Today, for automotive optics, there is a huge selection of different types of light bulbs. The most popular base is H7 — it is used in most modern vehicles. Lamps can differ greatly from each other in a number of factors — light temperature, operation format, production technology.

In this regard, to understand which products will be optimal is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. So that you can fully understand this issue, we decided to rank for you the best H7 lamps in 2022. Here a detailed analysis of the most popular products among users will be given, we also decided to talk a little about how to choose such lamps — which you will definitely have to pay attention to.

Properly choose the H7 lamp for the car

Before buying, you need to carefully study the information on the packaging of this product, since all the necessary information is set out there. On sale today there are special products designed for use in off-road conditions or on unpaved surfaces. They are usually labeled «for off-road use only». The manufacturer immediately informs customers that the output of light does not meet the requirements for it, so it is not suitable for driving in a city or highway. The light distribution here, as a rule, is disturbed in the zone of the oncoming lane, which makes the use of such lighting elements at least unsafe.

On sale there are so-called lamps with increased luminosity. They are much brighter than standard products, but a number of important points are associated with their operation. First of all, increased luminosity affects the duration of the service life — the brighter the lamp, the less it will be possible to operate it. In addition, it is very sensitive to shaking. When using such a lamp, the proportion of the ultraviolet spectrum increases, which leads to an acceleration of the aging processes of the diffuser if it is made of plastic.

How to choose a good H7 llama

Be sure to take into account such a factor as power — if it is too high, then this can lead to certain problems. In particular, the wiring and the headlight itself may begin to overheat, the contacts in the connector will start to burn, and so on. It is best to give preference to the classic options — they fully meet all the requirements and are not too expensive.

When we chose products to include in this rating of the best H7 lamps, then all the points considered were fully taken into account. However, we took into account a number of other factors — value for money, as well as user reviews. The review includes not the most expensive, but at the same time very reliable products that will faithfully serve more than one hundred hours. We did not include too expensive models in the rating, so that each of our readers could choose the most suitable lamp for themselves.

Standard halogen products

3. Narva Standard H7

Narva Standard H7 photo

Quite a classic product for automotive lighting elements. It well illuminates its own lane, the oncoming one, there is also enough light flux for the right side of the road. The product fully complies with the requirements for it — no failures in terms of light distribution were found: all measuring points are respected. The lamps are well suited not only for the city or long-distance highways, they behave perfectly on unpaved surfaces and even off-road, as they resist shaking well and do not create additional load on the vehicle’s on-board electrical network.

In general, car owners note that the manufacturer has turned out to be a very tenacious product, which is characterized by a long resource, is much cheaper compared to analogues. The base is durable, fits tightly enough into the socket, the lamp is qualitatively protected from dirt or moisture getting into it.


  • Very reliable product that will last a very long time;
  • Perfectly illuminates not only the oncoming lane, but also the right side of the road.


  • Toward the end of the period of operation, there is a slight loss of illumination along the lane.

Lamp Narva Standard H7

2. Bosch H7 Pure Light

Bosch H7 Pure Light photo

Almost every person in the world knows the products from this German company. The luminous flux of this lamp is average, but it is quite enough to safely move at a very high speed within the framework of a lack of lighting. The lamp gives out a warm yellowish light, which will be very useful in rainy conditions, including even fog. The distribution of the light flux here is quite uniform. The products included in this series are characterized by an average service life, they do not tolerate high voltages well.

The lamp easily withstands significant vibration and shaking. The natural aging of the thread is quite slow, so the product is able to last much longer compared to other similar products. The lamp qualitatively illuminates the oncoming lane, but its capabilities are not enough to fully illuminate the curb.


  • Pretty reasonable cost;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Quite a decent resource.


  • Completely illuminate the roadside is not able to.

Bosch H7 Pure Light

1. Osram Original 64210

Osram Original 64210 photo

Products from this Japanese company are considered truly the best in the world in a number of important ways. First of all, the lamps are characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality. Products are not too cheap, but they have an extended service life. They illuminate the section of the path quite qualitatively — the power of the light flux is such that it will be visible about 70 meters ahead. Such an indicator is enough to safely drive at a relatively high speed.

Lamps withstand high voltage well: they do not start to overheat, their service life is not reduced from this. Products well tolerate even shaking on broken roads. The light distribution of such bulbs fully fits into the existing norms and requirements, the opening angle of the luminous flux is significant, which makes it possible to illuminate even the roadside with high quality. The lamp is made of high-quality tempered glass of increased strength, dust, dirt, moisture and so on will not get under it.


  • Fully complies with all applicable standards;
  • Quite a significant work resource;
  • The optimal ratio of price and quality of the model;
  • A dense, but rather wide light flux — the oncoming lane and the roadside are clearly visible.


  • Not detected.

Lamp Osram Original 64210

Lamps with enhanced luminous flux

4. Narva H7 Range Power White

Narva H7 Range Power White photo

Despite the fact that these products are placed in original blue glass bulbs, the light emitted by them is in the acceptable spectral region. It meets all the requirements. Blue glass is used here not to imitate xenon, but due to the use of original additives in the manufacture. Their function is to filter the ultraviolet spectrum. This approach ensures that the polycarbonate lenses in modern headlights are saved, which helps to significantly extend their service life.

The luminous flux is quite powerful, but at the same time, the lamps will not dazzle drivers traveling towards them. Some questions from users remain in terms of the clarity of the distribution of lighting — it’s hard to see what is happening on the side of the road, but the oncoming lane is visible very well. Service life is average.


  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Sufficiently soft and warm light, which does not tire the eyes at all;
  • Allows you to save diffusers;
  • The lamp does not get too hot.


  • Average accuracy of light distribution.

Lamp Narva H7 Range Power White

3. PHILIPS H7 Vision Plus +60%

PHILIPS H7 Vision Plus +60% photo

In the field of roadside and oncoming lane lighting, these lamps were far from up to par, although they are produced by a well-known manufacturer. Otherwise, the results turned out to be very worthy — the degree of light distribution strictly fits into the existing standards. With the help of this lamp, it is possible to ensure increased driver safety when driving at high speed, since the power of the light flux is sufficient to break through the darkness at a distance of up to hundreds of meters.

The lamp illuminates everything with a yellowish light, which makes it possible not to use fog lights. According to the manufacturer, the product allows you to provide 60% more brightness, but it will not dazzle oncoming drivers.


  • Real increase in illumination;
  • Long service life, which is much higher than stated;
  • Acceptable light distribution that meets all the necessary requirements.


  • At the same cost, it is somewhat inferior to products of other brands.

Lamp PHILIPS H7 Vision Plus +60%

2. Osram H7 Night Breaker Unlimited

Osram H7 Night Breaker Unlimited photo

The manufacturer promises an increase in brightness by as much as 110%, but it should immediately be borne in mind that the cost of such light bulbs is very high — they are almost the most expensive on the Russian market. Unfortunately, the increase in the level of illumination could not but affect the resource of work: these lamps will last less compared to other similar products. The illumination from these lamps turned out to be really excellent. They allow you to see absolutely everything that happens in front of the car.

However, it must be borne in mind that manufacturers have made a certain emphasis on the oncoming lane. If the headlights are adjusted normally, then this moment will not be critical. In the case when the trunk is excessively loaded, the optics themselves have not recovered for a long time, this can become a very serious problem.


  • The lighting is really very high quality, although there is still a slight bias towards the oncoming traffic lane;
  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • The luminous flux is soft — it will not destroy diffusers.


  • Headlights must be carefully tuned;
  • Relatively high cost;
  • Not very long service life.

Lamp Osram H7 Night Breaker Unlimited

1. Bosch H7 Plus 90

Bosch H7 Plus 90 photo

While the company’s medium format products leave a lot to be desired, the amplified lamps can easily compete with even the world’s leading manufacturers. Such products shine by about 90% better. As a result of testing, it was possible to determine that the lamps really illuminate the path 90% better, and also fully meet all Russian and international requirements. This allows them to be used in the headlights of not only trucks, but also cars. There is no need to adjust the diffusers with particular precision — even without this, the luminous flux will turn out to be quite dense, it will illuminate its own lane, the roadside and the lane of oncoming traffic with high quality.

With the help of such headlights, it will be possible to see everything in a timely manner and respond. At the same time, it should be noted that the lamp is characterized by a very long service life, it is made of high-quality glass, under which dust, dirt and moisture will not penetrate.


  • The light distribution is almost perfect;
  • Significant work resource;
  • There is no need to specially adjust the headlights;
  • Diffusers do not wear out at all.


  • Except for the high price was not revealed.

Bosch H7 Plus 90 lamp

Long life lamps

3. Philips H7 LongLife EcoVision

Philips H7 LongLife EcoVision photo

The developers of this product, although they managed to significantly extend the life of their lamps, however, this negatively affected the level of brightness and range of the light flux. Despite the fact that it meets all the necessary requirements, the lamp will not be suitable for driving at high speeds on the highway, as it will not be too safe due to the insignificant visibility. This product is optimal for urban conditions, especially for streets equipped with lamps. If the battery has a low charge, and the battery has low torque, then the light output will be even weaker.

Otherwise, the lamp turned out to be very reliable — its declared service life is long, and the actual one will be even longer. The flask is made of reliable glass, it is absolutely tight, so all kinds of pollution will not get there. Due to the low energy consumption, the lamp will not create an additional load on the vehicle’s on-board electrical network.


  • Long service life;
  • Minimum electricity consumption;
  • Virtually no heat during operation.


  • The luminous flux is rather weak even under normal conditions, and with a low battery it becomes even weaker;
  • For the track is far from the best option — more suitable for the illuminated streets of the city.

Philips H7 LongLife EcoVision lamp

2.Osram Ultra Life

Osram Ultra Life photo

The manufacturer guarantees that this lamp can last up to 100 thousand kilometers. The company gives a very long warranty for its products — 4 years, but only if the user registers on the official website. The service life of these lamps is approximately three times longer than other products of this brand. This also affected the overall power of the luminous flux, but not as much as in the previous model. The brightness has become worse, but the light distribution is still on top.

The luminous flux is scattered in such a way that it reliably covers both the oncoming lane and the roadside. Such products are suitable for motorists if they drive on the highway at a moderate speed without accelerating too much. For the city, lamps are the best option — they give the right amount of light and last a long time.


  • Really long service life
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Fully sealed flask.


  • Nevertheless, the increase in service life also had a significant effect on brightness.

Lamp Osram Ultra Life H7

1. Bosch H7 Longlife Daytime

Bosch H7 Longlife Daytime photo

The manufacturer turned out to be very successful lamps, however, even the name indicates not only a long service life, but also a calculation for regular use in the daytime. However, in terms of brightness, they are unlikely to disappoint even the most demanding owner. They are comfortable to use even on the highway, they are characterized by high quality workmanship — neither water nor dust will get under the flask.

They illuminate the path qualitatively: the opening of the light flux is significant, so you can clearly see not only your own lane, but also the oncoming one, as well as the roadside. The manufacturer managed to put in a single lamp a decent quality of light, reliability, durability, and at the same time asked for a very reasonable price.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Very long product life;
  • Excellent light distribution;
  • The extension of the resource practically did not affect the brightness.


  • It’s not easy to meet in a store in a free sale.

Bosch H7 Longlife Daytime Lamp

In conclusion, a useful video

Our rating of the best lamps with H7 base has ended. If you already have experience in choosing and using such products, tell other readers about it in the comments to this article. There you can also ask questions about the products you are interested in.


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