Air hockey is a fairly new entertainment for adults and children, which came into use not too long ago, but immediately managed to fall in love with many. Today it can be found in many entertainment centers, and there are also options for sale at home.

Due to the fact that such devices are new to many Russian families, few people know what parameters should be paid attention to when buying them. We decided to help you in choosing this product and have developed a rating of the best air hockey players. In this article, we will try to tell you as much as possible about the most popular models, as well as give some useful tips that will definitely help when buying these devices.

How to choose the right air hockey player?

The game itself is quite simple and does not require any special skills or abilities. Its purpose is to reflect the puck with a special cue ball from your goal and hit the opponent’s goal. First, let’s figure out what such products consist of: it includes a field, a fan or compressor, a scoreboard, supports and various accessories. The field is a flat area of ​​a certain size with markings applied to it. The air supplied by the fans passes through it, thanks to which the puck will glide well. The field is equipped with boards so that the puck does not fly out of it.

A fan or compressor is used to create an air cushion, so the puck will appear to float above the surface of the field. The scoreboard is mechanical or electronic, it displays the goals scored. For the home, it is best to buy air hockey with folding supports — this way the game will be easier to store or transport from one place to another. Washers and bits are usually made of special plastic, the latter have holders with protective rims that do not allow hands to be injured. The underside of the bit is covered with soft materials to protect the field from scratches.

How to choose a good air hockey

When choosing an air hockey table, be sure to pay attention to the material from which the table is made — usually it is wood, plastic, chipboard and even plexiglass. The most reliable are considered models made of stainless steel. This material is durable and provides a perfectly flat surface, however, such tables will be quite expensive. For home use, tables with a plastic base are best suited.

It is necessary to take into account the place where it is planned to be placed, based on this, it is determined with its overall dimensions. There must be free space around it for the players to maneuver. Children’s options in length usually do not exceed 100 cm, they are light, they are easy to rearrange from one place to another. There are also air hockey with dimensions from 150 to 250 cm. They are suitable for both teenagers and adult players, but they need a decent amount of free space.

When we chose models to be included in the ranking of the best air hockey players, we took into account all the points listed above. In addition to them, user reviews, value for money, and the popularity of each individual model were taken into account.

Inexpensive products

3. BONDIBON Fly Goal (BB2656)

BONDIBON Super Goal (BB2656) photo

Manufactured by Bondibon, which is engaged in the production of inexpensive games of various kinds. There is no special gaming table here, you can use any smooth surface instead, so you can take the set with you, for example, to the country house or on a trip. The mass of the kit is only 240 grams, and all components can easily fit into a small handbag. Suitable for children ages 5 and up, battery operated.

The products are distinguished by a bright and original design, the details are large — you can not be afraid that the child will swallow them. The puck is equipped with an air cushion, slides easily, developing a decent speed. The gates have an interesting effect: when a puck hits them, the soundtrack turns on. However, some unsightly moments are present — Velcro, which are attached to the surface of the gate, can only stay on a smooth and not very slippery surface.


  • Interesting external design;
  • The washer has an air cushion;
  • Very low cost;
  • Sound effects are provided.


  • Poor equipment;
  • Short service life.

BONDIBON Fly Goal (BB2656)

2. Las Games Game of Champions (873377)

Las Games Game of Champions (873377) photo

One of the newest models in the entire rating — it went on sale in the middle of last autumn. The equipment here is optimal, there is everything you need for a full-fledged game, but the price is quite acceptable. Products of domestic design, however, are made at Chinese enterprises from plastic that is quite reliable and safe for health. Runs on batteries. Overall dimensions are insignificant — 32×19.5 cm, the mass of the structure is 0.7 kg.

Unlike the previous version, there is a field here, so you don’t have to look for a suitable surface. The field has markings, the instructions detail the rules of the game, the head counter is mechanical, the air flow is created by a fan, but it is rather weak, although stronger is not required for kids.


  • High-quality and bright markings;
  • Small mass;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • There is a head counter.


  • The air supply is weak.

Las Games Game of Champions (873377)

1. Let’s Play Air Hockey Together (B574438-R1)

Let's Play Together Air Hockey (B574438-R1) photo

The optimal stationary option for use at home by children aged 3 years and older. The sliders and the puck are large, the size of the field is 45×28 cm. All elements are made of safe plastic, the engine runs on batteries, the weight of the device is 1.5 kg.

The goal counter is mechanical, there is one on each side of the field. The puck glides perfectly on the surface of the field, so even the smallest will be easy and comfortable to play. The holders fit comfortably in the hand, the elements are solid and reliable — they can last for a long time. Compared to analogues, the overall dimensions are larger, so you won’t be able to take such a game with you on a trip, besides, you will have to think over a place for it in advance.


  • There is a field and a goal counter at each gate;
  • Suitable for everyone from the age of three;
  • The washer slides easily;
  • The construction is durable.


  • Pretty decent weight.

Playing Together Air Hockey (B574438-R1)

Average price category

4. DFC Alaska Mini (AT-100)

DFC Alaska Mini (AT-100) photo

It is made of high quality MDF board covered with a special film that resists friction and other physical stress. The design will retain its original appearance for a long time. Developed in Russia, manufactured in Chinese factories. Overall dimensions are decent — 58×28 cm, weight is 2.2 kg. It belongs to the mini format, however, it is in no way inferior to large similar products either in terms of external design or the quality of the components used, it provides good room for maneuvering. The legs of this air hockey player are not provided, so if necessary, you can slide it under the bed or put it on the closet. The markings are bright, the instructions are detailed and clear.

In addition to the standard set of two bits and a washer, there is another spare washer, as well as a mechanical counter. The size of the bits is chosen in such a way that it is convenient to use them not only for small players, but also for adults. The air injection system above the field is powered by standard AAA batteries.


  • Comes with a spare washer.
  • Produced from very high quality materials;
  • Not too expensive;
  • Electrical elements operate on the most commonly encountered power sources.


  • Decent mass;
  • Overall dimensions can hardly be called portable.

DFC Alaska Mini (AT-100)

3. Fortuna Billiard Equipment Power Play Hybrid

Fortuna Billiard Equipment Power Play Hybrid photo

This game is able to work both from batteries and directly from the mains, you can use it at home or in the country, if there is a means by which it can be delivered there. Products are made in China, although they were developed by domestic engineers. Suitable for adults and children over the age of three. For production, MDF and PVC panels are used. The field of this air hockey has dimensions of 84×41 cm, the weight of the toy is 5.7 kg.

Products are thought out to the smallest detail. To save free space, it is devoid of legs, it is stored under the bed or on the closet. The materials are wear-resistant, they can easily withstand even very intensive use, an additional washer is included in the kit, however, the gate is a bit flimsy.


  • Excellent quality of materials and assembly;
  • Well thought out design;
  • It can be stored quite compactly;
  • Assembles within seconds.


  • For its price, the game is equipped with flimsy gates.

Fortuna Billiard Equipment Power Play Hybrid


DFC MINI PRO 44 photos

An original product, because it is designed not only as an air hockey game, but also as a mini-tennis table, everything you need for this game is also included. Another distinctive point is the presence of an electronic counter of goals scored. However, there is no traditional scoreboard in its classical sense, there is a holder for a smartphone, and the instructions contain a QR code through which you can download the corresponding application that provides scoring. The game is intended for children aged 5 years and older. It is made from MDF panels, which are pasted over with a PVC film, bright markings are applied to it, which are not erased for a long time.

The model works from batteries or from the mains. The area of ​​the playing field is 110×55 cm, the structure weighs 10 kg. You can transform a table tennis table in a matter of seconds. The set includes two bats, two pucks, two rackets, two balls and a dividing net. In addition to electronic scoring, there is a standard mechanical counter. The case is equipped with folding legs, which, if necessary, can be stored in a special pocket. The height of the table with extended legs is only 22.5 cm.


  • Game two in one;
  • Reliable and durable housing;
  • The presence of folding legs;
  • Rich equipment.


  • The legs could have been made a little higher.


1. Partida Premium 102 (HG218)

Partida Premium 102 (HG218) photo

The first in this review of the best air hockey stationary model. It is perfect for installation in the nursery or in the living room. The construction is quite solid. The model is made of high quality materials, including real wood. The appearance is attractive, so the products will easily fit into any interior of the room. It works exclusively from the electrical network, the area of ​​the playing field is 95×45 cm, the weight of the product is 13 kg.

The height of the legs is decent, so you don’t have to occupy a table or huddle on the floor. The bit diameter is 5.5 cm, it is convenient to hold them for both children’s and adult hands. The blower is quite powerful, thanks to which the puck flies quite quickly. Mechanical scoring counter.


  • Pretty spacious playing field;
  • Stationary full game;
  • High power of the compressor forcing air;
  • Well-designed ergonomics of the bit — suitable for adults and children’s hands.


  • Needs a decent amount of free space;
  • The score counter is only mechanical.

Partida Premium 102 (HG218)

Premium Air Hockey

3. Weekend Jersey 4 f

Weekend Jersey 4 f photo

Ideal for children and adults, especially if the latter love to play for real. The design occupies a minimum amount of free space, the length of the field is over 1 meter, the product is equipped with a convenient folding mechanism. Suitable for babies over the age of 5, made of laminated chipboard, works only from the mains. The size of the playing field is 122×60 cm, the weight of the entire structure is 17 kg, so moving from one place to another is a little problematic.

The legs are equipped with a reliable and convenient jack, so the level of the table can be leveled if the game is on a not too flat surface. If necessary, the playing field is balanced, so finding a place for the model is not too difficult. The kit comes with two bits and two washers, the external design is quite strict, which not everyone likes.


  • When folded, it is easy to store;
  • You can set the playing field by level;
  • All surfaces are scratch resistant.


  • The design is discreet.

Weekend Jersey 4 f

2. Fortuna HDS-630

Fortuna HDS-630 photo

According to users in their reviews, this air hockey is the best in the domestic market in terms of the quality of puck sliding on the surface among models intended for home use. The air compressor is indeed quite powerful, it is able to create a dense air flow over the entire area of ​​​​the playing field. The model was developed for children aged 6 years and over. It is made of plastic elements, MDF panels covered with PVC film are used as the main material. Air hockey operates only from the electrical network, the size of the field is 180×89 cm, the weight of the device is 31.3 kg.

The external design is very stylish, so the device will fit well into the interior of the recreation area not only at home or apartment, but also in an office or cafe. The device is distinguished by an extended package — four bits and four washers are supplied with it. Each table leg can be adjusted in height so that the table is as level as possible and the players can play comfortably. There are two puck counters here — mechanical and electronic.


  • Looks really luxurious;
  • Wide equipment;
  • Legs are adjustable in height;
  • Two goal counters.


  • It is quite expensive.

Fortuna HDS-630

1.Atomic Lumen-X Laser

Atomic Lumen-X Laser photo

Made in a futuristic spirit, the exterior design literally attracts the eye. The design is based on black and silver shades, the edges of the field are equipped with bright contrasting illumination, the same is for pucks and bats. Designed for players aged 10 years and older, made from laminated chipboard, powered exclusively by the mains. The size of the field is 183×102 cm, the mass of the structure is 41.5 kg. Air hockey has a fairly large digital scoreboard, which also has a soundtrack. It makes the game more fun.

The maintenance model is very simple. The included USB cable is used to charge the LED accessories. The length of the power cord for the 220 V network is as much as 1.8 m, so the table can be placed where it is convenient, and not just next to the outlet. The problem of uneven floor is solved with the help of a jack. The blowing system includes two powerful fans, so the puck moves across the table surface very quickly.


  • Very high quality workmanship;
  • Blowing is carried out by two high-power fans;
  • There is a jack;
  • The power cord is long;
  • Luminous decorative elements are charged via USB.


  • It costs too much.

Atomic Lumen-X Laser

In conclusion, a useful video

Our ranking of the best air hockey players is coming to an end. We tried to tell you in detail about the most famous and frequently purchased models. If certain questions still remain unresolved — ask us in the comments to this article, we will try to find answers to them as soon as possible.


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