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It is difficult to overestimate the impact of bedding on sleep productivity. Increased requirements are placed on products intended for women who are expecting a baby. So, pillows for pregnant women help to relieve stress and easy falling asleep. And it will not be possible to achieve this without taking into account the configuration of the product and the properties of the stuffing material.

What are the requirements for a filler for pregnant women

There is no consensus on which filler is preferable — artificial or natural. The first is cheaper and easier to maintain. The second is more reliable and environmentally friendly.

Synthetic shape-resistant fillers have mild orthopedic properties. This contributes to better support for the head and neck, relieves excessive tension. Natural materials exhibit a light massage effect, create a favorable microclimate, which also improves the quality of sleep and promotes good rest.

Regardless of the packing option, the product must meet the requirements:

  • hypoallergenicity;
  • hygiene;
  • durability and wear resistance;
  • security;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • ease of care;
  • moisture resistance.

High-quality stuffing material does not roll, allows air to pass through, and does not absorb foreign odors. An important parameter is the resistance to harmful microorganisms — the inert material does not attract pests, including dust mites, and also exhibits antibacterial activity.

Types of fillers

Pillows for pregnant women are filled with both natural and artificial stuffing. It is difficult to name the best variety due to the fact that each woman has her own preferences and individual characteristics of the body. To choose the best filler, you need to compare the characteristics of the most popular variations.

How to choose the best pregnancy pillow


Holofiber is a synthetic material with high elasticity due to individual elements in the form of a spiral. They spring well and quickly restore their shape. The option attracts with its cheapness, practicality, unpretentiousness of care. Other pluses include:

  • ease;
  • wear resistance;
  • breathability;
  • pollution resistance.

The raw material does not absorb moisture, dries quickly after washing, does not deform. But you can’t do without cons. Synthetics provoke sweating, which leads to skin irritation and discomfort. There is no orthopedic effect, and excessive elasticity of the fibers can cause discomfort, which leads to persistent pain in the back and neck.



Comfort pillows for pregnant women are comparable to holofiber varieties. In fact, comfort is an improved type of synthetic filler. Additional antibacterial treatment of the fibers increases the level of safety, and silicone impregnation improves dimensional stability and durability.

Comfortel photo

The material is fireproof, does not accumulate static electricity and odors, does not cake. Comfort textiles are washable. Lightness and high breathability are other advantages of stuffing raw materials. Due to environmental friendliness and safety, raw materials can be used not only in the manufacture of bedding for pregnant women, but also for stuffing things intended for newborns.


Granular synthetic material is known as anti-stress. Gas-filled granules roll pleasantly, creating the illusion of flowability. Not everyone likes a granular layer. Therefore, before buying it is worth weighing all the pros and cons.

The advantages of expanded polystyrene include:

  • resistance to moisture and pests;
  • high rates of recovery after compression;
  • micromassage effect.

Light weight, safety and hypoallergenicity also speak in favor of expanded polystyrene. As for the minuses, this is a characteristic and obsessive rustling that can annoy at night, difficulties with leaving. Manufacturers do not put a ban on washing, but the water and centrifuge of the machine gradually destroy the granules, which leads to a deterioration in performance.


Thinsulate (artificial swan down)

The list of prestigious synthetic fillers includes thinsulate. Siliconized microfiber is superior in performance to other fillers, including natural ones. The villi, twisted into a spiral, keep their shape well, gently support the neck during sleep. Elastic fibers do not roll, adapt to the contours of the body, providing proper comfort.

Artificial swan down attracts with its increased service life, lightness, environmental friendliness, and safe composition. At the same time, soft filling does not provide the required support and is not recommended in the case of a problematic spine, neck pain and a tendency to migraines.

Thinsulate (artificial swan down)


In appearance, bamboo fiber resembles holofiber, while the raw material is of natural origin and has useful properties, including:

  • hygroscopicity and breathability;
  • antistatic;
  • softness and light weight.

The filler does not cause a greenhouse effect in summer and gives comfort in winter. Eco-friendly bamboo is useful for women in position, however, bedding does not have orthopedic properties due to the increased softness of the fibers. The service life of bamboo is low — half that of artificial fillers. But the material is affordable and pleases with a natural composition.

bamboo photo


Buckwheat husk

Variations with buckwheat husks are recognized as environmentally friendly and comfortable, they are considered orthopedic pillows. The material does not attract pests, exhibits anti-stress properties, follows the contours of the body. Products with buckwheat husks are valued for their pronounced therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Pillows are much harder to touch than with other fillings, but healthier. At the same time, buckwheat husks have significant disadvantages:

  • short service life;
  • Difficulties with care and maintenance of cleanliness;
  • rustling of buckwheat during a change of position;
  • high weight compared to synthetic packings.

A treatment pillow should be considered as an addition to permanent bedding. A natural thing will help out when traveling, with exacerbation of neck pain or insomnia. The choice of products by configuration and size is small, and the cost of orthopedic modifications with environmentally friendly filler is much higher.

Buckwheat husk

What kind of pillow to choose for a pregnant woman

Not only the filler, but also the configuration of the product is important for expectant mothers. Manufacturers have made sure that pregnant women are as comfortable as possible when falling asleep and not only. Along with square and rectangular models, non-standard products are also appearing, designed to relax the sleeper, relieve tension from the back, and improve blood circulation.

C-shaped pillow

The product in the shape of the letter C gives a feeling of soft hugs. The model is also known as «banana». A deeper variety is the G-pillow. All of these variations have a common goal:

  • eliminate muscle clamp;
  • support a growing belly;
  • prevent stagnation of blood in the lower body;
  • provide precise support for the neck.

Oversized model will help out at home, on trips, during the daytime on the couch or in an armchair. The only problem is that when turning from side to side, the product will have to be shifted.

C-shaped pillow

U-shaped pillow

An elongated model, shaped like a horseshoe, entered the top popular pillows for pregnant women. The option is suitable for women at any time, as well as after childbirth. There are several advantages of the U-shaped modification:

  • equally comfortable when falling asleep on either side;
  • removes stiffness in the lumbar region;
  • prevents squeezing of the vessels of the lower extremities;
  • promotes rapid and deep relaxation.

The minus of the product is one, but significant — the overall model is not suitable for compact beds. Women who are accustomed to sleeping in an embrace with their husband will not appreciate a product that literally isolates her on the sides.

A half U-model, resembling the letter L, will be able to solve the problem. You can put your head on it, throw your leg up, while the product does not restrict movement and looks compact.

U-shaped pillow

Pillow wedge

An unusual variety for a healthy sleep is a wedge pillow. It is selected according to height and significantly unloads the upper body during rest. Thanks to the triangular geometry, a certain angle of inclination is maintained, which contributes to increased relaxation. The product can be considered as an orthopedic design, which is not suitable for all women.

Pillow wedge

Summing up

Diverse in form and content pillows for pregnant women designed to improve the quality of sleep and make life easier for the expectant mother. But a large assortment of products can confuse any person. To understand which option is worth buying, you need to evaluate your own needs, take into account health problems, test models and fillers, if possible.

Natural textiles are indispensable for allergy sufferers and women with increased skin sensitivity. Products with an orthopedic component will help out in case of back problems, a tendency to insomnia and headaches. For women who are rapidly gaining weight, special configuration options are recommended — U and C-shaped.

A high-quality pillow is suitable not only for the period of pregnancy. A model of optimal dimensions and elasticity, with improved support and tactile sensations, will increase the benefits of sleep and help cope with fatigue after the birth of a child.


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