Modern digital technology is at the peak of its development, and cameras are no exception. Full-frame SLR cameras are gaining more and more popularity. They have high image resolution, color saturation and other characteristics due to which they are bought more and more often.

Unfortunately, not all users are able to choose the most suitable device in this regard. To fill this gap, we decided to rank the best full-frame cameras of the year. Before considering the useful qualities of specific models, let’s figure out what you should pay attention to when buying them.

How to choose a full frame camera?

One of the key parameters is the resolution of the matrix — it is it that directly affects the final quality of the images. Full-frame devices have decent viewfinder sizes. This part of the device allows you to observe the object being photographed and automatically calculate the boundaries of the future image. Another important point is the characteristic that indicates the photosensitivity of a digital device. It is very important in the case when there is not enough light. Modern cameras are equipped with voluminous photocells that can perceive a large amount of light rays, so the quality of the shooting remains at its best regardless of the degree of illumination.

Be sure to pay attention to the lens of the device. It is with its help that light is collected and an image is formed on the sensor. Without it, it will not be possible to obtain an image of acceptable quality even on a device with the most powerful matrix. Structurally, it includes a lens system, a set of auxiliary mechanisms and rings, which are compactly placed in the body.

Choosing a good full-frame camera

Absolutely all full-frame cameras are equipped with a liquid crystal display. With its help, it will be possible to very quickly adjust the mode of operation of the product to the existing lighting conditions, you can view the resulting photos. Professional photographers prefer products with a high-definition display. It is desirable that its color reproduction be close to natural. In this case, the photos will look about the same as after printing. On sale you can find products equipped with a touch screen. It is very convenient and practical to use.

Full-frame cameras are quite large overall dimensions and weight. The case in most cases is made of metal, it resists all sorts of physical influences well. During operation, the camera needs special care — it will have to be cleaned regularly, and this should be done on a flat and stable surface using microfiber material. In order to remove dust or sand that has accumulated in hard-to-reach places, you will need to use special brushes. Store the equipment with the battery removed, and keep the camera away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Be sure to take into account the capacity of the batteries — the higher it is, the longer the device will be able to work offline. If you plan to use the device for quite a long time, it is advisable to purchase a spare battery.

When choosing models to include in our review of the best full-frame cameras, we took into account all the factors discussed above, as well as user reviews and value for money. After carefully studying the rating, you will surely be able to choose the best model for yourself.

Top 10 full-frame camera models in 2022

10. Pentax K-1 Mark II Kit

Pentax K-1 Mark II Kit photo

Our rating is opened by a relatively compact camera, but its mass is quite decent. The device is able to operate in a fairly wide temperature range — from -10 to +45 degrees. The model is carefully protected from dust, moisture and water vapor: about 90 special rubber plugs are provided for this. If desired, such a device can be used even in heavy rain — the main thing in this case is to protect the outer lens of the lens from being flooded with water. The case is made of high quality lightweight magnesium alloy, which covers a stainless steel frame. On the sides are two speakers that allow you to record video with stereo sound, there is a built-in GPS receiver. On the surface of the case there is everything you need to adjust the picture quality.

The viewfinder is made on the basis of a pentaprism, the magnification factor is very decent 0.70x. The display is fixed on the body with the help of four movable supports, due to which it rotates in absolutely any direction. The display resolution is 1037 thousand dots, its diagonal is 3.2 inches. The camera has a lens illumination, a slot for installing a memory card. The matrix has 5-axis stabilization, which directly affects the quality of pictures and videos. Focusing can be either manual or automatic.


  • Reliable protection of the body from moisture and dust;
  • Keys and some other elements have LED backlighting;
  • 5-axis matrix stabilization;
  • The horizon line is corrected automatically;
  • There is a Wi-Fi module;
  • Built-in GPS receiver;
  • Relatively low cost.


  • The battery capacity is not very high;
  • Low buffer memory capacity;
  • Long enough to turn on.

Pentax K-1 Mark II Kit

9. Sony Alpha ILCA-99M2

Sony Alpha ILCA-99M2 photo

The model is equipped with a 42-megapixel CMOS sensor, which also has a five-axis stabilization system. Like the previous model, this design is housed in a lightweight magnesium alloy case, reliably protected from dust and moisture. The mass of the device is quite decent for a camera — as much as 849 grams. The device is equipped with an electronic viewfinder, its weight is much less compared to the classical optical part. This is a professional tool that has an ergonomic body. Holds securely in the hands, does not slip out of them. Almost all high-class optics are combined with the lens. The shutter is reliable — the manufacturer claims that its service life will be enough for no less than 300 thousand cycles. All main connectors are located on the left side of the device and are closed with special shutters that do not allow water to penetrate.

On the opposite side, there are two slots for SD memory cards that support all modern standards, but you should choose drives depending on the speed of work. The fact is that when shooting a video, a data transfer rate of 50 Mb per second will not be enough. The door of this compartment closes tightly, it will not open on its own. There are two screens here: on the upper side there is a fairly informative LCD screen, where all the key parameters of photo and video shooting will be displayed. The main display has swivel mechanisms, with which you can choose the most suitable angle. Its diagonal is 3 inches. There is no touch control, but all the necessary keys are located nearby.


  • High speed auto focus;
  • Reliable matrix stabilization;
  • Makes a large number of frames per unit of time;
  • Decent amount of buffer memory;
  • A huge number of fine settings;
  • Shooting video in 4K resolution.


  • Quite expensive;
  • There is no USB0 connector — you have to remove memory cards every time in order to transfer information to a computer.

Sony Alpha ILCA-99M2

8. Canon EOS 6D Body

Canon EOS 6D Body photo

This model has a rather original appearance, which only remotely resembles the design of devices from this manufacturer. The case is metal, has increased strength. On the front panel you can find three physical control buttons — shutter release, a key that allows you to unlock the lens and aperture repeater. There is no built-in flash here. There is only one slot for a memory card, so it is advisable to purchase a drive with a decent capacity. Almost all the settings control buttons are placed under the right hand. All the icons are clear — to understand the functionality is quite easy. The connectors are located on the left side, closed with a soft rubber plug. The auto focus system is based on 11 points located closer to the center of the lens. The camera has a Wi-Fi module that allows you to immediately transfer data to a personal computer, laptop or mobile device.

The device is quite suitable for an experienced photographer. The macro function is well thought out. The color reproduction of the matrix is ​​​​natural, no distortion of the picture during testing and use was found. Noise, even when working in this mode, was practically not noticeable.


  • Quite a capacious battery — on a single charge you can make up to 840 frames in format. raw;
  • High frame detail;
  • Not too heavy products;
  • The colors of the photo are juicy;
  • Carefully thought-out ergonomics.


  • In automatic mode, the white balance does not work too well.

Canon EOS 6D Body

7. Sony Alpha ILCE-7M2 Kit

Sony Alpha ILCE-7M2 Kit photo

At first glance, it may seem that this product is an exact copy of the previous model. The thickness is quite significant, but this did not affect the comfort of the grip. The assembly quality of the products is quite high: even with significant pressure on the case, no backlashes, squeaks and other manufacturing defects can be detected. There is an infrared receiver socket on the front panel, so the camera can be controlled remotely using a special remote control that comes with the product. The main element here is a digital matrix, which has a resolution of 2359 thousand dots. Viewfinder color reproduction is excellent. Switching from the display to the viewfinder is almost instantaneous. When illuminated by fluorescent lamps, no flicker is visible.

The camera is equipped with a 3-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1228 thousand dots. Viewing angles are very wide in both horizontal and vertical planes. Unfortunately, the display does not have an oleophobic coating, so fingerprints will remain on it. The camera interface is very clear, even a novice photographer can figure it out, especially if he carefully reads the instructions. The menu is quite extensive, but intuitive. It is fully translated into Russian. The full-frame sensor is equipped with a 5-axis image stabilization system, there is a face detection function. If the camera detects a smile, the auto-release system is activated. The product is equipped with a multi-frame noise reduction mode, so the photos are quite clear.


  • Universal products;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Clear and juicy picture;
  • Easy and very convenient to use;
  • Wide viewing angles of the display.


  • Auto focus is slower than we would like;
  • The screen can only be rotated vertically.

Sony Alpha ILCE-7M2 Kit

6. Nikon D610 Body

Nikon D610 Body photo

Outwardly, these products correspond to the style in which this company produces its cameras — there are two control disks here. On the front side, slightly to the left of the lens, there is an AF illuminator, one programmable button and an aperture repeater. This device has two displays — one digital, informative, which displays information about the selected shooting mode and other parameters. There are not too many controls on the camera, besides, they do not seem too large. The menu is very clear, Russified. The image quality is high, the noise is almost not noticeable. The matrix has a resolution of 24 megapixels, the shutter is quite quiet. With a lack of natural light, image quality does not decrease at all.

The stabilizer is characterized by high efficiency. Auto focus works quite quickly, the pictures even in this mode are saturated and contrasting. Like all models that we included in this rating, this camera has a burst mode. When using it, up to 6 frames per second will be made, and all of them will be of very high quality. When shooting video, autofocus performed just fine.


  • Excellent build quality;
  • Auto focus works great;
  • Works almost silently;
  • Good battery capacity;
  • Fits securely in the hand.


  • The autofocus points are only in the center of the frame — you have to try to get the subject right there.

Nikon D610 Body

5. Canon EOS R Body

Canon EOS R Body photo

The key element of this camera is a full-frame CMOS sensor with a resolution of 30 megapixels and dimensions of 36×24 mm. The sensitivity range is from 100 to 40,000. Photos are saved in the format. raw. High speed continuous shooting — up to 8 frames per second. According to the developers, this model uses hybrid auto focus technology developed on the basis of Dual Pixel. It works in record time — 0.05 s. There are quite a lot of focus points — 5655 pieces. It was possible to include the function of face recognition and autofocus on the eyes in the device. It was decided not to install a classic joystick on the back panel — it could be replaced with a touch screen and a touch panel located at the back. All discs under the thumb and forefinger can be customized if necessary.

The camera has excellent video capabilities — shooting at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second. The dynamic range is extended. The model is able to work with SD UHS-II memory cards, which have a decent capacity. The built-in microphones are of decent quality, but if necessary, you can install an external microphone, as well as connect headphones.


  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Small mass for a full-frame camera;
  • Very easy to use even for beginners;
  • Universal lens mount;
  • A large number of the latest technologies are involved.


  • It will take some time to adjust to the viewfinder.

Canon EOS R Body

4. Nikon Z7

Nikon Z7 photo

The camera is equipped with a full-frame CMOS sensor, the resolution of which is 45.7 megapixels, and the light-receiving cells are backlit, which positively affects the sharpness of the image. Stabilization when shooting a photo or video is carried out on five axes, which is ideal when using slow shutter speeds. Hybrid auto focus system implemented by 493 phase sensors. Light sensitivity is excellent from 64 to 25600. The maximum continuous shooting speed is 9 frames per second. If necessary, you can save photos in .jpg or .jpg resolutions. raw. On the back panel there is a touch screen display that can be moved in a vertical plane. The electronic viewfinder has a resolution of 3.69 megapixels.

The case is reliably protected from dust and moisture. There are jacks for connecting a microphone and headphones. Video can be shot at a maximum resolution of 4K, and the bit rate will be 100 Mbps. The camera menu is organized as logically as possible and excellently structured. It is fully translated into Russian, so it is very convenient to use it. The device has a medium-capacity battery — its full charge is enough for about 400 photos of the format. raw, it will be enough to record 85 minutes of video. In any case, the picture quality is very high. And this applies to all parameters — halftones, naturalness of color, contrast. All factors are optimally combined with each other.


  • Very high matrix resolution;
  • Efficient operation of the built-in image stabilizer;
  • High burst shooting speed;
  • Carefully thought-out ergonomics;
  • Russified and intellectually understandable interface;
  • Absolutely silent operation;
  • Electronic viewfinder;
  • The presence of a touch screen with a decent resolution.


  • There is no automatic focusing on the eyes;
  • Pretty high price.

Nikon Z7

3. Leica Q (Type 116)

Leica Q (Typ 116) photo

Here we finally got to the top three. In third place is a model from a very famous and world-famous camera manufacturer. This product has a compact overall dimensions and is made in a classic style. The upper part of the body is made of metal, there are not too many physical controls here. On the top panel there is a shutter button and a power lever, a button that starts recording video and two selectors. One of them is designed to set the excerpt, and the second will change its functionality depending on the context. There is no built-in flash here — the manufacturers wanted the photos to always retain natural colors. The focal length of the lens is 28 mm, but with the help of a special button it can be increased up to 50 mm. The resolution of the matrix is ​​​​very high, so even at 50 mm shutter speeds, images are obtained that can be printed on large formats.

The navigation key has five positions, on the left back side there are several physical control buttons. The lens is made of metal, the front lens is slightly concave, which gives the device additional originality. Focusing both manual and automatic. The central part of the body is made of high-quality rough plastic with a matte soft-touch finish. This allows you not to leave fingerprints on the camera, to keep its attractive appearance during the entire service life.


  • Ergonomic body;
  • Intelligently understandable, fully Russified menu;
  • Full frame with superior lens;
  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Quick response auto focus system;
  • Compact and lightweight product.


  • Weak battery;
  • High price.

Leica Q (Type 116)

2. Nikon D5

Nikon D5 photo

It has a traditional square body shape for its class. Manufacturers managed to place a decent capacity battery here, equip the camera with a number of additional buttons and selectors. The mass of the device is quite decent — almost one and a half kilograms. Naturally, the build quality is top notch. The model is assembled in Japan, the body is made of lightweight magnesium alloy, which allows you to use the camera even in the most severe conditions. You can’t shoot underwater, but it can withstand splashes of water with ease. On the front panel, in addition to the lens, there is a pair of microphones, as well as a 10-pin connector for working with the control panel, there are also three programmable keys.

On the back side, you can find a rubber eyecup of the original form, if necessary, it is very easy to remove. On the bottom panel there is only a socket for attaching to a tripod. The viewfinder allows you to cover 100% of the frame, there is an increased magnification factor — 0.72x. There is a viewfinder shutter, with which you can accurately set the exposure, preventing the occurrence of overexposed areas. There are two displays — one on the top panel, one full-color, designed to view photos, videos and work with the menu.


  • Real Japanese assembly;
  • Removable eyecup;
  • Increased magnification factor;
  • Two informative displays.


  • High price.

Nikon D5

1. Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II photo

We are very close to the end of our review of the best full-frame cameras. It remains to analyze only the operational qualities of the rating leader. The device has a square body, a special handle for a vertical grip. The body is made from magnesium alloy. The assembly is Japanese, so the users did not have the slightest complaints about the build quality. On the front panel in the immediate vicinity of the lens are four physical buttons — two of them are used to control the depth of field, there are also two programmable keys. The shutter buttons are duplicated in the lower left corner, there is also a command dial. The microphone here is monophonic, but the sound quality practically does not suffer from this.

Most of the keys on the camera have LED backlighting, which makes it easier to use the device in low light conditions. Like some models included in the review, the camera is equipped with two displays, there is a GPS module. There are quite a few controls, and they are all located as conveniently as possible so that they are easy to reach with your fingers. All connectors for connecting external equipment are located under special rubber plugs. The camera can support memory cards with speeds up to 530 Mbps, which allows you to instantly save even videos recorded in 4K resolution at up to 160 frames per second.


  • There is a built-in GPS module;
  • If necessary, you can connect an Ethernet cable;
  • Video is shot using auto focus;
  • Excellent photo quality;
  • High level of sensitivity.


  • Except for the high cost was not found.

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

In conclusion, a useful video

Now, after all the qualities of the models have been analyzed, you can choose the best full-frame camera for yourself, both in terms of performance and cost in 2022. If you have any questions or suggestions — write them in the comments to this article. We will try to promptly respond to them and provide additional information on the model you are interested in.


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