The Candy CDIH 1L949-08 dishwasher has a fully push-button control panel that instantly responds to every press, the device is easy to care for, largely due to the absence of technological slots and holes. It was this model, which had just appeared on the shelves of Russian household appliances stores, that came to us for testing. Now let’s take a closer look at its capabilities.
Candy CDIH 1L949-08 front part

Main functionality

Candy CDIH 1L949-08 specifications

The dishwasher is delivered in a cardboard box, which shows the manufacturer’s logo, as well as basic information about its key features. Together with the device, there are inlet and drain hoses, a funnel for filling salt, fasteners, there is also an instruction manual and a warranty card.

Delivery set Candy CDIH 1L949-08

The control panel of this model is located on the edge of the door, like most embedded devices of this kind.

Control panel Candy CDIH 1L949-08

The upper basket moves along the working chamber on a slide. The basket is located close to the top of the chamber, it has a removable tray designed for cutlery, straight holders are provided, they are used for glasses, wine glasses, cups and glasses. The lower basket has a quite familiar design — it has inclined holders for small and deep plates.

Baskets Candy CDIH 1L949-08

Under the baskets you can find the lower sprinkler. Near it is a removable cleaning filter. On the left side of the sprinkler blades there is a container for salt, it is equipped with a screw cap. On the inside of the door there is a dispenser in which there are two compartments. Detergent is poured into the left, the compartment has a snap-on lid. The right one is designed for rinse aid with a swivel cap, it has an adjustable dispenser, as well as an indicator of the remaining agent.

Inside the dishwasher Candy CDIH 1L949-08

Candy CDIH 1L949-08 disassembled inside

The openings for the inlet and drain hoses are located on the back of the machine. The bottom is equipped with a special system of stiffening ribs, they are located on the outer side of the body, which makes the structure much stronger without weighing it down.

Control panel Candy CDIH 1L949-08

Communication with the machine is also carried out thanks to the LED indication, which will notify the user about active functions, work steps, delayed start, end of work programs, and so on.

The display of this model is not provided, which for some users may seem like a negative point, as it slightly complicates the interaction with the equipment.

The data regarding the completion of the detergent in the tank or the salt is expressed exclusively through the LED display on the control panel.

Dishwasher set Candy CDIH 1L949-08

Dishwasher buttons Candy CDIH 1L949-08

Dishwasher Candy CDIH 1L949-08

The dishwasher is equipped with a delayed start function. This is convenient for people whose water bills are calculated according to double billing — at night, water supply is much cheaper. The machine works very quietly: its noise is equivalent to 49 dB, so it will be able to work at night without discomfort for households or neighbors. The device consumes a small amount of water — no more than 9 liters are spent in one cycle, in terms of electricity, everything is also quite economical: even when choosing the most expensive program, only 0.78 kW of electricity will be spent.

Specifications Candy CDIH 1L949-08

Candy CDIH 1L949-08 is equipped with a condenser dryer — a classic and simple option, which has a positive effect on the cost of the device. The compartment for cutlery is a very convenient solution, besides, it will protect the seals from possible damage by knives or forks.

What is an instruction?

Manual Candy CDIH 1L949-08

Often, the manufacturer provides a lot of superfluous and unnecessary information in the user manual, it can be difficult to find the required sections, and some of the most useful ones (explaining pictures, equipment) are not at all. This manual contains information only useful to the user. The Russian translation is made in a good and understandable literary language, there are all the necessary illustrations, instructions are given regarding safety precautions when working with the device.

Manual Candy CDIH 1L949-08

How to use?

After removing from the packaging, the device is connected to the mains, water supply and sewerage, check the tightness of all connections. Inside the machine is reliably protected from leaks, which allows you to get rid of problems with neighbors. When all the preparatory activities are completed, you can proceed to the direct operation of the product.

Container for rinse aid and tablets Candy CDIH 1L949-08

The detergent container is located on the inside of the door, it is filled, the amount of rinse aid and the level of regenerating salt are checked. Then the dishes are loaded. If there are remnants of burnt food on pots or pans, then they need to be softened a little by holding the dishes for several minutes in hot water. It is absolutely not necessary to load the working chamber completely. Then select the program and close the door.

Programs Candy CDIH 1L949-08

Of the programs, I would especially like to single out a quick wash, which allows you to additionally save water and electricity, and this will not affect the final quality of washing in any way. If necessary, the work cycle can be changed, but this is only available for a short time after the program has started. If the detergent has already entered the working chamber, then it will not be possible to influence the washing process. Cancellation is done as follows: the program selection button must be pressed and held for three seconds or more, then they are determined with a new program, and the device is put into operation again.

Dishwasher Candy CDIH 1L949-08

The reloading function as such is not provided here, but there is a little trick. You can slightly open the door — this will pause the program, then you have to wait a bit until the blades that spray water stop rotating. After that, the door can be opened to its full width. Place dishes in the chamber and close the door back — the machine will automatically continue the program after about 10 minutes. If, however, the power supply was suddenly turned off or the device turned out to be without power for any other reason, when you turn it on again, you will have to re-select the program and add detergent.

Loading Candy CDIH 1L949-08

It is not at all necessary to fill the working chamber completely — the device will easily wash even one cup or plate. When testing the technique, we had to get used to the principle of arranging dishes for some time. Nevertheless, in the end, we concluded that the architecture of the baskets is more ergonomic than other similar devices. We still managed to identify a certain discrepancy with the words of the manufacturer. In particular, no matter how hard we try, we cannot place nine sets of dishes in the working chamber. However, it must be borne in mind that one set of dishes, according to EU directives, includes:

  • Soup plate — 1 piece,
  • Plate for the main course — 1 pc,
  • Dessert plate — 1 piece,
  • Water glass — 1 pc,
  • Tea cup — 1 piece,
  • Saucer for a cup — 1 piece,
  • Soup spoon — 1 pc,
  • Fork — 1 piece,
  • Table knife — 1 pc,
  • Teaspoon — 1 pc.

And to this amount add one large and medium salad bowl and 1 gravy boat, a large fork for meat and 1 large spoon for laying dishes.

We did not have 9 complete sets, so we describe our feelings from testing. After large feasts, often even more dishes are obtained, so you have to run the dishwasher, not just once, but several times. I would like to note that the fewer objects are placed in the chamber, the better the machine will wash them. Works well with pots, even large ones. We did not specifically measure the noise level, but we concluded that the device works quite quietly and does not cause irritation during operation.

Test impressions

Dishwasher Candy CDIH 1L949-08

We really liked the compact dimensions of this dishwasher — it is ideal even for a small kitchen. The interface is completely Russified — there was not the slightest difficulty with the choice of programs. There is really almost no noise, the consumption of resources is small.

We managed to connect the dishwasher to all communications without any problems, and it took only a couple of hours of free time. The socket was nearby, there were no problems with water supply and sewerage either, the relevant skills were available. If our readers do not have such experience, then we really advise you to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and seek the help of a professional plumber. In many ways, a well-written instruction helped us in connecting — we just had to follow it, and there were no problems. In addition, the instructions describe in some detail about a number of operational issues: the correct loading of dishes, the method of adding detergent, all programs are analyzed in detail, there is information about the installation of the facade.

Cutlery basket

They tested it in different ways. In general, dishes are washed well if the dirt is fresh. The dryer works great. Plates, cutlery, even pots do not have stains after washing, and it does not matter at all what materials they are made of — glass, metal or plastic. This dishwasher was unable to cope with the remnants of frozen buckwheat, which was cooked in a rounded pan. On the one hand, this could be attributed to the minuses, but in justification I would like to say that none of the modern dishwashers is able to cope with such a problem, the same applies to a plastic ladle — there are still a few grains of cereal on it remained. It was on the Universal Program. However, it is quite possible that this is a user defect, that is, ours: we did not take into account the direction of the water flow, placing the dishes at the wrong angle.

Dishwasher testing

The result of our experiments is as follows: the dishwasher is easy to install and operate, it works almost silently, so it can be started even at night. In addition, it copes well with fresh dirt, including when using the quick wash mode. Dries dishes efficiently, after washing there are no streaks left. However, it does not wash buckwheat very well — there are still a few grains after the completion of the work cycle, although such a sin occurs in the vast majority of such devices. Summarizing our review, I would like to say that we recommend this model for purchase, since, with the exception of minor flaws, it copes with its duties quite adequately.

Wash result

Dishwasher Candy CDIH 1L949-08


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