In the past few years, household appliances such as a planetary mixer have become increasingly popular among housewives. The design of this product is very simple — it includes a container where products are placed that need to be mixed or whipped, as well as various nozzles designed for these purposes. The key difference between a planetary model and an ordinary, familiar mixer is that the nozzles rotate not only around their own axis, but also around the bowl itself. At the same time, the trajectory of rotation is somewhat reminiscent of the movement of the planet in orbit, in principle, this is where the name came from. Today we want to present to your court an original and quite popular planetary mixer model — STARWIND SPM7169. As part of this review, we will try to tell you as much as possible about the capabilities of this device, give our impressions of using it, and so on.

Packaging STARWIND SPM7169

Appearance and equipment


This model is decorated with LED lighting, which allows it to optimally fit into any kitchen design. Looks stylish and original. The body is made of high quality plastic. All elements are tightly fitted to each other, nothing creaks even when pressed hard, no assembly backlashes were detected.

View of the mixer STARWIND SPM7169 in the package

The model is characterized by decent power — it has a 1600 W brushless electric motor, which allows you to work even with fairly viscous food products.

Scope of delivery STARWIND SPM7169

The product comes with a bowl with a capacity of as much as 5 liters, the maximum temperature of the mixed products should not exceed 70 degrees. The bowl is made of food-grade stainless steel, the manufacturer allows you to wash it in the dishwasher, but it is strictly forbidden to place other removable elements in the dishwasher, otherwise they will quickly become unusable. In addition to it, along with the mixer there is a hook for mixing the dough, regardless of its density, there is a whisk attachment for beating egg whites and other products, there is another nozzle designed to work with liquid products. You can manually mix or scrape the ingredients from the walls of the bowl with a silicone spatula. The bowl is covered with a transparent plastic lid.

Open mixer STARWIND SPM7169 with delivery set

Key features

Nozzles STARWIND SPM7169

The manufacturer has carefully considered the shape of the nozzles and the trajectory of their rotation, so the food will be mixed very well, eventually forming a homogeneous mass. The control is intuitive, there are six speeds. The bowl is equipped with a handle, so it is easy to use. All nozzles are made of food-grade stainless steel, which will not oxidize when in contact with a wide variety of food products. The device stands on six rubber feet, made in the form of suction cups. This minimizes vibration, thus ensuring maximum stability of the structure, no matter what surface it will be located on. In a five-liter bowl, you can load no more than one and a half kilograms of products.

mixer STARWIND SPM7169

Test impressions

STARWIND SPM7169 in action

LED lighting is located on the rotary handle, which is responsible for the speed of rotation of the motor. We decided to start testing this device with the simplest operation — whipping egg whites. We loaded three proteins — the whisk was in easy contact with the product and beat the eggs quickly enough.


Whip a smoothie
At the third speed, not all the mass is whipped
Whipping result STARWIND SPM7169
As a result, everything was mixed up with an increase in speed

At the next stage, we decided to prepare the dough. We poured five eggs into the bowl (proteins along with yolks) and turned on the machine immediately at maximum speed. After the eggs were beaten, we added 400 grams of flour and a teaspoon of slaked soda to the bowl, instead of a whisk, we installed the included dough hook. Initially, we tried to work at low speeds — we turned on the very first speed, but the mixing was not so active. A little later, we increased the number of revolutions, immediately using the fourth gear.

Window for adding food while mixing
Window for adding food while mixing

As stated in the instructions (by the way, we took the recipe from there), the dough should be ready in just three minutes after mixing at medium speed, that is, approximately at the third or fourth. However, everything turned out a little slower compared to how the manufacturer spoke about it.

Whipping egg whites in STARWIND SPM7169
Whipping egg whites in STARWIND SPM7169
Protein turned out
Protein turned out


It is natural that there were moments associated with this planetary mixer that we liked, but there are also negative factors. Let’s start with the positives though:

  • Very attractive and stylish appearance;
  • There are six legs at once, made in the form of suction cups — the mixer does not jump around the table, it always remains in its place;
  • Quite a large bowl — its upper diameter is 24 cm;
  • There are high-quality nozzles, which, like the bowl, are made of stainless steel;
  • The length of the supply cable is 140 cm — no need to use an extension cord;
  • Quite affordable cost — will be within the means of most of our readers;
  • On the lid of the bowl there is a window for adding various kinds of food.
The result of the operation of the planetary mixer
The result of the mixer — delicious gluten-free pancakes

mixer STARWIND SPM7169

Now I would like to move on to the negative points:

  • You will have to spend a little more time on mixing and whipping compared to the indicators stated in the instructions.

This is a very high quality, reliable and durable equipment that can last for many years. Honestly, we would love to use this model, so we recommend it for purchase to our readers.

mixer STARWIND SPM7169


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