Electric toothbrushes have become a new word in terms of brushing teeth and general oral care. Today we would like to tell you more about the Oclean Flow model, which we recently received for testing. First of all, this product is characterized by a quite reasonable cost, attractive appearance and a long period of operation on a single battery charge — the battery can last up to six months.

Oclean Flow brush

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The brush has five modes, among which the user can choose the most optimal for himself, depending on his mood and needs. The device works almost silently. It was developed by engineers of the world famous Chinese company Xiaomi, which specializes in the manufacture of smart technology.

Reverse side of the Oclean Flow box

Briefly about the brand

Oclean belongs to the ecosystem of brands owned by Xiaomi. It manufactures not only toothbrushes, but also a number of other devices — irrigators and sanitizers, all of which belong to the inexpensive price segment.

At the same time, it should be said that Xiaomi itself also has its own line of battery-type electric toothbrushes, and they will be very different from the models manufactured by Oclean, both in terms of appearance and functionality.

Specifications of the Oclean Flow brush

What comes in the kit?

End of Oclean Flow box

The brush came to us in a thick cardboard box, it looks very nice and was able to securely keep its contents throughout the journey. In the kit you can find a control unit, a replaceable brush, a charger and instructions, and the instruction manual is translated into understandable literary Russian.

This model is made in two versions — pearl white and blue. The first one fell into our hands, although, as other users note in their reviews, the blue one also looks quite attractive. It will not be possible to connect this device to a smartphone, the operating modes are switched by pressing a key on the case. The latter is made of high-strength plastic with a matte coating, which prevents dust from accumulating, allowing the brush to look as attractive as possible throughout its entire service life.

Contents of the Oclean Flow box

Multi-mode device is reflected in the external design. On the pearl-white case, you can find stripes of light gray, on the stripes there are icons of various cleaning modes — the selected mode will be highlighted, and the mode switch button is also lit. The design of the developers turned out to be quite long when compared with similar devices from other manufacturers, but the brush is very stable. Nevertheless, we all the time did not leave the feeling that it is easy to turn over.

Initially, we planned to write that the brush lacks some kind of support at the bottom, which would be larger than the diameter of the body. In the future, we abandoned this idea, because due to the length of the brush, no stand will affect its stability. However, for greater reliability, manufacturers have released a wall holder. It is not included in the kit, you will have to purchase it separately for $ 9.99, a case is also sold for $ 12.99 — it will come in handy for people who plan to take such a device with them on business trips or travels.

The replaceable nozzle is quite tight, it does not fit too tightly — there is a slight gap between it and the block body. Brushes are not very expensive: about 500 rubles for a set of 4 pieces. Although there is a small gap, the model looks very solid. The nozzle itself is glossy, which somewhat correlates with the matte body of the unit.

Complete Oclean Flow brush

oclean flow sonic toothbrush

The ergonomics of the brush are carefully thought out. It fits well in the palm of your hand, does not weigh much — the brush will not get tired during use. The button responsible for switching modes is located exactly under the thumb. In the process of brushing your teeth, you will not be able to change the mode of operation, so you will have to select the right one before starting the process. The battery is charged via a regular USB Type-C, which is located on the bottom end of the case and is hidden by a soft plug.

Charging Oclean Flow

How it works and how it works

Oclean Flow in action

The speed of the toothbrush is 38,000 revolutions per minute, which is about 127 times faster than manual brushing — at least the manufacturer claims this. If we compare the model with the previous generation, the rotation speed has almost doubled. As we mentioned earlier, the brush has five modes of operation: morning, night, standard cleaning, whitening and gentle. The device turns on in the same mode that was last used.

Power and rotation speed increase incrementally — this is true for the first four modes. Careful, on the contrary, is the calmest, it can also be used for gum massage, although the manufacturer does not directly write about this anywhere. The sensations of brush movement will also differ depending on the selected mode. For example, in a bleaching machine, the cleaning head moves as if in jerks. In the instructions, we could not find the number of revolutions for each of the modes.

The first morning program of the Oclean Flow brush

The design provides a timer that warns the user every 30 seconds, and after two minutes of operation, the device automatically turns off. The manufacturer claims that a special ultrasonic technology is involved in the operation of the brush, which makes it possible to make the sound of a functioning brush much quieter. We cannot say that it works completely silently, however, even at the maximum intensive speed, the device does not make too much noise.

The product will be an excellent choice for people who have just decided to switch from a conventional toothbrush to an electric one and are not ready to spend a large amount of money. The manufacturer warns in advance in the instructions that at first there may be pain, but in about one to two weeks they should completely disappear.

oclean flow sonic toothbrush

During testing, we did not experience any pain, although we had not used such devices before. There were some unusual sensations, but no discomfort or pain. I would also like to say that after brushing your teeth, the feeling of freshness lasts much longer than after using an ordinary one. The brush is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh. As stated in the instructions, such a battery can provide up to 180 days of operation of the device without recharging, provided that one person uses the brush twice a day for two minutes. It is quite natural — we could not discharge the battery during the week of testing, however, the instructions say: when the battery charge becomes less than 10%, the red LED indicator turns on and starts flashing.

Instructions Oclean Flow


The Oclean Flow electric toothbrush turned out to be a very solid and effective product. It fights well with plaque on the teeth, easily penetrates even the most hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity, whitens perfectly. We did not reveal any painful or unpleasant sensations during the testing process. The only negative point was that the device was too long. It seems that there is a small platform on the lower end, but it is worth touching the brush a little, and it falls. We solved the problem easily — we just kept it in a glass, but you can also purchase a wall mount. Summarizing all of the above, we definitely recommend the Xiaomi Oclean Flow electric toothbrush for purchase.

Buy Oclean Flow brush from the manufacturer at a discount!

oclean flow sonic toothbrush


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