When breastfeeding, there is no need to warm milk. However, when the mother of the baby feeds him with an artificial mixture, then she should take care of purchasing special equipment — a heater for food and milk. With this device, the child’s food will be heated to a comfortable temperature, and it will be maintained for a long time. Today in children’s specialized stores there is a fairly large selection of similar products, which can differ greatly from each other in terms of the principle of operation and many other parameters. It is quite easy to get confused in such a variety, so we decided to dedicate our today’s rating to a review of the best bottle warmers. However, before proceeding to a direct analysis of the characteristics, let’s figure out what such equipment is and what you should pay attention to when buying this product.

What parameters are important when choosing a bottle warmer in 2022?

Such a product is arranged quite simply: it includes an electrically insulated container, a special heating element, a relay with which it is controlled, and a power cable. The principle of operation is in many ways similar to a water bath: a special container is filled with water, which is heated and transfers its heat to the liquid in the bottle.

The size of the container can be universal, thanks to which bottles of even non-standard shapes and sizes will fit there. However, on sale you can find devices designed for a specific brand — in this case, the bottles and the heater must be from the same manufacturer. Power can be supplied from a standard power supply — such products are best suited for stationary use. The heater can be powered by batteries or an accumulator: it is convenient to use such a device for regular trips, as well as when moving from one place to another. The car version of the heater functions directly from the cigarette lighter. There are also universal models that work from all sources.

Choosing a bottle warmer

Baby food can be heated in different ways: warm water, hot water or steam. In the first case, heating is carried out with water, the temperature of which reaches about 50 degrees. It is impossible to overheat the mixture in such a product, respectively, neither parents nor the child will be able to burn themselves. However, the heating process here takes a lot of time. Hot water allows you to reduce the heating time, however, when using such equipment, you should be as careful as possible, especially for parents, since the likelihood of getting burned is much higher.

Steam bottle warmers warm food in seconds using a small amount of hot steam. The bottle should be removed from there as carefully as possible. It should be noted that the use of this heater for defrosting milk is not recommended.

It is desirable that such a product has additional functions, for example, adjusting the temperature of the mixture, a timer, and so on. All of them will be very useful if products of different densities are heated in bottles. On sale you can also find products with the possibility of programming that will heat up baby food at a certain time. The most advanced models are equipped with a dish sterilizer or steam center, which can be used as a steamer for steaming various vegetables, fruits, and so on.

It is necessary to purchase such products only in pharmacies or in specialized children’s stores. It would not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the quality certificate, learn as much as possible about the manufacturer, safety from an environmental point of view, about the materials from which this design is made. Pay attention to the configuration of the heater. Ideally, a thermos should come with the device.

We took all these factors into account when compiling our ranking of the best bottle warmers in 2022, but our selection was based primarily on user reviews and value for money design. For each model, we tried to collect as much information as possible, we hope that after studying our rating, you will be able to choose the most optimal design for yourself and your baby.

car models

4. Maman LS-C001

Maman LS-C001 photo

Perfect for long enough trips. The device is compact and versatile — even fairly large bottles can easily fit into its container. The device comes with a very convenient case that perfectly preserves the comfortable temperature of baby food for quite a long time. There are Velcro loops on the cover — if necessary, the product can be hung. The adapter that feeds the device through the cigarette lighter can be stored in a special pocket. No additional buttons are provided: just insert the adapter, after which the product starts heating. It takes a decent amount of time — about 40 minutes, but on a long journey it does not seem too critical.

There is a built-in electronic thermostat that prevents the food from overheating during the heating process. The maximum volume of a bottle that can fit in it is 300 ml. The highest temperature to which food is heated is 65 degrees. The product does not require water. It perfectly copes with the functions assigned to it.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Long service life;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly;
  • A thermostat is provided.


  • Food takes a long time to heat up.

Maman LS-C001

3.Medela B.Well WK-131

Medela B.Well WK-131 photo

This heater allows you to provide the child with warm and hot meals during a long journey. The device operates from a car adapter, does not require the use of water. In its container, you can heat ready-made milk formulas, natural breast milk and other products for the baby to an acceptable temperature, which will not be too hot and not too cold. The maximum heating reaches 40 degrees, and due to the additional function of the thermos, the products can remain chilled for a long time. The device is made in the form of a small handbag, which does not need a lot of free space and is convenient in the process of transportation. The inside of the product is made of heat-insulating materials, so that the temperature will remain quite comfortable for three hours.

Powered by a standard cigarette lighter with a voltage of 12 V, the power of the device is about 18 watts. There is a network indicator that will show whether the device is turned on or not. It doesn’t take too long to warm up — about 20 minutes. The device, together with all accessories, weighs only 300 grams with overall dimensions of 90x85x245 mm. It is allowed to use it at temperatures from +10 to +40 degrees, air humidity should not exceed 90%.


  • Can be used for heating both mixtures and food;
  • Well suited for bottles of various shapes and sizes;
  • The bottle is easy to use.


  • There is no thermostat that triggers when overheating;
  • Can only be used in a car.

Medela B.Well WK-131

2. CS Medica KIDS CS-21

CS Medica KIDS CS-21 photo

This design allows you to quickly warm up the food for the child, and the heating is carried out as evenly as possible to a comfortable temperature, so the food will retain all the vitamins and minerals that are useful for the baby, which are very important for the proper development of the body. The container for the bottle has a universal shape, so even fairly wide products can be placed in it. The model is equipped with a special sound signal that will notify the user of the completion of the heating process. The product is able to function from the on-board electrical network of the car, there is no need to use water.

This device will be a good helper on long journeys with a small child. The product comes with a thermal bag made of modern materials that can keep warm or cool for a long time. The period during which the food will maintain an acceptable temperature for use is about 3 hours. It is allowed to heat even glass food jars in the tank, but they must be opened. The product does not require special care — it is enough to wipe and clean both the heating element and the inner and outer surfaces with a soft, slightly damp cloth.


  • Food is heated evenly;
  • The cover is able to maintain the required temperature for a long time;
  • Safety of use;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Caring for the product is quite easy.


  • Relatively expensive device.

CS Medica KIDS CS-21

1. Chicco Travel

Сhicco Travel photo

This is a universal heater that can be used both at home and on trips. Two power cables are included in the kit — one for connecting to a household electrical outlet, the second for working from the car’s mains. There is also a holder for jars and bottles, which is made of very high quality plastic with good thermal insulation characteristics, which will protect the user’s hands from steam burns. A small amount of water is poured inside the heater, heat from the heating element will be transferred to it. Before turning on, you should find a flat surface, pour water using a special measuring cup. It warms up to the required temperature within a few minutes.

To turn on the device, just press the big round button. It is worth noting that this device is digital — there are a large number of different kinds of indicators on the surface of the case. After switching on, the display with all the symbols lights up in blue, and quite brightly. By default, all parameters are set to zero. There are three mechanical buttons on the control panel. The upper one allows you to select the type of container for heating and its volume (bottle with a mixture or jar with food, volumes can range from 150 to 400 ml). The middle button is responsible for selecting the power temperature. The lower one helps to choose the operating time of the device, and even after reaching the selected temperature, the heater will still continue to work, maintaining this indicator. The maximum warm-up time is 30 minutes.


  • Heats food quickly and evenly
  • Retains all nutrients in food
  • Universal model;
  • Easy to enjoy.


  • Takes longer to warm up in the car
  • White color on trips can quickly get dirty.

Chicco Travel

Heaters with sterilization function

4. Kitfort KT-2302

Kitfort KT-2302 photo

Perfectly copes with all the functions assigned to it. The device consists of the following elements: a holder, a body equipped with a heating element and a bowl, a basket and a lid. On the surface of the case, you can find a thermostat that allows you to set the required temperature in the range from 40 to 100 degrees. Accessories are made of dark and non-staining plastic. The heater occupies a minimum of free space in the room. The case expands towards the base, which gives the product additional stability, and rubberized legs protect it from slipping on the surface.

The heating element is hidden under a plastic bottom, on which there are a number of holes through which water will flow to it. The basket has holes on the sides and bottom, so that the entire volume of water will circulate well throughout its entire volume. In addition, it is equipped with small handles that can comfortably protect your hands from burns. The bottle holder is made in the form of a lattice — this part is necessary for sterilizing dishes. The lid is made of transparent plastic with a comfortable handle. The operating temperature is set using an ordinary step-by-step rotary control, so it is simply impossible to miss the desired operating mode. The manufacturer recommends to prolong the service life after each use, drain the water from the bowl and wipe all parts with a soft, damp cloth.


  • Good workmanship;
  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Occupies a minimum of free space;
  • Long period of operation.


  • Not very convenient knob for switching temperature modes;
  • The bottle container could have been bigger.

Kitfort KT-2302

3. Miniland Warmy Plus

Miniland Warmy Plus photo

Another versatile device in our ranking of the best bottle warmers. The product comes with an insert for bottles, an insert for puree jars, as well as an adapter for use through the on-board car network. As a sterilizer, it is not very convenient — not a very large capacity, but it can be used to sterilize pacifiers and other small parts. Good for sterilizing bottles on a long journey. The food heats up quickly enough — it takes only about 3-5 minutes. However, there are some discrepancies with the manufacturer’s instructions: the indicated amount of water is far from always enough to thoroughly warm up a certain amount of food, so this parameter will have to be determined independently. The size of the tank is such that it will fit bottles of different shapes and sizes.

The overall dimensions of the product are quite compact, the heater does not take up much space both in the house and in the car, which makes it very suitable for long trips. There is a light indication on the surface of the case, an audible notification is also provided, but it is not possible to turn it off, so you should use such a device as carefully as possible at night. The maximum volume of bottles that can fit in the tank is 360 ml — enough to fully feed the baby.


  • An adapter is provided for use in a car;
  • There is a light and sound notification of readiness;
  • Heats up food quickly.


  • Consumes quite a lot of electricity.

Miniland Warmy Plus

2.Dr. Brown’s 851

Dr.  Brown's 851 photos

It has a compact overall dimensions, so it does not take up too much space in the kitchen or in the room. Unfortunately, the power cable is quite short, so you need to place it in close proximity to the outlet or use an extension cord. The container for the bottle is equipped with a very convenient plastic lid, which will not get very hot during the operation of the device. The product comes with a special glass with lattice holes, where the bottle will be installed. It is worth noting that the bottom of the glass is removable and can be adjusted in height, which makes the device optimal for heating baby food jars.

Unfortunately, this product is only optimally suited for Brown’s products. Bottles from other manufacturers may not fit in it at all, especially if they are rather wide and squat. For bottles that are too tall, the glass is also not suitable, as they will simply protrude beyond the tank. It is very convenient to pour water into the tank — the water container is located on the side: you will always see when it runs out, and you won’t have to look into the container with the bottle once again. The electronic display is equipped with a backlight, which is very clearly visible in complete darkness, it shows the time remaining until the end of the work. Overheating protection, sound alarm.


  • High level of practicality of the product;
  • Heating is carried out very carefully;
  • In nutrition, everything necessary for the normal development of the child is preserved;
  • The food is heated with steam.


  • Not suitable for all bottles;
  • Pretty expensive device.

Dr. Brown’s 851

1. Beaba Bib’expresso

Beaba Bib'expresso photo

It is characterized by fairly fast operation, regardless of the selected function — heating food, sterilizing dishes or drying them. The food is heated to the required temperature in just 30-35 seconds. This allows you to instantly respond to a hungry baby and start feeding him, which is most important at night. With this model, you can even prepare a mixture that will not contain lumps. The heater is equipped with a removable water bath, it is universal, well suited for both bottles and jars of puree, and the bottles can contain both artificial formula and expressed breast milk. The device comes with a container for storing three bottles or jars, the maximum volume of which can be 300 ml.

The tank cleans itself thanks to the built-in steam system, there is a very convenient water supply lever. Overall dimensions are not very large — 26x23x36 cm, the heater is made exclusively from materials that are safe for health. The mass of the product is about 1.2 kg. The case is made of high-quality plastic, all its elements are securely fitted to each other, even during long-term operation there are no extraneous sounds such as squeaks.


  • Very quickly heats water up to 37 degrees;
  • Easy to use;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • There is a self-cleaning function.


Beaba Bib’expresso

Thermos heaters

2. Avent Philips SCF256/00

Avent Philips SCF256/00 photo

In terms of bottles, it is a universal device, since absolutely any product is placed in it, with the exception, perhaps, of a drinking bowl with handles. The top cover is screwed onto the glass tightly enough, so there is no suspicion of leakage even after prolonged use. This is very important, since such a device is mostly used on the road, and the boiling water used during the operation of the product can lead to serious burns. The thermos itself is made of metal, has thick walls, a glass flask is not provided, which makes the device more durable and safer in terms of operation. The lid has a button for opening, which allows you to maintain an acceptable food temperature for a longer time.

Under the rubber band of the pump cap, various contaminants can gradually begin to accumulate, which are not too difficult to get rid of. The glass for hot water, where the bottle will be installed, is made of high-quality plastic, which can withstand the effects of both high and low temperatures. It is engraved with data relating to the ratio of the heating time and the volume of the heated liquid. The neck of the thermos is quite narrow, so it can also be used by adults when traveling and hiking. The metal surface is a little easily soiled — fingerprints and other dirt will be clearly visible on it.


  • Absolutely safe;
  • Warms up quickly;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • There is a reliable protection against children;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Easy to use.


  • It is quite expensive.

Avent Philips SCF256/00

1.Tommee Tippee 42300041

Tommee Tippee 42300041 photo

A compact, very convenient and versatile device, it was not in vain that it took the first place in its segment in the ranking of the best bottle warmers. It can be used both as a heater and a thermos. The design is distinguished by thick metal walls, which allow for two hours to maintain an acceptable temperature of baby food even if it is quite cold outside. The kit also comes with a container for warming food. It is made of high quality plastic, which has excellent hypoallergenic characteristics.

According to users, the overall dimensions of the product are small, so it will be very convenient on the road. In addition, bottles of various sizes can easily fit in it. Can be used for both artificial formula and natural mother’s milk.


  • Maintains temperature for a long time;
  • Doesn’t weigh too much;
  • The case has good shock-resistant qualities;
  • The set includes a container for bottles.


  • In addition to the high price, users note that only bottles can be warmed up here.

Tommee Tippee 42300041

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, that concludes our review of the best bottle warmers in 2022. We hope that you have enough information to decide on a suitable model. If you still have some questions or you decide to share your experience of using such products with us and other readers, then welcome to comment on this article.


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