If in the old days pneumatic presses and jacks were more preferred, today they are being replaced by hydraulic products. It is intended for use not only in garages, but also in auto repair shops.

The choice of such devices today is very wide — they differ from each other in many parameters. Unfortunately, not all people are well versed in such products, so we decided to rank the best hydraulic presses of the year. This review is devoted, first of all, to quite budget models. We have collected the highest quality devices in it, and also decided to tell you in more detail about what you should pay attention to when buying this equipment.

How to choose the right hydraulic press?

This technique allows you to change the shape, chop, compress various products without applying serious effort to this. For this reason, it is regularly found at car service stations and in various workshops. The principle of operation of the device is as follows: the applied force is transferred through the liquid to a cylinder of larger diameter. In this case, the force increases in proportion to the ratio of the area of ​​u200bu200bthe small cylinder to the large one.

There are several types of hydraulic presses on the market. Before buying, you should decide — for what purposes the device will be used, how often it is planned to use it. The classification of presses is based on a number of factors: method of moving the guide, type of drive, fastening.

One of the most popular and, at the same time, cheap devices is a vertical press. His field of activity is the work of pressing or pressing parts. The device works with the help of a special plate moving in one plane. In garage conditions, it is easiest to use a desktop structure, however, the tabletop and table legs should be made designed for these loads.

On sale you can find presses with a manual or electric drive. The first ones are much cheaper, but the maximum effort will not be so significant — it will be quite enough for home conditions. Electrical appliances are bought, as a rule, by the owners of auto repair shops. The design of the device includes a frame with a frame, a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic cylinder, as well as a pressure gauge that reports the applied load. The tonnage is different — this parameter ranges from 4 to 30 tons.

When we selected products to be included in our ranking of the best hydraulic presses, we first of all took into account all the points that were analyzed above. However, some other factors were taken into account, such as the value for money of products, as well as user reviews. Now it is a high time to pass to the analysis of the most important operational properties of the most popular models.

Ten of the best hydraulic press models

10.Omec PI 88.00

Omec PI 88.00 photo

This Italian brand has gained wide popularity around the world. Most experts say that this manufacturer puts very high-quality specialized equipment on the market. The machine is a tabletop device mainly used for crimping cuvettes. Due to such a narrow focus, home craftsmen do not purchase it too often, preferring more versatile products. In addition, the device is quite expensive both due to the high quality of workmanship and the brand that produces it. The pressure here is rather slow, provided with a special threaded rod.

The bed is driven by a hydraulic drive, the function of the liquid is performed here by a special oil that can withstand extremely low and high temperatures. The device can be easily installed on the street without fear that it will fail. The build quality is quite high, there are no complaints about it.


  • The model is released by the world famous Italian brand;
  • Very high quality of production and assembly;
  • The clamp is slow, so it will not work to transfer the part;
  • Compact overall dimensions.


  • High price;
  • Narrow application orientation of the product.

Press Omec PI 88.00

9.Ombra OHT611M

Ombra OHT611M photo

It is characterized by a simple device, which ensures the greatest reliability of the device. It is made on the basis of a welded metal frame, which is equipped with a bed made of reliable cast iron. The device is a hand-held product, the frame is capable of moving 30 cm. The hydraulic type manual jack has an accurate pressure gauge. The rod length is 15 cm. Using a press, it is possible to achieve a working pressure of 10 tons. In principle, according to users, the device is a standard technique that does not provide for any innovative ideas.

If necessary, the jack can be used separately from the bed — for this, it is enough to unscrew only four bolts. The hydraulics can then be used for a variety of purposes, such as lifting or moving heavy objects. Despite the elementary design and ease of use, the product turned out to be quite expensive, so not all users decide to purchase it.


  • There is simply nothing to break in the design of this press;
  • The jack can be used separately if necessary;
  • The cast-iron bed allows you to provide a load of up to 10 tons;
  • Versatility of use.


  • Expensive;
  • No additional features are provided.

Press Ombra OHT611M



This press was developed by German engineers several years ago, but it is produced at Chinese enterprises. The last factor does not in the least prevent this equipment from remaining of high quality and durable. Users speak positively about the functional side of the device and the quality of its assembly. For home conditions, the press is the best fit — the maximum pressure is 10 tons.

The stem can be extended by 170 mm. A distinctive point is the presence of a mobile bed in the apparatus, which is capable of shifting by almost half a meter. It is convenient to work on the machine — it is manual, there are two speeds of movement. The degree of compression of the elements can be monitored using a special pressure gauge, which is characterized by high accuracy.


  • Ideal for working at home;
  • Not only the rod moves, but the frame itself;
  • Very accurate manometer;
  • There are two movement speeds.


  • Not all users have begun to trust the Chinese assembly.


7. Ferci 30T

Ferci 30T photo

The equipment belongs to the professional class, although it has a fairly compact size. The last moment allows you to install it not only in auto repair shops, but also in an ordinary garage. Despite its small dimensions, the device is capable of delivering a maximum pressure of 30 tons and 69 MPa. The stroke of the rod in this case is 160 mm, the bed is adjustable — it can be fixed in one of the positions, its stroke does not exceed 70 cm. In order to move the bed plate, a foot drive is provided in the design. The degree of pressure on the pressed elements can be observed using a very accurate pressure gauge.

Many users note the high cost of equipment, but this is largely offset by its compact size. The assembly is simply excellent — it does not cause the slightest criticism. All parts are made of high quality metal, easily withstand the loads applied to them.


  • Italian design, also produced in Italy;
  • The device is capable of producing fairly decent pressure;
  • To work with the bed, a convenient foot drive is used;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Excellent quality materials and assembly.


  • Owners note the high cost of equipment.

Press Ferci 30T

6. STALEX HPB-1500

STALEX HPB-1500 photo

A unique model within this ranking of the best hydraulic presses. First of all, the device is a Russian-made product and, as a result, it is designed specifically for fairly harsh operating conditions. Secondly, the press works on the basis of an electric drive, so in order to compress or unpress parts, you will not have to apply even the slightest physical effort. I would also like to note that manual presses, for the most part, are not capable of delivering pressure over 10-15 tons, the same apparatus is capable of pressing elements with a force of up to 150 tons and 30 MPa. An enlarged stem is also installed here, which can be extended by 2650 mm, the bed, in turn, is able to move another 400 mm.

Thanks to such technological solutions, this device is able to work even with very large parts. The owner of the device does not need to worry that the elements will be rendered unusable due to excessive pressure on them. The automation of the device is equipped with special protection against possible pinching, there is an automatic retraction of the rod, the bed is quite large. However, it must be said that this press is hardly suitable for home conditions due to its large overall dimensions, as well as the high price and weight — it weighs about one and a half tons.


  • Very convenient and intelligent control;
  • Well thought out automation;
  • Domestic development and assembly;
  • Ability to work with large items.


  • Only suitable for service stations;
  • It is very expensive;
  • Large dimensions.

Press STALEX HPB-1500

5. GARWIN 021007-30

GARWIN 021007-30 photo

The model is still more suitable for professional use, as it has a decent size. The height of the bed is decent — about two meters, one meter wide. The stem extends only 150 mm, but the frame can move a considerable distance. The press is capable of creating pressure up to 30 tons. The bed itself is made on the basis of high-strength cast iron, it moves in a vertical plane with the help of a foot lever.

Fasteners are represented by hardened steel rods. The machine has a high-precision pressure gauge, so the pressing force can be adjusted within the given parameters, which is most important at such a high level of equipment power. The jack has an automatic release in case there is excess pressure in the system.


  • Very powerful equipment;
  • Manufactured from quality materials;
  • The bed is mobile;
  • There is an automatic pressure relief system if there is a possibility of crushing.


  • Too big for a garage.

Press GARWIN 021007-30

4. Ombra OHT612M

Ombra OHT612M photo

Differs in simplicity of use, compact overall dimensions and reasonable cost. The device is made on the basis of a reliable metal frame, which is painted with polymeric materials, which can significantly extend the life of the equipment. The press does not require special maintenance, it is very convenient to use.

The maximum working pressure is 12 tons, which makes the device optimally suited for use at home. The stroke of the rod is 140 mm, the bed can move 600 mm, but only when the press is placed on the floor. The frame is composite, so the equipment can be installed not only on the floor, but also on the table.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Can be installed both on the floor and on the table;
  • Increased bed travel;
  • Decent working pressure.


  • There is no pressure gauge;
  • There is no automatic pressure relief system, so the pressed parts may become unusable.

Press Ombra OHT612M


NORDBERG N3610 photo

In third place in our ranking of the best hydraulic presses was a model created by Scandinavian engineers, although the device is still made in Chinese enterprises. The price of the equipment is quite acceptable, the technical indicators are at a fairly high level, and this applies not only to the key performance characteristics, but also to the convenience of working with the device.

The working pressure is a record for a manual machine — it can reach 120 tons, but the manufacturer does not recommend using it as part of the production process. The stroke of the rod here is 180 mm, the frame is also movable. It is very convenient to operate a long lever, a cylinder overload protection system is provided, there is a pressure gauge.


  • Convenient equipment for work at home;
  • Very high working pressure;
  • There is a well-thought-out protection system;
  • Quite reasonable price.


  • Not suitable for industrial production.

Press NORDBERG N3610


MATRIX 12T photo

It was developed specifically for installation in the garage, so it has compact overall dimensions, does not need special maintenance, and is not too expensive. Technical indicators are far from the highest, but they will be quite suitable for home conditions: the maximum pressing force is 12.5 tons.

The rod is able to move in a vertical plane at a distance of up to 150 mm, so the device is quite suitable even for very large elements. The press operates exclusively on the basis of a manual drive — there is a hydraulic jack in the upper part, the lower frame can move up to 740 mm. The design is modular, so it can be easily transported from place to place if necessary.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Designed specifically for installation in the home garage;
  • The pressing force is quite suitable for operation in artisanal conditions;
  • Decent stroke of the stem and bed;
  • Detachable design.


  • The frame seems rather weak to some users.

Press MATRIX 12T

1. SOROKIN 100 T 7.111

SOROKIN 100 T 7.111 photo

The leaders of the rating were products from a well-known domestic manufacturer, which is also well known in many European countries. Although the device is very expensive, it has excellent performance. The maximum working pressure is 100 tons, the rod can be extended by 300 mm.

This is a fairly powerful tool that is able to cope with even the most complex tasks. It is hardly suitable for home use, but at bus stations and in industrial production it will be very problematic to replace it with other equipment. The width of the bed is more than a meter, the height of the structure is over 2 meters. The tool is equipped with an electric drive.


  • Domestic products;
  • Provides high clamping force;
  • There is an electric drive and a system for protecting workpieces;
  • The stem and bed can move over long distances.


  • Except for the high price is not revealed.

Press SOROKIN 100 T 7.111

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best hydraulic presses in 2022 is over. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with such equipment, then you can always express your opinion in the comments to this article.


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