about 520 W. The volume of the dust collector is small, only 0.9 liters. The case is made of smooth plastic, there are no protruding parts here. The device is relatively quiet.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Not very loud vacuum cleaner;
  • Works well on both smooth and rough surfaces.


  • The volume of the dust collector could be more;
  • Due to the many small parts, it takes a long time to disassemble and assemble the dust box when washing and drying it.

Karcher VC3

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best bagless vacuum cleaners is coming to an end. We tried to examine each model in detail from all sides, analyze the pros and cons of the device — to give our readers the most objective picture. If you still have some questions, then you can always ask for additional information in the comments to this article.


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