Today it is quite difficult to imagine an apartment that does not have such a familiar interior element as a TV. It is placed in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, some even installed in the bathroom. Home appliance stores offer a huge selection of a wide variety of models that differ from each other in size, type of matrix, image quality, and price. The latter factor is often decisive when buying this technique. Unfortunately, not every person is able to afford to buy products of leading brands — there is simply not enough money for such an expensive thing.

There is a way out of this situation — you can give preference to Chinese products. In terms of quality, it, as a rule, is in no way inferior, and in some moments even surpasses Japanese or American firms. Brands are often completely unknown to domestic consumers, so people are usually suspicious of unfamiliar products. We decided to dedicate today’s ranking to the best Chinese TVs in 2022. It will analyze in detail the useful performance characteristics of the most popular models among buyers. In addition, we will give a number of useful tips regarding the choice of this equipment.

How to choose the right Chinese TV for home or garden?

First of all, in the store you should look at the quality of the picture — it should be saturated, juicy and bright, and the colors should be close to natural. A dim image will inform the consumer that far from the highest quality components were used in the manufacture of products, therefore, it will not be very comfortable to watch the programs, and the service life will certainly be insignificant.

Pay attention to the diagonal of the unit. It should be fully correlated with the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room. For example, hanging a TV with a diagonal of a meter or more in a cramped kitchen is clearly far from the best solution. In a spacious living room, a product with a screen size of 70 cm diagonally will also look rather ridiculous. Display resolution is directly related to the number of pixels. The higher their density per unit area, the clearer the image will be. Today, FullHD is a fairly popular format — it gives a very high-quality picture with a clear drawing of even the smallest details.

If the buyer is a passionate fan of video games, then it is best to purchase a TV with 4K picture quality. Such devices are characterized by a minimum delay in the output of the picture, in addition, they help to achieve simply incredible clarity. However, it must be remembered that such units are much more expensive than models with FullHD resolution. Recently, devices with a resolution of 8K have begun to appear. Here, the picture quality is on a completely different level, but for such a TV you will have to pay a tidy sum.

Many TVs today are equipped with various connectors for connecting external devices, various wireless modules such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You should decide in advance which of them will be useful to you, since all this also directly affects the cost.

When we chose products to be included in the ranking of the best Chinese TVs, absolutely all these factors were taken into account. However, some other points were also taken into account. In particular, we did not ignore user reviews and value for money — the last point in the case of Chinese products for domestic consumers is almost always decisive.

Top 10 Chinese TV Models

10. Fusion FLTV-40C100T

Fusion FLTV-40C100T photo

This model is equipped with a 40-inch or 102 cm LCD display with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The quality of the picture fully corresponds to the HD format, the image does not hold up to FullHD a bit. The operating system of the device is able to work with media files in .mp3, .mpeg4, .mkv, .jpeg and some other formats. The audio system is represented by two speakers that are capable of delivering a total power of 16 watts. The sound passes through the Nicam Stereo processing system, thanks to which it acquires additional clarity and richness. There is a set of external interfaces — it is represented by standard connectors: there is an antenna jack, a component input, two HDMI jacks and one USB slot, there is also an audio output that allows you to connect speakers, headphones and other similar equipment.

It has a built-in digital tuner that can work with DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C TV channels. Thanks to it, you can provide full access to a large number of TV channels in high quality without the use of additional equipment. There is a TimeShift function that allows you to pause the broadcast, and then resume it either from the place where you stopped watching, or in real time.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Can be placed on a stand or wall mounted;
  • High build quality, high-strength plastic housing;
  • Excellent image quality.


  • Weak speakers — you have to connect an audio system.

Fusion FLTV-40C100T


TCL L32S6FS photo

Another model with a liquid crystal display, however, unlike the previous rating position, the diagonal is 31.5 inches or 80 cm, the aspect ratio is the same — 16:9. The screen is quite bright, and this parameter is implemented using LED backlighting. The contrast is high, the TV is distinguished by the natural reproduction of colors. The resolution also falls short of FullHD, it is 1366×768 pixels — this indicator is quite enough to get a clear and high-quality picture. The products are based on the Android operating system, which is also equipped with Smart software, has many built-in applications, if necessary, you can download programs from the PlayMarket store. This TV is equipped with a fairly powerful built-in Wi-Fi module, it is also capable of working with .mp3, .wma, .mpeg4, .DivX, .mkv, .jpeg graphic and multimedia formats.

The acoustic system is rather weak — it is represented by two speakers, the total power of which barely reaches 10 watts. In a spacious room, it will be very hard to hear. Although the acoustics are equipped with a built-in Nicam signal processing system, the sound output delay is minimal here. In addition, there is a function to create surround sound Dolby Surround. The external interface is quite standard — there are all the usual connectors for connecting external devices. There is a built-in digital tuner that can work with TV channels broadcasting in a variety of standards. The mass of the device is only 3.8 kg with overall dimensions of 727x424x77 mm — as you can see, the TV is quite thin.


  • Attractive appearance;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • There is a Smart TV function and all the necessary connectors;
  • A complete set of interfaces for working with external equipment.


  • Very low speaker volume;
  • The remote control is not very functional;
  • The operating system is updated for a long time.



SUPRA STV-LC32LT0110W photo

This is a model of domestic assembly, although absolutely all components of this TV are manufactured at Chinese enterprises. The display diagonal is 32 inches — 81 cm. With its overall dimensions, this product will look advantageous in small and medium-sized rooms, such as a kitchen, bedroom or compact living room. It is made on the basis of a liquid crystal screen, which is additionally equipped with a dynamic type LED backlight. LEDs are located around the entire perimeter of the screen, which helped to make the TV thinner. This model is capable of forming a picture with a resolution of 720p, which corresponds to a pixel density of 1366×768 — for its price range, this is quite a high figure. The screen refresh rate of this TV is 60 Hz. The viewer will not be able to notice any flicker, the eyes will not get tired during viewing.

Sound volume is again not a strong point of the model — the maximum power of two speakers is only 14 watts. However, in defense of the TV, it is worth saying that the sound is quite natural and clear. Absolutely the entire range is reproduced in full: neither high, nor medium, nor low frequencies will sag or stick out. The frames around the display are quite wide, but they look interesting and stylish, so the TV will fit well into the interior of any room. The viewing angles are very wide — the picture will not be distorted, so it is convenient to watch TV from any position.


  • Low cost;
  • Wide-angle display;
  • Beautiful and juicy picture;
  • Stylish design;
  • The remote control is very convenient, the buttons are rubber, the icons are not erased during the entire period of operation;
  • Long service life.


  • Dynamics again.


7. HARPER 40F660TS

HARPER 40F660TS photo

It was presented to the general public in 2018 — it almost immediately gained wide popularity, and to this day it is actively sold all over the world. This TV is a classic representative of the so-called smart technology. It runs on the Android operating system. The design is equipped with a 40-inch LCD display, which allows you to get FullHD image quality. Using the Wi-Fi module, the TV can be connected to the Internet, download various applications there, including games, as well as watch movies and videos online. Although the product capabilities are quite wide, the TV belongs to the budget link. The aspect ratio here is the usual 16:9, the image refresh rate is 50 Hz. A similar parameter will be quite enough to play satellite broadcasts.

The LED backlight is located on the sides of the device, due to which the display turned out to be quite thin, but there may be light at the edges. The viewing angles are very wide — as much as 178 degrees. The case is made of traditional black plastic with a matte finish. The matrix is ​​placed in a plastic frame, the width of which is only 2 cm, which provides a full effect of presence. The mass of the device is decent — almost 8 kg. If there is a need to hang it on the wall, such a moment will have to be taken into account. The sound volume here is much higher compared to the previously reviewed models — in total it turns out about 20 watts. The sound is clear, even at high volume, no wheezing was detected.


  • There is a Smart TV function;
  • There is a built-in receiver and media player;
  • The TV is able to provide high-quality and fairly loud sound;
  • Increased number of connectors;
  • Supports image format


  • A small amount of RAM, which may cause some applications to slow down;
  • An outdated version of the operating system.


6. BBK 43LEM-1063/FTS2C

BBK 43LEM-1063/FTS2C photo

This model first appeared on store shelves last year — today it is very popular with many users not only in our country, but also in many other countries. The display diagonal is 43 inches, it supports FullHD resolution. The TV is able to work with absolutely any satellite television standards, it can catch about a thousand channels, and it does not need any special settings for this — just take it out of the box, install it in place and turn it on. The image refresh rate is 50 Hz, which is quite common for TVs in this price category. If necessary, these products can be used as a computer monitor — this feature will be appreciated by fans of modern games.

The sound of the speakers is clear, well-researched and loud, but the lower part of the range is not very clear, although users say that it is quite enough for games and movies. All components are manufactured by Chinese companies, but the assembly is carried out at Russian enterprises. Smart TV functions are not provided here, but the TV can be connected to almost any device — a game console, DVD player, laptop, personal computer, and so on. Another distinguishing point is the presence of two remotes at once.


  • Excellent picture quality;
  • Quite decent sounding;
  • It catches a lot of channels well;
  • Can be connected to various equipment;
  • Wide viewing angles.


  • Missing Smart TV;
  • Not very convenient location of the buttons on the control panel.

BBK 43LEM-1063/FTS2C

5. HARPER 49U750TS

HARPER 49U750TS photo

This TV is best suited for fairly spacious rooms, since its screen diagonal is as much as 49 inches or 123 cm. One of the important differences from other models in this review is support for 4K resolution, which corresponds to a pixel density of 3840×2160 pixels. The image refresh rate is 50 Hz with the usual aspect ratio. The viewing angles are large — 178 degrees. The brightness indicator is quite high, however, when direct sunlight hits the screen, the picture noticeably dims. The matrix has four color modes at once — standard, bright, custom and soft. Color reproduction is excellent regardless of how the matrix mode was selected. The back side of the case is made of rough black plastic. The frames framing the screen are made of glossy material, they are not too wide, so they will not interfere with viewing.

There are two blocks of connectors on the rear panel at once, which are very convenient to use. The total power of the speakers is 16 watts — not too much, besides, the bass line is almost inaudible. Even at a decent volume, the speakers do not wheeze, and the TV itself does not begin to vibrate or make other extraneous sounds. The device is based on the operating system Android 6.0. There are CAM modules in it that allow you to decode paid channels, a built-in Wi-Fi module is provided. There is a 24p True Cinema feature that lets you watch movies at the same frame rate as they were recorded. Video from a TV broadcast can be recorded to an external drive or to the internal memory of the device: its total volume is 5 GB, but only about 3.5 GB of them are free.


  • Quite good quality products at an affordable price;
  • Excellent color reproduction and high resolution;
  • Extended Smart TV functionality;
  • The operating system is easy to set up and use.


  • A small amount of built-in memory;
  • The remote control will not work in every application.


4. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55 photos

The product has a rather restrained appearance, although, according to many users, compared to other budget TVs, this model stands out quite strongly. First of all, a very thin frame framing the screen, which is finished in brushed aluminum, catches the eye, which gives the unit additional seriousness and style. On the front side, you can also see the manufacturer’s logo and LED indicator. The stand is represented by two small legs that are installed on the sides. According to modern concepts, the case is relatively thick — this is due to the LED backlight, located not on the sides of the screen, but directly behind it. The back wall is made only of plastic, all connectors are closer to the center.

Behind are three HDMI ports, as many USB 2.0 jacks, as well as a number of connectors for working with additional external equipment. All these sockets are located in the central part of the rear panel. The remote control is characterized by a minimalist design, connects to the TV via Bluetooth. The developers have left the minimum number of buttons on it, so it is unlikely to get confused in it. The TV is based on the Android TV 9 platform. The capabilities are rather modest — a 4-core main processor with a frequency of 1.4 GHz, a Mali-450 graphics chip and only 2 GB of RAM.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Strict, but quite stylish design;
  • Decent matrix quality;
  • Expanded choice of interfaces.


  • USB 2.0 ports installed;
  • The operating system is not Russified;
  • Small amount of RAM.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55


TCL L55P6US photo

In third place in our ranking of the best Chinese TVs is another very large model, the screen diagonal of which is as much as 54.6 inches. It has everything you need for the most modern TV. In particular, the picture quality corresponds to 4K resolution — this model is able to work with absolutely all high-quality formats. The TV also has HDR — a module that allows you to provide excellent image brightness and contrast. The screen is divided into contrast control zones — a similar function helps to darken certain areas of the screen, which will make the image more saturated and deep.

This TV can work either based on Android or based on Linux. This is one of the loudest devices in our entire review — its audio system is represented by 4 speakers, which in total give out up to 34 watts. There is no voice control here, but the TV supports all the important features that are required for comfortable viewing of any content. It can be controlled through a special application T-Cast. The TV consumes very little electricity — only 90 watts at maximum settings.


  • Products are placed in a metal case;
  • Loud speakers;
  • Saves energy;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Excellent image with support for deep blacks.


  • No component input;
  • Works only with the FAT32 file system;
  • The control panel is not very convenient.


2. Haier LE65Q6500U

Haier LE65Q6500U photo

The TV has UltraHD resolution, which is characterized by a pixel density of 3840×2160. Thanks to this, the picture is impeccably clear and very realistic. The audio system uses active noise cancellation, which will easily deal with any sound distortion. The incoming TV signal, before appearing on the display, first passes through a decoder and amplifier, which helps to make the picture as clear as possible. There is support for HDR High Dynamic Range, which helps make colors rich and vibrant. If necessary, the device can be connected to the Internet, and this can be done in any convenient way — via a cable connection or via a Wi-Fi channel. The wireless module is very powerful, so if you have enough speed, you can watch your favorite movies, shows and series online.

There is a built-in media player that works with music, videos and photos. The sound system is represented by two powerful speakers and a stereo tuner. Together they help to achieve the maximum effect of immersion. The TV comes with an ergonomic, comfortable and intelligent remote control.


  • Attractive appearance;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Good performance of the Russified operating system;
  • You can connect to the Internet via cable or Bluetooth.


  • Not too many apps for this TV.

Haier LE65Q6500U


TCL L65P6US photo

It has the largest diagonal among our entire review — this parameter is 65 inches. The resolution of the matrix corresponds to the 4K format, in addition, it supports the unique Micro Dimming technology, which can improve the picture quality by several times, making the color reproduction more natural and contrasting. There are no glare on the screen at all, viewing angles are excellent, blacks are deep and saturated. The screen bezels are very thin — they are almost invisible, the TV case is silver. The display is surrounded by a metal frame, the width of which does not exceed 7 mm. On the bottom edge is the power button. The speaker cones are hidden behind the display and are directed downwards — the sound is reflected from the surface on which the TV stands and is scattered throughout the room. Included with the TV is not only the usual legs, but also a bracket for mounting on the wall.

There is a wide range of different connectors, including even an optical audio output. The sound here is represented by a pair of speakers of 8 W each, so it is better to connect the TV to an external audio system, especially since there are all conditions for this. The TV has a tuner that allows you to work with digital TV. Smart TV operates on the basis of the Linux operating system, which has good performance.


  • Significant diagonal of the TV;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The screen is frameless;
  • There are TV tuners of all existing formats;
  • Easy-to-use remote control.


  • Weak acoustics;
  • High price.


In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our review of the best Chinese TVs is nearing completion. We tried to collect as much information as possible on each model in 2022, so that it would be not only interesting, but also very useful for you to study this rating. If you have experience with at least one of the models presented here, share it with other readers.


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