A computer mouse is a peripheral device, without which it is unlikely that you will be able to comfortably work on a laptop, computer or even a tablet. This is a very convenient device management tool, which, if necessary, can even replace the keyboard. Many people do not perceive this device as something special, so they get the first mouse that comes across and start using it. This approach is fundamentally wrong, since a high-quality device will help you complete any job much faster.

The most modern devices today are laser mice. Their main distinguishing quality in comparison with optical products is the complete absence of backlight and more active energy consumption. Wireless devices of this type hold the signal quite well, have a beam resolution of up to 12,000 dpi, so the cursor on the display surface will move much more accurately. It is worth noting that a laser mouse cannot always correctly recognize glossy, polished or glass surfaces, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to do without a mouse pad. The resolution of the laser mouse can be adjusted. For example, if there is no need for high accuracy of moving the manipulator, then you can lower this parameter — this way you can prevent cursor twitching.

Our ranking of the best laser mice presents the most popular models among users. We have tried to include devices with the best value for money in the review, so that each of our readers can choose the most suitable product for themselves. When choosing models, we also relied on user reviews so that low-quality products did not inadvertently get mixed up in the article.

Ten of the best computer laser mice in 2022

10. SteelSeries Sensei 310 Black USB

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Black USB photo

This is an upgraded version of the 2014 model. Compared to that mouse, this product received a less rounded design and began to weigh 10 g less — only 92 g. The main key panels are located here separately from the body: the manufacturer claims that this way it is much easier to press them, regardless of the point of application of force. However, a slight backlash at the keys is still observed. However, the clicks are crisp, albeit silent, but the clicks of the actuations are felt tactile. The case is made of high quality plastic with a slightly rough finish. It is resistant to wear, retains an attractive original appearance throughout the entire service life. The mouse resolution switch is pressed easily, it has no free play, the operation sound is weak, muffled.

On the left side there is a silicone insert with a small relief — this allows you to comfortably hold the mouse in both dry and wet palms. The side additional buttons are small, there is a decent gap between them, so they are easy to identify by touch. They are pressed with some effort, they have no free play, but there is a clear tactile feedback. The mouse cable enters its body strictly in the middle, it is reliably protected from bending. The scroll wheel on the sides is rounded, made of rubberized materials.


  • Pretty perfect device;
  • The resolution switch works instantly;
  • During the entire service life, it retains its original appearance;
  • Comfortable for both wet and dry hands.


  • Slight backlash of the main keys;
  • High price;
  • The silicone insert gets dirty quickly and is not easy to clean.

Mouse SteelSeries Sensei 310 Black USB

9. A4Tech AL90 Black USB

A4Tech AL90 Black USB photo

Quite a familiar design from this manufacturer. You will not be able to see bright colors here, which is for the best. The model is made of quite practical plastic with a matte coating — fingerprints, dust and other contaminants will not be noticeable on it. One of the distinguishing features is the wire, which was placed in a fabric red and black braid. There is an LED backlight that gives the device additional originality. The case is ergonomic, designed specifically for the right hand. Its overall dimensions are average — the device is suitable for both large and medium-sized hands. The mouse lies firmly in the hand due to the soft-touch coating and additional perforation of the side faces.

The mouse has metal legs, there is also a special compartment where weights are placed to make the body heavier, which allows you to make the mouse heavier by 19.5 grams. However, with their addition, the weight distribution of the device will change towards the rear of the product. Without use, the device turns out to be light and balanced. The main keys are covered with a layer of rubber with a tenacious texture — the fingertips literally cling to them. The key travel is well felt, moderately long.


  • Carefully thought-out mouse ergonomics;
  • Convenient and high-quality case;
  • Very good functionality;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • With the addition of weighting agents, the mass balance immediately changes.

Mouse A4Tech AL90 Black USB

8. CBR CM 610 Br Black Bluetooth

CBR CM 610 Br Black Bluetooth photo

One of the few wireless laser mice presented today on the Russian market of digital equipment for home and office. Quite a stylish model, characterized by compact overall dimensions. This makes it optimally suited for a laptop, as it is convenient to carry such a mouse with you all the time. It communicates with a personal computer via Bluetooth, and is also characterized by a decent working range, which can reach about 15 meters in open space. The device works from standard finger-type batteries, and one set is enough for a long time. The fact is that this mouse is produced using the latest technology of energy-saving systems. The original laser sensor Agilent sensor is installed here, which allows you to track the movement of the cursor as accurately as possible, regardless of the type of surface, so you can use this mouse even on a glass table. It does not require a special rug.

The resolution switch key is located on the side — the user can select 800, 1200 or 1600 dpi. Ergonomics and design are well thought out, so you can use it non-stop for hours without fear that your hand or fingers will get tired.


  • The design thought over to trifles;
  • Three options for laser sensor resolution;
  • The laser works correctly regardless of the type of surface;
  • Pretty accurate tracking of cursor movement.


  • Not too convenient to use for owners of large palms.

Mouse CBR CM 610 Br Black Bluetooth

7. SVEN RX-510 Laser Black USB

SVEN RX-510 Laser Black USB photo

A fairly light model — its weight is only 60 grams. It is very convenient and easy to hold the device in your hand, however, due to its small mass, the accuracy of the cursor location will suffer, so you will have to get used to working with this model for some time. The speed of performance is very high — it is a few hundredths of a second. Thanks to this parameter, the mouse is perfect for fans of online computer games.

The ergonomics of the product is universal — the device is suitable for both right-handers and left-handers. The case is made of high quality plastic with a soft-touch coating. The keys have a short stroke, they are pressed almost silently, but the operation is felt with the fingertips. The laser is accurate, its maximum resolution is 1600 dpi, so pointing the mouse at the object will be as accurate as possible.


  • Very light model;
  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • Silent pressing of the main keys.


  • We’ll have to adapt to such a light mouse.

Mouse SVEN RX-510 Laser Black USB

6. Razer Naga Trinity Black USB

Razer Naga Trinity Black USB photo

This gaming mouse is a new generation of laser devices from this manufacturer. Compared to the previous version, the product in terms of appearance has not undergone any changes. On the right there is a finger rest, the back is rounded. The panels of the main keys have recesses in the central part. The upper part of the device is a single whole — the keys are not separated separately, respectively, no backlashes and no increase in strokes are observed. The buttons are pressed gently, the click on the volume is somewhat muffled.

The key difference from other similar devices is the presence of 12 membrane buttons on the side panel at once. They are very tight, so it is unlikely that you will be able to accidentally press them. The keycaps are arranged at different angles so that you can recognize them by touch. The cable for connecting to a computer or laptop has a nylon braid, rather soft and flexible. Its length is 2.1 m, the excess wire can be collected and fastened with a reusable rubber clasp.


  • A single top panel prevents backlash and other defects of individual keys;
  • Pleasant to the touch plastic;
  • A high resolution;
  • Long service life;
  • Ideal for computer game lovers.


  • The scroll wheel still has a slight play;
  • Pretty high cost.

Razer Naga Trinity Black USB Mouse

5. Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 Black USB

Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 Black USB photo

At the very center of our ranking of the best laser mice is yet another full-size type of wireless design, which is characterized by significant ease of use. It provides several additional controls that greatly facilitate the use, they are designed to reduce the effort on the part of the user in terms of achieving the desired result. The device is characterized by an ergonomic body shape. The side surfaces are quite soft, so it is quite comfortable to hold the mouse in your hands, everything is aimed at ensuring maximum control comfort.

On the case, in addition to the classic keys and the wheel, there are buttons for moving forward and backward, zooming and horizontal scrolling functions are provided. Although it is generally accepted that laser mice consume a decent amount of energy, these products on one set of batteries can last for about two to two and a half years, even with daily use.


  • functional model;
  • Automatically goes into sleep mode if it is not used for a long time;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Carefully thought-out ergonomics of the device;
  • Minimum battery consumption.


  • It is very expensive;
  • Great mass.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 Black USB

4. A4 Tech XL-750BK Black USB

A4 Tech XL-750BK Black USB photo

Even the appearance of this mouse suggests that its main purpose is computer games. The case here is completely symmetrical, which makes this device suitable for both right-handers and left-handers. It is made from high quality plastic. The main keys are not allocated as separate buttons, and for additional grip comfort, a rubberized ribbed insert is used here, which does not allow the palms to slip. Ergonomics are thought out just fine. There is a proprietary button called «triple click», as well as a button that provides switching the sensitivity of the laser sensor.

The sensor is characterized by excellent sensitivity, regardless of the surface on which the mouse stands. The soles are made of Teflon, which is excellent at resisting abrasion and other stresses, besides, dirt will not accumulate on it.


  • It is immediately clear that the model was developed for fans of computer games;
  • Stylish and attractive appearance;
  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Suitable for both right-handers and left-handers.


  • When you press the keys, a rather loud click is heard;
  • Not everyone likes the ribbed rubber surface.

Mouse A4 Tech XL-750BK Black USB

3. Logitech G G102 Prodigy Black USB

Logitech G G102 Prodigy Black USB photo

In third place was a fairly fast mouse, which provides data transfer about 8 times faster than other similar devices. It turns out that the computer instantly responds to mouse movement or button presses. The design is classic — it is quite strict, there is nothing superfluous here. During development, the device underwent additional optimization of the form and functional elements.

The device is characterized by a very sensitive sensor — up to 8,000 dpi, this parameter is adjustable. This allows you to keep the gameplay under complete control, regardless of what style of play the user prefers.


  • Excellent tuning accuracy;
  • The buttons are programmable, and this process is very simple;
  • The response of the keys is instant;
  • Carefully thought-out body ergonomics and functionality.


  • After a while, the LED backlight may fail.

Logitech G G102 Prodigy Black USB Mouse

2. Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Black USB

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Black USB photo

The design of this mouse is classic, rather calm, there are practically no straight lines, this model is designed to work with the right hand. The case is made of reliable high-strength plastic, made in two colors that successfully combine with each other: the back is dark gray, has a matte finish, the sides are black and soft-touch coated.

The case itself has a curved shape, which has a positive effect on the convenience of work. The layout of the keys is quite standard, but they have advanced functionality — horizontal scrolling, scaling the page or document. The device works from two standard finger-type batteries. Their charge is enough for about one and a half to two years of active use.


  • Stylish appearance, corresponding to the corporate design of the products of this company;
  • All keys can be reprogrammed;
  • Minimum energy consumption;
  • High performance;
  • Convenient and understandable software.


  • Designed exclusively for right-handed use — not suitable for left-handers;
  • Not quite a standard form factor.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Black USB

1. Microsoft Arc mouse Black USB

Microsoft Arc mouse Black USB photo

It is not for nothing that this model, developed and released by a company that is better known all over the world as a software manufacturer, turned out to be the leader in our review of the best laser computer mice. First of all, I would like to note the futuristic design of the device, which only remotely resembles a computer mouse in the traditional sense. This wireless device has a folding mechanism that turns it into a socket, whose size is no larger than an ordinary smartphone.

The laser sensor of this device works on any surface. The device is characterized by a completely symmetrical shape, so it will be convenient to use it for both right-handers and left-handers. The buttons are not highlighted, but are pressed with a noticeable response. There is no scroll wheel, instead there is a touch panel with a vibration motor that simulates feedback. At the same time, the technical characteristics are quite decent — they are in no way inferior to other models from this review.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • A folding mechanism is provided;
  • Attractive exterior design;
  • Suitable for right-handers and left-handers;
  • Convenient to take with you on a trip.


  • Except for the high price is not found.

Microsoft Arc mouse Black USB

In conclusion, a useful video

So our rating of the best computer mice has come to an end. As you can see, it includes completely different devices with different purposes. We hope that you were able to choose the best option for yourself in 2022. If you have a desire to learn more about the model you like, write us about it in the comments, and we will give you comprehensive information about the products you are interested in.


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