The Internet for many users is the main source of income — there are a huge number of specialized thematic sites, online stores and other resources with which you can earn money. However, not everyone knows how to start doing it right. First of all, you will have to purchase a place on the hosting to host your site. If the project is planned to be quite large, where at least 30-40 thousand people will visit every day, then hosting for the server is indispensable.

In our article, we are going to tell in an accessible form and in as much detail as possible about the best hosting for servers. In addition to analyzing the main characteristics of such resources, the review will give some important tips on choosing a hosting, as well as discuss the key characteristics that you will definitely have to pay attention to.

How to choose the right hosting for the server?

Broadly speaking, hosting is a special service that allows you to host a website on a separate powerful computer that provides constant access to the Internet. Such a computer, as a rule, is represented by a high-performance server, while the user leases for a certain period a certain amount of its capabilities and resources sufficient for the stable and fast operation of his project. The server itself is located directly in the data center, is under the constant supervision of specialists. Even if there is a power outage nearby, the servers will still continue to operate as before.

Of course, it is possible to use a home computer or laptop as a server, but it will be very difficult to ensure the smooth operation of the project. This is due to the fact that dedicated servers are made from more reliable components, their most important components are duplicated, so the likelihood of downtime is minimized. Reliable hosting has everything necessary for the stable operation of the user’s project.

When choosing a resource, you should pay attention to the cost of services. As a rule, there are several tariff lines, the cost depends on the functionality chosen by the client. The price is affected by disk space, the maximum load of the site on the central processor, the number of sites laid out.

It is also necessary to take into account the convenience of working with hosting — for this there is a special panel that greatly simplifies many different processes. Through it, the client will be able to set up his own server, select the version of PHP, develop and save the database, work with the data of his site, bind the domain to the server, and so on.

When we chose the options to include in our review of the best hosting, we took into account all the above points, but some other points were also taken into account — the ratio of the price and quality of the hosting itself, data transfer speed, and so on. I would like to express the hope that after a careful study of the rating, you will be able to choose the most suitable platform for your resource.

Top ten best server hosting


timeweb.com photo

Not too large hosting — on its servers there are about 150 thousand users, but it is characterized by a high level of reliability. It was launched in the summer of 2006, all servers are located on Russian territory. The product has a control panel of its own design, provided ISP Manager. Each new user is provided with a free trial period of 10 days. On the main page of the hosting site, its main advantages are immediately given in comparison with other identical sites, there is information regarding promotions held by the administration.

The cost of tariffs starts from 5.5 dollars per month. If you buy a service for a year, then the price per month becomes lower. In principle, this cost is not the lowest in the Russian and international markets, but the hosting is quite reliable, technical support works around the clock. The minimum space provided on the hard disk is 10 GB, the maximum is 50 GB. The hosting is based on the Linux operating system. Within a month, there is a maximum of one minute of downtime, it processes a picture with a resolution of 2000×2000 pixels in 2.42 s, the response time is 10 ms, it can process 148 requests from other users in just 1 s.


  • Reliability;
  • Stability;
  • Has proved itself from the best side with the vast majority of customers.


  • The cost of services is quite high.

9. 1dedic.ru (FirstDEDIC.ru)

1dedic.ru (FirstDEDIC.ru) photo

Another Russian hosting, which was launched more than 10 years ago — at the end of 2010. All servers are Russian, the control panel is equipped with DCImanager and ISPmanager. The provided test period is insignificant — only 3 days, during which it will be very problematic to understand the hosting functionality, only an experienced user is capable of this. The platform is equipped with an additional service «Dedicated server», and it is very convenient. If you purchase it, then the developer will have access to a convenient server configurator, Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors, which will complement the traditional server Xeon.

It is easy to put into operation your own server on this hosting, it does not take much time — a specialist will spend about half an hour on it. It is worth noting that users are offered a choice of operating system — Linux or Windows. Technical support works quickly, all the information provided is useful and answers specific questions. The speed of a standard network connection is only 100 Mbps, you will have to pay extra for an increase in it.


  • It is easy to configure the server if you have certain knowledge and skills;
  • There is a choice of operating system;
  • Friendly technical support;
  • You can get the server up and running very quickly.


  • Short test period;
  • Minor base speed;
  • The server often uses separate components that are not designed for server load;
  • It is quite expensive to rent server space.


Fornex.com photo

The first in our review of the best server hosting, which is hosted in various European countries — the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Russia. The service was first launched in 2007, today there are about 55,000 customers. A new user is given a 7-day trial period with full access to all the features of the resource. The control panel of its development, includes cPanel and ISP Manager. Site navigation is very convenient, it is easy to find the cost of tariffs. Prices are low — they start from $ 1.14 per month, so even a user with a small project, which at first will not make a profit, can afford to rent a hosting.

For extra money, hosting is able to provide a number of very useful services, by the way, many of them are not found in every provider. These include, in particular, VPS administration. The platform is based on Linux. For a month, there are about 64 minutes of downtime, which is quite a lot. The performance is average — an image with a resolution of 2000×2000 pixels is processed within almost 5 seconds. The server is capable of processing 1178 requests per second, the response is 44 ms.


  • Low cost of renting space;
  • There are a number of additional services that are not always found;
  • A large number of processed responses per second.


  • Significant downtime for a month;
  • Average performance.

7. Beget.ru

Beget.ru photo

It exists in the network since 2009, at the moment about 165,000 customers are registered on this hosting. All servers are located in Russia, the control panel is its own, and it is very convenient to use. The test period is one of the longest among all the hostings included in our review. The servers have a high level of reliability, users have complete freedom of access to the VPS, which allows them to perform any operations and configure them depending on their own needs. Technical support solves all emerging problems in the shortest possible time.

Hosting is optimally suited for residents of our country and the CIS, because there are many opportunities and bonuses available only to people located in these territories. It runs on Linux, the maximum number of hosted sites is limited depending on the tariff from 2 to 25, the cost of the service is quite affordable, there is reliable protection against DDoS attacks. During the month, no downtime was detected, it processes a standard image of 2000×2000 pixels in just 2.21 s, the response is 12 ms, up to 111 requests are processed in 1 second.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • No downtime;
  • The performance is decent.


  • Limited maximum number of hosted sites.

6. ihc.ru

ihc.ru photo

Hosting is not very famous, although it has been on the market for the twelfth year — since the spring of 2009. It has about 25,000 users. The servers are located in our country, equipped with their own control panel, it has ISP Manager and cPanel. The duration of the test period is 7 days. The cheapest tariff will cost $ 1.3 per month if you buy the service immediately for a year. The premium package will cost $ 17.4 per month, too, if paid for a year in advance. The Russian domain .rf or .ru (users prefer the latter more often) is provided as a gift. Depending on the tariff, from 1 to 200 GB of space is provided, you can host from 1 site to an infinite number, Linux hosting works.

No downtime was detected during the month, a standard format image is processed within 2.39 s, the response is only 1 ms. Within 1 second, the server can handle 3679 requests. Technical support responds promptly — in about 3-4 minutes, all problems are resolved in a short time.


  • Large selection of tariffs;
  • Missing simple;
  • High response speed;
  • Not too high prices.


  • Small number of users.


Smartape.ru photo

Another not the largest hosting, but it is one of the freshest in the virtual space — it was launched in 2012. It has about 10,000 users. The control panel includes only ISP Manager, but the trial period is quite long — 14 days. However, the interface is very user-friendly, and the cost of services is quite affordable. There are a large number of various discounts for tariff plans, for example, if you rent hosting for three years at once, you can save about 50%. The company provides each client with a free domain in .рф or .ru format.

Hosting is optimized to work with Bitrix. The layout and configuration of VPS and dedicated servers is just perfect. The client will have to set up, manage and ensure the security of his resource on his own, since technical support here responds slowly. Like most hosting, it runs on Linux. There was no downtime for a month, the response is 1 ms, in 1 second the hosting processes 1244 requests. A picture of 2000×2000 pixels processes in 3.65 seconds.


  • A large number of discounts and promotions for services;
  • Superbly optimized servers;
  • Fast response.


  • You will need to ensure the security of the resource and other site settings on your own;
  • There are not so many clients on hosting;
  • Technical support is quite slow.

4. Majordomo.ru

Majordomo.ru photo

One of the oldest Russian hosting — it has been operating since 2000. Today there are about 45,000 customers here. All servers are Russian, the test period lasts for 14 days. The control panel is its own, it is equipped with ISP Manager. Services are quite cheap, but you will have to pay for each of the services you like. The equipment on this hosting is a little outdated, so you should not expect too high speeds.

In total, the client is offered three tariffs — Start, Unlimited and Unlimited +. In terms of cost, they do not vary too much, all sites are protected from DDoS attacks, there is a limit on the number of hosted sites only on the starting tariff, from 5 to 15 GB of space is allocated on the hard drive. No downtime was detected, the response is decent compared to other hostings — 10 ms, a 2000×2000 pixel image is processed in 5.2 s (also not the fastest option). For 1 s hosting can handle 238 requests.


  • Fairly cheap option.
  • Lots of features;
  • There is a reliable protection against DDoS attacks.


  • Works rather slowly;
  • The equipment is already outdated.

3. Webhost1.ru

webhost1.ru photo

For the third place in the review of the best hosting for the server, we decided to determine the international resource that has existed on the network since 2008. Its main servers are located in European countries, in our country, as well as in the USA. The trial period lasts for 30 days. The control panel is quite simple — it includes only the ISP Manager. The hosting site is very user-friendly: its interface is easy to navigate. The cost of services starts from $ 1.85 per month, there is a system of discounts. Site administration provided. Technical support responds quickly and strictly to the point.

The user, regardless of the chosen tariff plan, can host an unlimited number of sites on the server, but the free space varies from 5 to 35 GB. Hosting has no downtime, the image is processed in 3.6 s, the response time is 1 ms here, its capabilities are enough for high-quality processing of 376 requests per second.


  • Technical support works well;
  • Hosting works without downtime;
  • Fast response;
  • Long trial period — 30 days;
  • Acceptable price.


  • It is difficult for a beginner to understand the functionality.


REG.RU photo

One of the largest domestic hosting companies with over 2,200,000 clients on its servers. It has been operating since 2006, its servers are located only in our country. The control panel is extensive — includes ISP Manager, cPanel and Parallels. The duration of the test period is 14 days. The hosting site looks quite attractive. There are many tariff plans here, they are designed for a variety of purposes — virtual, VPS, dedicated servers. They can work on both Linux and Windows. The cost of rent in the first case is 1.25, in the second — 1.85 dollars per month. There is hosting created for various CMS and Bitrix systems.

The platform is suitable not only for beginners, but also for quite experienced users. Technical support responds very quickly, helps to solve any problem that has arisen. During the month, only one minute of downtime accumulates. An image of 2000×2000 pixels is processed in 3.51 s, within 1 s the server withstands 381 requests.


  • A huge selection of tariffs for a variety of purposes;
  • Rare downtime;
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced users.


  • Lots of subtleties to figure out.

1. JustHost.ru

JustHost Logo

The platform was released to the market in 2006, all servers are located in our country and operate on the basis of Linux. The control panel is of our own design. The duration of the test period is 15 days. It is quite enough even for a beginner to fully get acquainted with the possibilities of this hosting. The cost is one of the lowest in the domestic market — you will have to pay from 0.51 dollars per month. There are several types of hosting — VPS / VDS, dedicated server, server hosting and provision of virtual hosting.

The number of databases is unlimited, sites too. Technical support responds quickly to any requests, provides comprehensive information on the case. No downtime was detected, a standard image is processed within 2.45 s, which is a very worthy indicator. The server response does not exceed 1 ms, it processes up to 517 requests per second.

Rent a server at JustHost.ru!


  • The cheapest domestic hosting;
  • There is a site backup feature available to everyone for free;
  • Reliable system of protection against DDoS attacks;
  • It is easy to contact technical support.


  • The domain is registered for quite a long time;
  • Not too familiar control system — you have to get used to it.

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best server hosting ends. We have tried to describe them in as much detail as possible. If certain questions still remain, then do not hesitate to ask us in the comments to this article. In the shortest possible time you will receive comprehensive and understandable answers to them.



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