More and more people give preference to a healthy lifestyle — they give up various bad habits, sign up for a gym, start walking and moving more. Unfortunately, in the conditions of the high pace of modern life, it is far from always possible to find the necessary amount of time for a full-fledged exercise in the gym. The creators of the simulators have responded to the needs of customers and created many installations that take up a minimum amount of free space, so they can be installed even at home.

This is also true for equipment such as a rowing machine. It is a device that simulates rowing. With its help, it is possible to successfully combine strength and cardio exercises. With the help of such an installation, you can quickly and efficiently work out the muscles of the body, starting from the upper shoulder girdle and up to the press. Calories are burned quite actively. There is a fairly large selection of this technique on sale, so it is quite easy to get confused in it. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to rank the best rowing machines of the year. In it, we will not only analyze the useful characteristics of all the models included here, but also tell you what you should pay attention to when buying this device.

How to choose a rowing machine?

In general, all rowing machines can be divided into three large groups according to the principle of operation — mechanical, magnetic and aerodynamic. The first is activated by the body movements of the person involved, and the load is transmitted by a piston system or by means of belts. The second variety is equipped with a powerful magnet that creates a decent resistance field. A rotating flywheel is placed in it, which will evenly transfer the load to all working elements. Aerodynamic models are equipped with a special fan. During operation, it will pump air and create a load selected by the user.

When choosing such equipment, the maximum user weight must be taken into account. Depending on this parameter, you should purchase a simulator. Its weight should be equal to the actual weight of the person plus 15-20 kg. With this approach, the simulator will work effectively with all muscle groups and at the same time practically will not wear out. The most modern models are equipped with a large number of various programs, they have touch sensors that control the human condition.

How to choose a rowing machine

It is desirable that the unit is equipped with a display. The dynamics of the training process will be visible on the screen. The user himself will be able to see what progress he managed to achieve during the classes. On sale today you can find folding types of simulators. They are very convenient to use in conditions of lack of free space in the apartment, since when folded they take up a minimum amount of space. Be sure to pay attention to the ergonomics of the product. The seat position should be adjustable so that the lesson takes place in the most comfortable conditions.

When choosing models to include in our review of the best rowing machines, we were guided by all the above principles, and also took into account the ratio of price and product quality. We have tried to include not too expensive models in the rating, so that each of our readers can choose the most suitable thing for themselves. Another point that influenced the choice of models is the feedback from users and professional trainers. For each simulator, we tried to collect an exhaustive amount of information so that you can choose the best unit for yourself.

The best water model

1. HYPERFIT Rudersport G300

HYPERFIT Körperfigur G-74 photo

Rowing machine with a reliable frame and excellent balance. For rowing, one of the best options, because. It has a high weight, which means good stability. Powder coating provides frame resistance to mechanical damage and wear. The fastening system is carefully thought out, so the durability of the simulator and the safety of training are guaranteed.

The pedals are wide, the tread does not slip. There are no restrictions on the size of the user’s foot. Thanks to improved bearings and a steel rail during rowing, the machine rides smoothly. The ergonomic seat of the device follows the contours of the human body. Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the seat, the load on the spine is reduced during classes, and fatigue is practically not felt.

The blades create a complete imitation of real rowing on the water, so the user can effectively work out different muscle groups. The simulator has a console with an informative LCD display, on which you can track personal progress and training indicators.

Buy water rowing machine HYPERFIT Rudersport G300 from the manufacturer at the link!


  • Transport wheels for ease of movement;
  • Thoughtful design;
  • Strong and durable frame;
  • Wear-resistant water tank;
  • 15 automatic programs and «Race» mode.


The best mechanical devices

3. DFC R7103

DFC R7103 photo

The maximum load on this simulator is 100 kg — enough for most users. The model effectively combines a whole range of cardiological loads, and is also able to work with a significant number of muscle groups — back, chest, arms and legs. In the process of training, large muscles are involved, so a person will spend quite a lot of energy. With the help of classes on this device, it is possible to reduce the volume of the fat layer, instead of which an attractive and embossed muscle corset will be created. The design is equipped with a very convenient and reliable folding mechanism, which makes the simulator optimally suited for use at home. Its overall dimensions are 54x124x68 cm when folded and 50.5x46x174 when ready for use. There is a handle to adjust the load. The load is adjusted using the original magnetic system — in total there are as many as 10 operating modes.

The device has a liquid crystal LCD display. It displays information on the duration of the lesson, the number of strokes per minute, the number of calories burned. The model is absolutely safe to use. The handles have a special anti-slip coating, large stops are provided for the legs, equipped with reliable fixing straps.


  • There is a folding mechanism;
  • Long service life;
  • The presence of a liquid crystal display;
  • Very convenient to use.


  • The user weight limit is 100 kg.

DFC R7103

2. Kettler Favorit 7978-900

Kettler Favorit 7978-900 photo

The model is equipped with a very convenient loading system, which is a pair of cylinders. With the help of this original technology, it is possible to smoothly change the degree of load, preventing the occurrence of excessive loads on the joints or spine. The frame has increased strength, this simulator can be used by a person whose mass will reach 130 kg. The overall dimensions of the product are 124x78x26 cm, there is no folding mechanism, however, such products do not take up much free space anyway. The seat here is soft, orthopedic, which allows you to make the training process as comfortable as possible and at the same time not cause unpleasant or painful sensations in the lower back. The foot rests are equipped with an anti-slip coating, they have Velcro straps.

A special clip-on sensor is supplied with this product. In addition to it, you can also purchase a chest strap. They transmit data on the state of a person to the display, and the error here will be minimal. The products are equipped with a monochrome LCD display, it is equipped with an anti-reflective coating, it also has several informative sections. At the same time, the simulator is not connected to the mains — the display and all sensors are powered by the most ordinary batteries or accumulators. A system of constant monitoring of the upper threshold of the pulse is provided. If the heart rate reaches this indicator, the user will be informed about this by a special sound signal.


  • High quality of production and assembly of products;
  • Ease of exercise and load adjustment;
  • Availability of sensors and display;
  • Able to withstand a significant weight of the user.


  • Efficiency is calculated in kilojoules — not everyone understands what kind of data it is and how to work with it.

Kettler Favorit 7978-900

1. Torneo Golfctream V-117

Torneo Golfctream V-117 photo

It has a fairly compact overall dimensions and low weight, so this product is best suited for installation in an apartment. The original moment associated with this product is the presence of its own full-fledged training computer, and not a simple display, as was the case with previous models included in the review. With it, the user will have full control over the number of strokes, the duration of the lesson, the total distance traveled, and will also be able to find out exactly how many calories were expended. Load regulation is mechanical. It is quite convenient for both beginners and experienced athletes. If desired, the effort can be made more directly in the process of training. The load is generated by a pair of hydraulic cylinders, one of which is installed on each side of the device.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to achieve silent operation of the equipment, so you can practice at any time of the day or night. The design of the developers turned out to be as ergonomic as possible — using this simulator will be comfortable for any person, regardless of his height and build. There are special notches on the levers that provide a high level of comfort during the training process. The simulator has a reinforced frame, which ensures the longest possible service life of the product. For its production, only materials that are excellently resistant to wear were used.


  • Small overall dimensions;
  • A folding mechanism is provided;
  • There is a full-fledged on-board computer;
  • Occupies a minimum of free space;
  • Works absolutely silently.


  • Withstands the weight of a person up to 100 kg.

Torneo Golfctream V-117

The best magnetic products

4. Xterra ERG200

Xterra ERG200 photo

Designed specifically for active use at home. With the help of this device, it will be possible to quickly and effectively work out almost all the main groups of large muscles, form the correct posture, and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The design here is quite simple, a folding mechanism is provided, due to which the product is quite convenient to store and transport from one place to another. It uses a magnetic loading system, made according to the latest Magnetic Single Resistance technology, and the mass of the flywheel is equivalent to 10 kg. The movements on the simulator are smooth and very stable. This has a positive effect on the coordination of movements and on the balance of the body. In total, there are 8 levels of load, so the complexity of working on the simulator is adjustable.

There is a fairly informative display, which will display all the information the user needs. The basis here is double aluminum rails, equipped with stiffeners, thanks to which the simulator will withstand a user weight of up to 110 kg. The seat is very comfortable, adjustable to the length of the legs, the pedals are also adjustable, so the person will feel as comfortable as possible during training. The product has transport rollers, there are compensators for uneven floors.


  • Very compact overall dimensions;
  • 8 degrees of loading;
  • Increased frame strength;
  • Adjustable seat and pedals;
  • Manual load adjustment system.


  • Some users are skeptical that these products are assembled in Chinese factories.

Xterra ERG200

3. Sport Elit SE-104

Sport Elit SE-104 photo

With the help of this simulator, you can ensure the most smooth movements, as in the process of real rowing. Users could not detect any jerks or dips during classes. Like most of the devices included in our review of the best rowing machines, there is a very convenient and informative display with all the data necessary for the person involved. It combines two types of sports equipment at once: designed to develop and stabilize the cardiovascular system and get rid of excess adipose tissue and mass, used to fully develop the muscle frame and provide an attractive appearance. The device gives a load on all major muscle groups. The device does not need a large amount of free space, so it can easily fit even in a small apartment.

As a basis, steel pipes and channels reinforced with stiffeners are used here, thanks to which people with a body weight of up to 120 kg can work on this simulator. The seat is large enough, it slides very easily and silently on the aluminum tire. The pedals have decent overall dimensions, the legs are fixed on them with the help of special fasteners. There is no need to connect to the mains.


  • Absolute autonomy of production;
  • High strength and reliability of this simulator;
  • Small overall dimensions of the device;
  • The presence of a folding mechanism;
  • All the necessary parameters can be conveniently adjusted.


  • The display could be bigger.

Sport Elit SE-104

2. DFC R8001

DFC R8001 photo

It is a fairly versatile product that is perfect for both people who are just starting to take care of their health, and already very experienced athletes. Depending on their own physical fitness, the user can give preference to one of 16 levels of load. In addition, the developers have put 20 different programs into this simulator at once. Each of them is an optimally selected number of different parameters, you can set them all manually. Comfort from training is significantly increased due to the existing floor unevenness compensators, anti-slip stops and leg straps are also supplied in the kit. The maximum allowable load on the device is 120 kg, so even fairly large users can work on it.

The functionality of the computer is quite wide, and it reads all the data as accurately as possible, does not distort them during processing. Here, levers are installed that are completely independent of each other, capable of rotating 360 degrees, so the workouts are quite diverse. The seat has an ergonomic shape, you can sit on it for quite a long time, and it has a special anti-slip coating. The display of the simulator is monochrome, has a high-brightness LED backlight, so the data will be very well read even under direct sunlight.


  • A large number of various built-in programs;
  • Suitable even for fairly large people;
  • Informative liquid crystal display;
  • Original appearance.


  • Quite expensive compared to other similar models.

DFC R8001


INFINITI R70 photo

The device is a structure equipped with an air loading system. In total, the manufacturer provides as many as six load levels, the user will have to choose the most suitable mode for themselves. Thanks to its compact overall dimensions, this model will perfectly fit into the interior of even a small apartment. If necessary, the simulator can be folded — there is a special mechanism for this. The system of rollers is of high quality, ensures the smooth running of all moving elements, which not only makes the lesson as comfortable as possible, but also allows you to perform the exercises correctly. This gives the muscles a uniform load, no jerks were noticed. The model has a liquid crystal display with adjustable tilt angle, so you don’t have to look at the data. The computer turns on and off automatically, turning on immediately after the first stroke, and turning off after a couple of minutes of inactivity. It is powered by ordinary AA batteries.

The simulator is able to withstand a user weighing up to 100 kg. In the folded state, it has overall dimensions of 128x77x25 cm, in the working position — 198x46x86 cm. If necessary, the user can additionally purchase a chest cardio sensor that will measure the remote control. There is a ventilation system, the air flow is adjustable. The simulator is based on a steel frame, a frame made of aluminum. The seat and pedals are made of fairly reliable plastic.


  • Compact design, equipped with a convenient and reliable folding mechanism;
  • Six levels of load, you can combine aerobic and strength exercises;
  • High strength and good reliability of the model;
  • There is a built-in blower system.


  • In addition to the rather high cost was not found.


Aerodynamic devices



The first professional model in our review of the best rowing machines, which, at the same time, has high versatility, so it can be used both in the gym and at home. The maximum load on the simulator can reach 180 kg, and the device can be easily adjusted to almost any user, regardless of his height, build and level of muscle preparation. The manufacturer here immediately provided 10 load levels. The sensors for reading the pulse are located in the handles, so the user does not have to attach anything to his own clothes. All necessary information is displayed on an informative high-brightness liquid crystal display. Everything that the user needs to know during training will be displayed here.

The simulator is characterized by a fairly simple design, which is characterized by a high level of convenience and simplicity. The model, like most others in our review, has floor unevenness compensators. This ensures the stability of the position of the structure during direct operation. The ergonomics of the simulator is thought out as carefully as possible. The leg rests are equipped with fixing straps, so you can not be afraid of getting injured during classes. The product practically does not make noise, so use at home will not create discomfort for anyone. Ideal for both beginners and experienced athletes.


  • High level of durability and ease of use;
  • There is a large selection of operating modes;
  • Works almost silently.


  • Quite expensive.


2 Nordic Track RX 800

NordicTrack RX 800 photo

This machine provides a completely new approach to traditional training. The aerodynamic load of this device can be adjusted in manual and automatic mode. The seat is contoured, users note its excellent ergonomics. The handles are quite soft, do not begin to slip in the hands even during a long workout. The output power is displayed on a liquid crystal display, the viewing angle of which is adjusted if necessary. If desired, you can even connect a player to this simulator and listen to your favorite tracks during classes. It will not work to use a chest sensor, since there is no receiver here. This device has 5 load levels at once, and the developers have put 20 automatic programs into it: ten of them are aimed at ensuring a uniform load on the cardiosystem, the rest are designed for thorough and quick burning of excess calories.

A very strong steel rail is used as a frame. The maximum user weight must not exceed 130 kg. The pedals are not very big, but the fastening of the straps is thought out in such a way that the legs will not slip off them even during very intense workouts. There are two rather powerful speakers here — in total they give about 12 watts of power. You can use not only traditional mp3 players, but also products from Apple — iPod. There is no tablet holder here, but there is a special shelf where you can put it. Products can work both on batteries and from a standard power supply.


  • Simple and quite effective products;
  • A large number of built-in modes of operation;
  • Well thought out ergonomics;
  • Thoroughly loads all the muscles, providing full-fledged fat burning and muscle growth.


  • Must be placed close to a power outlet.

Nordic Track RX 800

1. Concept 2 E PM5

Concept 2 E PM5 photo

This model will be able to appreciate even the most demanding and captious users. The products are distinguished by excellent versatility and practicality: they will look organically both at home and in a home environment. The product belongs to the premium class products. When developing the simulator, close attention was paid to every detail, so even strength training becomes as effective as possible without sacrificing comfort and safety. All technical solutions are aimed at ensuring that a person can evaluate the benefits of classes as soon as possible. In particular, the landing height here is 51 cm — the best indicator for training people and athletes suffering from pathology of the knee joints. In addition, this height greatly reduces the force load on the injured muscles.

The design uses a nickel-plated chain, which does not have to be regularly lubricated during operation. There is also a special finish to prevent scratches and prevent damage to clothing. Outside, the simulator is covered with special compounds that are not sensitive to physical influences, so even after several years of active use, the device will look like new. The product has a quick-acting collapsible coupling that allows you to disassemble the unit within a few seconds. The leg support is adjustable to fit all sizes of feet. The monitor here turns on automatically, immediately after the start of the lesson. It works either from the mains adapter supplied in the kit, or from batteries. The interface is quite simple, you can figure it out in just a couple of minutes. There is a wireless communication system that allows you to combine up to eight simulators into one network, which is very convenient for group training.


  • Resistance adjustment is provided;
  • The excellent quality of materials and assembly allows the device to retain its original appearance for a long time;
  • Disassembled within seconds;
  • Ideal for professional athletes and beginners.


  • The high cost of the product.

Concept 2 E PM5

In conclusion, a useful video

So we finished looking at the best rowing machines. We hope that you could choose the most suitable product for yourself. If you still have any questions or want to share your experience of buying and operating similar devices, then you can always express your point of view in the comments to this article.


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