Just a couple of weeks ago, one of the most popular Chinese brands, Xiaomi, announced the release of the latest Xiaomi 11 Lite Ne smartphone model. This is one of the cheapest gadgets on the market. The device is characterized by small thickness, stylish appearance, high performance and excellent camera based on Sony IMX sensors. Supplied in a white cardboard box, it has a minimalist design, but inside everything is packed securely — the smartphone is not damaged during transportation.

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Design features

Thickness of Mi 11 Lite Ne

As already mentioned, the smartphone is thin — its thickness is only 6.81 mm, the camera block protrudes from the body by only 1.8 mm. If you put the device in a case, it will be almost invisible. The case is made of very durable plastic, able to withstand even severe physical exertion. The mass of the device is also less compared to other models. The device weighs about 150 g, other similar gadgets weigh about 190-210 g.

Mi 11 Lite Ne camera unit

The camera block has a very interesting layout, which is somewhat reminiscent of the design solution of the Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone. It is made in the spirit of a two-level module, the main camera is equipped with a dedicated lens, there are also auxiliary cameras and an LED flash. The color scheme is different — there are black, gray, white and even pink options. The back cover has a gradient color, which gives it additional attractiveness and style. The smartphone is equipped with a modern AMOLED display, which has a wide dynamic range, thanks to which it is possible to provide a deep and rich color gamut of the picture.

The slot for SIM cards and memory cards is located at the bottom, in close proximity to the microphone. The charger socket conforms to the USB Type-C format. Speaker for speakerphone is quite powerful, with its help you can not only talk, but also listen to music, watch videos.

Mi 11 Lite Ne dimensions

There are two physical buttons on the right side. It is a volume rocker, the second is responsible for turning on, unlocking the display, and is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner. Above you can find an infrared port, with which the smartphone can be used as a remote control for a TV or other household appliances. There is also a microphone for suppressing extraneous noise.

The main functionality of the device

Package contents Mi 11 Lite Ne

The smartphone comes with a fairly powerful 33 W charge, with 5/9/12/20 V operating modes. The cable is of quite high quality, it helps to quickly charge the lithium-ion battery, it can be used to synchronize the smartphone with a laptop or personal computer. The gadget also comes with a convenient silicone case, an adapter is also provided that allows you to connect headphones with a 3.5 mm plug to the device via the USB-C port.

Case Mi 11 Lite Ne

All the electronic filling of the smartphone is placed in a waterproof plastic case. The level of protection against splashes and dust complies with the IP53 standard. Slot for SIM cards and memory cards combined. You can install either two SIM cards in the nanoSIM format, or one SIM card and a memory card, the latter can be microSDXC or microSDHC. The silicone case is transparent, it has all the necessary cutouts — for charging, all sensors, cameras, microphones, and so on. The rear camera module is equipped with a high side, which reliably protects the lenses from scratches.

The camera block includes three sensors and a flash, all of them are placed in a single block. With their help, you will be able to get very high-quality and clear pictures, regardless of the mode of operation of the cameras. The possibility of macro shooting from a distance of 3 to 7 cm is provided. The front camera is based on the Sony IMC417 sensor. The first time the smartphone starts up for quite a long time — you will need to configure the interface language, region, time zone, work with license agreements, enter personal data. The device runs on the Android 11 operating system, which is equipped with the MIUI 12 shell.

Mi 11 Lite Screen

The thickness of the frames around the display is 1.8 mm, which gives the design additional style and attractiveness. A fully charged device is able to work for about 100 hours with an average intensity of use. Through the USB-C connector, you can connect not only a charger, but also a number of additional OTG gadgets, which include the following: external drives, various manipulators such as a keyboard, joystick, mouse. In addition, it is possible to exchange files with an external drive. Depending on the configuration of the smartphone, it may have 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

Characteristics of Mi 11 Lite Ne

Among the wireless modules, Bluetooth 5.1 is installed here, which is able to work simultaneously with several connected devices — headphones, smart watches, headsets, and so on. At the first start, you can transfer all data from another smartphone. The device is equipped with an NFC contactless payment module. It is easy to bind a card, regardless of its type.

Screen characteristics of Mi 11 Lite Ne

The processor is powerful and fast — it functions stably even under heavy load. Connects to the Internet instantly, regardless of the type of connection — Wi-Fi or 5G. The sensor supports up to 10 simultaneous touches, which will be very convenient during games.

Impressions and conclusions

All 4 colors of Mi 11 Lite Ne

The smartphone turned out to be very balanced, the good quality of pictures and videos, as well as a thin body, additionally captivates. The device has all the necessary modules for the most comfortable use, primarily those that provide wireless communication and contactless payment. The body fits perfectly in the hand, does not slip even from wet palms. The cover is thin, on the device it is almost not noticeable. We definitely recommend purchasing after testing, especially since the cost is quite acceptable.

Buy smartphone Xiaomi 11 Lite NE from the manufacturer at a super price!

PS If you want even cheaper, you can use the link above coupon for 1,500 rubles. and code XMVIP2500 for a discount of 2,500 rubles. together.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Ne


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