Initially, steam cleaners were developed as a medical device designed to disinfect and clean hospital rooms. However, in the past few years, this technique has been retrained as a household one. With its help, you can cope with the cleaning of surfaces of various kinds from almost any contamination without the use of chemicals.

In order for the service life of this equipment to be as long as possible, and the device itself to quickly cope with the functions assigned to it, it is very important to choose the right steam cleaner. In this regard, before proceeding with a direct review of the best steam cleaners in 2022, we decided to give a few recommendations of a recommendation plan regarding the purchase of this product.

What to look for when choosing a steam cleaner?

The steam cleaner is specially designed to clean surfaces from dust and dirt, and for this purpose hot water steam is used. The principle of operation of the equipment is as follows: water is poured into a special tank, which then flows to the heating element, which runs on electricity, after which it boils away and turns into hot steam. Due to the presence of valves, steam accumulates, resulting in an overpressure. Pressing a special button opens the shutter, air, together with water vapor, escapes in large quantities.

Cleaning is carried out by wetting the dirt with small particles of water, as well as with the help of a steam stream, which removes debris particles. This effect is enhanced by various types of brushes and nozzles that come with this equipment. With this product, you can remove dirt that is resistant to water — ceramics, windows, mirrors, ovens, hoods, and so on. It is perfect for working in hard-to-reach places. With the help of high temperature, it is possible to kill dust mites, lice and bedbugs.

Choosing the best steam cleaner

The steam cleaner is quite simple: the design has a boiler where water is poured, a heating element itself that turns water into steam, a flexible hose equipped with a special valve in which steam accumulates. In addition, there is a trigger pistol and various attachments.

On sale you can find models that have the function of suction of water with particles of dust and dirt dissolved in it. Through a special slot in the nozzle, it enters a special tank. A number of expensive models have an injector and a pump that will supply detergent to the nozzle. This feature makes cleaning easier.

Steam cleaners are manual, floor and multifunctional. Manual designs are no larger than an electric kettle. They are not very expensive, they have a heating element power from 600 to 1600 W, the volume of the water tank is insignificant — only about half a liter. The mass of the device is about 1 kg. The capabilities of the technique depend on the maximum possible steam pressure.

Floor devices in their appearance are very similar to vacuum cleaners. They are characterized by a high power level — from 1500 to 2300 watts. The capacity of the tank is no more than 3 liters, which provides about an hour of continuous operation. Multifunctional devices combine the capabilities of both the steam cleaner itself and the vacuum cleaner and iron. They cost the most.

When developing our ranking of the best steam cleaners, we studied many user reviews, took into account the value for money, as well as the opinions of professionals. The review includes only the most popular models, which, at their cost, will be affordable for most readers.

Manual models

3. Karcher SC 1

Karcher SC 1 photo

It is characterized by a form traditional for steam cleaners — it very much resembles an electric kettle. On the side there is a button with a built-in LED indication, which will inform you about the connection to the mains with a green light. A special power button is not provided, however, there is a lock-type button that will not allow you to accidentally press the steam release button, which is reliably protected from moisture penetration. The plug that closes the water tank has a special rubber gasket with a wide thread. The main distinguishing point of this element is that until all the steam is released, it cannot be opened. The nozzle is also equipped with a rubber gasket. All nozzles are fixed with a special mechanical lock.

The power cord is quite long — as much as 4 meters. It is quite enough for cleaning large rooms. The kit comes with a rubberized hose, which greatly reduces the need for effort. The capacity of the reservoir is 200 ml. The manufacturer recommends filling it with distilled water or water that has been filtered or boiled. A fully filled tank will be enough for 10 minutes of continuous operation. The device can easily cope even with old fat, which even with the help of chemicals is not always possible to remove. It will quickly remove limescale from the surface of the bathtub, sink or toilet bowl, easily deal with it on faucets, on the shower hose and so on.


  • It has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold;
  • Quickly warms up and prepares for work;
  • Perfect for daily use;
  • The case is made of high-quality non-staining plastic;
  • Long power cord.


  • Small water tank.

Karcher SC 1

2. ENDEVER Odyssey Q-408

ENDEVER Odyssey Q-408 photo

Differs in versatility of use — it can be used to clean glass, ceramic surfaces, metal products, but it is suitable for smoothing clothes, that is, as a steamer. Such products are not too expensive. Powered by 220 V, allows you to get steam with a maximum temperature of 135 degrees. It can produce up to 17 grams of steam per minute. Ready to work in three minutes after switching on the network. The nominally declared power is 1200 W, however, in order to achieve such an indicator, you will have to warm up the device to full and use it continuously for 10-15 minutes. The average power of the device is somewhat lower — it is about 1 kW, but this is quite enough to get rid of persistent pollution. The capacity of the water tank is almost half a liter.

The design provides a special reservoir for liquid detergent, its volume is about 200 ml. Instead, it is permissible to fill in liquid to clean or disinfect the surface. The case and nozzles are made of dense and reliable plastic, painted in black and orange, which gives the device additional style and allows it to fit into any interior. The handle is ergonomic, fits well in the hand, does not slip out of it. Includes a funnel for pouring water and cleaning products. In addition to the steam cleaner itself, you can find a large number of different nozzles in the kit: a universal spray brush, a round-shaped brush that has bristles made of polymeric materials. Scraper with a fabric cover for wet cleaning, an extension hose is provided to reduce the strain on the hands.


  • It fights well with mold formations;
  • Quickly cleans and disinfects;
  • Rich equipment.


  • The model is not very stable, with intensive cleaning it can turn over.

ENDEVER Odyssey Q-408

1. Kitfort KT-906

Kitfort KT-906 photo

This model of domestic production has a decent weight — about 2 kg, but the product is quite compact: its overall dimensions are 25.5x30x16.5 cm. Steam is generated in a special boiler made of high-quality aluminum, its volume is 0.3 liters, the maximum outlet pressure pair is 3 bars. The maximum power of the equipment is 1200 W, due to which water turns into steam within three minutes after being turned on. The steam is dry, its maximum temperature is 135 degrees. When the tank is completely filled, the machine can work for 12 minutes. Externally, the case looks like a jug with a handle. It is made of high quality plastic, which is very pleasant to the touch. On the bottom side there is a notch for a finger, here is also a button for supplying steam. It is worth being very careful with it, since it is not protected from accidental pressing in any way.

The case will not heat up during operation, unlike the nozzles themselves, so you will have to change them as carefully as possible. You can assemble the device before work within a few seconds. It is better to protect water purified from hard salts. When the water is heated, the lid is completely blocked — it is not possible to open it, especially since excess pressure is created directly in the tank itself. This device works absolutely silently, it has a long power cord — as much as 3 meters. With it, you can easily move around the room. Small stains are removed almost instantly, larger or more stubborn stains need to be steamed a little longer, and then removed with a soft cloth. The kit comes with a special round brush that breaks dirt into smaller ones, which speeds up the cleaning process.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Perfectly disinfects;
  • Provided with a nozzle for cleaning windows;
  • Long power cord.


  • Not detected.

Kitfort KT-906

Inexpensive floor models

3. MIE Juno

MIE Juno photo

This is a new word in the field of combating persistent pollution without the additional use of detergent chemicals. With the help of this equipment, you can quickly cope not only with various stains, but also disinfect the premises, remove dirt from the most inaccessible places. Styling is classic for the products of this brand. The steam cleaner is made of high quality plastic, painted in black and orange. Thanks to this design, the product will look great in any interior. The product is characterized by high performance regardless of its compact size. The boiler is made of stainless steel alloy and has a volume of 1.1 liters, thanks to which it can be operated without interruption for approximately 30 minutes. The length of the supply cord is almost three meters, while the length of the steam hose is one and a half meters. Such opportunities allow you to move freely with this device around the apartment.

The steam cleaner has a stand equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to move. The maximum steam pressure is 4 bar, the steam boost function is provided, at which it increases to 5 bar, the highest power of the steam generator can reach 1500 W. After switching on, about 5 minutes should pass until the device is completely ready for operation. There are corresponding indicators on the surface of the body that will inform the user that the steam in the boiler is running out, that it is ready for use, and so on. The area of ​​u200bu200buse is quite extensive, and due to the steam boost function, it is possible to get rid of even persistent rust stains on plumbing equipment. The set includes a large number of nozzles, the largest of which is a wide mop for cleaning the floor. It allows you to work with any coatings — linoleum, tile, parquet, carpet, laminate and so on.


  • Beautiful modern appearance;
  • Sufficiently large volume of the boiler;
  • Advanced functionality;
  • There are a wide variety of nozzles.


  • In some cases, steam power may not be enough.

M.I.E Juno

2. Karcher SC 2

Karcher SC 2 photo

This design is characterized by a balanced approach to the issue of cleaning, moreover, it is characterized by an excellent ratio of price and quality of the model. Its performance and functionality are top notch. High power in this device is not provided, as the developers initially focused on the flexibility of cleaning, so that you can easily serve hard-to-reach areas, killing the pathogens that have accumulated there. The maximum power of the product is 1500 W, the maximum steam pressure given out by this steam generator is 3.2 bar. Overall dimensions are not too large — 380x254x260 mm, which in size almost completely corresponds to a standard vacuum cleaner.

On the handle of the product there is a special locking system that will not allow the child to turn on this device on his own without parental control. The design provides for adjusting the level of steam supply — this mechanism is also located on the handle. This equipment is very convenient to use, besides it is characterized by a very attractive appearance: the steam generator is produced in yellow and white. The complete set is rich, which makes it easy to cope with any pollution, even in the most inaccessible places. There is a nozzle for cleaning and disinfecting the floor, delicate work with kitchen surfaces and so on.


  • Perfectly washes even the most persistent pollution;
  • The time required for cleaning is greatly reduced;
  • Cleans effectively, suitable for both daily use and major cleaning;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Universal product.


  • There is no cord winding mechanism;
  • The power cable itself is short.

Karcher SC2

1. Kitfort KT-903

Kitfort KT-903 photo

Among the best steam cleaners of the year in the inexpensive price segment, this household appliance has an expanded scope. With the help of the device, you can remove any dirt from ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, moisture-resistant wood, carpets and plastic surfaces. The water poured into the boiler heats up very quickly, but the product will make some noise. During operation, water heating will also turn on for a couple of minutes — you need to be prepared for this. On the handle of the product there is a button for supplying steam, which has a lock to protect against unintentional activation. The handle has an ergonomic shape, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and there are also two extension tubes included so that the user can choose the optimal length for themselves. Together with the floor brush comes a special microfiber cloth, which after use is enough to rinse under water and dry thoroughly.

The jet nozzle is well suited for processing corners and baseboards; a special brush with nylon bristles is provided for working with sanitary equipment. For glasses and mirrors there is a separate nozzle. Steam easily dissolves all impurities, there is also a nozzle with an elastic band. When the steam supply is turned off, it will remove excess moisture from the surface and leave no streaks. This appliance can be used as a garment steamer. A stand with coat hanger can be purchased separately, which will allow you to iron garments in a few seconds.


  • Easy to use;
  • Extended functionality;
  • Heats up quickly;
  • During the cleaning process, you can add water to the tank.


  • A little noisy.

Kitfort KT-903

The best premium steam cleaners

3. Bissell 1897-N

Bissell 1897-N photo

Despite the fact that this model is made in China, it has a high level of quality and a long period of operation. In addition, the manufacturer gives a fairly long warranty for its products — 2 years. The case is made of high-quality transparent plastic, which gives the design additional style and attractiveness. The mass of this equipment is only 4.5 kg. The assembly is excellent, all elements are tightly fitted to each other, there are no backlashes and extraneous squeaks. The design provides a special holder, due to which the product can be easily held in the hand during the cleaning process. The cord is quite long — as much as 7.5 meters.

One of the main features of this equipment is the ability to transform. To do this, the tank will have to be disconnected from the mop. The equipment is equipped with a special digital regulator. Half a minute is enough for him to warm up to the optimum temperature and begin to produce the volume of steam declared by the manufacturer.


  • Washes absolutely all surfaces;
  • Can be used as an iron;
  • Long period of warranty service;
  • If necessary, it can be transformed.


  • It weighs quite a lot.

Bissell 1897-N

2. MIE Bello

MIE Bello photo

This is one of the best steam cleaners in 2022 in its price range. The product has a very attractive appearance — beautiful and rich colors, the body is made of high quality plastic, very pleasant to the touch. It leaves no traces of touch. The kit comes with a large number of different nozzles that are put on with ease, since all the grooves strictly match. The steam cleaner comes with a special steam iron for clothes. This is the only model on the market that is equipped with such a device. It is quite convenient, in terms of its performance characteristics, it is no worse than clothes steamers. The iron copes well not only with folds on items of clothing, but also allows you to quickly cope with other textile products — bed linen, curtains, and so on. It has a sole made of high-quality metal with a non-stick coating, which allows you to work even with delicate fabrics such as silk.

The steam generator allows you to issue pressure up to 5.5 bar. This power is much higher than most similar devices. The steam cleaner easily removes dirt from any surface. The product comes with a large number of different nozzles that can be used to clean floors, tiles, kitchen furniture and so on.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Extended functionality;
  • The set includes a special iron for clothes;
  • Fat and mud deposits are removed almost instantly;
  • Thanks to hot steam, you can save on household chemicals;
  • There is a reliable protection against overheating, and a safety valve is also provided.


  • The wheels are not rubberized, when moving on parquet or laminate, they begin to knock.

MIE Bello

1. Karcher SC5 Easyfix Iron Kit

Karcher SC5 Easyfix Iron Kit photo

This steam cleaner compares favorably with other models not only in its appearance, but also in its very high cleaning power. The maximum steam pressure here is about 4.5 bar. If necessary, it can be adjusted using a special handle. The design provides a special compartment for detergents or disinfectants that help get rid of 99% of pathogens found on various surfaces. The presence of various kinds of accessories allows you to remove dirt from kitchen hoods, slotted and corner elements. A steam clothes iron is supplied with the cleaner, which means that ironing can be done approximately twice as fast as with a classic iron. The product is equipped with the latest VapoHydro function, as a result of which hot water is added to the steam. This allows you to quickly remove and wash off any pollution, including quite persistent ones.

The set comes with a flexible floor nozzle EasyFix, it is equipped with a lamellar sole. A microfiber cloth is attached to it, due to which you can quickly clean and disinfect the floor surface. The nozzle for carpets is able to give the pile its initial freshness in the shortest possible time. The water tank is removable, if necessary, you can add water directly to the operating device. There are several compartments on the case — for storing the cable, another one is designed for all sorts of accessories and additional attachments.


  • High power;
  • Good efficiency;
  • Wide functionality.


  • During storage, it takes up a decent amount of free space.

Karcher SC5 Easyfix Iron Kit

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best steam cleaners in 2022 has come to an end. We tried to collect in it the maximum information on the presented models. We hope it will be enough for you to choose the most suitable equipment for your home. If you have any questions or just want to share with us and our readers your experience of using such equipment, then comments on this article are at your complete disposal.


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