Induction stoves are not yet found in Russian homes too often, although they are represented on the market in a very significant amount. In many ways, this is due to the fact that people simply do not understand the principle of operation of such household appliances, as well as all the possibilities that induction-type heating opens up for the hostess. Today we will try to understand all these issues in our ranking of the best induction cookers of the year.

How to choose the right induction hob in 2022?

First, let’s talk about how an induction or inverter cooker works. Under the body is a special copper coil through which an electric current passes. It is converted into a magnetic field whose frequency ranges from 20 to 100 kHz. It passes through the panel and causes electromagnetic vibrations, due to which the bottom of the pot or pan begins to warm up. It is worth considering that when working with such equipment, only the dishes themselves heat up — there is no open flame and heat. If you put a spoon or a towel on the stove, nothing will happen. This is the main difference between this technique and other cooking appliances, including infrared stoves.

Due to the fact that the heat purposefully acts directly on the walls of the pan, much less energy will be consumed than when using other electrical equipment of a similar type. The heating temperature is observed with high accuracy — literally up to tenths of a degree, heat is not dissipated into the environment. The kitchen does not get hot while cooking.

Induction electric cooker

Caring for the stove is quite simple — it heats only magnetic surfaces, so pieces of food, drops of fat will not burn. They are very easy to remove. Many people are afraid of induction cookers, believing that such a technique negatively affects health due to exposure to the magnetic field on the body. I would like to reassure our readers in this regard — the radiation is comparable in intensity to an ordinary personal computer or mobile phone, but people with pacemakers should still be careful.

Before buying, be sure to establish how many burners will be enough for comfortable use of the equipment — there can be from 1 to 5 pieces. There are designs with a spherical burner — they are well suited for pans with a rounded bottom, due to which there will be an imitation of cooking on an open fire. The surface can be made of various materials — special tempered glass or glass-ceramic. The first type can withstand physical impacts better, but it will cost much more, the second type is relatively fragile. Buyers are often interested in how much mass the surface of the stove can withstand — whether it will be covered with cracks from a basin of jam or a large pot of soup for a family of 7-8 people. This structural detail is characterized by good strength, it can withstand dynamic and peak loads of a serious magnitude. Control can be touch or mechanical.

When we chose models to include in our ranking of the best induction cookers, we paid attention, first of all, to the above factors. However, a number of other important points were also taken into account. In particular, value for money and user reviews. We tried to include not the most expensive products in the rating so that many of our readers can choose the best model for themselves.

Top 10 induction cooktops

10. GEFEST PVI 4000

GEFEST PVI 4000 photo

Belongs to the group of built-in appliances, has a very compact overall dimensions, can be used both at home and, say, in the country. The cooking surface is made of high-quality ceramics, which can withstand significant physical exertion. There are only two burners, but they are much more efficient than a traditional gas stove. Burners differ in power — one for 1400 watts, the second is designed for 2000 watts. At the same time, the induction cooker itself consumes about 3 kW of electricity, so it is advisable to lay a separate line under it. The overall dimensions of the device are 30x53x5.5 cm — this allows you to comfortably place the stove even in a compact kitchen.

If desired, such a panel can be easily built into the countertop — it will not take very much time, but the design itself will take on a fully completed look. This can be done with your own hands, as a fairly detailed instruction is supplied with the product, fully translated into Russian. The panel cools completely within three to four minutes. In terms of efficiency, it is much better than both electric and gas stoves. For example, on a large burner, 2.5 liters of water boil in just 7 minutes. The stove is equipped with a touch control panel, which, if necessary, is very easy to clean from any contamination. There is a temperature adjustment in nine modes and LED backlight with corresponding indicators, there is also a timer.


  • Differs in stylish appearance;
  • Heats up in seconds;
  • The temperature changes quite quickly too;
  • The product is easy to care for.


  • Two burners may not be enough for a large family;
  • The increased power mode completely blocks the operation of the smaller burner.


9. Hotpoint-Ariston KIA 640 C

Hotpoint-Ariston KIA 640 C photo

Another built-in product on which you can use dishes of various sizes. It will be enough to put it in such a way that it covers the central part of the burner, which is marked with a white dot. The device is able to select the required heating width zone using the built-in automation. There is a Booster function that allows you to increase the power of the telecoils for a short time. This feature will speed up cooking or boiling water. The control panel here is touch-sensitive — it responds to touch instantly. There is a panel lock function, which also helps to securely protect the device from children. It will not allow accidental changes in the operating mode settings due to accidental touching it.

The stove is equipped with a timer — it will turn off either one of the burners or both at the specified time, so you don’t have to worry about burnt dishes. The working surface is made of high-strength glass-ceramic materials. The plate can withstand fairly strong impacts. The surface itself is perfectly smooth, so even serious dirt can be removed from it almost instantly, besides, it does not absorb heat and soot. There is a system of indicators Residual Heat — it will notify the user if the surface of the panel after cooking is still hot


  • Attractive and stylish appearance;
  • Touch control panel;
  • Glass ceramics are durable, easy to clean from all sorts of contaminants.


  • There may be some difficulties with the installation.

Hotpoint-Ariston KIA 640 C

8.Hansa BHI68308

Hansa BHI68308 photo

It looks very attractive, regardless of the style in which the kitchen itself is decorated. Despite the fact that the speed of cooking on this stove is very high, the electricity consumption is quite acceptable — it comes out a little more expensive compared to gas appliances, but much cheaper than using a standard electric stove. The front surface is made of special glass-ceramic, which is also coated with original polymer compositions that can significantly increase the strength of the product. It can withstand very severe impacts. This technique is controlled using the original touch panel. The stove is large enough, equipped with four burners in two sizes. On the reverse side you can find an electronic control unit, a socket for connecting a power cable.

The kit comes with a special magnet, with which you can instantly determine whether the particular dishes are suitable for cooking on this stove. Installation is elementary, the manufacturer only recommends treating the cut of the countertop, where the structure will be embedded, with a sealant for additional protection against penetration and moisture. The control panel responds to each press with a characteristic sound signal. Nothing sticks out of it, which greatly facilitates cleaning, but the touch buttons do not work immediately, but after a second or two.


  • Saves electricity;
  • There is everything you need for quick and comfortable cooking;
  • Water boils almost instantly.


  • Relatively expensive;
  • Not even every metal utensil is suitable.

Hansa BHI68308

7. Gorenje IT646KR

Gorenje IT646KR photo

It is a multifunctional household appliance that can work quietly without being connected to an oven. The front surface is made of high-quality glass-ceramic, and it is perfectly smooth and does not require special care. The lines of the working areas are highlighted graphically here and are designed to further emphasize the modern appearance of the device, to make it more original. Induction hobs are highly efficient. The hob modulates a high-frequency electromagnetic field, which ensures rapid heating of the bottom of the cookware. There are many modes of operation here. In particular, after the end of the cooking process, the stove may not turn off, but maintain the temperature of the dish at a certain level so that the food remains hot for a long time.

The hob cools down quite quickly, you can touch it with your hand in just a couple of minutes, which also makes it easier to care for the appliances. There is an electronic countdown timer, which, after the end of work, will emit a corresponding sound signal. If the user forgets to turn off the stove, it will turn itself off automatically after a few minutes. The control lock function is provided — it protects well from children. The stove has the original AreaFlex feature — the burners combine and turn into a large heating zone, which allows you to cook in large pans and large pots.


  • Sufficiently wide functionality of the device;
  • Can be cooked in large pots and pans;
  • An automatic shutdown function is provided;
  • Decent power combined with economical electricity consumption;
  • Long service life.


  • The power cable is a little short — you will have to equip the outlet in the immediate vicinity of the stove.

Gorenje IT646KR

6. Electrolux EHD 98740 FK

Electrolux EHD 98740 FK photo

The original built-in model equipped with a touch control type. The hob of this design is completely independent, it has a simple and concise design, which gives it additional rigor. The control panel is equipped with a programmer that has 13 functionalities at once. The induction hob instantly responds to temperature changes, allows you to achieve uniform, fast and accurate heating, you can simultaneously cook several dishes at once. The EcoTimer technology is used here, which turns off the heating a couple of minutes before the end of cooking — the dish will reach under the influence of the temperature of the pan or pan, and the panel itself will have time to completely cool down during this time. There is a Stop & Go mode, with which you can take small breaks during cooking, but the set functions and temperature will not be lost.

The Power Boost fast heating function is applicable to each of the burners, it is possible to lock the control panel so that children do not use it. Sound indication is adjustable in volume — if desired, it can be completely turned off. The touch keys have LED backlighting, they are located on the hob itself, you can figure out their work within a few minutes. The thickness of the induction hob itself is only 24 mm, it is equipped with beveled edges, devoid of a frame, which greatly simplifies its installation.


  • Heats up instantly
  • Saves electricity;
  • A large number of various functions;
  • The heating level is adjustable, as is the volume of sound alerts.


  • A little noisy during operation.

Electrolux EHD 98740 FK

5. Indesit VIA 630 SC

Indesit VIA 630 SC photo

One of the most inexpensive models in our roundup of the best induction cooktops. This product is equipped with three burners and is just the perfect solution for small families of three to four people. The electricity consumption is very economical, quite a lot of heat is generated, so the dishes will be cooked much faster. This product has touch control, the panel with buttons is located on the front of the device. With its help, you can set all the necessary parameters for the operation of the device: designate the temperature, heating intensity, select the burner on which the products will be cooked, and so on.

The user does not need to stand at the stove all the time — for this there is a special timer that helps to cook dishes without compromising their taste. If small children live in the apartment, then you can turn on the lock. As a result, the baby will not be able to turn on the panel or change the settings. To make the panel even safer, there is a safety shutdown system. After the operation is completed, the design turns off on its own in just a few minutes. There is a residual heat indicator that will prevent burns when caring for the device. The hob can be quickly cleaned of any dirt, for maintenance there is no need to use special detergents. The instruction is completely Russified, explains in detail how to properly install the stove and work with it.


  • Very convenient touch buttons, characterized by stable operation;
  • The glass-ceramic surface is very strong;
  • Heats up quickly;
  • It is convenient to cook — there is no need to stand near the stove all the time.


  • Any dirt is clearly visible on the black panel — you have to clean it often.

Indesit VIA 630 SC



Sufficiently powerful products — if all four cooking zones are involved at the same time, then it will consume about 7200 W of electricity. In this regard, it is best to lay a separate copper cable from the shield, and its minimum cross section should be at least 4 sq. Mm. To connect the panel to the network, you will also have to purchase a plug, because only a bare wire comes out of it. This is a built-in product that looks quite stylish. The front side is made of glass ceramics, which is quite predictable. She looks very attractive. Each cooking zone is marked with a white circle, only two burners are equipped with an accelerated heating function, they are signed. Here, on the front panel is a touch control panel. It has six buttons, all equipped with LED backlight.

In total, there are nine levels of work power, and this parameter is changed by two methods — by changing the frequency of the electromagnetic field and turning it off for a given period of time. The design also provides for two types of timer — arbitrary (used to set the cooking time of the dish, and after it is triggered, an audible signal sounds) and a shutdown timer.


  • original appearance;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • A large number of additional features.


  • There is no outlet — you will have to purchase and install it yourself;
  • A high power level suggests that you will also need to stretch the cable from the shield.


3. Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB

Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB photo

In third place in the ranking of the best induction cookers is the products of the world famous brand, which has long been engaged in the production of various household appliances. As a result, the engineers were able to develop a full-size four-burner model with a total power of about 6.6 kW. Productivity is average — it will be more than enough for home cooking, but in a restaurant or cafe it will obviously not be enough. The edges of the model are perfectly even, there is no frame, so the products, if necessary, can be built into almost any interior. The hob is independent, so it can be used without an oven — this solution is often a very advantageous option if the product is installed in a compact kitchen.

The glass-ceramic front surface is covered with special polymer compositions. It has high strength characteristics and excellent washing ability. In order to remove even old dirt, you can use a special metal scraper — it can remove even scale that is serious in area. The control panel is represented by several touch keys that work almost instantly. The timer works not only to turn off the device, but also to start it. It is quite natural that there is also a turbo mode, with the help of which a liter of water will boil in just one minute.


  • High heating rate;
  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • There is a small burner specifically for the Turks — coffee lovers will appreciate this solution;
  • If the water from the pan begins to boil away, the emergency shutdown system is activated;
  • Minor power consumption.


  • Not all users may like the location of the burners;
  • The shutdown sensor is triggered if moisture gets on the touch panel.

Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB

2. Bosch PUE612FF1J

Bosch PUE612FF1J photo

The main feature of this induction cooker is the insignificant thickness of its hob — it will protrude above the surface of the countertop by only 3 cm, which will make the design look even more attractive. In general, the developers were able to create a full-size design, which was equipped with four burners. Their location is indicated in an original design — in the form of crosses. The largest of them has a diameter of 21 cm, the minimum is 14.5 cm. The stove is equipped with a special proprietary display system, due to which the owner can always adjust the level of heating of the working surface. The change in power in the design is step-by-step — includes 17 steps. Touch button control is equipped with a quick start function. During cooking, the hob can be locked for up to 30 seconds. Without the Power Boost function, it also could not do here.

The timer is well thought out — it is possible to activate it for each specific burner, providing for automatic shutdown or refusing such a possibility. The plate warns that the time has elapsed with a sound signal. The touch control panel is equipped with a backlight. If necessary, the hob can be wiped even during its operation, and the program settings will not go astray. At the same time, this panel is characterized by increased sensitivity.


  • Excellent functionality;
  • Slim hob;
  • The original design of the appearance;
  • Well thought out timer features.


  • Expensive;
  • Very sensitive to moisture — wipe dry immediately.

Bosch PUE612FF1J

1. LEX EVI 640-1BL

LEX EVI 640-1 BL photo

The leaders turned out to be not too expensive, but very reliable products, and the manufacturer gives a fairly long warranty for it — as much as three years, which is a very serious period for household appliances. Overall dimensions are not too large — 56×49 cm. Installing it in place and connecting it to the mains is also easy, the heating rate is high. The last parameter was achieved due to the high power of the device — 7.2 kW, if all 4 induction burners are involved. The front glass-ceramic surface is treated with polymer compounds, which prevents the occurrence of chips and other defects. These substances help the stove to maintain an attractive appearance throughout its entire service life. The burners automatically recognize cookware of any size, and each of them is equipped with its own fan. The volume detection function helps to significantly save energy, making the device safer.

The safety shutdown function prevents the occurrence of burns during cooking, and also protects the network and the device from short circuits. Touch control is convenient — the buttons are located in such a way that they are always at hand. They instantly respond to touch, they can be used even with wet hands. There are a number of other useful features — a timer, a lock function, an indication of residual heat, and so on.


  • Not too expensive products;
  • Long period of warranty service;
  • High quality materials;
  • The panel is reliably protected from any physical damage;
  • Carefully thought out touch control unit;
  • The design is easy to install and use.


  • Not detected.


In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best induction cookers in 2022 has come to an end. If you have any questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article. We will try to quickly collect the necessary additional information and provide it to you.


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