The well-being of a person directly depends on what kind of microclimate reigns in the room in which he is located. In order to breathe as freely and easily as possible, the air in an apartment or office should contain a minimum amount of dust and be moderately humid. In addition, it should not contain allergens, which can be quite dangerous to health, as well as all sorts of extraneous odors. Unfortunately, it is far from always possible to achieve a similar effect: pet hair, dust, various pathogens get into the air. In the cold season, heating appliances remove almost all moisture from it.

To get rid of such troubles, use a special household appliance called an air washer. This technique purifies the air and humidifies it, thereby making the microclimate more comfortable. Washers easily eliminate dust, dust mites, pollen from flowers, almost all known allergens. With it, you can remove animal hair, cigarette smoke and smell, soot. Many people confuse this equipment with humidifiers, however, in terms of air washing functionality, it is much better compared to these devices.

We decided to dedicate our review to this useful household appliance, especially since there is a fairly large selection of such devices on the market. It is easy to get confused in it, we will help you understand the main characteristics of the models, choose the most optimal device for your home or office. So let’s get started!

Air Wash Selection Rules

This technique has in its design a medium-power fan, as well as several plate drums, which during operation will be wetted with water from a special container. Dust and other contaminants settle on this filter and roll into a special compartment. At the same time, air masses are saturated with moisture. After cleaning and humidification, the air is returned back to the room.

The intensity of the device depends on how powerful the fan is installed in it. On average, all the air in a room passes through the sink two or three times an hour. This device works quite quietly, consumes a minimum of electricity, splashes or condensation does not occur, so you do not have to worry about the dryness of furniture and flooring.

How to choose a good air washer

When choosing such a device, be sure to pay attention to what area it is able to process. Most often, a sink is installed in the bedroom, largely due to the fact that a person’s performance is directly affected by how well and comfortably he slept at night. It should be noted right away that the power of such equipment will not be enough to process several rooms at once. In this case, it is not recommended to make a power reserve, since a more powerful device will cost much more and will consume more electricity.

Pay attention to the noise emitted by the sink — it is emitted exclusively by the fan. This part is quite weak, so in most cases it works very quietly. The technology by which the structure functions is also important — hydrofiltration or a cold water bath.

In the first case, moistening occurs through the formation of a special water curtain, which includes several tiers. These devices are relatively noisy. The second technology involves the rotation of discs placed in a tank of water, moisture evaporates with a fan. In many washes today, an air ionizer is additionally installed, negatively charged ions have a positive effect on human immunity, increase mindfulness and memory.

When compiling our ranking of the best air washers, we relied primarily on user reviews, but we also took into account the value for money in each model. In the review you will find only the most popular designs that people prefer more often.

Inexpensive price segment of the best air washers

3. Atmos Aqua-3800

Atmos Aqua-3800 photo

Our rating opens with an inexpensive sink that can humidify the air in a room whose area does not exceed 40 square meters. The body of the product is made of high quality plastic, has a spherical shape. Evaporative filter, has bactericidal impregnation. Due to it, it is possible to easily retain magnesium or calcium salts, which are usually present in dissolved form in hard water. Impregnation kills all pathogens, and white deposits will not appear on surrounding objects. The filter perfectly removes dust and other contaminants from the air. The design of the device is such that it provides for the possibility of aromatization of the air in the room. The product has two modes of operation, humidified air evenly disperses throughout the room, the sink makes almost no noise, and saves energy.

Under the body inside the water tank is a container for aromatization. Usually, various kinds of essential oils are used as flavoring agents. The manufacturer recommends using oils of its own production, but users say that any other will do. Oils contain special biological substances capable of destroying various kinds of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses.


  • Consumes a minimum of energy;
  • Does not need a lot of free space;
  • It has excellent assembly;
  • Long service life.


  • You will have to service the product quite often — once every three to four days you will have to wash the filter with daily use of the sink.

Atmos Aqua-3800

2. AIC S135

AIC S135 photo

This air washer is designed for a maximum area of ​​30 square meters. In the process of work, it uses modern technology called hydrofiltration. Thanks to it, air humidification occurs gently and evenly. With the help of this technique, it is possible to quickly achieve indicators that are comfortable for a person — about 40-60% humidity. It is very simple to operate the equipment — there is only one knob responsible for the degree of humidification by adjusting the power of the device. In total, there are two modes of operation — standard and silent. In the first case, the device operates at full capacity, the air is humidified very quickly. When you select silent mode, the power of the equipment is reduced, but it makes almost no sound during operation — it can be used even at night.

The design of the product also has a special water level sensor. When it becomes low in the tank, the device automatically turns off, and the red LED indicator lights up on the case. The product does not need filters or other replaceable elements. The evaporative filter will simply have to be periodically washed from accumulated dust and dirt with clean water, the same is done with other elements of the device. The equipment is compact in size, the body is made of non-staining plastic, it looks quite stylish and modern.


  • Cleans the air well
  • Even at full power it is not very loud;
  • Convenient management;
  • Minor dimensions.


  • Large water consumption;
  • It is not very convenient to pour water into the tank.

AIC S135

1.Fanline VE200

Fanline VE200 photo

This technique is characterized by a long service life and high quality workmanship. In addition to filtering and humidifying the air, it has the functions of ozonation and ionization. This air washer is able to maintain a comfortable microclimate in a room up to 30 square meters. It is worth remembering that it is not recommended to be in the room when the ozonation function is activated. After turning it off, the room will have to be thoroughly ventilated. The product allows you to completely get rid of unpleasant odors and allergens, the purified air is additionally saturated with negatively charged ions. Maintenance of the product is quite simple — consumables are not provided. The quality of the water poured into the tank does not play a special role, so it is quite acceptable to use ordinary tap water.

It is possible to use various kinds of aromatic additives that make the air in the room even more pleasant. In total, there are three degrees of cleaning: the device has a coarse filter, which is a plastic mesh that can trap large dust particles and animal hair. In addition to it, an electrostatic filter is installed, it gives a negative potential to small particles, which later settle on the electrode with zero potential. All remaining impurities are retained by the rotating wet discs. The air is purified even when the tank is almost empty, although the efficiency of the device is seriously reduced. An ultraviolet emitter is also installed, which kills most pathogens.


  • Consumables are not provided;
  • It is permissible to use tap water;
  • Low power consumption;
  • A decent volume of water tank — you will not have to top up too often.


  • When using tap water, limescale quickly forms in the tank (it does not affect the efficiency of the device in any way).

Fanline VE200

Average price range

3.NeoClima NCC-868

NeoClima NCC-868 photo

This device is equipped with a fairly informative LCD panel, which greatly facilitates the configuration of this equipment. If necessary, you can use the remote control. This equipment has a lot of functions: it is equipped with an ultrasonic air humidifier, there is the possibility of ozonizing and ionizing the air in the room. In addition, the room can be disinfected due to the installed ultraviolet lamp. The fan speed is adjustable, which has a direct effect on the noise of the device. The water tank is quite large, often it will not have to be filled. It is removed very simply, it is permissible to use ordinary tap water.

A rather large filter is installed at the back, which, if necessary, can be washed. The design provides special sensors, thanks to which the device will automatically turn off when it falls or turns over. The air is humidified very effectively, which is most important in the cold season. The ozonation function allows you to quickly deal with bad odors, and the ultraviolet lamp instantly removes all germs from the air — this is a very useful feature if there is a sick person at home. With its help, he will not infect the rest of the household.


  • A large number of different functions;
  • The presence of a liquid crystal display;
  • When dropped, it turns off automatically.


  • The plastic from which the back wall is made may begin to creak slightly after a while.

NeoClima NCC-868

2. Venta LW 15

Venta LW 15 photo

The model is quite simple, disassembled and assembled literally within one minute. The sink has appropriate sensors that will not allow it to be turned on if the water tank is empty. It is permissible to use tap water that has not undergone special treatment. The device is characterized by a very long period of warranty service, which is as much as 10 years. Power consumption is minimal — only 4 watts. Such economical indicators were achieved largely due to the installation of the latest electronics. Mechanical control in the device is not provided — it is replaced by touch. All electronic elements are reliably protected from moisture. With a lack of water, the product is completely turned off. Easily rids the air of the room of all contaminants, kills dust mites.

In a minute, the model passes through itself up to 2 cubic meters of air, it has shown itself most effectively in rooms whose area does not exceed 25 square meters. The capacity of the water tank is as much as 5 liters, you will have to top it up with the active use of the device about once a day. Once every six months, you will have to carry out maintenance of the device — it is simple and it is quite possible to do it yourself. The performance is quite high, the device is perfect for children’s rooms or bedrooms. The total area of ​​the filter element is more than one square meter, due to which it is possible to very effectively purify the air from any contaminants.


  • Easy to maintain;
  • Works almost silently;
  • High build quality;
  • Long period of warranty service;
  • Minimum power consumption.


  • Quite expensive.

Venta LW 15

1.Boneco W2055A

Boneco W2055A photo

This is truly the best air washer in its price range. It is characterized by excellent functionality, in addition, it is permissible to use it in rooms whose area does not exceed 50 square meters. The device is suitable even for a very spacious office. Because of this, the equipment has a rather high water consumption — when choosing the maximum operating mode, it can reach about 500 grams per hour. This model operates almost silently. The air is purified by natural technology. The filter discs are produced using the latest honeycomb technology, due to which it is possible to retain absolutely any pollution. For children, the device is absolutely safe.

The model does not require the use of various consumables, primarily filters. If the water level in the tank is low, the device will automatically turn off. If necessary, you can add special aromatic oils to the additional tank, so that the air will acquire a pleasant aroma. A special ISS silver rod is used as an ionizer. The design works in one of two modes — standard or night. In order for the air to be purified even better, there is the possibility of pre-ionization, which will bind the pollutants into larger particles.


  • Attractive appearance;
  • Minimum power consumption;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Large maximum area.


  • Difficult to clean.

Boneco W2055A

The Best Expensive Air Washers

3. Panasonic F-VXH50

Panasonic F-VXH50 photo

This is one of the best air washer in terms of performance. The largest serviced area is 40 square meters, the device consumes quite a lot of energy — as much as 43 watts. This is due to the presence of a large amount of electronics in the device. In particular, there is a unique Econavi mode that remembers the user’s daily routine. A few minutes before the start of the expected air pollution, which begins due to airing the room, cooking, and so on, a more powerful cleaning mode is activated.

The design has many sensors that analyze the state of the air, the intensity of humidification is automatically adjusted. The night mode also turns on independently — a special photocell is responsible for this, after its operation, all the backlight is automatically extinguished. Consumables in this device will still be needed, however, they come in large quantities in the kit — according to the manufacturers’ calculations, they should be enough for about 10 years. The design is quite well thought out, so the device is very easy to maintain and operate.


  • Gently moisturizes the air;
  • Thoroughly cleans from dust and various bacteria;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Works quietly;
  • Replacement filters and other consumables are included.


  • High power consumption;
  • Great mass.

Panasonic F-VXH50

2. Electrolux EHAW 7510D

Electrolux EHAW 7510D photo

In second place is a fairly compact model that is able to serve a room area of ​​​​up to 50 square meters with a volume of up to 150 cubic meters. The mass of the equipment is only 6 kg. On the surface of the front panel there is a digital touch display with which you can easily program the product. It has many indicators that, if necessary, will indicate a variety of problems. The design is very interesting: the front surface is mirrored, such a device will look best in apartments that are made in the most modern spirit. The microclimate in the room is obtained as close to natural as possible, the device will not overdry or overmoisten the air.

Like most similar models, this design has two operating modes — day and night, so that the product can be used around the clock. Depending on the degree of illumination in the room, the brightness of the display backlight will decrease or increase. The capacity of the water tank is 7 liters — this volume will be enough for about 14 hours of operation at maximum load. Humidifying discs are made of high quality plastic — SAN. It functions effectively even when the tank is almost empty. All contaminants that accumulate on the discs are easily removed by ordinary washing.


  • There is a built-in hygrometer, which very accurately determines the humidity in the room;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • It is very easy to take care of.


  • The water tank is made of thin plastic and should be handled with the utmost care.

Electrolux EHAW 7510D

1. Winia AWX-70

Winia AWX-70 photo

Among the best air washers belonging to the premium price segment, this device is one of the cheapest. However, a lower price does not mean that the model is inefficient or has a low-quality assembly. The product has HEPA filters that perfectly purify the air. With their help, you can easily get rid of allergens such as pollen or dust. Overall dimensions are decent — 41x42x32.5. This is primarily due to the size of the filter elements. The discs responsible for cleaning and moisturizing are made of dense plastic and have a diameter of about 25 cm and do not need to be replaced.

The rotation speed of the filters is adjusted automatically. This parameter is determined by the built-in hygrostat, which determines the humidity index, as well as the need for additional air humidification. Night mode is provided, however, although the power in this case is low, the water consumption still remains decent, so before going to bed it is better to fill the tank completely, and its volume, which the manufacturer claims, is 9 liters. In practice, only 8 liters are placed there, it is allowed to use tap water.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • There are no extraneous noises and smells;
  • A decent number of filters with a large working surface;
  • No condensation.


  • Large overall dimensions.

Winia AWX-70

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best air washer of the year has come to an end. We hope that you were able to choose the most optimal design for yourself, both in terms of cost and performance. If you have any questions or just want to share with us and other users the experience of using such devices, then you can do it in the comments to this article.


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