In the past few years, airguns have been gaining popularity. This is largely due to the fact that no permission is required to carry and use it. The Russian market today is flooded with similar products, however, it should be borne in mind that the models differ significantly from each other in a number of parameters — overall dimensions, maximum bullet exit speed from the barrel, and so on. Another important point is the fact that these products will cost much less compared to traumatic or military weapons.

If you are going to purchase such a device for yourself, then this article will come in handy for you. We not only ranked the best air pistols in 2022, but also decided to point out the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing similar products. Let’s start with this, and in the future we will proceed to a direct analysis of the characteristics of specific models.

How to choose the right air gun?

The actual power of a shot from a similar weapon does not exceed 3 joules, respectively, no documents will have to be issued. In general, all air pistols are divided into three main groups: working on the basis of compressed carbon dioxide, spring-piston and multi-compression.

The first type is the most common gas-balloon devices, the functionality of which is directly dependent on the pressure in a steel canister — its maximum capacity is 8 or 12 grams of liquefied carbon dioxide. The maximum speed of a bullet flying out of the barrel, as a rule, depends on the ambient temperature — the lower the degree, the slower the charge flies. It is desirable to use copper-plated balls for such weapons, whose diameter is in the range from 4.40 to 4.42 mm. The mass of such pistols is small, they are distinguished by compact overall dimensions, and also have a decent rate of fire. On sale you can find devices that copy real combat samples.

Choosing the right air gun

Spring-piston pistols work by analogy with the classic «air». The principle of their operation is based on the energy of a compressed spring. These devices are more reliable, unpretentious to the type of bullets. Another important point is the absence of the need to purchase additional consumables — liquefied gas canisters. The rate of fire is much lower, and the piston moving at the time of the shot negatively affects the accuracy of hitting the target.

Multi-compression models combine the principle of operation of the two devices mentioned above. The energy of the compressed air will accumulate gradually, released in full when the trigger is pressed. On sale you can find products that have a magazine, which ensures not only the multi-shot pistol, but also a decent rate of fire. However, when pumping air, you will have to spend not only a certain amount of time, but also effort.

As mentioned above, air pistols are single- and multi-shot. This factor will also have to be taken into account when choosing such products. The format of the barrel of a weapon affects not only the speed of the bullet, but also the maximum firing range. Smoothbore pistols have a higher feed rate, but the kinetic energy of the charge is consumed very quickly, as a result of which the bullet will fly a maximum of 50 meters. If you are going to give preference to rifled weapons, but the kinetic energy will be much lower, however, both the flight range and the lethal range will be much greater.

When choosing models of air pistols for inclusion in our rating, we tried to take into account all the above points, and also paid attention to several other factors — user reviews and product price-quality ratio. In our review, we decided to include products that are distinguished by an acceptable cost, so that each of our readers can choose pneumatics to their liking.

For fun

5. Crosman C11

Crosman C11 photo

Our rating is opened by quite a standard pistol, which has quite a few analogues on the Russian market, but stands out from this gray mass in a number of ways. First of all, users are very pleased with the speed of the bullet leaving the barrel — this characteristic is 146 meters per second. The weight of the product is only 500 grams. Store stock — 18 rounds. Products work on the basis of a standard cartridge with liquefied carbon dioxide, the mass of which is 12 grams. The body is made of matte plastic, which does not show any kind of pollution, moreover, this moment allows you to significantly lighten the weight of the gun. The socket for installation of a cylinder is in the handle of a product. In this case, the final pressure and puncture of the foil is carried out thanks to a special clamping screw equipped with a swivel.

The magazine eject button is on the left side. The latch should be handled with the utmost care. The store is notable for its small overall dimensions, besides, it has a universal shape. The sight here is unregulated, cast. A special connector is provided under the barrel, which allows you to install various kinds of accessories such as a backlight or a laser sight. The barrel is smooth, so recoil will be minimal. The fuse is located under the barrel and is located on the right side of the product, it is on-off.


  • Insignificant mass;
  • Ergonomic handle shape;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Universal form of the store;
  • Smooth stem.


  • The mechanism for feeding balls into the barrel is not very reliable.

Crosman C11

4 Daisy 5501

Daisy 5501 photo

Japanese made products. This pistol is a classic gas-cylinder model and is widely popular not only in our country, but all over the world. The appearance is original, that is, it does not look like any design of military weapons. The mass of products is not too large — it is only 600 grams. The case is made of high-quality metal, which is equipped with special stiffening ribs, which ensures increased product strength. In addition, a special nickel-plated frame is provided here, the cheeks of the handle are made of corrugated plastic. It won’t slip out of your hands. In the manufacture, the latest technology was used to maintain pressure in the cylinder, that is, carbon dioxide will be spent here exactly as much as is necessary for a full-fledged shot.

Another important feature of this product is the presence of a movable barrel mechanism. The maximum speed of a bullet when leaving the barrel is 130 meters per second. One bottle can hold hundreds of rounds. The barrel is smooth, which ensures not only minimal recoil, but also good accuracy of fire. This allows you to provide a good sight when shooting both at stationary targets and at a moving target. The cylinder is located in a special recess located under the cheek of the handle. It is pierced with a special clamping screw. The pistol has a single-type trigger mechanism. The trigger is hidden, so it is cocked only by jerking the shutter. A fuse is provided.


  • A small mass of weapons;
  • Stability of power regardless of the degree of cylinder consumption;
  • It is very convenient to shoot due to its small overall dimensions;
  • Metal case;
  • It is quite easy to change cylinders, for this you do not have to remove the magazine;
  • High accuracy of fire.


  • It does not look like any known brand of military or traumatic weapons;
  • Plastic magazine with a rather weak spring.

Daisy 5501

3. ASG dan Wesson 8»

ASG dan Wesson 8'' photo

The main difference between this product and the products that we considered earlier is that this is not a pistol, but a revolver. It is quite suitable for firing not only ordinary steel or copper-plated steel balls, but also lead bullets, which are characterized by an increased mass. The standard cartridge diameter is 4.5 mm. Regardless of the charges used, the cartridge departure speed is 130 meters per second. The case is made of a high-quality metal alloy, which is based on zinc and aluminum. As a result of this, the products turned out to be quite heavy, which makes the revolver as similar as possible to a real military weapon. Products are charged not through the store, but through special cartridges, called false cartridges. Their capacity is 6 pieces. In addition, the revolver comes with an accelerator, which significantly increases the rate of fire.

The energy source here is a traditional canister of carbon dioxide weighing 12 grams. One such charge will be enough for 80 shots. The nest for its installation is located in the handle of the weapon, it is pierced using a special round with a lamb. The sight here is unregulated, the power is quite high.


  • The appearance of the product is very interesting;
  • Reliable case;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Decent rate of fire for a revolver;
  • High power.


  • For a six-shot revolver, it has a fairly large mass and decent recoil.

ASG dan Wesson 8»

2. Umarex Walther PPS

Umarex Walther PPS photo

A German-made model developed by a company that has been manufacturing pneumatic weapons of various kinds for quite a long time. In appearance, the products are almost indistinguishable from the prototype: the key difference is that the standard magazine eject button is a dummy, and a special lever on the handle is used instead. A special button, located directly on the trigger, also acts as a fuse. The overall dimensions are small, the weight and width are also somewhat smaller compared to the original model. Under the barrel, you can find a rail on which, if necessary, a sight or LED flashlight is attached. The clamping screw is located in such a way that it is almost invisible. It is tightened with a special hex wrench that comes with this gun.

The maximum launch speed of the cartridge is 125 meters per second. Recoil is minimal, with frequent shooting it is almost imperceptible. Recoil does not affect the accuracy of shooting — the accuracy of shots remains the same as with single shooting. The barrel is quite short, so it takes quite a long time to aim. After the entire magazine has been fired, the bolt moves into the hold position, so blank shots can be avoided.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Small weight and width;
  • Almost completely repeats the shape of the original weapon;
  • Shutter delay provided;
  • There is a rail to accommodate additional devices such as a flashlight or sight;
  • The key for piercing the cylinder is supplied;
  • That’s pretty decent power for such a compact device.


  • The developers could have made more maximum shot power.

Umarex Walther PPS


MP-654K photo

This product exactly repeats the legendary Makarov pistol with minor changes. All controls are located on the left side of the model — here you can find a lever designed to delay the shutter and a fuse that has two positions. Products are entirely made of metal. The only exception to this rule is the grip pad, which is made of corrugated plastic. The magazine is removed in the same way as a firearm. Shooting is carried out by self-cocking, and the trigger will have to be cocked first. The magazine can hold a maximum of 13 rounds. The barrel here is rifled, but the accuracy of fire does not differ in density. To do this, you have to aim carefully every time. The scope is static and cannot be adjusted.

The shots are carried out by a carbon dioxide cylinder, the mass of which is 12 grams. One cylinder will be quite enough to shoot about 5 stores. If necessary, the gun can be easily cleaned. Nagara does not accumulate there, unlike firearms, but dust and various kinds of pollution can accumulate. On sale you can find several modifications — with an elongated barrel, with a silencer supplied with the product.


  • Long service life;
  • Practically no different from the traditional Makarov pistol;
  • The metal case of the increased durability, insensitive in relation to physical influences;
  • Anti-slip pads on the handle.


  • Not too long range.


Pistols with high accuracy


MP-651KC photo

This is a fairly budget model, which, nevertheless, has a very high-quality assembly. This pistol is characterized by a modular design, which allows the use of both traditional balls and special high-precision cartridges developed by Diabolo for firing. In order to use them, special nozzles are supplied with the product. The product has a high level of durability. The body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes the model much lighter than its combat counterpart. The clip, rib and grip pads are made of the highest quality and durable plastic. The performance characteristics are quite high: in particular, one standard cartridge weighing 12 grams is enough for about a hundred shots.

The pistol is equipped with a double-action percussion mechanism. The products are distinguished by high accuracy of fire — for aiming between shots you will have to spend a minimum amount of time. The handle has high ergonomic characteristics: it does not slip out of the hands, fits comfortably even in a small palm. Magazine capacity is 23 rounds. If desired, the user can upgrade this product — slightly drill the valve (this facilitates the removal of exhaust gases, increases accuracy and rate of fire), install an elongated barrel, and so on.


  • Attractive appearance;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Ability to work with any cylinders and cartridges;
  • All spare parts can be purchased in stores;
  • Possibility of modernization.


  • Clips wear out pretty quickly (however, they are easy to find on sale).


2. Umarex Walther CP88 Competition

Umarex Walther CP88 Competition photo

This is an original version, which is almost a full-fledged analogue of the American army pistol Walter P88. The model is characterized by a fairly long rifled barrel. The body is metal, painted black, the paint will not peel or crack over time. On sale you can find products with nickel plating. Gas-balloon type shot system. The gun is capable of working exclusively with lead cartridges, the caliber of which is 4.5 mm. A plastic nozzle designed to hide an elongated barrel is not provided. The body is divided into two parts. A laser sight can be installed in the lower cavity. The drum capacity is 8 rounds. The receiver frame is movable, which makes aiming easier and reduces recoil, but you will have to open the charging chamber exclusively in manual mode.

The gas cylinder is installed quite simply — for this you need to press the button located at the base of the trigger guard. The balloon is first pressed with a special screw made of bronze, then it is pressed with a lever of the lower plane, which then snaps into place. The fuse here is manual, it is an original and rather tight flag — in order to move it, you need to make a decent effort.


  • Pretty decent barrel length (about 14.5 cm);
  • The rifled barrel provides a good firing range and a flight speed of about 130 meters per second;
  • Practically no different from military weapons;
  • Adjustable sight.


  • Not all users find it convenient to mount a gas cylinder;
  • The magazine eject button could have been placed elsewhere as it is not very convenient for people with thumbs to pull the trigger.

Umarex Walther CP88 Competition

1.Gamo Compact

Gamo Compact photo

This is the first multi-compression model in our review of the best air pistols, which is also developed by Spanish engineers. It can be attributed to professional sports equipment due to a number of useful properties. All main movable elements are made of high-quality metal alloys, the handle is made of polished wood, has excellent anatomical characteristics. Another important feature of this weapon is the presence of a composite trigger, in which, if necessary, you can adjust the angle of pressure. The pistol is equipped with a rifled barrel, so it is best to use lead charges. The bullet passes into the breech at the moment when the shooter retracts the shutter. At the same time, the tank is filled with air.

Sighting abilities are standard, but the front sight is monolithic, and the sight is an integral and separate element — it can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. If necessary, it is possible to place a collimator sight. The fuse is not automatic. The initial velocity of the bullet is 120 meters per second, which is confirmed by real measurements.


  • Very comfortable to hold in your hands;
  • professional model;
  • Slight return;
  • Good accuracy of shooting.


  • The initial speed of the bullet is not very high.

Gamo Compact

Exact replicas of combat pistols

2.Gletcher NGT

Gletcher NGT photo

It is a copy of the classic model of a firearm revolver, which first appeared in service back in 1895. At the same time, the resemblance will be not only external, but also tactile — the device weighs exactly the same as the original model, there are exactly the same notches on the cheeks of the handle. The case is made of a special metal alloy — silumin, which perfectly withstands significant physical exertion, including significant temperature changes. Double action trigger — firing can be carried out either by cocking the hammer or using the automatic cocking system. The drum of this revolver is designed for seven rounds. On the right side, you can find the fuse box, which reliably blocks the operation of the trigger and trigger. The elements of the sight are not adjustable.

It is best to charge the revolver with lead balls, but it is quite acceptable to use the more common copper-plated ones, the caliber of the charges is 4.5 mm. This was achieved thanks to a smooth trunk. The speed of the bullet is not very high: it is only 116 meters per second. One cylinder will be quite enough to shoot over 80 charges. The mass of products is 720 grams in a completely ready-to-fire form.


  • Perfect resemblance to the original firearms down to the mass and location of the controls;
  • Double action trigger;
  • Responds well to high and low temperatures.


  • The location of the fuse is not very well thought out.

Gletcher NGT

1. Gletcher Parabellum

Gletcher Parabellum photo

An absolutely exact copy of the legendary pistol, whose history has already exceeded one hundred years. Maximum identity is achieved not only by the presence of the handles painted in brown, but also by the blowback that is used to drive the lever closure. No additional decorative elements are provided here. The next cartridge is sent into the barrel precisely by moving the shutter. After the store’s resource is exhausted, the shutter is set to delay mode by triggering automation. The products are disassembled in exactly the same way as the combat counterpart. The products have high aiming accuracy, but the power is still not too great. Due to the use of a 12-gram cylinder, additional loads fall not only on the movable mechanism itself, but also on the frame, and all these elements are made of zinc-aluminum alloy.

The gun is equipped with a special damper, which allows to significantly mitigate a sharp blow when the frame rolls back. The trigger mechanism here is also double. The main difference from the original products is the presence of plastic overlays on the handle. They are almost impossible to distinguish from natural wood, moreover, the user can replace these elements if necessary.


  • Absolute compliance with the original classic model;
  • Disassembly is also exactly the same as that of a combat pistol;
  • Fully working blowback;
  • For short-barreled weapons, a very decent range and accuracy of fire.


  • Low bullet velocity.

Gletcher Parabellum

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best air pistols in 2022 has come to an end. We have tried to collect as much information as possible for each model. We hope that this article has helped you decide and choose the best model for yourself. If you have any questions or comments and suggestions for us, then write them in the comments to this article. We will promptly respond to this and provide you with all the necessary information.


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