Thanks to the crepe maker, the process of preparing such a popular dish as pancakes or pancakes becomes faster and much easier. Outwardly, such a kitchen appliance is very reminiscent of an electric stove, equipped with recesses that are filled with dough. With its help, it is possible to evenly fry pancakes, since a significant amount of oil is not required here.

How to choose a good pancake?

Choosing a good pancake photo

Usually the pancake is equipped with a timer responsible for the cooking time. In addition to it, there is a heating indicator, a temperature controller, and most also have a non-stick coating that protects the surface from sticking dough.

When choosing a crepe maker, take into account a number of parameters that will affect not only performance, but also ease of use:

  • The size of the family is taken into account — if it includes only two or three people, then a pancake maker with four compartments will be quite enough;
  • Power should be in the range from 900 to 1200 watts. It affects the speed of cooking, but at the same time, a too powerful crepe maker will consume a significant amount of electricity;
  • The complete set is selected extended — it is desirable that various kinds of spatulas, ladles, interchangeable panels come with the device, allowing you to cook pancakes of various diameters;
  • It is very convenient if the product is equipped with a handle made of heat-resistant plastic to carry it;
  • The power cord should ideally be removable — this will greatly facilitate the storage of the device.

When developing our rating of the top 10 pancake makers, we took into account all these points, and also paid special attention to user reviews. In addition, we took into account the price-quality ratio of the device. We hope that after reading our review, you will be able to quickly and easily choose the most suitable crepe maker for your home.

List of the best crepe maker models in 2022

10. Tefal PY 5593 Crepes Party Colormania

Tefal PY 5593 Crepes Party Colormania photo

Household model of the classic type, on which six pancakes can be cooked at once, the diameter of each of them is 11 cm. The power of the device is 1,000 W. The frying surface heats up almost instantly — you only need to wait about five minutes. The pancakes themselves come out very neat, evenly fried, they do not stick to the surface, so they are very easy to turn over. You can fry in oil, and without adding it. The device needs care — it should be immediately cleaned of test residues after use.

It is strictly forbidden to load the device into the dishwasher, but you can carefully wash it with soapy water. The case is made of high-quality plastic, it does not leave traces of oil or dough. The crepe maker comes with a spatula and a ladle for dough. Overall dimensions are quite compact — 9x48x30 cm with a weight of only 1.7 kg. The working surface has a Teflon coating, to which nothing sticks, it has a heating indicator. The power cable is quite long, there is a compartment for storing it.


  • Original external design;
  • You can fry pancakes, pancakes and even scrambled eggs;
  • The working panel warms up in a matter of minutes;
  • Allows you to save a lot of time.


  • Cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

Crepe maker Tefal PY 5593 Crepes Party Colormania

9 Caso CM 1300

Caso CM 1300 photo

The design of the bulk type is characterized by compact overall dimensions and maximum ease of use. With its help, you can cook really ideal lengths. The device consumes 1,300 W of electricity, thanks to which the heating of the working surface (its diameter is 33 cm) is carried out within a minute and a half. It is also coated with a non-stick substance, so the dough will not burn on the work surface. It is worth noting that it should be handled as carefully as possible — it is necessary to pry and turn the pancakes only with the help of a wooden or plastic spatula, it is strictly forbidden to work with metal products, otherwise the Teflon layer will be damaged.

The design is equipped with a heating indicator. The height of the working surface is 9.5 cm, so the dough cannot spill out. A key feature of the unit is the ability to adjust the temperature in eight positions. The heating of the entire area is uniform, so pancakes will be fried over the entire diameter. It also provides protection against overheating, the device is on anti-slip feet. The set includes a wooden dough spreader and a handy spatula.


  • Heats up very quickly;
  • Uniform heating of the working surface;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • High quality non-stick coating.


  • Short power cable — you have to either put the device in close proximity to the outlet, or use an extension cord.

Crepe maker Caso CM 1300

8. Tefal PY 3036

Tefal PY 3036 photo

The device does not need a lot of free space. The working panel is designed to cook four small pancakes or pancakes at the same time. It is made of aluminum with a food-grade coating, additionally processed with Teflon. In the center is the original thermo-spot indicator, which will tell you exactly when you can start cooking pancakes.

At the base there is a compartment for storing the power cable and all the accessories that come with the kit. The power is not too big — only 720 W, but for cooking small portions of pancakes it is quite enough. The design is equipped with rubberized carrying handles.


  • Light weight;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Fast warming up to the required temperature;
  • Ergonomic design, compact storage of all accessories.


  • Not too convenient to pour the dough;
  • The result is small pancakes.

Crepe maker Tefal PY 3036

7. Redmond RSM-1409

Redmond RSM-1409 photo

Faster than all the models presented in our review, it warms up to operating temperature — it takes only about 5 seconds. The container for the dough is removable, it is very convenient to pour it: it is evenly distributed over the entire area, the pancake as a result is thoroughly baked. The crepe maker is suitable for working with classic dough made with milk or kefir, it can also be used for dietary pancakes based on whole grain or buckwheat flour.

You can fry with or without oil, and it is not at all necessary to pour it on the work surface — it is enough to add it to the dough. The coating is non-stick, due to which the pancakes will not burn. There is no smoke during operation. It has a compact size — it is very convenient to take it with you anywhere on a trip. Power 800 W, there is a reliable protection against overheating, electric shock. The case is plastic, has a good assembly, does not loosen during operation.


  • Easy to use and clean;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Removable work surface;
  • Warms up quickly.


  • No timer provided
  • Short lead wire.

Crepe maker Redmond RSM-1409

6. Scarlett SC-PM229D98

Scarlett SC-PM229D98 photo

It has a fairly simple and convenient control, where there is nothing superfluous. The key advantage of this device is the presence in the kit of an additional work surface for cooking 4 pancakes at the same time. Each of the panels has a non-stick coating, in addition there is a pancake spatula.

The power of the device is 1000 watts. The case is made of plastic, perfectly retaining its original shape during the entire period of operation. In addition, the set includes a special plastic spatula for flipping pancakes. Thanks to it, the non-stick coating will retain its functions for a long time.


  • The presence of removable panels that are very convenient to wash;
  • Possibility to cook food without oil;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Ideal pancake diameter.


  • Short supply wire;
  • It bakes unevenly — you have to adapt;
  • There is no way to adjust the cooking temperature.

Crepe Maker Scarlett SC-PM229D98

5. Clatronic CM 3372

Clatronic CM 3372 photo

The design is placed in a plastic case, made in black or beige — both of them look stylish and attractive, so the product will optimally fit into any kitchen interior. The power of the device is not very high — only 800 W, however, it will be quite enough to bake delicious pancakes. The surface has a non-stick coating, it can warm up to a temperature of 200 degrees. One of the main distinguishing qualities is the size of the working surface — its diameter is 20 cm. Connection to the mains is carried out through a round power base, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees. There is also a built-in protection against overheating, light indication of work.

The set includes instructions with a collection of recipes, a container for dough and a spatula. The assembly is of high quality — no squeaks or backlashes of the elements were found. The device stands on rubberized legs, so it can be placed on any surface. The handle has a reliable thermal insulation, so you won’t get burned on it. Pancakes can be baked with or without oil.


  • It is very convenient to work with this technique;
  • Attractive design;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Small mass;
  • The device is absolutely safe in operation;
  • Suitable for housewives who have not previously worked with electric crepe makers.


  • Only one pancake can be baked at a time.

Crepe maker Clatronic CM 3372

4. CENTEK CT-1455

CENTEK CT-1455 photo

This submersible pancake maker will be the best purchase for a family where pancakes are one of the most favorite dishes. It is stylishly designed — the case is painted black, made of reliable plastic, with additional stiffening ribs, so it does not bend or creak. The power of the product is 800 W — this indicator is quite enough to bake pancakes at high speed. In order to get a high stack of pancakes, you will have to spend about two to three times less time than when using a frying pan.

The diameter of one pancake is 200 mm — they are quite suitable for wrapping the filling. The heating power can be adjusted for the product. The working surface is covered with a layer of Teflon, which will not allow sticking and burning. For maximum comfort, there is a handle for carrying the device.


  • Very convenient in work;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • You can adjust the heating power;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Allows you to save time.


  • Difficult to find in stores.

Crepe maker CENTEK CT-1455

3. VES electric SK-A2-B

VES electric SK-A2-B photo

In third place in the ranking of the best pancake makers is a very convenient model that will not only save time, but also get very tasty and fully baked pancakes at the output. The power of the heating element here is 900 watts. Due to this parameter, the working surface will be heated to the required temperature within a matter of minutes, and the heating sensor will maintain it at a given level.

The body is made of durable plastic, which can withstand even fairly high temperatures. The product is characterized by high build quality, it has a handle with well-thought-out ergonomics and perfectly executed thermal insulation — the probability of getting burns is zero. The non-stick coating is reliable and easy to clean from any kind of contaminants. The design also provides LED indication. The crepe maker will not slide on the surface of the base.


  • Acceptable cost of equipment;
  • The product is very easy to use;
  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Reliable non-stick coating;
  • All impurities are removed instantly.


  • Short supply cable;
  • The model is designed to cook only one pancake.

Crepe maker VES electric SK-A2-B

2. Bomann CM 2221 CB

Bomann CM 2221 CB photo

The device is designed for cooking pancakes and various kinds of hot snacks in a short time. There is a thermostat with which the heating temperature can be changed not step by step, but smoothly. In the kit you can find a spatula for the most convenient distribution of the dough over the entire surface. The non-stick coating will not allow the dough to stick or burn, so the result will be a perfect pancake. The design itself is easy to clean after use. The weight of the product is only 2 kg, the overall dimensions are compact, so the crepe maker can be easily transferred from one place to another, and it also takes up little free space during storage. The case has a compartment where you can put the power cord.

The pancakes are 29 cm in diameter, so they are eaten just like that or wrapped in stuffing. The case is made of reliable plastic, it is not sensitive to temperature, dust and other contaminants do not stick to it. There is also good protection against overheating, which will not allow the device to fail prematurely.


  • Quite affordable cost;
  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • You can not only bake pancakes, but also cook all sorts of hot snacks;
  • The cooking process will take much less time.


  • The spatula that comes with the kit is not very convenient to use, so it’s better to buy another one right away.

Crepe maker Bomann CM 2221 CB

1. Kelli KL-1350

Kelli KI-1350 photo

In the top 10 best pancake makers, this model has taken the leading position largely due to the large number of functions and the original principle of operation. the heating here is absolutely uniform over the entire working surface, the non-stick coating is made of Teflon. It perfectly protects pancakes from burning. The power is not very high — only 800 W, but even this indicator allows you to cook a large amount of products in a short time. The weight of the device is small, there are comfortable rubberized handles for carrying. The diameter of the working surface is 20 cm, the selected temperature regime is maintained throughout the entire cooking process.

A wooden spatula and a measuring ladle are supplied with the device. There are several degrees of protection: against overheating, against electric shock, against accidental switching on. A light indicator is provided to let you know the device is working. The maximum heating temperature is 200 degrees.


  • It is inexpensive;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Dirt does not adhere to the working surface — it can be easily removed with a plastic or wooden spatula;
  • The cooking process is fast.


  • Care must be taken with the work surface, as scratches quickly form on it.

Crepe maker Kelli KL-1350

In conclusion, useful videos

Pancake makers are not too complicated devices, but choosing the right one is still not easy. We hope that in our review you were able to find the perfect model for yourself that will delight you and your household with delicious pancakes for more than one year. You can express your wishes and opinions about the rating in the comments to this article.



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