Spring has come, which means it’s time to change the tires on your car from winter to summer. Many motorists faced the problem of choosing such a product, especially since tires greatly affect the safety of movement. Tires should be chosen according to certain rules. In our review, before considering the best summer tires in 2022, we present the main characteristics regarding this product. So let’s get started!

Selection rules and types of summer tires

There are a large number of tires in stores today, so it’s quite easy to make a mistake with the choice. Classical rubber is considered to be highway — it is designed for public roads. The protector has well-defined longitudinal grooves, due to which moisture is quickly removed from the contact patch. They make almost no noise while driving. Unfortunately, they are not very suitable for off-road — depending on the type of shock absorber, any bumps will be strongly felt.

How to choose the right summer tires

The next type of rubber is all-weather — it is versatile, as it can be used throughout the year. However, such products will retain their key characteristics at ambient temperatures down to -7 degrees. In colder weather, the tire becomes dull and loses its elasticity, resulting in poor handling. For most regions of our country, it is not suitable for use in the winter months.

Sports tires are suitable for drivers who like high speed and also prefer an aggressive driving style. It is made from a special mixture of rubber, at high speed it makes it easy to maneuver, almost no noise. However, due to the fact that it is made from fairly rigid materials, any, even a slight bump or hole, will be well felt. Contact with the road is as tight as possible, due to the not too embossed tread.

It is the tread that you should pay attention to when choosing summer tires — today one of the most popular is symmetrical directional, it is ideal for most motorists, but does not tolerate aggressive driving and too high speeds. The asymmetric non-directional tread pattern allows you to quickly remove moisture from the contact patch, showed itself well during sharp maneuvers or sharp turns. There are two more types of tread — symmetrical directional and asymmetric directional. They are less common.

When compiling our review, we considered not only all the above points, but also took into account such points as value for money, user reviews and professional drivers, and many other characteristics. We really hope that the information we have collected will allow you to choose the most suitable summer tires for your car.

Good models of summer tires in an inexpensive price segment

3.Triangle Group TR928

Triangle Group TR928 photo

One of the softest products that can only be found on the Russian market. Even on the toughest shock absorbers, it easily swallows serious bumps and pits. Rides quite smoothly, handling is excellent. On asphalt, it behaves just perfectly. Wear is weak — this is noticeable on the wear control track: even after 4-5 thousand kilometers it remains at the same level and does not wear out at all. There are different diameters, so these tires will fit on any discs, the same can be said about the width of the profile. Tires are not designed for high speeds — when driving around 140-150 km / h, a deterioration in handling begins to be felt.

In addition, this product is not suitable for fairly heavy cars — this rubber is able to withstand a car weight of up to 900 kg per tire. While driving, it does not make any noise at all, it emits a slight rumble, but on a smooth surface it is completely inaudible. It showed itself well during braking, including emergency braking, the braking distance is insignificant.


  • Low price;
  • Almost no noise;
  • Weak wear;
  • soft;
  • Maintains controllability at medium speeds;
  • The protector is not erased for quite a long time.


  • Not suitable for aggressive driving and off-road.

Triangle Group TR928

2. Yokohama Blu Earth AE01

Yokohama Blu Earth AE01 photo

This product allows you to save on fuel consumption — the rolling resistance coefficient is lower by about 20% compared to the average values. Products are made of elastic rubber, due to which the contact patch is very large — this ensures good grip with the road surface even during rain. Tires are considered very safe, moreover, they are resistant to wear, almost no noise on the asphalt surface.

This summer tire is made from a synthetic rubber compound with natural orange oil and additional nanotechnology. Tire weights are 10% lower than average. The design of the sidewalls is designed in such a way that it is possible to provide excellent aerodynamics. Products are able to travel quite a long distance — the manufacturer claims about 100 thousand kilometers. According to user reviews, this figure is greatly underestimated, rubber can last up to 200 thousand km.


  • Provides excellent traction
  • Allows additional fuel savings;
  • Good value for money.


  • Off-road it starts to make a lot of noise, although the bumps are still not felt.

Yokohama Blu Earth AE01

1Nokian Nordman SX2

Nokian Nordman SX2 photo

These products belong to universal models, that is, they are perfect not only for traditional cars, but also for crossovers. Manufacturers managed to achieve this factor by increasing the speed index and increasing the maximum allowable load. The rubber is quite maneuverable, but it is still dangerous to use it at high speeds, but with lateral loads during sharp turns or when it is necessary to perform a sharp maneuver, this product copes perfectly. If the load turns out to be excessively high, then autonomous-type side blocks are connected, since they are separated by transverse slots. This allows you to protect the tires from lateral breakdowns.

For dirt roads or off-road, it is poorly suited, especially after rain — you can easily get stuck on it. The tread pattern is asymmetric, due to which it was possible to significantly improve the performance of the product during braking and during dynamic driving. The noise level is average, however, it cannot be said that these wheels hum too much. The tires are manufactured using Silent Groove Design technology, which results in noise levels well below average. These tires are produced on the basis of natural rubber, which greatly increases the elasticity of the tires.


  • Good softness;
  • High level of strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Excellent road holding.


  • It happens that products vary in weight, which reduces the controllability.

Nokian Nordman SX2

In the middle price category

3. Michelin Energy XM2

Michelin Energy XM2 photo

This is one of the most durable models among all those included in our review of the best summer tires, this figure was made well above average thanks in large part to the special Michelin Ironflex TM technology. The carcass threads are made on the basis of a material with increased strength and elasticity. In addition, the sidewall is also designed differently, due to the peak loads are distributed throughout the structure and do not damage the tires. The drainage channels are made quite wide, so moisture practically does not get to the contact patch. This allows you to maintain traction even during heavy rain.

The tread lamellas have unequal depth, so the rubber retains its original shape during acceleration and braking and does not transform. This approach extends the life of the product, and also greatly reduces the braking distance. The rubber contains a high percentage of silicone, so it has low rolling resistance — this significantly saves fuel.


  • Fairly quiet;
  • Good tread pattern for asphalt and dirt road;
  • High controllability;
  • Handles peak loads very well.


  • With average wear, it starts to make noise.

Michelin Energy XM2

2. Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31

Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 photo

It has treads characterized by uniform wear and low noise level. During the development process, special attention was paid to wet grip. Even with an average degree of wear, the rubber shows ideal characteristics in terms of safety and driving comfort. The rubber compound is exactly the same as the products tested in professional racing, so it will perform excellently even at high speeds. In terms of its driving qualities, rubber is able to satisfy most car owners.

There are annular channels on the tread, the pattern has an elementary V-shaped orientation, but this does not reduce the area of ​​the contact patch in any way. Rubber has reliable protection against hydroplaning on wet surfaces. External channels are additionally equipped with lamellas that remove water. Driving stability is ensured by a straight central rib and some asymmetric grooves. The tread blocks are slightly rounded, which allows them to withstand significant loads, including during sharp maneuvers or emergency braking.


  • Insignificant braking distance;
  • It behaves well on dry and wet pavement;
  • Innovative technology efficiently removes water from the contact patch.


  • The smoothness of movement is a little lame.

Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31

1. Yokohama Geolandar SUV G055

Yokohama Geolandar SUV G055 photo

This model belongs to all-season products, but professional drivers recommend using it in the warm season. It can be used for cars, and for crossovers or SUVs. Despite the fact that the model was developed back in 2012, until today it remains at the peak of its popularity not only due to its high performance, but also due to the ability to reduce fuel consumption. In wet weather, tight contact with the road surface is ensured. Rubber is made from a special proprietary blend of orange oil and silicon dioxide.

The profile has an increased level of rigidity, so the tire will practically not deform even during peak loads. It practically does not lose energy while driving, the tread wears out evenly, so even worn tires will not affect the vehicle’s handling. The grooves are made in the form of a zigzag, well remove moisture from the contact patch, reduce noise and ensure tight contact with the coating.


  • Almost no noise;
  • Good level of security;
  • Weak wear.


  • When hit in a rut, it can behave unpredictably.

Yokohama Geolandar SUV G055

Premium class

3. Toyo Proxes ST III

Toyo Proxes ST III photo

This is one of the best summer tires for 2 years, characterized by a directional tread and designed for fairly high speeds. They can also be used on sports cars. Such rubber perfectly adheres to the road, steadily holds the coating at high speeds, it wears out slightly even with aggressive driving. Brakes very effectively in all conditions. The tread pattern provides good balance in all weather conditions. During the movement, the rubber is completely silent due to the use of Acoustic Surface technology.

There are so-called multi-contour slots in the shoulder blocks, due to which the rubber perfectly withstands lateral loads, including contact with the curb. They are also responsible for uniform wear.


  • Perfectly copes with any road conditions at any speed;
  • Not afraid of getting into a rut;
  • Soft, swallows holes and bumps well.


  • Until it warms up, it makes a little noise.

Toyo Proxes ST III

2. Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110

Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110 photo

All the positive characteristics of such tires are best seen at high speeds — not every rubber can boast of such quality. It has a very attractive appearance and a wide profile that provides tight contact with the road surface and a large patch area. This rubber has received a lot of positive feedback from professional riders. It was developed using the most modern technologies, the creators paid special attention to the safety, performance and environmental friendliness of their products. Were not deprived of attention and such qualities as handling and stability. Tires instantly react even to minor movements of the steering wheel, so there are no problems with handling.

The product copes well with both longitudinal and transverse aquaplaning. The drainage system proved to be very effective. In the tread, you can immediately see four large drainage channels, a lot of cuts and notches. The slats are small in size, so the noise emitted during the ride is not too strong. The tread here is of a directional type, continuous in the central part, there are no notches on it in this area. The side zones have an additional rubber sealing ring, with its help it is possible to protect the structure from the occurrence of lateral cuts of breakdowns due to impact.


  • Rigid sidewall;
  • Good wear resistance;
  • Attractive appearance.


Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110

1. Michelin Primacy 3

Michelin Primacy 3 photo

These are the best summer tires of the year among all presented on the Russian market today, despite the fact that they were developed back in 2011. The most modern technologies were used in the production process, thanks to which it is possible to save a lot on fuel. The composition of rubber contains an elastomer that provides good plasticity to products, a special agent that increases the level of strength, as well as a synthetic plasticizer. This product is distinguished by an original tread pattern, which is slightly cut off at the edges — this makes the wear even and increases the contact patch. It has a significant number of autonomous blocks, which, when hit by bumps, will be pressed closer to each other.

The tread pattern is asymmetric, which prevents the effect of hydroplaning on wet or frost-bitten roads. Longitudinal grooves easily cope with excess fluid and prevent skidding. The thickness of the lamellas is only 0.2 mm, however, under increased loads, they provide closer contact with the road surface. The contact patch is made as large as possible, so even during emergency maneuvers the car will not skid to the side.


  • Low rolling resistance for fuel economy
  • Almost no noise on the road;
  • It behaves quite predictably on asphalt.


  • At the start, traction is lame.

Michelin Primacy 3

In conclusion, an interesting video

That concludes our roundup of the best summer tires for 2022. We hope that it was very useful for you and helped you choose the most suitable product. If any questions remain unanswered or there are certain difficulties in terms of selecting rubber, then welcome to the comments on our article.


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