Carefully groomed eyebrows are one of the key components of an attractive female image. Largely due to this reason, eyebrow gel is a very significant cosmetic product. With its help, it is possible to securely and firmly fix even the most unruly hairs, restore their healthy and natural shine, and give them a well-groomed appearance. Today, cosmetic stores have a fairly large selection of such products, so the task of every woman is to choose the most optimal remedy for herself, and her own preferences must also be taken into account.

In our ranking of the best eyebrow gels, we decided to help fashionistas in this difficult matter. We have compiled it only from the most popular compositions, so that each representative of the fair sex can choose only the best products for herself. However, before a direct analysis of the useful qualities of the presented gels, I would like to give some useful advice on their correct choice.

How to choose the right eyebrow gel in 2022?

These compositions can be intended for various purposes — shape modeling and styling; to provide daily care and give a healthy look; for reliable protection of hairs from the negative effects of external factors, such as ultraviolet rays; to give the appropriate shade or shine, so that it fully matches the makeup and so on. If the tool is chosen correctly, then with its help it will be possible to fix and maintain the shape of the eyebrows for the whole day, regardless of various negative environmental influences.

The format of the gels is different — pencil, marker, ink or cream. The first is the most convenient to use: it applies evenly and provides excellent durability. It is typically a waterproof formula containing microscopic wax crystals to help provide the most intense color.

Markers usually contain henna, which creates the effect of a tattoo. The gel mascara is applied using the usual brush — it evenly distributes the shade over the hairs and models the shape of the eyebrows. Cream-gel is characterized by waterproof qualities, dries very quickly, while each hair is securely fixed in a given position.

When we chose products for our review, we were guided primarily by the factors listed here, but some other points were also taken into account. In particular, user reviews and the value for money of products were taken into account.

Products to create the desired shade


VIVIENNE SABO Fixateur photo

Our review opens with a very popular domestic product, with the help of which it is possible to complete the formation of an ideal image and give the eyebrows the necessary shape in a few movements. The composition is available in the form of a gel of medium density, but it will easily lift the hairs, fixing the volume for the whole day. The composition contains a large number of natural moisturizing ingredients. The tube is made in a very stylish design.

Manufacturers recommend this composition, including for regular use — in this case, the eyebrows acquire a beautiful and rather well-groomed appearance. The kit comes with a special brush, with which you can get absolutely any shape. In the assortment of cosmetic stores there are compositions of various shades for different hair colors.


  • Reasonable cost — suitable for any wallet;
  • Excellent product quality;
  • Very convenient to use.


  • Dries for a very long time.




Italian-made products are an innovative composition that allows you to model the shape and color of the eyebrows. The gel contains original components, with the help of which the developers managed to obtain the optimal texture. It does not glue the eyebrows, carefully fixes them in a given position, creates an additional effect of density. The formula contains useful fibers, with their help it is possible to give the eyebrows even more volume and attractiveness. The kit comes with a small brush, which is perfect for spot application.

The packaging is characterized by very compact dimensions — it can even fit in a miniature clutch or cosmetic bag, so a girl can always carry this cosmetics with her. After applying the gel, the eyebrows acquire not only volume, but also additional brightness. In the reviews, fashionistas point to the excellent durability of the composition throughout the day, and experienced cosmetologists point to the possibility of professional use of these products.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Ideal consistency;
  • Visually fills voids;
  • Makes eyebrows appear thicker;
  • Gives them extra volume.


  • The brush could have been made bigger — it would take a lot of time to apply the gel to all the eyebrows.




In the first place in this part of our rating is the development of cosmetologists from the world famous American company NYX. This composition allows not only to model the shape of the eyebrows, but also to give them density, to restore their former attractiveness. The formula here is developed on the basis of exclusively natural ingredients — it additionally nourishes the hairs, returns them to a healthy appearance. With the help of such products, the eyebrows will be perfectly fixed for the whole day. One of the very important factors is the water resistance of the gel. Even with direct contact with water, the eyebrows will still look attractive.

This composition is produced in a plastic tube with a thin neck. The texture here resembles more a cream than a gel, it will gently and gently envelop each hair, giving the eyebrows a very beautiful shade. Fashionistas can choose from several natural shades. The matte finish makes tinted brows look natural.


  • The formula perfectly resists water;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Attractive color palette.


  • The composition is somewhat expensive;
  • The kit does not include a brush for spot application.


Compositions for reliable fixation

3. ARDELL Brow Sculpting Gel

ARDELL Brow Sculpting Gel photo

The manufacturer claims that this fixing transparent gel is a tool that provides the most stable fixation. The kit comes with a special brush, with its help the composition is instantly and evenly distributed over the hairs, not only fixing them in a given position, but also giving them a really fantastic volume. Even the thinnest eyebrows will look very expressive and as natural as possible. The packaging is quite stylish, but compact — it can easily fit even in a small cosmetic bag. The gel is able to easily cope even with very naughty hairs.

After applying the product, this product will not spread, and there will be no feeling in the eyebrows that they are stuck together. The gel is characterized by a light texture, which gives it even more volume.


  • Holds up great throughout the day.
  • Perfectly captures the shape and direction;
  • Suitable even for completely unruly hairs;
  • Gives extra volume.


  • High price;
  • Not so easy to find in stores.

ARDELL Brow Sculpting Gel

2.ESSENCE Lash Brow Gel

ESSENCE Lash Brow Gel photo

It contains a whole set of useful trace elements, can be used as a serum for mascara. With this composition, you can visually lengthen each hair, giving the eyebrows an elegant and perfect curve that will last throughout the day. After using the product, there is no irritation of the eyes and redness of the eyelids. The kit comes with a special brush, which is made on the basis of synthetic fibers. It is quite soft and comfortable to use. The consistency of the gel is much thicker compared to the previously considered compositions, it has a quite acceptable cost and low consumption.

The composition contains panthenol, which has pronounced moisturizing and softening characteristics. It is desirable to apply the gel after washing, so that there are no traces of night cosmetics on the face. The area of ​​u200bu200bthe eyebrows is lightly rubbed with a lotion that does not contain alcohol. The composition is suitable for daily use.


  • Very convenient to use thanks to the brush;
  • Minor expense;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • No smell;
  • Versatility — can be used not only for eyebrows, but also for eyelashes.


  • Doesn’t hold tight hair well.

ESSENCE Lash Brow Gel

1.Secret Key Eyebrow

Secret Key Eyebrow photo

The gel of the Korean brand is able to easily cope with eyebrows of any thickness and density. It is applied with a special brush. Its key distinguishing feature is its excellent composition. The formula of the product contains a large number of useful nutrients. If the gel is used daily, then the eyebrows will become stronger, they will look much better. Another feature of the composition is a very reliable and stable fixation. The consumption of products is insignificant — one package is enough for about two to three months of daily use.

The basis of this gel is resistant to UV rays, moisture and sweat. It does not begin to spread even in very hot weather, does not stick hairs together. In just a few minutes, the composition dries completely and ensures the fixation of the eyebrows in the desired position. Unlike other products included in this section of the rating, the composition is presented for sale in several shades.


  • Allows you to give the eyebrows an extra shade;
  • Excellent quality;
  • Reliable fixation;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Not detected.

Secret Key Eyebrow

Eyebrow gels

4. Physicians Formula Long Lasting Brow Gel

Physicians Formula Long Lasting Brow Gel photo

This is a color gel that was developed specifically for long-term wear, because it is not afraid of exposure to water, sweat, UV rays, and also does not smudge for a long time. The formula contains fibers of small sizes, allowing you to add density and shape to the eyebrows. The gel is additionally enriched with a complex of vitamins B and vitamin E. These substances saturate the hairs with nutrients, make them much stronger, and protect them from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The gel is also suitable for working with thin eyebrows and for filling bald spots.

In the composition, you can find polymer compounds and silicones that provide durability. The gel comes with an original-shaped brush that allows you to draw individual hairs. Styling does not take much time — the gel quickly hardens, remains resistant. After drying, the eyebrows acquire a matte finish, look natural and lively. There are four colors to choose from.


  • Fits tight and dries instantly.
  • The result is a beautiful and even shade;
  • Attractive packaging;
  • Excellent durability.


  • It will take some time to get used to it though.

Physicians Formula Long Lasting Brow Gel

3. ESTEL Professional ENIGMA

ESTEL Professional ENIGMA photo

High-quality and effective products allow you to provide a truly professional care even for very weak eyebrows with fine hairs. Produced in a tube of transparent plastic, which is characterized by a small volume and a narrow neck. The consistency is thick, the gel does not spread during application and drying, does not cause discomfort. It is made on the basis of the Unique Active complex, which contains a significant concentration of lactose proteins — they contribute to additional strengthening of the roots.

With the help of the gel, you can accelerate the growth of hairs, prevent their loss. In the evening, it will not need to be washed off. Literally after a couple of weeks of regular use, the result becomes noticeable: the eyebrows begin to look healthier and more well-groomed, they become much thicker.


  • Very delicate texture;
  • Provides gentle yet thorough care;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The result becomes noticeable in just a couple of weeks.


  • The kit does not include a brush.

ESTEL Professional ENIGMA

2. Isadora Brow Shaping Gel

IsaDora Brow Shaping Gel photo

Another color product, and its formula was developed specifically for precise application and drawing of hairs. The gel helps to fill in empty areas, paints over the skin itself, gives the eyebrows even more volume. One application is enough for the whole day. The gel contains active glycerin, which stimulates hair growth. The kit includes a very convenient brush, with which you can give your eyebrows absolutely any shape, from natural to graphic. The composition does not provide flavorings, the gel itself has passed through many clinical trials.

Products are available in four shades. The gel has a watery consistency, but it dries on the hairs almost instantly — within seconds. Outwardly, the composition does not betray itself at all — it does not begin to shine, there is no glass effect. The fibers completely fill the voids, and the final density of the eyebrows depends on the number of applications.


  • Superior formula performance;
  • There are no fragrances;
  • The gel dries within seconds;
  • It is completely invisible on the hair.


  • The packaging dispenser is not very well thought out — because of this, consumption increases.

Isadora Brow Shaping Gel

1. RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced

RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced photo

In the first place is the gel belonging to the premium class. It was developed specifically to intensively strengthen the eyebrows and stimulate their growth. Literally after three weeks of regular use, the first changes will be noticeable. In particular, the eyebrows will become much softer, thicker, it will be possible to get rid of their fragility. Contains no sulfates. As a result, the overall appearance of the eyebrows will become really flawless.

The gel is produced on the basis of the original patented formula BioPeptin Complex, which contains a number of unique components, thanks to which the accelerated growth of dormant hairs begins, and their number becomes much larger. The packaging is equipped with a convenient applicator for the most precise application.


  • Safe and absolutely hypoallergenic composition;
  • Produced on the basis of a unique formula;
  • Very efficient product;
  • Eyebrows get the perfect look;
  • Contains many useful substances.


  • Extremely high cost.

RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best eyebrow gels has already come to an end. If you still have some questions about the products you like, or if you want to share your own experience with such formulations, then the comments on this article are at your complete disposal.


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