Many people have various pets, but not every person has living conditions that allow them to keep dogs or cats. In this case, attention shifts to smaller mammals, such as hamsters. They are usually kept in cages. Keeping such animals in three-liter jars or in aquariums is undesirable, since they do not have very good air exchange — the pet simply will not have enough oxygen. This will have a very negative impact on his activity, vitality and life expectancy.

Keeping a hamster in a cage is convenient and very practical: it is easy for him to give food, change water and clean the bottom of litter. The choice of such products today is quite large, so it is quite easy to get confused in the variety prevailing on the market. So that you do not get into such a situation, we decided to rank the best cages for hamsters. As part of this article, we have collected the most popular models among users, in which pets will feel as comfortable as possible. It also contains a number of useful tips that are sure to come in handy when buying a house for your hamster.

How to choose the right cage for a hamster?

Before purchasing, you should clarify for yourself one defining moment — for an animal this is not a prison, but a real home in which it should be as comfortable as possible. The fact is that he will spend most of his life there. One of the key factors is the size of the cell itself. If the hamster is dwarf, then a model with a bottom area of ​​​​50×30 cm will be enough for him, the product should be 40-50 cm in height. For animals of the Syrian breed, such parameters should be much larger — 60×40 cm in bottom size and from 60 cm in height. In principle, we indicated the minimum dimensions, there is no upper limit, however, large cells are much more difficult to wash.

Most often there are structures made of metal grating and equipped with a plastic pallet. They are fairly easy to clean and disinfect. Feeders, drinkers, various additional accessories and so on are simply attached to the grate. The hamster will constantly receive the required amount of fresh air, which will allow him to remain active throughout his life. On sale you can find a variety of such products — the gratings are made of metal, and the rest of the elements are wooden, all accessories are also made of wood.

There are also cells with transparent walls made of plastic. The tray is removable if necessary, the structure is closed from above with a lid made of a metal grill, however, such models have a significant drawback — the access of fresh air to the pet is difficult. If desired, you can generally purchase two small cells at once and combine them together into one.

When we chose products to include in our review of the best cages for hamsters, we were guided mainly by all the points described above, and they are aimed, first of all, at the comfort of the animal’s life. User reviews and value for money were also taken into account. We tried to make a rating of not the most expensive models so that our readers can choose the best option for their pet.

Ten good cages for hamsters

10. ZOLUX Rody Mini

ZOLUX Rody Mini photo

Pretty stylish and beautiful products of French production. It is made of high-quality hygienic plastic, also there are metal elements in the design. Its overall dimensions are small, so dwarf hamsters will feel best in it — the size of the cage is 21x18x33 cm. The product comes with a bottle made of food-grade plastic, its volume is 75 ml, there is also a feeder, a wheel and two holes. The design provides for horizontal bars, quite suitable for placing additional devices.

The design of the cage is attractive and well thought out — the product will optimally fit into almost any interior. The plastic is transparent, so it is convenient to observe the hamster. The pallet is high — the filler will not fly through it into the room. The plastic parts have a streamlined shape, so the hamster will not be able to chew through them and escape.


  • original appearance;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • High quality materials;
  • It is possible to install additional accessories;
  • Quite a decent set.


  • Only suitable for dwarf hamsters;
  • Great value.

Cage ZOLUX Rody Mini

9. KREDO M022

KREDO M022 photo

Very spacious three-story model with a very rich set. The device of domestic manufacture is equipped with a deep lift, which does not allow the pet to scatter the filler to the right and left. The cage is very easy to carry — for this purpose it has a plastic handle. The rods are made of stainless steel, arranged vertically — the animal will not be able to climb on them.

Nevertheless, there is enough space for activity here. The overall dimensions of the product are 45x33x45 cm. The design provides for a convenient spiral staircase for the pet, which first leads to the second floor, and then to the third. The latter is presented in the form of a small shelf, where there is a house shaped like a hamster’s head. The set also includes a wheel, a feeder and an automatic drinker.


  • Large selection of colors;
  • Dimensions acceptable for one or two animals;
  • High sides of the pallet.


  • Animals cannot climb on the vertical bars of the lattice; it will not be possible to attach accessories to them.

Cage KREDO M022

8. N1 DKg187

N1 DKg187 photo

It has not too large overall dimensions, so it will fit well into the interior of a compact children’s room. The size of the structure along the body is 23×25.7×30 cm. Inside there are two full-fledged tiers, thanks to which even a large breed hamster will feel comfortable in such a cage. Together with this product, a feeder, an autodrinker, a screw-type descent, a shelf with a house and a wheel are supplied.

There is enough space for the animal to run back its daily rate of movement. The cage can be disassembled if necessary. The locking system is reliable — the animal will not be able to open it from the inside, and the cat from the outside will not be able to get to it either. Available in a variety of colors, so you can easily choose the right one for a particular style of interior.


  • The internal space is quite enough even for a comfortable life of a large hamster;
  • Long service life;
  • Acceptable cost of the house;
  • Expanded cage equipment;
  • Reliable locking mechanism;
  • Detachable design.


  • Not so easy to find in pet stores.

Cell N1 DKg187

7 Savic Spelos XL Metro

Savic Spelos XL Metro photo

Belgian products are distinguished by a very original design style. The design of the product is unique: the cage is made in the form of a two-tier box made of food-grade plastic. On the second level there is a figured shelf, which has holes for placing a feeder, drinkers and wheels — all these accessories are supplied in the kit. There is also a transparent plastic tunnel leading out. The ventilation system is represented by a lattice door located on the roof of the cage. Between the bars there is only 7 mm — such a distance will not allow even a dwarf hamster to get out.

In general, the Syrian hamster will also feel quite comfortable in this house, since its size is 59x37x26 cm. All parts can be removed and washed if necessary. The box itself looks very modern, the bottom is high — sawdust or other filler will not spill out.


  • Stylish appearance;
  • Well-designed fresh air access system;
  • Even a large hamster can live in a cage;
  • High walls of the pallet.


  • For a hamster cage, the cost is very high.

Cage Savic Spelos XL Metro

6. Darell Terry-1 ECO

Darell Terry-1 ECO photo

One of the cheapest models in our ranking of the best hamster cages. Overall dimensions are small — 37x26x18 cm, which makes the design optimally suitable for installation on a table. The cage itself is lattice, and the lattice is made of ordinary steel, painted with powder paint. All the accessories necessary for the pet are easily attached to the horizontally arranged rods, besides, the hamster can easily climb them.

To increase the internal space, there is a second floor, where the animal can climb up the stairs. It is recommended to cover the shelf with a piece of plywood or plexiglass so that the hamster does not get stuck there with its paws. The cage comes with a house, a wheel, a folding door here, equipped with a very tight spring. It is located on the roof of the cage, so the pet is unlikely to be able to open it. Users note the reliability and durability of the design.


  • Cheap products;
  • The bars of the cage are arranged horizontally — the hamster will be able to climb on them;
  • The door is rather tight, located on the roof of the cage — the animal is unlikely to be able to get out through it.


  • The second tier is made of lattice, so the pet’s paws can get stuck between the bars;
  • Not suitable for a Syrian hamster.

Cage Darell Terry-1 ECO

5. Triol Studio

Triol Studio photo

It differs by the optimal ratio of price and quality, as well as not quite the usual form factor. The cage is made in the form of a suitcase with a handle. The product has compact overall dimensions, therefore it is optimally suited for placement on the table — 33x21x23 cm. The product comes with an autodrinker, a feeder, a pipe that functions as a tunnel, a wheel and a house. The rods in the cage are arranged horizontally, you can easily place various additional accessories on them, the side walls are made of fairly strong streamlined plastic — the animal will not be able to gnaw through it.

At first glance, it may seem that there is not enough free space here, but the house and labyrinths fully compensate for the lack of space. The door is very wide — it is convenient to pour food through it or get a pet if, for example, the cage needs to be cleaned or disinfected. The bottom can be detached.


  • The optimal ratio of price and quality of products;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • wide door;
  • Reliable locks.


  • Manufactured in one single color.

Cage Triol Studio

4. Ferplast Criceti

Ferplast Criceti photo

This is one of the most spacious one-story cages that can only be found on the domestic market. The height of its walls is decent — as much as 23 cm, and the bottom area is 51.5×31 cm. A small second tier is still present, but even the first one will be enough even for a Syrian hamster. The complete set of the cage is quite standard — along with it there is a feeder, a wheel, a small house and an original drinking bowl, which will give water to the pet only if it is required.

The bars of the cage are located horizontally — it is convenient to attach additional elements for the pet to them, and the animal itself will be happy to climb them, which is important, because hamsters are very mobile animals. The pallet here is very deep, the hinged door is located on the roof of the structure.


  • Large interior space;
  • Quite affordable price;
  • The filler will not crumble on the floor or table;
  • The rods are horizontal.


  • Needs free space
  • The tray is made of thin plastic.

Cage Ferplast Criceti

3. Credo 513B

Credo 513B photo

In third place in our ranking of the best cages for hamsters is a domestic-made bunk-type cage. It has dimensions of 47x30x37 cm, so it will be convenient for hamsters of various sizes to live in it. The design inside is very spacious, has increased strength. The pallet is quite deep, made of reliable plastic — it will not crack even when falling from a height, the hamster will not be able to gnaw through it. Cleaning the cage from litter is also very simple. There is a handle on the top so it can be used as a carrier. The door here is a retractable type, the hamster will not be able to open it.

In addition to a significant internal space, it is quite comfortable inside. In addition to the standard wheels, automatic drinkers and feeders, there is a shelf to which a ladder leads. An animal house is installed on it, there is a tunnel. The hamster can run pretty fast there. The rods absolutely do not rattle, so the cage can be placed even in the bedroom.


  • Increased product range;
  • The rods do not rattle under the claws of a hamster;
  • Retractable door;
  • There is a carrying handle on the roof;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Suitable for hamsters of all breeds.


  • It is better to immediately purchase a new automatic drinker, as the complete one does not work very reliably, and the hamster may suffer from thirst.

Cage Credo 513B

2 Triol Monstropolis

Triol Monstropolis photo

It has a unique shape and color scheme, which is stylized in the spirit of the cartoon «Monsters University». Hamsters are very active animals, so such a cage will be very suitable for them, while it has optimal dimensions — 36x26x45 cm. The system of floors here is multi-level, so the internal usable area increases significantly. The minimum set of accessories for the animal is supplied in the kit, as well as tunnels, shelves and a house with a transparent roof, through which it is easy to observe the animal.

Manufactured from high quality plastic and durable metal. If desired, it can be completely disassembled. The door is located on one side, it locks securely — animals will not be able to open it from the outside or from the inside, including domestic predators.


  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • Perfect for the first pet — the cage can be presented to a child along with a hamster;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Absolutely collapsible;
  • Not too expensive.


  • A bit pricey.

Triol Monstropolis cage

1. Inter-Zoo G-020 TEDDY II

Inter-Zoo G-020 TEDDY II photo

Our leaders turned out to be one of the highest models that can only be found in domestic pet stores. The bottom dimensions are quite standard — 37×25 cm, but in height it is 51 cm. With this constructive approach, you can place a huge number of various useful accessories for your pet inside. Due to an active lifestyle, the hamster will remain healthy for a long time. He can freely climb the bars of the cage. Comfortable ladders and spiral tunnels are provided between the floors.

The cage is very reliable and absolutely safe for the pet. The gaps between the bars are narrow, but the shelves are also latticed, so they must be covered with plywood, cardboard or plexiglass. The tray is very deep, easy to detach and clean. On the floors of the cage it is convenient to clean up due to separate doors.


  • Spacious cage;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • A small distance between the bars will not allow the pet to get out of the cage.


  • Not detected.

Cage Inter-Zoo G-020 TEDDY II

In conclusion, a useful video

Our ranking of the best hamster cages is over. I would like to believe that you have managed to choose from the proposed range of products that are ideal for your pet. If you can’t decide on the most suitable model in all plans, then comments on our review are at your complete disposal — do not hesitate to state your fears and uncertainties here. We will try to individually approach each person who writes and resolve the issue taking into account absolutely all the wishes.



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