The presentation of this tablet took place on September 15 this year, and just a week after this event, the device will go on sale. The Xiaomi Pad 5 model turned out to be thin, stylish and modern. The case is made from the highest quality materials, the tablet is equipped with an IPS display with high image resolution WQHD +, the processor works quickly and as efficiently as possible. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the device with a number of interesting and unique features.

Specifications of Xiaomi Pad 5

Available in two versions — with 6 or 8 GB of RAM and with 128 or 256 GB of internal memory. The packaging design is practically no different from the products of the previous version. The design of the tablet pleased: the developers took all the most useful and interesting from the models of past generations and brought something new. In particular, the rear camera received a unique design.

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Features and Features

Xiaomi Pad 5 Package Contents

Together with the tablet there is an AC charger, there is a cable that allows not only charging the device, but also synchronizing it with various external devices. The device supports external charging function. The charging block has a power of 22 watts, but the battery is capable of supporting modes up to 33 watts.

Possible colors of Xiaomi Pad 5

The body is made of durable aluminum alloy with original coating. It does not allow dirt to accumulate, it does not leave fingerprints. The thickness of the tablet is only 6.9 mm, which is a very good indicator for a device whose screen diagonal is as much as 11 inches. The model does not provide a slot for a memory card, so it will not be possible to increase the capacity of the drive. We would recommend immediately purchasing a device with 256 GB of internal memory.

Thickness of Xiaomi Pad 5

The function of the processor here is performed by the Snapdraron SD860 microchip, which, together with the integrated Adreno 640 video chip, provides excellent tablet performance, so it is perfect even for very demanding mobile games. The density of dots on the display is 275 ppi, its brightness reaches 500 nits. The refresh rate is up to 120 Hz, the screen is additionally protected from all kinds of damage by a special glass Gorilla Glass 5. There are few physical buttons — one is responsible for turning on, the second is used to adjust the volume. The fingerprint scanner is built into the side of the device.

Speakers Xiaomi Pad 5

At the ends, there are two pairs of powerful speakers that can provide a very surround sound that complies with the Dolby Atmos standard. On the wide end there are three magnetic contacts designed to connect the docking station. It is not included in the kit, so you have to purchase separately. The screen supports the Xiaomi Smart Pen. It is perfect for a variety of recordings and even for drawing. The Apple iPad Pro has a similar feature, but this American-made tablet will cost much more.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Unboxing

The rear camera has a simple design, but it is equipped with a 13 megapixel sensor. With it, you can record videos of very high quality with a frame rate of up to 30 per second. Next to the camera is a dual LED flash, additional modules, for example, for macro photography or a telesensor, are not provided here. The front camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels — not too high, but for high-quality selfie shots, its capabilities will be quite enough.

Xiaomi Pad 5 possible colors

Main conclusions

The Chinese company again pleased with quality products at a very reasonable cost. The capabilities of the tablet are enough to perform many tasks. There are no complaints about the assembly — all elements of the case are made of the highest quality materials, no backlashes or other defects were found. The sensor works instantly, the tablet works stably even with very demanding applications. We definitely recommend purchasing.

Xiaomi Pad 5 in action

Buy tablet Xiaomi Pad 5 from the manufacturer at a super price!

PS If you want even cheaper, you can use the link above code MIVIP2500 for a discount of 2,500 rubles. for the first 800 pieces.

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