There are many tasty and healthy berries that can be easily grown in your summer cottage. One such crop is blueberries. It has not yet become as popular as raspberries, currants or blackberries, but the number of seedlings planted is steadily growing year by year. If you decide to plant this breed in your garden, then this article will be very useful for you. In this ranking of the best blueberry varieties in 2022, we will analyze in detail the main characteristics of the most popular varieties, as well as give some useful tips on choosing them wisely. It remains only to express the hope that after a careful study of this review, you will be able to plant the most suitable variety of shrubs, which for many years will delight you and your loved ones with a plentiful and tasty harvest with a high content of vitamins and other useful substances.

How to choose the right blueberry variety?

In terms of its taste, this berry is very similar to blueberries, but much larger, juicy and sweet fruits can be obtained from it. The shrub is characterized by high and stable yields — up to 10 kg of berries can be harvested from one bush every year. They can be consumed both fresh and used for preparations and in cooking — in the preparation of jams, pastries and so on. Blueberry is a fairly unpretentious plant, it has a stable immunity to most diseases, and is almost never damaged by pests. Some varieties are able to withstand frosts down to -40 degrees. The berries themselves, in addition to the usual sugars and proteins, contain a large amount of useful acids — ascorbic, malic, citric, acetic and oxalic.

It should be noted that blueberries do not physically tolerate groundwater lying close to the soil surface. In order to ensure its full development, it is necessary to create a well-drained, moisture-permeable acidic or slightly acidic soil — its pH should be in the range from 3.5 to 5. If the acidity of the soil is different, then the plant will grow and develop much more slowly.

For planting seedlings, a site that is well protected from the north wind is chosen, which should be in a lit place, it should not be shaded by plants or buildings. Experienced gardeners recommend planting several varieties at once in close proximity to each other — in this case, they will be better pollinated, and the quality of the berries will become noticeably higher. In garden conditions, most varieties grow to a height of up to 1.2 m — optimal for harvesting. The root system of blueberries is not very branched.

It is best to give preference to two- or three-year-old seedlings. Be sure to pay attention to the number of branches — there should be at least three and no more than 5. The branches should be medium in both length and diameter. Such shrubs will begin to produce the first berries about two to three years after planting. Earlier fruiting will lead to the fact that the root system will not have time to fully develop, since all the main forces will be spent on the harvest.

The shoot should not have dry or damaged branches. Cracked or flaky areas may occur on the stems — you should not pay attention to this, because this effect is a consequence of the normal growth and development of the shrub. However, the bark should be brownish in color. If it is green or there are pronounced spots on it, then the purchase of such a seedling will need to be abandoned.

When we chose crop species to include in our rating of the best blueberry varieties, all these points were taken into account. However, we also took into account some other factors. For example, we paid special attention to user reviews, especially if they are experienced gardeners, and also to the value for money.

Tall breeds

5. Spartan

Spartan photo

A very high-yielding variety, from which you can get very tasty and fragrant berries, they are perfect for eating fresh, as well as for preparing various dishes. The breed was bred by American breeders in the 70s of the last century. Almost immediately, this variety became very popular with American farmers, and later came to European countries and to us. Average yields reach 8 kg per bush. The height of this perennial plant is in the range from one and a half to two meters. The central shoots are very powerful, the bark on their trunks is colored in the color of ripe cherries. The crown is not too branched, therefore it gives a minimum amount of shade, does not clog other trees and shrubs.

The foliage is painted in a rich bright green color, the structure is straight and slightly elongated. Closer to mid-autumn, the leaves take on a burgundy hue, which makes the bush even more attractive. The root system goes to a depth of half a meter, it is fibrous and highly branched. Roots grow strongest during the autumn and spring months. Inflorescences are located at the tips of the shoots — each of them contains up to 10 flowers.


  • It tolerates low temperatures well;
  • Excellent taste and nutritional characteristics;
  • A decent harvest can be harvested from one bush;
  • The berries are very large — they lie well, they are easy to transport.


  • Does not tolerate waterlogged soil and complete drying of the soil;
  • It takes a long time to enter the fruiting phase.

Blueberry variety Spartan

4. Toro

Toro photo

The shrub can grow up to two meters in height, but at the same time it has a very compact size. It occupies the minimum amount of free space on the site. The density of the crown is medium. To make the plant look as attractive as possible, it will need to be cut regularly, thinning out the shoots. The foliage is medium in size, at the ends the leaves are slightly narrowed, painted in rich green. The berries have a quite familiar spherical shape. The mass of one of them is about 2 grams. The skin is blue with a matte surface texture, the berries have a medium-density wax coating.

The stalks are small. The berries, even after the final ripening, do not crumble, remain on the bushes. The harvest is stored for two weeks. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They taste sweet and sour, the aroma is light and delicate, characteristic of this type of fruit.


  • The fruits on the bush ripen at approximately the same time, so they can be collected in a row, and not selectively;
  • The berries are very large;
  • Good plant productivity;
  • The ripe crop remains hanging on the bushes;
  • Fruiting begins quite early.


  • Frost resistance indicators are at an average level;
  • The variety is sensitive to some diseases.

Blueberry variety Toro

3. Patriot

Patriot photo

The variety is characterized by unpretentiousness, and also will not need special care, it has a very high yield. It looks very attractive on the site, so it is often used in the formation of landscape composition. Delicious and sweet fruits with excellent aroma can be removed from the plant. This variety was bred by American agronomists in the 1970s. From one adult plant, you can get up to 9 kg of juicy fruits, which, if necessary, can be transported over very long distances. The breed is able to perfectly tolerate even significant temperature fluctuations, it successfully resists almost all diseases characteristic of these plants. In height, the central stem can reach 1.8 meters.

The shrub consists of straight twigs that will not drown out the open and spreading crown. The fruits are covered with a soft skin of pale blue color with a matte tint. The color of the berries changes as they ripen — first green, then red, and then blue. They have a spherical, slightly flattened shape, formed into large clusters. The diameter of ripe berries reaches 19 mm.


  • A very bountiful harvest year after year;
  • Easily tolerates exposure to low temperatures;
  • Unpretentiousness in relation to watering;
  • Good resistance to pests and diseases;
  • It lies for a long time and does not deteriorate;
  • The bush is often used in landscape design.


  • With age, the fruits become smaller;
  • High demands on the quality of the soil.

Blueberry variety Patriot

2. Duke

Duke photo

Blueberries are great for growing in temperate climates, so in our country they are often produced on an industrial scale. It has a number of valuable characteristics — the berries ripen very quickly, the shrub easily withstands the effects of low temperatures, annually produces a large harvest that has unique taste. It is believed that these berries are able to significantly slow down the aging process, strengthen overall immunity, and do not allow the development of various kinds of inflammation. The products were also bred by American breeders, but this was done a very long time ago — more than a hundred years ago.

It is believed that this breed is most common among Russian amateur gardeners. The height of the shrub reaches 1.7 m, the branching is not too strong, so the berries are filled with a lot of juice and nutrients. The bush also has excellent decorative characteristics. Shoots appear rather slowly, so you will not have to prune the plants too often. The variety is characterized by stable fruiting. The berries have a rounded shape and large sizes for blueberries, the weight can reach 2 g. The characteristic shade of ripe berries is obtained due to the presence of a bluish coating on them, while the skin has a dark blue color, has a dense but elastic texture. Storage does not affect the presentation of the berries, but it can positively affect the sweetness and aroma of the fruit.


  • The berries ripen at the same time;
  • Unpretentiousness;
  • Decent harvest;
  • Easy to store and transport.


  • Needs specific types of fertilizers;
  • Shoots are formed very weakly.

Blueberry cultivar Duke

1. River

river photo

Favorably stands out among other tall varieties due to excellent resistance to low temperatures and excellent taste characteristics. The branches of the plant are straight and spreading. If the crop is too plentiful, then they must be attached to trellises or other supports. In height, the bush can reach two meters, it has a massive and powerful crown. The root system, unlike most other varieties, is very developed, so the plant is able to absorb moisture even from deep soil layers. The foliage is painted in rich green color, the leaves are oval and slightly oblong. There are no teeth along the edges, the texture is perfectly smooth. They are glossy on the front and matte on the back.

The variety has a high growth rate, blooms very profusely, the inflorescences themselves have a rich and pleasant aroma. The berries are large or medium in size — it depends on the specific weather conditions of the season, care and the climate in which the bush grows. The fruit diameter ranges from 16 to 20 mm with a weight of 1.8 to 2 g. The berries have a rich blue color. The flesh, although dense, is quite juicy. For a long time after ripening, the crop remains hanging on the branches.


  • Ripe berries do not crumble to the ground;
  • Yields are high year after year;
  • Young plants begin to bear fruit quickly;
  • Good resistance to diseases and pests.


  • The berries are medium in size.

Blueberry variety Reka

Undersized varieties

5. Chippewa

Chippewa photo

One of the hardiest varieties, however it needs strongly acidic soil, good drainage and regular mulching. It was developed by American agronomists at the very end of the last century. Blueberries are able to grow in climates where winter temperatures can drop as low as -35 degrees. The bush is low and compact — it is usually no more than a meter in height. The variety is characterized by graceful clusters of white bell-shaped flowers, the shells have a pinkish tint. The foliage is dark green and the oval leaves are slightly thicker than other varieties. In the middle of summer, this plant is able to produce a sufficient amount of excellent-tasting blue berries. The yield is average — up to 5 kg of fruits are obtained from the bush.

Shrub of deciduous type, multi-stemmed, vertically sprawling type of growth. Needs pruning but is very rare, reaching maturity within just a few years after planting. Bushes live an average of about 20 years. The diameter of the berries is 1.7 — 2 cm, they are quite dense. Fruit ripening is uneven.


  • The fruits are large;
  • Dessert pleasant taste;
  • Yield is stable from year to year.


  • Gives a large number of shoots;
  • The fruits ripen unevenly over time.

Chippewa blueberry cultivar

4. Polaris

Polaris photo

In terms of ripening berries, the variety is considered mid-season — the crop will need to be harvested approximately in the second or third decade of July. Bushes are characterized by compact size. Their shoots are erect, the plant does not exceed 0.7 m in diameter, it reaches 1.2 m in height. This breed has an active development of lateral shoots, and most of them manage to gain enough strength for a comfortable wintering. The leaves are narrow, have an elongated shape, the front side has a slight sheen, the color is dark emerald.

The berries are not very large, but they are approximately the same size: their diameter is about 1.5 cm, the average weight is 1.5 g. The skin is dense, but tender, the color can vary from light to dark blue. The pulp of the fruit is jelly-like, very sweet, the taste has a slight sourness and a characteristic fruity aroma. Ripe berries do not burst and do not fall from the bushes to the ground.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Decorative appearance throughout the season, including mid-autumn;
  • For undersized blueberries, quite a decent yield;
  • Berries can be transported over long distances, are well stored;
  • The variety perfectly withstands even severe frosts.


  • Does not tolerate alkaline and neutral soils;
  • Needs other blueberry varieties nearby to serve as pollinators.

Blueberry variety Polaris

3. Northcountry

Northcountry photo

In third place in this part of our review of the best varieties of blueberries was another breed bred by American specialists. The shrub was created specifically for growing in garden conditions. It is characterized by increased yields, perfectly tolerates any climatic conditions. Berries are intended for consumption both fresh and processed. The plant is perfect for decorating the landscape design of the site. The height of the shrub reaches a maximum height of 90 cm, while it turns out to be powerful and compact. The root system does not lie too deep — a maximum of 40 cm from the soil surface.

Shoots are quite strong and straight. The leaves are oval in shape. They are smooth to the touch, their color is bright green, in the autumn months they change to bright red. Flowering occurs quite early. The flowers are small, more like bells in shape, able to withstand return frosts down to -8 degrees. The rate of growth and formation of shoots is very high. The berries have an average diameter of 15 mm, they are rounded and slightly flattened. The skin is thin but strong. Fruits can be stored for a long time and transported over long distances.


  • Easily withstands the most severe frosts;
  • growing fast;
  • Has a decorative appearance;
  • The bush is unpretentious and does not need special care.


  • You will have to cut the extra shoots at least once a year;
  • Average yields.

Blueberry cultivar Northcountry

2. Northland

Northland photo

This Canadian hybrid is widely popular among Russian amateur gardeners, largely due to its excellent frost resistance, decent yield and decorative appearance. The variety belongs to a short group — its maximum height rarely reaches 1 m. Despite this, the shrub looks quite powerful due to its density and spreading. It sprouts abundant roots, from which a large number of shoots grow. Shoots are even, grow straight up. Even adult branches retain their flexibility, so they will not break under the weight of berries or snow masses.

Berries have a standard rounded shape and medium size — they are up to 16 mm in diameter. The skin is dense, painted in a light blue color, the fruits are covered with a light bluish bloom. The taste of fruits is sweet and sour with a pleasant delicate aroma. The variety is considered universal — the fruits taste good both fresh and processed. Blueberries can also be dried or frozen. It blooms for a long time — about three weeks. The crop ripens in mid-July, but fruiting due to uneven ripening continues until the end of August.


  • It tolerates low temperatures well;
  • Withstands severe frosts even during flowering;
  • Begins to bear fruit profusely a couple of years after planting.


  • Gives a copious amount of shoots, so you will have to prune often;
  • Very susceptible to diseases.

Blueberry variety Northland

1. Northblue

Northblue photo

One of the weakest varieties of blueberries — the height almost never exceeds 80 cm, although in most cases the shrubs are much lower. The breed has a superficial and highly branched root system, which stretches under the soil surface. The intensity of growth is at an average level — about 5 shoots are formed in one season. At the same time, the shrub is characterized by a spreading crown. The leaves are usually 5 cm in diameter, ovoid, with pointed tips. They are dark green above and dull below. Flowering occurs towards the end of May, it is a paniculate inflorescence, the flowers are in the form of small bells, the petals are cream in color. In one inflorescence usually no more than 6-10 flowers.

The berries of this variety, although not very large — no more than 18 cm in diameter, are rather heavy — their weight reaches 2.5 — 3 grams. The dense skin has a dark blue color with a light bluish bloom. You can store the crop for no more than 10 days in a standard refrigerator. If the temperature is reduced to zero or +1 degrees, then the shelf life can increase up to 3-4 weeks. The pulp is very sweet, the sourness is barely felt. The fruits are processed, used in cooking or harvesting, often dried or frozen.


  • Easily tolerates very severe frosts;
  • The berries have a high content of anthocyanins;
  • The shrub is able to survive and bear fruit abundantly even in very harsh conditions;
  • Does not require special care.


  • Not detected.

Blueberry cultivar Northblue

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best blueberry varieties in 2022 has come to an end. If you have carefully studied it, now you will surely be able to choose the most suitable variety for your site. If you have any questions or want to get additional information about the variety you like, then you can always say this in the comments to this article. Our editors promptly respond to each message, so additional data will be provided to our readers in the shortest possible time.


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