Good rest and sleep is very important for the human body. It is quite natural that it is unlikely that it will be possible to do without bedding. If you can sleep without a blanket, and often even comfortably, as, say, in the summer months, then without a pillow it will obviously not be possible to ensure a good sleep — a person will wake up broken, even more tired and tired, exhausted.

It is for this reason that the choice of a pillow for sleeping should be approached as carefully as possible. Be sure to pay attention to the type of filler for pillows, unfortunately, not all people know what material is most suitable for the role of filler. We decided to help you sort out this problem a little and made a rating of the best pillow fillers. Here we have tried to tell you as much as possible about the qualities of the most popular materials, as well as give you some useful tips regarding the competent choice and the overall quality of such products.

How to choose the right pillow filler?

In general, all fillers can be divided into three groups — synthetic, animal and vegetable origin. It is quite natural that there is no universal solution and cannot be. For example, a material suitable for a child will not suit his parents at all, a person suffering from allergies will not be able to sleep on a pillow that a healthy person has chosen for himself.

However, before purchasing the pillow you like, you should definitely check how high-quality the filler is. It would not be superfluous to ask the seller for product documents in order to fully make sure that these are original products, and not fake.

Natural fillers of plant origin have proven themselves very well, unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for allergy sufferers. Nevertheless, pillows made on the basis of this raw material can last for quite a long time, but they need special care.

Pillows based on animal materials — feathers, wool, and so on, will easily restore their original shape, but from time to time they will have to be thoroughly dried and cleaned with special chemicals. The service life of such pillows is much less compared to plant materials — the wool falls off and crumple, and the feathers gradually break. In addition, allergic reactions are also quite common.

For allergy sufferers, synthetic substances such as synthetic winterizer or polyester are best suited. They do not cause allergic reactions, retain their original shape for a long time, support the head and neck in the correct position, preventing displacement of the vertebrae.

When we chose products for this review of the best pillow filler, we mainly took into account all the above factors. However, we also relied on user reviews and value for money. In the review, there was no place for the most expensive products — we did it deliberately so that the products we liked were affordable for each of our readers.

Synthetic materials

3. Sintepon

Sintepon photo

Today it is one of the cheapest synthetic materials, which perfectly performs the function of a filler for pillows, mattresses, blankets and so on. Products based on synthetic winterizer do not have extraneous odors, are absolutely hypoallergenic, and besides, bed mites and various harmful microorganisms will not live in them. Thanks to this, synthetic winterizer pillows are completely safe for the human body. This material is very easy to care for — it is able to easily transfer both hand and machine wash, after which it dries all for a couple of hours.

Pillows based on synthetic winterizer are elastic and light, not sensitive to moisture. This filler is characterized by high thermal conductivity — it will be very comfortable to sleep on the pillow even in extremely hot weather. When choosing products, you should look at the thickness of the fibers — products with thinner fibers should be preferred. On such pillows it is much more comfortable to rest.


  • Safe for human health;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • Good elasticity of the material;
  • Resistant to moisture;
  • Does not require special care.


  • There are no orthopedic qualities.

Filler Sintepon

2. Gel

gel photo

Such pillows are usually made on the basis of latex or special artificial foam with high viscosity, where gel inserts are added. It should be noted that this material is characterized by the presence of a memory effect. In other words, it is able to take on an individual shape, so the load on the spine will be much less. This makes this pillow perfect for pregnant women and young children.

The filler does not get dirty during operation, dust does not accumulate in it, so it will be a good option for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. At the same time, the material itself has a cooling effect, it passes air well through itself, it is very easy to care for it — you will periodically have to wipe it with a damp cloth.


  • Hypoallergenic products;
  • Perfect for kids and women;
  • The filler is easy to care for;
  • The cooling effect is provided;
  • Good orthopedic qualities.


  • Quite expensive.

Filler Gel

1. Memory foam

memory foam photo

Memory foam pillows are absolutely environmentally friendly, do not cause allergic reactions and are characterized by excellent quality. Under the weight of the human body and the heat emitted by it, the products will repeat every contour of the head in great detail. Such a pillow makes the quality of sleep much higher, helps a person to fully recover and relax in a short period of time. With its help, you can reduce the negative effect of the manifestation of osteochondrosis. The pillow is also perfect for pregnant women who need to fully relax and sleep well.

Foam-based pillows will serve for a long time, they are characterized by increased strength and reliability. The filler easily passes air through itself, moisture evaporates almost instantly, it also keeps heat well.


  • Excellent orthopedic characteristics;
  • Optimal for allergy sufferers, patients with osteochondrosis, pregnant women;
  • Passes through itself air;
  • Holds heat very well.


  • Somewhat pricey.

Filler Memory foam

Animal fillers

3. Down and feathers

Down and feathers photo

These materials are quite traditional and absolutely environmentally friendly — they have long been used to make pillows. To do this, they take feathers and down from various waterfowl — ducks, geese, and so on. Depending on the ratio of hard feathers and soft down, the performance characteristics of the pillow are formed. The more fluff is added, the softer the pillow becomes — with the help of this approach, it is possible to form the effect of air space inside, as well as to significantly increase the thermal insulation qualities.

Unfortunately, for people suffering from allergies, such products will not be suitable, especially since this type of filler almost instantly absorbs and retains all sorts of unpleasant odors. If you do not take care of the pillows — do not clean them and do not dry them, then ticks and bedbugs will start to start in them very soon. Washing the filler on your own will not work — for this you will need to hand over the products to dry cleaning. If you properly care for the product, it will last for quite a long time.


  • One of the cheapest traditional materials;
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly;
  • Sleep comfortably;
  • Conducts heat well.


  • Quite difficult to care for;
  • Orthopedic qualities were not found;
  • Not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Filling Down and feathers

2. Horsehair

horsehair photo

Such material in our country is rarely used in its pure form, as a rule, it is mixed with camel or sheep wool. It is worth noting that horse hair itself is very heavy and elastic, so it will qualitatively support the head and neck in the correct position. Pillows based on a horsehair filler alone are tight — in terms of their performance, they are optimally suited for people suffering from spinal problems, pregnant women, those who are overweight, and also for everyone who prefers hard pillows. It is worth noting that the filler itself is durable and retains its shape throughout the entire period of operation.

Horsehair absorbs moisture well, so a pillow based on it will be an excellent option for people with excessive sweating. Also, this material is characterized by high antibacterial qualities, easily passes air through itself. However, horsehair pillows require special care and are not suitable for people with allergies.


  • Increased elasticity;
  • Keeps the head and neck in the correct position;
  • Passes through itself air and quickly evaporates moisture.


  • Not suitable for allergy sufferers;
  • Needs specialized care.

Horse hair filler

1. Wool of camels and sheep

Wool camels and sheep photo

Products based on these materials are quite common. Such pillows are characterized by high elasticity, they have medium rigidity and good thermal conductivity. Natural wool allows you to get a full and comfortable rest, regardless of the time of year and ambient temperature. Sheep and camel wool easily pass air and moisture through itself, and there will be no unpleasant odor.

It is not suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, because bugs, mites, bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms can start in wool. To prevent such a development of events, pillows must be carefully looked after. In particular, they must be ventilated in the fresh air, kept for a long time in the cold, and so on.


  • For a long time they retain their original shape;
  • Able to support the neck and head;
  • Provide a comfortable stay at any time of the year.


  • Washing yourself is strictly prohibited;
  • They need quite complex and regular care.

Filler Wool of camels and sheep

Vegetable fillers

4. Buckwheat husk

Buckwheat husk photo

One of the key distinguishing points associated with this material is a very high rate of orthopedic and massage qualities. The pillow perfectly remembers the shape and carefully supports the neck during sleep and rest. The filler easily passes air through itself, does not heat up even on the hottest days of the year, instantly absorbs sweat, leaving no foreign smell. Dust does not accumulate in the husk, it is not a habitat for mites, which usually cause allergic reactions. Doctors recommend using pillows based on this material for back diseases, if a person has problems sleeping, snores heavily, sweats excessively, suffers from allergies to dust, wool or feathers.

However, some users still experience some discomfort. The pillows are quite hard, and this is not comfortable for everyone. The buckwheat husk itself rustles slightly, so it will be difficult for people with sensitive sleep to sleep.


  • Cheap but effective material;
  • Long service life;
  • Used for back pain
  • Does not accumulate dust;
  • Ticks do not live in it.


  • The filler rustles slightly;
  • It has a strange smell that not everyone can tolerate.

Filler Buckwheat husk

3. Bamboo

bamboo photo

Such pillows are quite elastic compared to other types of fillers, besides they are very soft and gentle. Bamboo has no foreign smell, is an absolutely environmentally friendly material. With the help of these products, you can quickly create a comfortable microclimate, providing yourself with a very high-quality and long-lasting sleep.

This is a real salvation for people suffering from allergies. Dust does not accumulate in such pillows, mites and other microorganisms do not start to start, which can cause allergic reactions or cause other harm to human health. In this case, the pillow requires some care, otherwise the filler may be deformed. The neck is weakly supported, so people with increased sweating and diseases of the cervical vertebrae will not work.


  • Products are optimal for allergy sufferers;
  • Allows you to ensure a long and sound sleep;
  • Does not accumulate dust;
  • Absorbs moisture well.


  • With improper care, it can be deformed;
  • Weak neck support.

Filler Bamboo

2. Latex

latex photo

The material is produced on the basis of special foam, which is made from natural rubber. The result is a porous material in which there are a huge number of holes for ventilation. At the first time of operation, a mild specific aroma can often be felt, which soon disappears. Latex foam does not absorb moisture well. It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic material. In fact, it is a natural and absolutely environmentally friendly antiseptic, where mites, mold, microbes, fungi and so on do not settle.

With this pillow, sleep becomes healthier and more comfortable, which makes it ideal for pregnant women. Orthopedic qualities are quite high, so pain in the neck area is reduced. The spine of a resting person is in the correct position, which allows you to completely relax the muscles.


  • Great for allergy sufferers;
  • Does not need special care;
  • It is comfortable for pregnant women to sleep on pillows with the same filler;
  • The back muscles are completely relaxed.


  • Weakly absorbs moisture — not suitable for people with increased sweating.

Filler Latex

1. Silk

silk photo

In the first place of this part of the review of the best fillers for pillows, this material deservedly appeared. With its help, it is possible to achieve a feeling of comfort, coziness and coolness, so it is very comfortable on such pillows. They perfectly absorb moisture, dust mites do not live in them — the best option for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Pillows can be used literally all year round.

This filler can be washed in the most ordinary washing machine in the mode for delicate fabrics. The material does not differ in excessive elasticity, therefore its orthopedic qualities leave much to be desired, which is why many manufacturers also add synthetic fibers to the pillows.


  • The optimal version for asthmatics and allergy sufferers;
  • Can be machine washed;
  • Dust mites do not live in the material;
  • Suitable for year-round use.


  • Low orthopedic qualities;
  • It’s pretty expensive.

Filler Silk

In conclusion, a useful video

Our ranking of the best pillow fillings has been completed. We hope that now you have a complete understanding of these materials. If you still have some questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article.


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