Motorists in our time are far from the last attention paid to the appearance of their vehicle. They install all sorts of accessories, do restyling of the body, change windows and treat the body with special means — car cosmetics. Similar substances are waxes, liquid glass, polishes. I would like to dwell on the latter in more detail today. Polishing is a very affordable product that is very easy to use. For these reasons, it is gaining more and more popularity not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders.

The range of these products is very wide, so even experienced vehicle owners are often confused when choosing these compounds. We decided to help our readers in solving this issue and developed a rating of the best polishing pastes. In this review, we will talk in great detail about the most famous compositions, we will give a detailed description of them, indicate the pros and cons of using them. In addition, the article will give some useful tips that will certainly come in handy when buying this product.

How to choose the right polishing paste?

The main purpose of these tools is to carefully and carefully remove small cracks and scratches from the surface of the car body. Most of them have a slight paraffin odor and are generally viscous and white in texture. Most formulations are designed specifically to work with paintwork, but on sale you can find products designed to work with interior glass and headlights.

Such substances easily withstand temperature extremes. With their proper application, it is possible to get rid of excessive dustiness, eliminate minor scratches, cracks, as well as stripes and stains. As a result, the coating acquires a very attractive glossy sheen.

The polishing paste is applied using a special tool — an appropriate machine and a polishing wheel. This approach allows you to evenly and efficiently process the entire body of the vehicle. No special skills are required to perform these jobs. Protective polishing is considered the most effective. With its help, you can protect the paintwork from substances contained in the air.

Manufacturers recommend polishing your car once every one to three months. The composition of the product contains a small percentage of abrasive substances, which are made on the basis of natural or synthetic materials — paraffin or wax. Before starting work, you need to thoroughly clean the body, apply as thin a layer as possible.

Work should be carried out in the shade — the composition is applied with a soft dry cloth, it is evenly distributed over the surface with the same force. After the operation is completed, they take the appropriate tool and pass over the entire surface of the body. When we selected products to include in our roundup of the best polishing pastes, we took into account all the recommendations above. In addition, we studied a huge number of reviews from motorists — this helped us weed out low-quality compounds so that our readers choose only reliable and durable products for themselves.

Top 10 Best Polishing Pastes in 2022

10. Menzerna 400 Heavy Cut Compound

Menzerna 400 Heavy Cut Compound photo

German-made products are able to easily cope not only with small, but also with quite powerful scratches. Polishing with this tool can be done in just one run, which saves time. It is not required to dilute the composition with water. A polish has been developed using the latest technologies and the latest chemical compositions that instantly eliminate even fairly strong coating defects. This paste was created specifically to work with a polishing machine, the entire application process takes only a few minutes. The products are also ideal for finishing, giving the paintwork an attractive sheen. The best effect will be obtained if you use a wool polishing wheel, but some craftsmen can do just fine with a microfiber cloth.

The composition can be used as a prophylactic so that the varnish does not wear out too quickly, it can be used with both fresh and old coatings. The paste leaves no streaks behind. Small crumbs can be removed with an ordinary cloth. Works well in combination with a glossing agent from the same manufacturer.


  • Does not leave streaks;
  • Suitable for old and new coatings;
  • Keeps an attractive look of a varnish;
  • You can work as a polishing machine, and an ordinary soft cloth.


  • You have to pay for quality — a rather expensive polish.

Polished Menzerna 400 Heavy Cut Compound

9. AREXONS Abrasive Paste

AREXONS Abrasive Paste photo

It allows not only to remove serious scratches, but also to cope with stains and traces of oxides. The Italian composition is of high quality, reliably protects the paint layer from possible damage, polishes it to a beautiful shine. The manufacturer says that you can use the tool not only for painted surfaces, but also for moldings, nickel-plated bumpers. According to users in their reviews, with the correct use of the surface composition, they acquire their original appearance.

It can be used as the first polishing element if the paste is mixed with wax products. The composition is sold in a form ready for use. After it does not leave streaks, it is easy to apply. It takes little time to work — even for large elements it takes no more than an hour. The product does not have a strong odor, so you can work with it even in the garage. In general, it was created for application with a tool, but even with an ordinary cloth, you can achieve a completely acceptable result.


  • Neutral smell;
  • The work does not take much time;
  • Can handle even severe scratches.


  • It is not found in every store.

Polished AREXONS Abrasive Paste

8. Farecla G3

Farecla G3 photo

A versatile product that is perfect for most polishing jobs. The paste can instantly get rid of minor and severe scratches, with its help, mild, but stubborn dirt is quickly removed without the involvement of additional compounds. The products evenly clean not only the outer coatings, but also restore the appearance of interior elements made of high-quality reinforced plastic. In order to achieve the optimal effect, you need to dilute with a certain amount of water. Excess product can be easily removed with a microfiber cloth.

With the help of this paste, it is possible to achieve an equally good effect both with manual and machine processing. The effect of gloss on dark paint is enhanced. If you apply the composition manually, you will have to rub the paste into the coating hard enough, because of which your hands get tired quickly.


  • Perfectly smoothes and removes defects;
  • Handles dirt well
  • Optimally combined with other similar compositions;
  • Can be applied both by machine and by hand.


  • The exact dosage of adding water is not indicated on the package.

Polished Paste Farecla G3

7. Koch Chemie F6.01

Koch Chemie F6.01 photo

German paste is made using a unique technology — it is fine-grained, but it does not contain silicone oils. As a rule, such compositions are designed to work with small scratches, but this tool is calmly able to get rid of more serious problems. With this formula, you can give the body an attractive shine, get rid of streaks, as well as severe or moderate damage to the paintwork. Pasta is quite suitable, including for finishing. It is applied both by hand and by machine.

For this paste, the manufacturer produces a special fur sponge, however, even without it, an excellent result can be achieved. Residues can be removed with microfiber. The product is sold in small tubes, as well as in liter buckets.


  • The resulting effect lasts for a long time;
  • The consumption of funds is minimal — even a small tube is spent in several applications;
  • Eliminates the body from small, medium and large scratches.


Polished paste Koch Chemie F6.01

6. Doctor Wax Polyflon

Doctor Wax Polyflon photo

This polish allows you to provide maximum shine, in large part due to the fact that natural beeswax has been added to its formula. The composition also contains microscopic abrasive substances that will smooth out shallow scratches and clean dirt from cracks. Even in the paste, you can find Teflon molecules, which gives the surface ideal reflective qualities, increases the strength of the paintwork surface, and restores its original shine. Such products also allow you to protect the body from the effects of dirt, moisture and even flames.

It is easy to apply, even if it is done by hand, then it will take about half an hour to process one element. The paste easily withstands even intensive and regular washes. It restores brightness to chrome-plated parts in a matter of minutes. Before application, the elements are thoroughly cleaned, dried and degreased. After rubbing, you need to let the coating stand for 5-6 hours.


  • Very economical consumption;
  • Affordable cost;
  • The effect persists for a long time;
  • Applied by hand or machine;
  • You can even work with chrome elements.


  • Unable to handle excessively deep scratches.

Polished Paste Doctor Wax Polyflon

5. SONAX ProfiLine Headlight Polish

SONAX ProfiLine Headlight Polish photo

Suitable not only for body parts, but also for working with car headlights, windshields and windshields. The polish eliminates yellowing, restores transparency and eliminates minor scratches, the light transmission becomes much higher. The last factor directly affects traffic safety. The easiest way to work with this tool is with a typewriter. It is acceptable to apply the polish by hand, but this will require a lot of effort. The manufacturer recommends fixing the effect obtained with a special protective coating Headlight Protection 276041.

The maximum result can be achieved when working with thoroughly cleaned coatings, and they should not be exposed to sunlight. It is impossible to allow strong heating of the surface, otherwise the paste will lose many of its qualities. Excess can be removed with an ordinary napkin.


  • High quality cleansing qualities;
  • Quite a pleasant smell;
  • Large volume packaging;
  • Easy to apply.


  • There is no antistatic effect — dust will begin to stick to the polish after a while.

SONAX ProfiLine Headlight Polish

4. G12310 Plast-X Meguiars

G12310 Plast-X Meguiars photo

It can be used not only for metal surfaces, but also for various plastic elements. It should be noted that there are no analogues of this product on the world market. She is able to easily cope with stains, various kinds of pollution. The paste removes minor scratches, eliminates traces of oxidation and chemical attack. The composition contains natural oil, which makes the headlights transparent. Polymeric substances give surfaces water-repellent qualities. The composition does not contain toxic compounds and powerful solvents.

With this paste, you can greatly extend the life of the headlights, improve the safety of driving at night. The composition is consumed slowly, therefore, even at a high price, profitability is evident. The manufacturer advises using this polish together with preparations to reduce turbidity — this allows you to achieve an optimal result that will last for a long time.


  • Suitable for plastic headlights;
  • Can be applied with a napkin or machine;
  • Economic consumption;
  • Removes stains and dirt from surfaces
  • Differs in moisture-repellent qualities.


  • Without the use of compounds to reduce haze, the effect will be noticeable, but not durable.

Polished Paste G12310 Plast-X Meguiars

3. Willson WS-02036

Willson WS-02036 photo

The third place in the review of the best polishing pastes is occupied by Japanese products, the main distinguishing quality of which is the most gentle and gentle polishing of the car paint layer. After it does not leave scratches, it does not smell at all, it is easy to remove residues from the surface. According to the method of application and its consistency, it cannot be compared with other compositions at all. Ideal for all varnish surfaces, it is often used as a preparatory agent for subsequent application of other protection.

The texture is more like toothpaste. The composition is homogeneous — it does not exfoliate, does not contain lumps. After treating the car, there is no need to remove residues with cleaners or shampoos. This tool can be used even in the field. Optimally shows its qualities on both light and dark cars.


  • Neutral smell;
  • Easy to apply in absolutely any conditions;
  • Minor expense;
  • Convenient packaging and optimal consistency.


  • Rarely found for sale.

Polished paste Willson WS-02036

2. TURTLE WAX Metallic Car Wax + PTFE

TURTLE WAX Metallic Car Wax + PTFE photo

The Spanish company produces not too expensive, but rather high-quality compositions designed for polishing car paintwork. The tool is applied without much effort. It contains Teflon and wax, thanks to which the paint layer acquires additional shine, and the body is protected from minor scratches, in addition, the product additionally protects against dirt.

After processing, the machine returns to its original appearance, the layer is not erased during washing. Paste reliably protects paint from influence of ultra-violet rays, various aggressive mechanical influences. It can be used to polish enamel under lacquer or acrylic.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Suitable for absolutely any coatings;
  • Does not allow the accumulation of dirt;
  • Gives the car its original appearance.


  • When applying, you need to make sure that dust does not get on the surface, otherwise a significant part of the gloss will go away.

Polished Paste TURTLE WAX Metallic Car Wax + PTFE

1. ZM 80349NF

ZM 80349NF photo

The leaders turned out to be the domestic composition, which is preferred by most Russian motorists largely due to high quality, a well-thought-out formula, a perfectly balanced composition and an acceptable cost. The paste is great for giving the surface a glossy finish.

The products are compatible with both standard lacquers and scratch-resistant coatings. Remains of the product can be easily removed with a cloth. The result is perfect on both dark and light colors, there are no silicones in the composition. Pasta is not afraid of low temperatures, which is very important for Russian conditions.


  • Insignificant consumption of the composition;
  • Noticeable effect;
  • Ease of application;
  • Withstands low temperatures;
  • The result is pronounced regardless of the color of the car.


  • Not detected.

Polished paste 3M 80349NF

In conclusion, a useful video

Our ranking of the best polishing pastes is coming to an end. We hope that after carefully studying the article, you were able to choose the best composition for your car. If certain questions still remain, then you can always ask them in the comments to this article. We will try to answer them as quickly as possible and provide you with additional information on the tool you like.


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