Another Candy model, belonging to the Rapid’O family (manufactured in Kirov), enters the domestic market. This product is characterized by the presence of a decent selection of automatic programs, which, if necessary, can be adjusted in terms of duration, water temperature, spin intensity, and so on.

Another original point was the excellently thought-out control system, which includes a special mobile application that allows you to work with this device remotely — via a smartphone or even voice commands. Such a technique can easily be classified as a smart equipment group: it is enough to take a picture of the laundry and send it to the machine itself through the application, after which it will automatically select the most suitable program depending on the type of items presented.

Candy RO4 1276DWMC4-07 nameplate photo

General characteristics

The device is a free-standing washing machine, characterized by front-loading laundry. Up to 7 kg of things can be placed in the drum, the drying function is not provided here, but it is not required — after a high-quality spin, almost dry laundry is taken out of the machine, which can be ironed immediately. Electronic control, you can work with the machine through a smartphone or through touch buttons. All basic information is displayed on a digital character display, where data is displayed in an understandable way. Overall dimensions are small — 60x40x85 cm, so the machine is easily suitable even for a compact bathroom or kitchen. The mass of the device is 62.5 kg — it is problematic to move or move it alone, but together it will be possible with ease.

Candy RO4 1276DWMC4-07 photo specifications

The product does not consume too much electricity — only 0.8 kW / h per 1 kilogram of laundry, a maximum of 52 liters of water is consumed per wash cycle. The drum is made of polished Silitek composite material, the spin speed is adjustable regardless of the selected program, the highest rotation speed at this stage of the machine is 1200 rpm. The case is made of painted galvanized steel, reliably protected from water leaks — you don’t have to be afraid that you will flood your neighbors. In addition, it provides high-quality child protection and control over the level of foam formed during washing.

Candy RO4 1276DWMC4-07 all inclusive

The machine has 16 automatic adjustable programs. You can wash things made of natural wool in it without fear that they will sit down. The diameter of the loading hatch is 35 cm — it is easy to load even very large items such as blankets, carpets, and so on. There is a delayed start timer for up to 24 hours. The sound signal indicating the end of work is not very sharp, pleasant, so the machine can be started even at night without fear of waking up or disturbing the household. During washing, the machine emits a maximum of 51 dB, during the spin cycle, this parameter increases to 74 dB.

Candy RO4 1276DWMC4-07

Key product features

Spinner Candy RO4 1276DWMC4-07

The presence in the device of as many as 16 programs allows it to carefully handle tissues of any type itself. Economy wash mode minimizes the consumption of water and electricity, allows you to freshen things intended for daily wear. There is also a super-rinse function. It is perfect for children’s clothing, as well as for people suffering from skin allergic reactions and other rashes. When using this feature of the device, detergents will be washed out in full from the structure of any fabric.

Candy RO4 Composite Tank 1276DWMC4 07

The tank, as mentioned above, is made of a carefully polished composite. Therefore, at a high rotation speed, even the most delicate fabrics will be treated with care. It is durable, as it is not affected by corrosion processes. However, it also has a certain drawback, which lies in the fact that such drums are less resistant to mechanical damage — shocks and other influences.

The washing machine has a drum balance control system, so that during the rinsing and spinning process a lump will not form from the loaded clothes. In case there is a tendency to this effect, the washing machine automatically switches the drum to reverse rotation and reduces its speed. This also has a positive effect on the life of the washing machine, further reduces vibration and noise during operation.

Washing machine in operation Candy RO4 1276DWMC4 07

The leakage protection system is represented by a significant number of sensors. The machine also controls the amount of foam generated during washing. This function is useful if the user has selected the wrong type of detergent or has loaded too much detergent. The principle of operation in this case is as follows: after rinsing is completed, the pump will pump out excess foam and rinse the laundry again. This will help get rid of even the slightest traces of washing powder in the structure of the fabric, provide improved rinsing quality and reliably protect electronics from the negative effects of moisture.

Back of washing machine Candy RO4 1276DWMC4 07

The washing machine is powered by an inverter motor. There are no brushes in its design — such a solution allows you to slow down the wear of the motor and ensure its quiet operation. The running washing machine has a special protection against children — when it is activated, the control panel is completely blocked. The child will not be able to cancel the wash or change the selected program. Due to the delayed start, the machine will start working at a time when no one is at home, or at night. The equipment has a steam treatment function. When using it, things become softer, the folds are almost completely smoothed out, thanks to which ironing is much easier, especially for textile products made of thick fabrics and large sizes.

Washing machine control Candy RO4 1276DWMC4 07

Washing machine Candy RO4 1276DWMC4-07

Originality of functionality

One of the key distinguishing points is that the washing machine has nine quick programs at once — other similar devices have much less such capabilities. At the same time, quick programs are designed for almost any occasion, in particular, there is a hygienic wash function. Models from other manufacturers usually have no more than four quick modes, which gives this device a significant advantage.

Delivery set Candy RO4 1276DWMC4 07

Another important distinguishing point is the ability to provide a class A wash in just 39 minutes. No other washing machine has this feature. Another unique feature is the use of Snap&Wash technology, thanks to which the automation automatically selects the program based on the photo of the laundry. The sunroof is raised, the control keys are arranged in a grand piano style. This allows not only to ensure the most attractive appearance of the washing machine, but also adds convenience — in particular, a person of average height will hardly have to bend down in order to load or pull clothes out of the drum.

piano key arrangement Candy RO4 1276DWMC4 07

Advantages and disadvantages

Washing machine Candy RO4 1276DWMC4 07

Let’s start by tradition with the positive aspects that this washing machine caused us:

  • Excellent and perfectly thought-out protection from children;
  • An advanced sensor system prevents leakage;
  • When spinning, the drum is automatically balanced — things do not gather into a lump, they are evenly distributed throughout the internal space, due to which they are almost dry at the exit;
  • As many as 16 automatic work programs (9 of them for quick washing), which includes a program for working with wool, delicate fabrics, children’s and sports items, and so on;
  • There is a delayed start function;
  • The machine is equipped with an inverter brushless motor, which ensures a long period of operation of the device;
  • The steam function prevents the formation of deep wrinkles that are difficult to iron;
  • Pleasant, but well audible signal about the end of the wash;
  • Low consumption of electricity and water;
  • There is a delayed start function;
  • Convenient management;
  • Large hatch located as high as possible for easy loading and unloading of laundry from the drum.

Main view of Candy RO4 1276DWMC4 07

Now let’s move on to the disadvantages:

  • Direct injection of water into the working chamber does not allow you to quickly soak all the loaded laundry;
  • The function of reloading linen is not provided;
  • The AquaStop function is not provided if the hose is damaged;
  • The heating element is made on the basis of ceramic materials, so scale begins to accumulate on it over time;
  • A small creak when pressing on the machine from above;
  • Different fonts in the instructions and the instructions themselves are printed on very thin newsprint.

Candy RO4 1276DWMC4-07


Washing machine tray Candy RO4 1276DWMC4 07

First of all, I would like to note the attractive appearance of this washing machine. It is able to optimally fit into any interior, regardless of the style of its design. Linen after washing comes out perfectly clean and almost dry — you no longer have to spend a lot of time and effort on ironing. Of course, there were some drawbacks, but they are not too significant, moreover, an acceptable cost and the ability to remotely control the device almost completely eliminates them.


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