The refrigerator is designed to keep food fresh for a long time and at the same time maintain a stable low temperature even in conditions of a power outage. It will not be superfluous to have an automatic defrosting system. In principle, the Candy CCRN 6180W model meets all these requirements. It is to her that our today’s review is devoted. As part of testing, we decided to pay maximum attention to practical tests of this technique, which concerned the time to reach the operating temperature, the duration of its retention, and so on.

Main characteristics

Candy CCRN 6180W photo

The unit of domestic production, for which the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty. Electricity consumption corresponds to class A, which makes the equipment quite economical. The control here is completely electronic, which gives the device a significant advantage over electromechanical or completely mechanical models. The lighting of the refrigerator compartment is LED type, and both it and the freezer are equipped with No Frost systems, so they will not need to be defrosted. The shelves are made of durable tempered glass, which allows them to withstand significant physical exertion, including shock.

The door is equipped with three convenient shelves for storing eggs, butter, sauces and so on. There are five shelves in the refrigerator compartment, at the bottom there is a compartment for vegetables and fruits. The volume of the freezer is 106 liters, there are three plastic boxes. The body of the refrigerator is made of metal, painted white with powder paint, which easily withstands any impact — it does not scratch, does not chip. In offline mode, that is, when the power is turned off, the refrigerator maintains its operating temperature for ten hours if it is not opened.

Refrigerator rating plate Candy CCRN 6180W

If one of the chambers is open for a long time, the corresponding sound signal will start to sound. The doors, if necessary, can be moved from one side to the other. The mass of the unit is 65 kg with overall dimensions of 59.5x185x65.7 cm. The power cable is 1.75 m long, so the refrigerator can be placed at a considerable distance from the outlet.

refrigerator Candy CCRN 6180W

What comes in the kit?

Set, except refrigerator Candy CCRN 6180W

The refrigerator is delivered in a convenient package made of thick cardboard with monochrome printing. The box contains the manufacturer’s logo, its contacts and transportation rules, no more data is given here. Even the model name is given on a small sticker with a barcode. In addition to the refrigerator itself, there is an instruction manual, by the way, not very detailed, a warranty card and data on the energy efficiency of equipment.


Top camera Candy CCRN 6180W

This refrigerator does not have any special decoration. On the top of the refrigerator compartment there is only the manufacturer’s logo. Both doors are smooth, somewhat convex, there are no protruding parts. There are no handles either, instead of them there are recesses for opening. The side walls are absolutely smooth, but they are distinguished by a small decorative relief that feels like leather to the touch. The back wall is made of thin sheet stainless steel, it has the same relief as the sides, but there is no paint.

compression device Candy CCRN 6180W

A niche for the compressor motor is located at the bottom of the device. Motor model EKZ95, it is filled with environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a. The compressor block is securely fixed to the body with bolts, it is equipped with shock-absorbing supports. Near it is a plastic tank where condensate will collect.

The legs of the refrigerator Candy CCRN 6180W are adjustable

The front part is located on the legs, which are adjustable in height, so the refrigerator will stand securely even on uneven surfaces. The control box is located inside the refrigerator compartment, directly behind it is a high-diffusion LED lamp, which allows it to illuminate every corner of the refrigerator. Between the shelves you can find a valve, with the help of which the temperature is adjusted and its ratio between the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

The glass shelves have a plastic edging, which will additionally protect them from impacts. The set comes with a stand for eggs, it is made of transparent plastic with a grayish tint. The freezer is equipped with a door with a smooth inner surface. Drawers are made of transparent plastic, they lie on removable glass shelves, the latter can be removed if necessary. There is also an ice mold — it holds 15 ice cubes with a volume of 25 ml.

Candy CCRN 6180W bottom chamber

What is in the instructions?

The instruction is presented in the form of a small brochure printed on standard office paper, all information is presented in small print, the quality of printing also leaves much to be desired. It has been translated into several languages ​​- Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian and Uzbek. All basic information is presented in an accessible and understandable way. I would especially like to note the presence of a table of possible malfunctions and methods of dealing with them.

Part of the manual for the refrigerator Candy CCRN 6180W

Refrigerator control

The button responsible for selecting the mode allows you to stop at one of the four options for the operation of the refrigerator and freezer. There is also a fifth mode, with which you can use the rapid cooling system. There is a valve, it has the inscription Freezer Easy Flow, it is located on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment, it is designed to control the ventilation system.

Refrigerator control Candy CCRN 6180W

Basic rules of operation

Before using the device, unpack it, remove the cardboard box, foam pads, tapes responsible for fixing doors, shelves, drawers and other accessories. Before connecting the machine to the mains, all its internal surfaces should be wiped with a soft, damp cloth and allowed to dry completely. The refrigerator is installed on a flat and solid surface, avoiding direct sunlight and ensuring that the doors open freely. If necessary, the cabinet can be leveled by adjusting the feet at the front. Before the first start, the refrigerator must be kept indoors for six hours — this will allow it to adapt to the humidity and temperature conditions. Products can be put into it about an hour after switching on: in this case, the temperature of the chambers will drop to operating parameters.

If the compressor does not start in the first few minutes after turning on the network, then this is a completely working moment. The motor itself functions evenly and quietly, no extraneous sounds are heard. The side walls heat up a little, but in the future this effect disappears, and the back panel remains cold. The doors have opening sensors — if they are open for three minutes or more, an audible alarm will start.

Fruit box Candy CCRN 6180W

How to care?

Periodically, the chambers of the refrigerator will need to be cleaned of plaque accumulated there. For greater safety, the equipment should be disconnected from the network. Wipe the inner and outer surfaces with soft cloths or a foam sponge, they can be moistened with warm water. It is not necessary to add cleaning agents, but a small amount of liquid detergents can be added if desired. Upon completion of cleaning, wipe all elements with a soft dry cloth.

Freezer drawer Candy CCRN 6180W

It is strictly forbidden to use abrasive products, hard brushes, acids, alkalis or organic solvents to care for the parts. The freezer and refrigerator compartments are able to defrost automatically. It must be remembered that glass shelves do not tolerate sudden temperature changes — they can crack because of them.

Extended drawer in the lower chamber Candy CCRN 6180W

Usage impressions

First of all, we measured the power consumption of the refrigerator — the maximum unit consumes about 0.1 kW per day. If the device is in standby mode, then the consumption does not exceed 0.4 W per day. In the future, we paid attention to the level of noise produced. The refrigerator works quite quietly — no louder than 38 dB when the motor is running at the highest power, in the interval between cycles it does not make a sound at all.

two-chamber refrigerator Candy CCRN 6180W

The freezer works just fine: when empty, a liter of water at room temperature completely turns into ice within an hour and a half. Sealing is provided by rubber gaskets and magnetic elements. The doors open easily, are fixed securely, thanks to which they do not allow warm air to pass through them from the outside, so the initial temperature in the chambers will be maintained for a long time.

Shelves between drawers in Candy CCRN 6180W freezer

Pros, cons of the refrigerator and general conclusions

It is quite natural that, like any household appliance, this unit has its positive and negative sides. I would like to start with the advantages of the refrigerator:

  • Excellent capacity;
  • It works very quietly — literally at a distance of a meter you can no longer hear how its motor functions;
  • Standard, but strict and stylish appearance allows the device to organically fit into any room interior;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Perfectly packaged — during transportation, not a single element of the package was damaged;
  • The illumination is LED, the illuminating elements are arranged in such a way that literally everything in each chamber is visible.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to do without shortcomings, although there are not too many of them:

  • Weak ergonomics of the organization of the internal space of the refrigerator;
  • The instructions are printed in small print on gray thin paper.

Door opener Candy CCRN 6180W

As a result, for its price, the refrigerator turned out to be quite high-quality and reliable. Not every model in this price range has such a quiet operation and efficient freezing. We definitely recommend purchasing.

Refrigerator Candy CCRN 6180W in operation

refrigerator Candy CCRN 6180W


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