Every even a very experienced motorist will confirm that he once had the very first car, on which he actually learned to drive on his own, without the instructor’s prompts. The choice of your car should always be approached especially carefully, especially if it is your first.

Unfortunately, not all people know exactly what exactly should be paid attention to when making such a serious acquisition. We decided to help our readers in this matter and developed a rating of the best cars for beginners. As part of this rating, we will carefully and as detailed as possible analyze the performance of the most popular cars that become the very first for novice drivers, and also give some useful tips — they will definitely come in handy when buying.

How to choose the right car for a beginner?

With a complete lack of driving experience, it is advisable to purchase a vehicle with the simplest possible controls and reliable security systems. These qualities, together with good ground clearance, compact overall dimensions and increased visibility, will allow you to quickly begin to navigate the traffic situation and acquire the necessary skills for accident-free driving. If a representative of the fair sex sits behind the wheel of a car, it is best that the model be equipped with an automatic transmission. The fact is that women are often distracted from the situation on the road in favor of the switching process.

It is best if the car is small or medium in size. It is quite convenient to move around in urban conditions, such cars are characterized by a decent level of maneuverability — they are easy to rebuild, turn or go around obstacles.

It has already been said that special attention should be paid to passenger safety systems. The optimal kit will include seat belts and airbags and an automatic brake lock system. The drive of the vehicle is also taken into account — cars with front or all-wheel drive are well suited for beginners. These machines are easy to move even in deep snow or heavy mud, the likelihood of skidding is much lower if you have to drive in not too good weather conditions.

Be sure to pay attention to a number of additional parameters — fuel consumption, the cost of spare parts and installation work. This is very important, because in the future, one way or another, you will have to take care of the car. It is best to buy cars that are cheap to maintain, so that subsequent maintenance does not hit your wallet too hard.

When we chose the products to include in our review of the best cars for beginners, all these points were taken into account. In addition, we also took into account user reviews, as well as the ratio of price and quality of the machine. The rating includes far from the most expensive models, so that after reading the article most of our readers can choose the best option for themselves.

Ten best cars for a beginner

10 Lada Granta

Lada Granta photo

Today it is one of the most actively sold models of domestic production, and this is true for both new and used cars. The car is quite affordable and safe to use, but it has a full range of security systems. In operation, it is very practical, spare parts will be inexpensive, installation work too. On sale you can find models equipped with an automatic transmission. Road visibility is very significant — there are practically no dead zones here.

When buying a new car, the dealer provides a service — maintenance for several years. This will allow the novice driver to remember exactly how many kilometers traveled it is necessary to change various filters, oils, belts, and so on. The car behaves very obediently both in urban conditions and on the highway — a similar effect was achieved thanks to the center of gravity, located close to the ground.


  • Differs in quite acceptable cost;
  • Unpretentious in work;
  • Relatively high quality workmanship and assembly.


  • Poor interior soundproofing.

Lada Granta

9 Renault Logan

Renault Logan photo

Another very cheap model, which is developed and produced by French specialists, however, the assembly is carried out at domestic factories. At the cost of a car in its minimum configuration, it will cost even less than Grants. The car is not in vain famous for its practicality. First of all, it is characterized by an extended view, a very spacious interior, and it is also quite easy to manage. The car has original force distribution systems that will be very useful in case of emergency braking. Good visibility not only in front, but also on the sides.

The car is equipped with a decent-sized rear window, so there are practically no blind spots here either. In addition, this detail facilitates the parking process. The car is very economical — fuel consumption when driving in urban conditions is only 7 liters per 100 km. The trunk is very roomy.


  • Very profitable in maintenance and operation of transport;
  • Decent review;
  • Low fuel consumption.


  • Upholstery made of plastic, and not of the highest quality;
  • Low level of sound insulation.

Renault Logan

8. Lada Vesta

Lada Vesta photo

Even in the minimum configuration, this car is equipped with a whole range of active security systems and even has built-in parking sensors. The airbag is intended only for people sitting in front. The parking sensors will greatly facilitate the parking process, which is very important for women who, for the most part, are not so easy to navigate when using reverse gear.

It is easy to drive such a vehicle, in addition, its turning radius is only 5.2 m. This makes the car very maneuverable. This quality is appreciated not only by beginners, but also by experienced drivers. Largely for this reason, the car is in great demand among domestic consumers. It offers the driver and passengers a very comfortable and spacious interior, even large items can easily fit in the trunk, and a climate system is already installed as standard. Ground clearance is optimal for urban roads and highways — it is 178 mm.


  • Pretty fast car with good maneuverability;
  • Stylish and attractive appearance;
  • High quality chassis and engine.


  • The salon is trimmed from the inside with mediocre quality plastic;
  • The automatic transmission should be treated with the utmost care.

Lada Vesta

7Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo photo

The body structure is time-tested, and the car itself is equipped with a reliable and durable power plant, has a high-quality suspension. Even fairly experienced drivers note that the car is reliable and unpretentious in operation. It uses only active security systems that work instantly. The last point is the most important for drivers who have been behind the wheel not too long ago. Management is quite simple and understandable. It cannot be said that the dimensions of the vehicle are compact, but you will be able to feel them almost immediately.

The car is equipped with an automatic transmission, so even women will feel very comfortable behind the wheel. In the conditions of city roads with a significant number of cars, it will be very comfortable to travel on such a vehicle. If you take good care of the machine, change all consumables in a timely manner, then unforeseen breakdowns can definitely be avoided. The suspension here is a bit harsh for the simple reason that it was designed with Russian road conditions in mind.


  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Does not require supernatural financial investments;
  • The suspension design was created taking into account our roads.


  • Weak power of the stove — in cold weather you will have to wait a long time until the interior warms up;
  • Spare parts of the original type will be expensive.

Volkswagen Polo

6. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla photo

Today, this car is one of the most popular vehicles among motorists around the world. They will be able to appreciate the quality of the model of the fair sex. First of all, in the cabin, the developers and designers managed to create a very comfortable atmosphere. The car is distinguished by a reliable assembly, so it is unlikely to cause any serious trouble during operation. It also has a whole range of systems that help the driver in a variety of conditions.

During the first 7 years, it is enough just to undergo scheduled maintenance and refuel the car. It will be possible to get used to the peculiarities of driving this car almost after the first trip, the vehicle is equipped with a very reliable automatic gearbox. The ground clearance here is insignificant, besides, it decreases if the car is heavily loaded.


  • High quality gearbox assembly;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Cozy and comfortable salon.


  • Ground clearance could be more;
  • Quite expensive.

Toyota Corolla

5Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark photo

Characterized by a short bonnet length and enlarged side windows, the car is equipped with a very reliable automatic transmission — all this makes it very suitable for a novice driver: he will be fully concentrated on driving and the traffic situation developing around the car. As a rule, this vehicle is purchased for themselves by women who not too long ago became happy owners of a driver’s license. You get used to the dimensions of the model very quickly, besides, they are very easy to keep under control.

It is very easy to manage, it has a small turning radius. Visibility from the front and sides is simply excellent. The vehicle will help maintain a safe distance between vehicles. The wheelbase here is short, which makes the transport very maneuverable, besides, it is quite cheap in terms of maintenance.


  • Quite affordable car price;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Wide view.


  • The level of sound insulation leaves much to be desired;
  • The suspension is not suitable for poor quality road surfaces.

Chevrolet Spark

4. Kia Picanto

KIA Picanto photo

The model belongs to small vehicles, in addition, its turning radius is even smaller than that of the previous car — this figure is only 4.7 m. The control of the machine is very simple, it has excellent maneuverability and increased visibility. Such a design solution allows the beginner to get used to the road and the car itself much faster.

Overall dimensions are small, so in urban conditions the car feels quite comfortable. The salon is small, but very cozy and comfortable. All controls are located in close proximity to the driver, they are easy to literally touch.


  • Insignificant consumption of gasoline;
  • Decent clearance, which is not too typical for cars of this type;
  • The ergonomics of the cabin and especially the driver’s seat are well thought out;
  • Excellent maneuverability regardless of road conditions.


  • The trunk does not differ in capacity;
  • Pretty poor soundproofing.

KIA Picanto

3. Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid photo

It is not for nothing that we decided to place this model in third place in our ranking of the best cars for beginners, as many people praise this vehicle in their reviews, distinguishing it favorably from other cars in a number of indicators. If necessary, you can equip the car with a large set of active safety systems, bringing them up to 8 pieces. In particular, among them there is lane keeping control — a similar function will definitely come in handy for novice motorists.

The control of the machine is very clear and simple. There are several standard sensors throughout the body that can facilitate the parking process and make moving around the parking lot more convenient. In general, with a careful attitude, the car will be very unpretentious in use.


  • Comfortable and stylish interior;
  • Good visibility through the driver’s and side windows;
  • You can supplement the regular security system, bringing it up to 8 elements.


  • Weak degree of protection against external noise;
  • The gearbox should be treated very carefully — it can fail unexpectedly.

Skoda Rapid

2.Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai photo

Despite the fact that we have a crossover in front of us, it is very well suited for drivers who are just beginning to comprehend the complex skill of a driver. The device is characterized by a decent overview, unpretentious in operation, equipped with a spacious and very comfortable interior. Often even experienced drivers prefer it. The car has a rear camera with parking markings, so parking is very easy even when moving backwards.

The car has a significant ground clearance. It is best suited for drivers who are more inclined towards a smooth and rather calm ride, explosive dynamics do not distinguish this crossover. The car is good in operation, quite economical in terms of maintenance, the probability of breakdowns along the way is generally reduced to almost zero.


  • Excellent build quality;
  • Excellent handling;
  • For a crossover, the dimensions are quite compact.


  • Weak driving dynamics;
  • The level of noise isolation could be higher.

Nissan Qashqai

1. Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris photo

The leader was the products of the world-famous Korean brand. It is characterized by a significant set of both active and passive safety systems. Many users in the reviews note a stylish and very attractive appearance. At the same time, the cost is far from the highest. The balance of performance is at the highest level — this often inclines both beginners and fairly experienced drivers to buy this car. Women also often prefer this particular model, largely due to the well-thought-out and comfortable interior.

The suspension is adapted to Russian roads, the clearance is 160 mm. The car is not very overall, it is distinguished by excellent maneuverability, the steering wheel is very obedient, it has no backlash. The automatic transmission works stably, does not affect the driving dynamics at all.


  • Very spacious interior;
  • Decent ground clearance;
  • Possibility of installation of additional assistant systems.


  • Weak sound insulation;
  • Handling at high speed drops.

Hyundai Solaris

In conclusion, a useful video

Our ranking of the best cars for beginners is coming to an end. If it seemed to you that there is not enough information on the model you are interested in, then write to us in the comments to this article, we will try to collect additional information in a short time and provide it to you.


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