Many girls and women continue to struggle with unwanted facial and body hair. Recently, such a standard and familiar procedure as shaving is beginning to become a thing of the past. The reason is obvious — shaving gives a short-term result, the procedure must be carried out every day. Instead of shaving, many have switched to waxing and sugaring. Such hair removal gives an effect for several weeks, but it is very painful. And, finally, the most advanced use such a hair removal method as photoepilation — it has a long-term effect and is practically painless. If earlier it was possible to get such a service only in beauty salons, today you can find a huge number of home photoepilators from various manufacturers. Picking up such a device on your own is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Today we decided to tell you about the latest Japanese-made device — CosBeauty Perfect Smooth.

CosBeauty Perfect Smooth package

Main characteristics and scope of delivery

This device is sold in a box made of thick cardboard with a soft matte glow, all the inscriptions on it are made in English or Japanese. Inside the box, you can find a plastic blister containing the device itself, the power cable and goggles that protect your eyes from light flashes during the procedure.

CosBeauty Perfect Smooth Delivery Kit

The photoepilator has an impressive lamp life — 300,000 flashes. According to the manufacturer, such a resource will last for many years. The user can independently monitor the remaining lamp life on the display. If the lamp resource runs out, then it can be replaced — this favorably distinguishes the model from similar devices from other manufacturers.

LCD screen CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

The working area of ​​the lamp window is 4.5 sq. cm, so it is convenient and fairly quick to operate it.

The frequency of light flashes is not very high — only one per second. However, the impulse turns out to be quite powerful — from 13 to 21 J per window, and this depends directly on the selected operating mode (there are 5 of them in total). So that the rays do not scatter in vain, there is a special pressure sensor against the skin surface. Also, you can additionally purchase face skin care lamps for the photoepilator: an anti-acne lamp and a rejuvenation lamp.

LCD display CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

You can use the photoepilator on almost the entire body: legs, armpits, bikini, face, arms. There are limitations on skin tone and hairs — the device is not suitable for very dark skin and very light hairs.

The functional side of the device and the impression of use

Specifications CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

The CosBeauty Perfect Smooth photoepilator is based on the latest IPL technology — intense pulsed light. The beam has a direct effect on melanin, which is located in the hair follicles, due to which their further growth first slows down, and subsequently stops altogether. Due to this function, it will be possible to provide beautiful and silky skin without going to the salon, but exclusively at home.

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CosBeauty Perfect Smooth in action

As we have already said, there are several modes of operation, so you can choose the best one for any skin type. This will make the operation of the device as comfortable as possible. The glasses that come with the model do not allow light rays to pass through them, and the sensor present in the photoepilator will not allow arbitrary flashes to occur until the moment of complete readiness for this procedure. The possibility of replacing the lamp will allow not only to install a new one, but also to change its type by placing a product for photorejuvenation or photopurification in the structure.

CosBeauty Perfect Smooth in action

The included lamp emits beams with a wavelength of 510 nm. They penetrate deep into the skin and affect the hair follicle, deactivating further hair growth. The course of combating unwanted growing hair takes 8 procedures. The first of them will need to be carried out once every two weeks, and then use the device in strict accordance with the instructions.

Work CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

It is possible to install a lamp for skin rejuvenation. This lamp creates 420 nm radiation, which works with the upper layers of the skin, stimulating the natural production of collagen. Due to this, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic, blood microcirculation increases, cells are provided with additional nutrition and oxygen. The skin becomes more toned, and the oval of the face is leveled in a natural way. This course is designed for 10 procedures. Initially, they use such a lamp once a week, then once every three to four weeks. The resource of its work is 100,000 flashes.

Photoepilator CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

work CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

You can additionally purchase a lamp to cleanse the skin. It also works with 420 nm radiation, but its purpose is completely different. With its help, it is possible to fight the bacteria that cause acne. This helps to quickly cleanse the skin, even from serious impurities, to prevent the subsequent appearance of acne. The course of treatment also takes 10 procedures — the first month the device is used once a week, then once every three to four weeks. The resource is also designed for 100,000 flashes.

Dimensions CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

Photoepilator CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

The impressions of the device are quite good, although there is still a slight discomfort. There is a tingling sensation during the flash, but it passes quite quickly, and it is not too difficult to endure such sensations. There is one more thing — before processing the surface of the skin must be carefully shaved. The kit includes detailed instructions, including in Russian. At first, it is difficult to get used to the fact that the device has to be pressed against the skin at a right angle, so the first procedures take quite a long time. After completing the entire course, we were able to forget about unnecessary hairline for many months.

Fits comfortably in the hand


Japanese engineers and cosmetologists have come up with a very interesting and curious device that can easily cope with unwanted vegetation, wherever it is. Lamps can be changed if necessary — this distinguishes this gadget from many others that are on sale. Another important factor was the presence in the kit of special glasses that completely protect the eyes from light flashes during photoepilation. The cost for some users seems too high, but it is quite comparable with the price of photoepilation in a salon. We liked the assembly of the device — there are no gaps between the elements of the case, no extraneous squeaks were noticed either. We recommend this device for purchase, even despite the rather expensive price — the gadget will pay off in just a couple of full-fledged courses of work.

Photoepilator CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

Photocell CosBeauty Perfect Smooth

CosBeauty Perfect Smooth


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