A motorized towing vehicle (another name for such equipment is a motorized dog) will be very useful for people who plan to travel long distances in snowy areas, in particular, fishermen, hunters, or simply lovers of long winter trips. The key difference from the more familiar snowmobiles, caterpillar ATVs are the more compact dimensions of such devices, they also have increased maneuverability, low fuel consumption and quite reasonable cost.

A significant selection of this equipment is presented in stores today, but it has not existed on the Russian market for too long, so not everyone is able to understand its characteristics and make the right choice — to purchase the most suitable model for themselves. We will try to help our readers understand this issue — we have compiled a rating of the best motorized towing vehicles in 2022, in which we will not only consider the key performance qualities of the most popular models, but also give some useful tips on choosing a vehicle.

How to choose the right motorbike?

According to the location of the internal combustion engine, this technique can be of two main types — front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. In the first, the motor and, as a result, the center of gravity are located in front, thanks to which the towing vehicle is able to provide the highest quality cross-country ability in the hitch. Rear-wheel drive models are much easier to drive because the rear end rises during the ride. These designs are characterized by excellent maneuverability, but in loose and deep snow, moving on these towing vehicles can be a little problematic. In the event of a collision with an obstacle, rear-wheel drive devices are more protected, since the drive shaft is located at the rear.

Choosing the best model for yourself is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. First of all, it will be necessary to take into account the tasks that this technique will perform. It is often used for various kinds of rescue operations, for transporting people and luggage during expeditions. Hunters and anglers usually prefer tugboats that can navigate loose snow with ease. Such equipment will be really indispensable in winter, when it is problematic or even impossible to get to or walk to your destination.

If the device will be used to transport goods, then designs equipped with the most powerful engine will do, it is desirable that it be easy to operate, and the reliability of the transmission is important. It is convenient if the model has a variator — with its help you can smoothly shift gears, develop a decent speed.

Be sure to take into account the overall dimensions of the equipment. The compact version can easily fit even in the trunk of a station wagon; to transport standard models, you will have to use a trailer. On sale you can even find collapsible models that can be transported even in small cars. However, assembling equipment in low temperature conditions is not a pleasant pleasure.

It should be borne in mind that the dimensions of the device are far from the most important thing, such a parameter as cross-country ability is much more important. This factor is directly affected by the area of ​​the tracks. In order for the product to easily overcome obstacles, it must have wide tracks, but this will negatively affect the maneuverability of the product. A motorized towing vehicle is considered a universal option, the length of which is about one and a half meters with a width of about half a meter. Its capabilities will allow you to overcome snowdrifts a meter deep and even more. If winters are usually not snowy, then shorter models can be preferred — they are easier to manage, and in terms of transportation they are easier.

When we chose models to be included in the ranking of the best motorized towing vehicles, we took into account all the factors listed above. However, we took into account not only them — an important role was played by the ratio of price and quality of products, as well as real user reviews.

10 best motorcycle towing models in 2022

10. Tofalar 500

Tofalar 500 photo

This model works on the basis of a skid suspension, thanks to which it is possible to provide excellent cross-country ability in deep and even freshly fallen snow. In addition, the device perfectly shows itself on the melted ice surface of reservoirs. When developing, all the wishes and feedback from users were taken into account, thanks to which the manufacturer managed to combine all the best qualities in this product. The key emphasis was placed, first of all, on the ideal cross-country ability and structural stability even in decent off-road conditions — the vehicle is equipped with fairly wide tracks. The motorized towing vehicle feels great even when maneuvering on the surface of ice, wet ground and deep snowdrifts.

The model has good traction qualities with low fuel consumption. The towing vehicle is equipped with a powerful four-stroke engine with 15 horsepower, and it is ideally adapted to even the most severe climatic conditions. The maximum speed of the device is 30 km/h. Ideal for fishing enthusiasts, as it can easily fit all the tackle and other devices. You can also put one more person on the towing vehicle, as its carrying capacity reaches 500 kg.


  • Excellent build quality and components;
  • High load capacity;
  • Excellent maneuverability on any surface;
  • Economical engine;
  • Develops speed up to 30 km / h.


  • Significant overall dimensions — will have to be transported only in a trailer;
  • Great value.

Tofalar 500

9. Hurricane «Non-separable» 7 hp


Good value for money. The assembled equipment weighs quite a lot — almost 100 kg, however, if necessary, the steering wheel and power unit can be removed from the towing vehicle. Powered by the Lifan internal combustion engine. This is a single-cylinder version that has forced air cooling. Fuel consumption is minimal — the consumption is only 2.1 liters per hour, the design is equipped with a gas tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters. A maximum of 50 kg of cargo can fit in the trunk, and about 350 kg can be pulled on a trailer.

The maximum speed reaches 25 km/h. The width of the caterpillars is 50 cm — this allows the device to adhere well to the snow cover, which greatly increases the permeability of the device.


  • Acceptable price for such equipment;
  • Collapsible design allows you to transport the unit in the trunk;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Decent traction capabilities — up to 350 kg of cargo can be transported on a trailer.


  • On absolutely bare ice, the device can skid, so it’s much better not to accelerate on such a surface;
  • Fragile paintwork — you need to be careful not to scratch it, as this will lead to corrosion.

Hurricane «Non-separable» 7 hp

8. Pomor 500 1450 S17

Pomor 500 1450 S17 photo

Another domestic product, which is distinguished by increased traction power — it can be used to pull a loaded trailer weighing up to 400 kg. The unit itself weighs 120 kg. The motorized towing vehicle moves due to a four-stroke gasoline engine, whose volume is 420 cubic meters. cm, it also has an air cooling system, which proved to be very effective in low temperatures. The motor power is 17 horsepower, it allows you to reach speeds of up to 50 km / h.

Fuel consumption is negligible — only 3 liters per hour. The volume of the gas tank is 5.6 liters, AI-95 gasoline should be poured into it. Motors from well-known manufacturers are installed here — Honda, Lifan or Zongshen, which are characterized by increased reliability even in the most severe operating conditions. This design provides the ability to switch to the front or rear slide. The track width of this towing vehicle is 500 mm, so it can move even on very deep snow cover.


  • Excellent traction qualities;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Able to develop high speed;
  • Good cross-country ability and maneuverability;
  • It can be equipped with a variety of power units.


  • Decent mass of the device;
  • The chain is equipped with a narrow guard.

Pomor 500 1450 S17

7 Paxus 500

Paxus 500 photo

One of the most compact units in our review of the best motorized towing vehicles. The length of the device is only 1380 mm with a width of 500 mm — this allows you to transport the device in the trunk of most cars. In this case, the mass of the product is 90 kg. Largely due to its compact size, the unit will be an ideal assistant for most hunting and winter fishing enthusiasts. The towing vehicle is equipped with a high-quality Chinese-made gasoline engine with a capacity of 13 horsepower. Cooling — air, forced type.

The engine is started with an electric starter. Maximum transmission reliability is ensured by the Safari CVT. The track width is 500 mm, the suspension works on the basis of slides. Depending on the applied load, fuel consumption can vary from one to five liters per hour. The maximum speed that this towing vehicle is capable of developing is 25 km / h.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Decent carrying capacity — the towing vehicle can carry up to three adults with full equipment.


  • The device is not able to develop a decent speed;
  • The luggage compartment of the tug itself is small;
  • Farah is weak.

Paxus 500

6. Rider V500-9.0 Techno

Rider V500-9.0 Techno photo

The product is equipped with a CVT transmission, which makes it much easier to control, the engine starts as smoothly as possible, and fuel consumption is low. The design is equipped with a shortened base, so it can be transported even in the trunk of a small car. The towing vehicle is able to maintain performance at temperatures up to -35 degrees. Manufacturers managed to achieve a similar effect due to the increased power of the motor and the carburetor, which will be heated with the help of exhaust gases. The caterpillar is made of solid rubber, has little wear, so you can ride on such a motorized towing vehicle on various types of surfaces — snow, ice, earth and even asphalt.

The volume of the gasoline engine is 270 cubic meters. cm, it is capable of speeds up to 35 km / h. The motor does not overheat even if it is under severe stress — the developers managed to achieve this largely due to the air cooling system.


  • Light weight and compact overall dimensions;
  • Acceptable fuel consumption;
  • There is a carburetor heating and engine cooling system.


  • Not too high power.

Rider V500-9.0 Techno

5. Burlak-M Forwarder

Burlak-M Forwarder photo

The device is equipped with an all-weather suspension. The design includes two tracks, each of which is 38 cm wide, thanks to which it is possible to provide excellent flotation, regardless of the type of road surface. A unified suspension is installed here, and in winter, roller bogies can be installed. The unit is controlled using a folding steering wheel — standing or sitting in drags or in a trailer. Accordingly, there is no need to register such equipment with state bodies and obtain rights to manage it.

The products are equipped with a transmission with a Safari CVT, there is a reverse box with a full neutral gear, and there are also very reliable brakes. In the basic configuration, the model is equipped with a Lifan brand gasoline engine, the power of which is 15 or 17 horsepower, along with it comes a 7 A coil, a voltage regulator, a reverse gear box and a brake system. A more pumped version may have a power of 18.5 horsepower, a heated handlebar, an LED beam that acts as a light source, and an additional outlet.


  • The metal frame is painted with high quality powder paint resistant to damage;
  • The frame itself is highly durable;
  • Excellent flotation in all conditions.


  • Can occasionally rear up.

Burlak-M Forwarder

4. BTS Man

bts man photo

The design is a full-size model, its overall length is 1450 mm, track width is 500 mm. The model has an increased angle of attack, which, together with the size of the caterpillar and the power of the gasoline engine, can significantly reduce the pressure on the snow cover. In turn, this has a positive effect on patency even on decent snow drifts, whose height exceeds one and a half meters.

This motorized towing vehicle has a two-bearing transmission unit, an improved safari variator. The device has a protective hood on a four-stroke engine. It allows you to protect the motor from all kinds of damage. The frame is made on the basis of a steel plate, the thickness of which is 3 mm, a subframe is also provided in the design. The manufacturer equipped the device with self-centering serviced bearings, which received a closed housing. They ensure the horizontal position of the drive shaft.


  • The towing vehicle comes with a bright and powerful enough headlight;
  • Traction force is in the range from 350 to 750 kg;
  • Careful protection of the chain and the leading star from possible damage;
  • Increased angle of attack.


  • Due to the small mass, it can periodically fall sideways on rough terrain.

bts guy

3. Leader Sigma 2

Leader Sigma 2 photo

In third place in our review of the best motorized towing vehicles is a rather original model, running on a lightweight platform, which is equipped with a wide track. It allows this light vehicle to overcome such obstacles that will be beyond the strength of heavier tugs. The design is equipped with a ski module, but it can be operated without it.

The device is equipped with a classic motorcycle layout. An adjustable steering column is provided here, the seat can be adjusted depending on the height of the driver and passengers. The manufacturer has thought out the ergonomics of the products perfectly — all the controls are at hand, so they are as convenient as possible to use. Behind the driver’s seat there is still a place where you can seat another person or secure the load. If necessary, sled drags are attached to the apparatus. The maximum load capacity of the unit is 150 kg, it is capable of speeds up to 20 km / h.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Low fuel consumption — only 2 liters per hour;
  • The kit includes a ski module;
  • Sufficiently bright illumination;
  • Great for winter use
  • At low speed, it is able to overcome even very high snowdrifts.


  • Not too neat build quality — parts and gaps are unevenly adjusted to each other.

Leader Sigma 2

2. Bars Mast 500 RV 14 SE

Bars Mast 500 RV 14 SE photo

This is a real line of motorized towing vehicles, which is equipped with a rear internal combustion engine. The developers installed a cut caterpillar here, the width of which is 55 cm. Depending on the version of the device, its mass can range from 90 to 106 kg. A very high-quality Chinese MTR engine is installed here, which runs on A92 gasoline, it costs a little cheaper than AI95 — it runs most of the models included in our review of the best motorized towing vehicles. The transmission is characterized by increased reliability and durability, it has a Safari variator. Engine power is 14 horsepower.

The model is equipped with a shortened base, which allows you to increase its maneuverability. The suspension is sliding, the assembly is simple, but very reliable — the device overcomes even high snowdrifts well, it does not need special maintenance. The four-stroke engine has a long service life and low fuel consumption.


  • Vibration on the steering wheel is practically not transmitted;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • The steering wheel has a folding design, fixed in the folded position — this simplifies transportation;
  • The bumper is made of metal;
  • The balancer of the rollers is cut.


  • CVT belts need frequent measurement;
  • There is no automatic chain lubrication system.

Bars Mast 500 RV 14 SE

1. Sharmax S500 1450 HP20 Enduro

Sharmax S500 1450 HP20 Enduro photo

The device is equipped with a sufficiently powerful and reliable internal combustion engine, which will easily start in all weather and temperature conditions. The main distinguishing feature of this motor is the increased mass of the balancing shaft, due to which the vibration was significantly reduced. The check of the engine plug will provide additional security, provided that an emergency situation arises. The chain is reinforced, it has an increased strength indicator — even with intensive use it will not sag, stretch, and also has reliable protection against the occurrence of corrosion processes.

The frame is metal, solid, it is devoid of welded joints. It is made using laser cutting technology. The developers paid special attention to the angle of attack — it was selected taking into account the location of the pusher module, which ensures excellent cross-country ability even with deep snow cover. The steering wheel mount does not have any additional structures, the model has an enlarged lever, due to which the control is accurate and easy. The equipment has a one-piece hood that will protect not only the engine, but also the sides. The suspension base is considered universal, since any chassis can be installed on it, taking into account the conditions for using the equipment.


  • The body is perfectly protected from corrosion with a layer of powder paint;
  • The engine is covered by a two-year warranty;
  • The design provides stiffeners that allow you to reduce weight without reducing the strength index;
  • If necessary, you can install skis;
  • The device is capable of speeds up to 45 mph;
  • Excellent engine power — as much as 20 horsepower;
  • The towing vehicle can carry cargo weighing up to 125 kg.
  • High quality variator.


  • Handles are not heated.

Sharmax S500 1450 HP20 Enduro

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best motorized towing vehicles is over. We have tried to collect as much useful information as possible for each model, so that our readers can choose the most suitable model for their purposes. If you still have any questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.


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