When carrying out various construction and finishing works, there is often a need to accurately determine a vertical or horizontal line, calculate a right angle, and so on. If in former times masters used levels, plumb lines, coloring threads, rules and other simple tools for such purposes, today they have been replaced by quite convenient and easy-to-use equipment — a laser level.

With it, you can set the necessary vertical or horizontal line within a few seconds, see how smooth the floors, walls, doorways, and so on turned out to be. The device has a wide range of applications, so its choice should be approached as carefully and responsibly as possible.

We decided to help you a little in this matter and ranked the best laser levels in 2022. The article will talk in detail about the most popular devices among users, consider their key performance characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we decided to give you a number of useful tips regarding the choice of this device.

How to choose the right laser level?

By type, such tools are point, linear, rotary and combined. Point allows you to project a desired point or a series of points. Such a point will mark the vertical or horizontal relative to the location of the instrument, several points are able to calculate a right angle, the vertex of which will be located where the level itself is located. According to the principle of operation, this equipment is most similar to a plumb line, however, it can punch the required line not only vertically, but also horizontally, as well as at a given angle.

The most expensive are rotary levels, which draw a line due to a moving beam. Inside the device there is a rotating mirror, which will move the laser beam around the circumference at high speed, due to which it will merge into a solid line for the human eye. Due to the use of this technology, the brightness of the markup will be maintained even at a considerable distance from the device. This allows you to use the device in open space, placing it tens of meters from the surface.

A linear level is not very expensive, but it is optimally suited for marking load-bearing structures in the manufacture of stretch ceilings, wall coverings, laying tiles, hanging pictures and installing furniture. However, it will not be possible to use such a device at considerable distances, since when a laser beam passes through a prism, its brightness will noticeably decrease.

When we chose models to include in our ranking of the best laser levels, we were guided by all the factors indicated above. In addition, the ratio of price and quality of products, as well as user reviews, were taken into account. We have tried to compile a review of not too expensive products so that each of our readers can choose the most suitable model for themselves.

Point devices

3. Leica Lino P5

Leica Lino P5 photo

This device was developed by German engineers, but it is produced in Chinese factories. It is distinguished by its low weight, accuracy of calculations and rather broad functionality. The level belongs to the group of professional construction equipment. The device is perfect for aligning and removing vertical lines. With its help, most construction and finishing work becomes much easier. If there is a slight change in the horizontal, then the automatic alignment function of this tool comes into play.

The mass of the device is only 320 grams, it runs on three AA batteries, and one set will be enough for continuous operation of the device for 20 hours. The product is produced according to the original technology, thanks to which a red beam of increased power is created, and it can be easily seen even under the bright sun. The range is about 30 meters, the error is insignificant — only 0.3 mm. Repairs are made much easier with five laser beams and three points at the same height.


  • High quality and reliability of the device;
  • Extended functionality;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • Runs for a long time on one set of batteries.


  • It is very expensive.

Level Leica Lino P5

2. STABILA LA-5P Complete Set

STABILA LA-5P Complete Set photo

The device is distinguished by very high accuracy — its error does not exceed 0.2 mm per 1 m of length, the placement range reaches 60 m. This is also a product of German engineering, but it is produced in German factories. In general, products of this brand are world famous for their accuracy and excellent quality, which often makes it possible to compensate for the rather high cost of equipment. The level is equipped with an original reflector, due to which it is possible to provide an excellent range of the device.

Such equipment is optimally suited for work in open areas, as well as in large rooms. Professional builders use it not only for finishing or construction work, but also in the process of installing suspended or stretch ceilings, while laying tiles and other similar materials.


  • Very high technological performance;
  • Excellent quality and good assembly — not afraid of falls from a height and other physical impacts;
  • Can simultaneously project four points at once;
  • There is a universal mount.


  • Four AA batteries are required for operation;
  • Very high cost.

Level STABILA LA-5P Complete Set

1. Bosch GPL 5

Bosch GPL 5 photo

According to professional builders, this model is really the best among point-type laser levels. It costs much less than the analogues that we have already considered in the framework of this review, but the performance is much higher. This universal model is equipped with five sources of laser beams at once, and the error of each of them does not exceed 0.3 mm per 1 m of length. The maximum range is up to 30 meters. This equipment comes with an original mechanism responsible for automatic leveling of the device.

With its help, it is possible to fully compensate for the errors in the installation of equipment both in the vertical and in the horizontal plane. They reach the corresponding values ​​- 5 and 3 degrees.


  • The set comes with a convenient tripod;
  • The design of the device is quite simple, but at the same time very reliable and durable;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Auto-leveling mode can be disabled if necessary;
  • Five laser beams at once.


  • Only finger batteries are suitable for operation, there are no opportunities to use alternative energy sources.

Level Bosch GPL 5

Linear Models

3.ADA Cube 3D Basic Edition

ADA Cube 3D Basic Edition photo

This is a Chinese made product. The company that produces this level is not yet well known to the average consumer, but the products are characterized by decent quality, reasonable cost and compact overall dimensions. The product is a cube, the length of the side face of which is 6.5 cm. It occupies a minimum amount of free space, which distinguishes it from many other similar products characterized by decent dimensions.

Despite its small size, the level produces two laser beams, the range of which is 20 meters, in the source they intersect strictly at right angles. This makes it easy to use these tools in case it becomes necessary to move corners during the redevelopment of premises. The device will be truly indispensable when working with wall or floor ceramic tiles.


  • The case is rubberized, does not pass moisture;
  • Decent range — as much as 20 m;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Compact overall dimensions.


  • It is easy to step on it, as it is almost invisible.

Level ADA Cube 3D Basic Edition

2. DeWALT DW 083K

DeWALT DW 083 K photo

A very interesting example of American production, which compares favorably with all other laser levels by the presence of a number of mechanisms that can greatly facilitate the work of masters. First of all, there is an original swivel mechanism designed for 180 degrees. Thanks to this, you do not have to rearrange again and again from place to place and calibrate the position of the laser line.

The maximum length of the beam is 30 meters — this parameter will be quite enough for absolutely any finishing or construction work in the room. You won’t have to worry about safety and reliability either: the device is equipped with a wide and fairly stable base, and a special case is included for transportation.


  • The case is reliably protected from physical influences and from moisture penetration;
  • Pretty good accuracy;
  • Decent range;
  • A swivel mechanism is provided;
  • Light weight and compact dimensions.


  • The price seems high to some users.

Level DeWALT DW 083 K

1. Bosch PLL 360 SET

Bosch PLL 360 SET photo

The most high-quality model in this section of our rating. This level has proven itself perfectly from all sides. The operating range of this device is 20 meters with a maximum possible error of 0.4 mm per 1 meter of length. There is a built-in automatic self-leveling mechanism of the device, which works in just four seconds, performing all the necessary measures in terms of level calibration.

The device is characterized by decent build quality — it is not afraid of falling from a height of up to 5 meters, it is insensitive to moisture and various chemical compounds. The laser beam is quite powerful, so the device can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Excellent quality and reliability;
  • Built-in self-leveling mechanism, which can be disabled if necessary;
  • Decent laser beam power;
  • Good indicators of accuracy;
  • The warranty period is 2 years.


  • Still, the price is a little high.

Level Bosch PLL 360 SET

Rotary instruments

3. Condtrol UniX 360 Green Pro

Condtrol UniX 360 Green Pro photo

This device was developed by domestic engineers, but it is still manufactured in Chinese factories. The level is characterized by compact overall dimensions. With it, you can get a horizontal circular plane for all 360 degrees, and it also forms two more orthogonal vertical planes. The range of the beam is impressive — it is as much as 50 meters, you can install a special receiver, and then this parameter will double. The laser beam is green instead of the usual red, it is quite bright, so the device is suitable for use in open areas.

The case is characterized by increased strength — the level is not damaged even when falling from a considerable height. There is an automatic leveling system, LED indication, if necessary, the device can operate from the mains if there are no batteries at hand.


  • Resistant to shock and moisture;
  • Very bright green laser beam;
  • Decent workmanship;
  • Wide functionality.


  • Users believe that the price of the device is too high.

Level Condtrol UniX 360 Green Pro



A very easy-to-use and not too expensive model designed for marking work. The equipment belongs to the category of professional tools, characterized by an extended scope of operation. With this device, you can project three planes — two vertical and one horizontal. Each line has a full 360 degree scan, and if necessary, any of them can be turned off. According to users, the device is an equipment with an optimal ratio of price and quality.

If necessary, you can work without batteries, simply by connecting the product to a stationary power supply. The functionality is rich — the device is equipped with an automatic leveling function, there is an LED indication, the measurement range with the receiver reaches 40 meters, there is also a swivel mechanism that allows you to rotate the device 360 ​​degrees. The kit comes with a fabric bag-case, glasses, a set of batteries, a charger.


  • Pretty easy to use;
  • Can work both autonomously and from the network;
  • Decent equipment;
  • Wide functionality;
  • Good build quality, reliability;
  • Excellent value for money.


  • During the day, the beam seems pale.


1. DeWALT DW 079 PKH

DeWALT DW 079 PKH photo

An original and very easy-to-use device, which is characterized by the presence of a self-leveling mechanism. In addition, users note that this device has optimal technical qualities. Automatic alignment is carried out if the installation error of the housing does not exceed 5 degrees. The measurement accuracy is very high — the error is not more than 0.1 mm per 1 meter of length.

The range of the beam is very significant — as much as 300 meters if a special reflector is used, and 30 meters without it. The assembly is reliable, no backlashes, no gaps between the elements of the case were found, a remote control is provided.


  • Very wide equipment;
  • High-quality tripod, capacious battery, easy-to-use charger;
  • The range of beam movement can be adjusted manually.


  • The remote does not work on all sides.

Level DeWALT DW 079 PKH

Combined devices

1. CONDTROL UniX 360 Set

CONDTROL UniX 360 Set photo

Here is the best among the combined levels, and this is a domestic-made device. It successfully combines the functions of a linear and rotational laser level. Largely due to the installation of an improved optical system, the developers managed to cope with one of the main shortcomings of most rotational levels — a line of inhomogeneous thickness along the entire length. If a standard wave propagation system is used, then in certain areas the beam scattering was noticeable to the naked eye up to 3 times.

Optical lenses can be completely replaced if necessary. The housing is shockproof, rubberized, well resistant to moisture, the measurement accuracy of the level is quite high — the error does not exceed 0.2 mm per 1 m. Together with the reflector, the measurement range of the device can reach 80 meters.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Excellent build;
  • Decent range;
  • original appearance;
  • Good accuracy.


  • Not detected.

Level CONDTROL UniX 360 Set

In conclusion, a useful video

Finishing our review of the best laser levels, I would like to express my wish that you were able to choose the most suitable device for yourself. If a certain uncertainty still remains or certain questions arise, you can always ask them in the comments to this article. We will try to dispel your doubts as soon as possible.


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