Every person who is going to create and promote their own website in a virtual network is forced to purchase hosting. People who are just starting out on this path are often frightened by this term, but there is nothing terrible in it. Hosting, generally speaking, is the rent of a certain space on the server, where the files and data of the site will be stored, allowing it to work stably. However, choosing the most suitable hosting is not so easy, largely due to their wide variety. Today we want to tell you in detail about justhost.ru hosting, after a careful study of which you will surely be able to decide whether it is suitable for you or if you should look for another resource.

A bit of hosting history

The company entered the market back in 2006, today it is actively developing. The most rapid growth of the company was observed about 10 years ago. This was due to the fact that the management introduces at that time a guarantee of the return of the money remaining in the account at any time. Despite the fact that the development of the enterprise has slowed down slightly during the pandemic, it still remains one of the largest players in the hosting market. All the main servers of the company are located in Russia.

Hosting performance and capabilities justhost.ru

The average response speed on this resource is 318.09 ms. The indicator is quite high — at the level of the world’s best hosting, sites load quickly, even heavy ones, with a high content content. At one point, it still lags behind the leading hosting — this is the time it takes to receive the first byte from the server.

What is included in all rates

JustHost is unlimited, that is, the user is able to host an unlimited number of sites, databases and other information on the allocated space. However, there are often requests to reduce the number of files, database tables, and inodes. This is done to optimize the operation of sites to provide faster response and maximum experience for the end user.

All hosting services are certified. The company’s servers are located in Moscow and Kazan. Technical support is available around the clock. She can be contacted by phone, email, online chat, and tickets included in the management pack. We decided to test its work and asked a number of technical questions by e-mail. The specialist answered us within an hour. All the information received was useful, presented in an accessible, polite format.

A test period is provided here, which is provided to a potential client for 15 days, and during it all hosting features become available to the user, if he transfers his domains to JustHost hosting, then one month is given for each of them, however, the maximum free period cannot exceed one year. Remaining funds after payment can be returned using the original moneyback service.

Hosting Control Panels - Similarities and Differences

The hosting site works on the basis of DirectAdmin. There is a free service — hosting specialists can provide all possible assistance in transferring a site from a server of another provider, setting it up for optimal operation on their own equipment.

It is convenient that absolutely all servers run on the Linux operating system, support for several programming languages ​​is provided — Python, Ruby. User available Cron task scheduler.

Hosting performance

When choosing, be sure to take into account the speed of the communication channel between the server and the user’s computer — this will directly affect the speed of loading the site, the time it takes to download files of various types. Such a factor will be one of the determining factors for people who own sites of regional importance, since such a statement is true only for the VPS service.

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Personal account JustHost

Hosting administrators offer their potential customers to check the speed of servers in manual mode — for this they are offered to download a test file from the official website, the weight of which is 50 MB. Based on the load time, you can draw a conclusion about how reliable the channel between you and the hosting is.

The hosting does not have its own application for checking the actual download speed, however, it is proposed to use one of the popular testers — their list is also on the company’s official website. If you pay attention to the final graph, it becomes noticeable that the performance lines are closer to its bottom, which indicates a high download speed.

Service prices

Hosting service management
Hosting service management

This is a fairly budget option that will be affordable for novice web developers. First of all, it compares favorably with other hosting services by providing time for testing features. As we said above, a test account is given for 15 days. It is free, reveals to the user all the positive and negative aspects of hosting. The optimal tariff will cost 87 rubles per month or 835 rubles if you pay immediately in advance for the year. It allows the user to host an unlimited number of sites and databases, from 10 to 300 GB of free space is provided on the server’s hard disk.

You can purchase your own dedicated server that will run on the Windows operating system, but the cost will vary between 6,500 — 22,500 rubles per month. The price is affected by the amount of memory, the capacity of hard drives, the type of processor. At the same time, the user is provided with a free administration service, 2 IP addresses at once, the ability to protect their resources and data from possible DDoS attacks.

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Test results and conclusions

Based on the results of testing within the trial period, I would like to say the following: quite fast hosting, there are many opportunities for development. The system on the basis of which the resource works is quite stable, reliably protected from hacker attacks and viruses. Accordingly, all data is stored in full, there is no loss of data. Often there is an optimization of the occupied space, a reduction in the volume of databases, which positively affects the loading of the site by the end user. The upload and download speed is decent — there is no need to complain about this at all, unfortunately this often happens without the knowledge of the user. The client chooses the operating system for himself — it can be Windows Server or Linux.

Now briefly about what I did not like. Firstly, it is a rather long process of waiting for the first byte to be received from the servers. This may take up to several seconds. The port speed is decent — 1 Gb / s. JustHost allows site owners to return unspent funds to themselves. Payments can be made through various systems, from the usual Webmoney to bank transfers.

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Briefly summing up, it becomes clear that the hosting is quite worthy, the company has been on the market for a long time and has managed to develop into a serious player in the market. This option, combined with a flexible pricing policy, makes it ideal for novice web developers who are not yet confident in their abilities and are not ready to shell out decent amounts for renting a host, especially considering that they are not sure if they are going to do this in the future. JustHost offers to transfer domains already available to the client to its servers, for each of them the user is given one month of free service, but the maximum period cannot exceed 1 year. We hope that we have conveyed all the information to you in an accessible way, but if, nevertheless, some points seemed unclear, then you can always tell us about it in the comments to the article. We will try our best to clarify things that you do not understand.

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