Every good housewife dreams of clean linen, which would be fragrant with freshness. Unfortunately, not all laundry detergents help to achieve this effect. In the last couple of years, concentrated laundry gels are gaining more and more popularity. They are absolutely safe, and in terms of efficiency, they are significantly superior to traditional washing powders. With the help of these compositions, even very serious contaminants can be easily dealt with even in cold water. Gels are great for woolen items, delicate fabrics, children’s clothing. They are completely washed out of the fibers of the fabric, giving things a pleasant fresh aroma.

Today in household chemical stores you can find a fairly large selection of these products from various brands. There are so many of these funds that even a sophisticated buyer can be confused. We decided to help you solve this issue and rank the best washing gels in 2022. In this review, we will not only tell you about the beneficial qualities of the most popular formulations, but also give certain criteria that you should rely on when choosing these products.

How to choose the right washing gel?

First of all, it should be noted that liquid detergents appeared on the market not too long ago, but every day they are gaining more and more popularity largely due to their economical consumption, ease of use, safe composition and efficient operation. There are several types of washing gels. Most often there are universal means. They are intended for all types of fabrics, they can cope even with fairly strong pollution, remove difficult and not too difficult stains in both warm and cold water.

The gel is a ready-to-use solution containing a large amount of surfactants, so it immediately begins to act on pollution, without spending time dissolving in water. The tool behaves well even at low temperatures, does not allow fading of matter.


The composition is consumed as economically as possible due to the concentrated structure. One liter bottle of the product is enough for about 20 washes in an automatic machine. The gel is equivalent to 3 kg of washing powder. It has a very gentle effect on the fabric, is suitable for daily use, is completely washed out of the fibers, and does not deform things.

When we chose products to include in our rating of the best washing gels, we were guided not only by the specified requirements for such compositions, but also by the price-quality ratio, as well as user reviews.

10 best washing gels

10. Molecola Pure Sensitive

Molecola Pure Sensitive photo

One of the most gentle compositions — with its help, silk items can be washed almost every day. It is very gentle on the fibers of the fabric, and is perfect for other materials. In particular, the products interact perfectly with wool, cotton, synthetic and linen fabrics. The manufacturer claims that the composition of this product is absolutely safe for human health. Special clinical trials have only confirmed this fact, so the gel is suitable for children’s clothing, as well as for things worn by people with sensitive skin.

The composition contains only vegetable surfactants, which do not lead to allergic reactions, but at the same time very effectively affect contaminated areas. The gel perfectly copes with the tasks assigned to it, even in cold water. Contains no chlorine, phosphates, optical brighteners or artificial fragrances. After washing, things acquire a light and almost imperceptible aroma, which disappears instantly.


  • The composition contains only vegetable surfactants that do not cause allergies;
  • Suitable for washing children’s clothes and items made of delicate fabrics;
  • Careful with any fabrics;
  • Carefully crafted and balanced formula.


  • It costs more than similar products;
  • Quite a lot of gel.

Molecola Pure Sensitive

9. Lion Essence Impress

Lion Essence Impress photo

This product is based on the latest formula, which was developed using original technology that increases the total concentration of active substances. With the help of such a gel, you can not only rid things of stains and other contaminants, but also additionally protect linen from various kinds of bacteria. Despite the fact that the product aggressively fights stains, it does not affect the fabric fibers at all. During washing, the gel is completely washed out, even its small particles do not remain in the structure of things, which makes it ideal for children’s clothing. The acid-base balance here is neutral, the composition does not dry the skin of the hands. Unfortunately, the gel is not suitable for very difficult stains — they will remain on things even after soaking.

The gel is quite thick, so the consumption will be negligible. The smell is persistent and somewhat intrusive, but after washing things simply smell fresh, so you can not use the conditioner.


  • Produced on the basis of the original formula;
  • It also allows you to disinfect things;
  • Very economical consumption;
  • It is completely washed out of the fabric.


  • Not able to deal with stubborn stains;
  • The shape of the cap is poorly thought out — the gel periodically flows out;
  • Some find the smell of this product unpleasant.

Lion Essence Impress

8. Meine Liebe for colored fabrics

Meine Liebe for colored fabrics photo

The tool is a full-fledged concentrate, due to which the consumption of products is minimal — one package is enough for a very long time. The formula of this gel was developed by German scientists, it is characterized by a high level of safety in relation to human health. The gel is universal, as it is perfect not only for machine washing, but also for hand washing. With its help, it is possible to preserve the structure of the linen, prevent the occurrence of pellets, and maintain the original brightness of the color of the fabric. The gel is completely washed out of things, leaving behind a barely perceptible aroma.

When using this product, there is no need to add conditioner. Non-ionic surfactants, which are considered to be less aggressive, are used here as the main detergents. The gel is completely biodegradable, it does not contain chlorine and phosphates.


  • There is no need to use an air conditioner;
  • Convenient ergonomic packaging;
  • High concentration of active substances;
  • Can be used for both hand and machine wash;
  • After washing, a pleasant smell remains;
  • There is a measuring cup included.


  • Not suitable for children and people suffering from allergies, largely due to the fragrance contained here;
  • It is desirable to wash at a temperature above 40 degrees.

Meine Liebe for colored fabrics

7. Washing gel Losk Aroma Orchid

Losk Aroma Orchid photo

The formula of this gel was developed in order to effectively deal with stains on synthetic and natural fabrics. According to the manufacturer, when creating this tool, an original innovative approach was used, thanks to which it was possible to obtain products that can deal even with old complex stains. The gel fully reveals its qualities, regardless of the level of water hardness, it works in the washing machine at any temperature. After washing, the colors of things retain their original brightness, the structure of the fabric remains the same, and the clothes acquire a pleasant floral aroma.

The composition contains essential oils, which are much more effective and safer than various perfume fragrances obtained on the basis of synthetic substances. However, it cannot be said that this gel is hypoallergenic.


  • Successfully copes with stains, regardless of their nature;
  • Linen becomes very fresh and perfectly clean;
  • The liquid formula is produced according to the original technology;
  • Instead of perfume fragrance, it contains essential oils;
  • The gel works regardless of temperature.


  • May cause allergic reactions;
  • Quite a lot of product.

Washing gel Losk Aroma Orchid

6. Washing gel PROFline Sensitive

PROFline Sensitive photo

This is one of the safest compositions — it does not contain phosphates, zeolites, chlorine and chloride compounds, it will not be possible to detect aggressive surfactants either. The formula is absolutely safe for humans, does not cause allergic reactions, and children’s underwear can also be washed with this gel. Here is a very high quality fragrance of natural origin, the smell is very light and unobtrusive. The gel contains a unique complex of enzymes that are simply indispensable in the fight against complex stains.

The formula additionally protects the washing machine from the occurrence of limescale. It can be used on most fabrics except silk and wool. The gel can be used for hand washing: it does not corrode the skin of the hands, treats it carefully.


  • The composition is absolutely safe for the environment;
  • Suitable for children’s things;
  • It fights well even with difficult stains;
  • Does not cause allergies.


  • Not suitable for wool and silk;
  • It is able to remove only light stains from cotton products.

Washing gel PROFline Sensitive

5. Ariel Color Gel Concentrate

Ariel color photo

Despite the fact that this composition has been on the market for many years, it does not lose its popularity at all — many housewives prefer this particular remedy. I would like to note the original shape of the cap: it has a special measuring border showing the right amount of product for pre-treatment of complex stains, other contaminants can be removed without preparation. The gel handles the linen as carefully as possible: the fibers do not fray or tear. The manufacturer recommends using the product together with the conditioner — in this case, it will be possible to ensure maximum softness.

A small amount of products is enough for washing, so one package should last for a very long time. At low temperatures, water will not fully reveal its qualities; it is rinsed out of the fabric entirely, but it will hardly be suitable for children’s clothing.


  • Very effectively fights stains and pollution of a different kind;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Some people don’t like the smell;
  • In the composition, you can find aggressive substances and perfume fragrances;
  • Not suitable for children’s things;
  • During hand washing, it practically does not give a positive effect.

Ariel Color Gel Concentrate

4. VAILY for colored clothes

VAILY for colored linen photo

One of the most affordable gels among all that are presented on the Russian market. However, this did not affect the performance of the product in any way. The tool allows you to get rid of light and medium dirt, after washing, a floral, very light, aroma appears. The formula has an economical consumption, a significant amount of foam is formed during washing. The composition does not spoil the structure of the linen, retains the original brightness of the color.

The gel will be completely washed out even during hand washing. The products are suitable for most fabrics except wool and silk. The composition does not provide for various kinds of dyes, however, perfume fragrances are still present. There are no marks left on the linen after using the gel, however, complex stains will need to be pre-treated.


  • Affordable cost;
  • Good efficiency;
  • After washing, things smell very pleasant;
  • Can be used during hand washing.


  • Some contaminants require pre-treatment;
  • Doesn’t work well at low temperatures.

VAILY for colored clothes

3. Mepsi for baby clothes

Mepsi baby clothes photo

Although the manufacturer claims that the products were developed specifically for children’s clothes, they are quite suitable for adult clothes. This is a composition of domestic production, it fully complies with both Russian and international requirements, only natural ingredients are used in the production.

The composition does not contain sulfates, dyes, phosphates, the product can be used for both machine and hand washing. The manufacturer recommends using the gel at a water temperature of 30 to 60 degrees. The composition forms a decent amount of foam, does not corrode the skin of the hands, its smell is mild and not too intrusive.


  • Suitable for both children and adults;
  • Carefully interacts with fabric fibers;
  • Does not spoil the skin;
  • Delicate and subtle fragrance.


  • It reveals its qualities in water at a temperature of 30 to 60 degrees, in cold water the efficiency approaches zero;
  • It is unlikely that it will be possible to cope with old and complex stains.

Mepsi for baby clothes

2. Gel Persil Freshness by Vernel

Persil Freshness by Vernel photo

The formula combines the qualities of a stain remover and the softness of a gel. The liquid almost instantly dissolves in water, begins to act on stains literally from the very first second of washing. In the manufacture of the gel, only safe ingredients are used, so the product is quite suitable even for children’s things. The fabric after washing retains a bright color, acquires a slight, but very pleasant smell. The clothes remain very soft for a long time — the next few days.

According to user reviews, this gel is one of the most potent of all commercially available. It is advisable to wash at high temperatures, especially if the clothes have old or difficult stains.


  • Immediately begins to act on contaminated areas;
  • Carefully treats fabric fibers;
  • Gives things extra softness.


  • Wash at high temperature;
  • However, there are some allergenic components and fragrances.

Gel Persil Freshness from Vernel

1. Tide gel for white and color Alpine freshness

Tide for white and color Alpine freshness photo

It is made on the basis of an innovative formula, thanks to which the composition penetrates even deeper into the fibers of the fabric, removes stubborn stains. The gel is well suited for washing at low temperatures. The measuring cap allows you to calculate the required dose. The product is completely rinsed out, refreshes the fabric, does not leave plaque.

There is no need to use conditioner, the product has a delicate formula. After washing, things acquire a pleasant smell, while maintaining the brightness of the color. Gel universal — can be used for machine and hand washing.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Universal — used for machine and hand washing;
  • Nice smell;
  • Removes any stains;
  • You can do without air conditioning.


  • Not detected.

Tide gel for white and color Alpine freshness

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The review of the best washing gels in 2022 is over. If you have any questions regarding the products you like, you can always ask us in the comments to this article.


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