Every child loves toys. Girls, as a rule, prefer dolls, and boys prefer cars. It often happens that just rolling them on the floor is not interesting for the baby, then auto tracks come to the rescue — their choice in toy stores is very large, ranging from the simplest to designs with dead loops, unthinkable turns and so on.

Parents strive to give their child all the best — it is for them that we decided to write today’s article, which will provide a rating of the best auto tracks in 2022. As part of this review, we will not only tell you about the characteristics of the most popular models among buyers, but also give a number of useful tips that will definitely help you when buying.

How to choose the right car track for a child?

First of all, you should pay attention to the age marking of products. Often the tracks have a large number of small details — such toys are suitable only for children aged three years or even older. Toddlers love to put things in their mouths, so there is a chance that they will swallow the element or get it stuck in their throat, which is very life threatening. On sale you can find toys designed for five-year-old children, as well as tracks for the smallest — from one year old. The latest models on the shelves are not too many, but if you wish, you can find them.

The kid will be much more interesting if the toy is set in motion not by his hands, but by using the remote control. Let’s make a reservation right away that such products will cost much more, but the child will play with it much more. At the same time, boys from four years old and older are very interested in the complex functionality of toys, all sorts of intricate designs. If the machine can be played at a distance without touching it, then the baby will like it much more.

How to choose a good car track for a child

It is quite natural that the presence of various additional elements will affect the price of the toy, but the child will be more interested. Today in stores you can find auto trackers with details in the form of traffic lights, various kinds of road signs, markings, pedestrians. Automotive equipment is also different, from a racing car to a helicopter. Such toys are designed not only to entertain the baby, but also to develop him, for example, he will quickly learn the rules of the road and behavior on the road in a playful way, if he wishes, he will be able to try himself in the role of not only a race car driver, but also a car mechanic, an ambulance driver or a policeman .

When we chose products to be included in our ranking of the best auto tracks, we relied mainly on all the recommendations that we have just given you. However, not only they were taken into account — user reviews and value for money were also taken into account.

Ten most popular auto tracks for kids

10. 1 TOY Megapolis

1 TOY Megapolis photo

Such an autotrack will be to the liking of the guys who prefer full-fledged role-playing games. This is not an ordinary track, but a full-fledged road, which includes a bridge, a car gas station, an elevator, and there is a descent for acceleration. Products are made on the basis of safe hypoallergenic plastic, which does not emit toxic or harmful substances into the environment. The elements of the track are flexible, the mounts are not too rigid, but very reliable, so the child is able to assemble the toy on his own. If the kid is tired of the standard form of the road, then he can change it at his own discretion, close it into a ring, turning it into a full-fledged racing track. Cars run on batteries, accelerate quickly, look very stylish.

If you wish, you can buy several sets at once and end up with a very long track. The elevator in this toy is automatic — it works from the spinning wheels of the car. The plastic has no foreign smell, the paint does not peel off from it.


  • Not too expensive;
  • The shape of the track changes depending on the desire of the player;
  • Decent strength of the elements;
  • The toy is absolutely safe;
  • There is an automatic lift included.


  • Cars consume a decent amount of energy, as a result of which the batteries will have to be changed quite often.

Track 1 TOY Megapolis

9. Toy

toy photo

This track was developed by Russian toy designers, but it is made in Chinese factories. Fully assembled, this track is 650 cm long. There are as many as eight high-speed loops, which makes this toy even more fun — the child will play with it for weeks. The product is accompanied by instructions, where you can find several options for assembling products. The child, if desired, will be able to change the configuration of the track on their own, thereby diversifying the game. Two inertial-type machines are supplied with the product, so you do not have to regularly change the batteries in them. For a six-meter autotrack, the cost is low.

According to users in their reviews, this model is one of the ideal options in its price segment. The toy is large and colorful — this is usually very popular with kids. It is made of safe plastic, there are no very small parts and sharp corners, so you can not be afraid that the child will swallow something or get hurt.


  • A very decent length of the autotrack;
  • It is possible to change the route configuration;
  • No need to use batteries;
  • Made from safe materials.


  • It takes up a lot of space, so it is hardly suitable for a small children’s room.

Track Toy

8. Bburago Street Fire Twin Loop

Bburago Street Fire Twin Loop photo

This model is ideal for families in which two boys are growing up at once. They will love to arrange full-fledged races on the track, where there are very steep turns. The cars included in the kit also deserve special attention: they are made in the form of an exact model of a Ford car, which is made on a scale of 1 to 43. The auto track includes two separate tracks that are combined at the top. There are also special triggers that allow you to set these devices in motion.

The autotrack is found in many toy stores, it is characterized by a very affordable price. Despite the fact that it is produced in Chinese factories, it is distinguished by a rather high quality of production and assembly. Plastic has no foreign smell, it is absolutely safe both in the physical and chemical sense of the word.


  • The track is designed specifically for racing;
  • There are triggers, so batteries are not needed;
  • Original cars, stylized according to a well-known brand;
  • Found in almost every toy store;
  • Long service life;
  • Good quality workmanship and assembly.


  • It’s not very interesting to play alone.

Track Bburago Street Fire Twin Loop

7. Magic Tracks

Magic Tracks photo

Such an auto track is often liked not only by boys, but also by girls, and the whole point here is in a very colorful and beautiful design. However, there are still a number of differences from similar products. In particular, the track is made of a special flexible material that can glow brightly in the dark. The elements from which it is made have a special elastic fastening, which makes the track very mobile — its shape can be changed even while the machine is moving. The kit comes with as many as 366 track elements. If you put them together, you get a road, the length of which will be 5.5 m, in addition, a dead loop is provided. The track comes with two inertial cars, but you can also find battery-powered cars, but this option will cost much more.

If you completely disassemble the track, then all its parts can easily fit in a small box, and therefore, there should be no problems during storage. According to parents who bought such a toy for their child, the product turned out to be very interesting — children like it, it captivates them for a long time.


  • Pretty original model;
  • Glows in the dark;
  • There is a version with inertial cars and with batteries.


  • Elastic fasteners weaken over time.

Magic Tracks


TECHNOPARK S2691-R photo

It is characterized by very compact overall dimensions, and this auto track will be interesting not only for little boys, but also for older children. The product is compatible with other tracks released by the same manufacturer. Sets can be purchased little by little, so that the track gradually becomes longer, it can be supplemented with a variety of obstacles and other elements. In particular, there is an accelerated loop here. The kit comes with a metal machine of inertial type. It accelerates quickly and travels for quite a long time.

The track itself is made of high-quality colored plastic, which can easily withstand serious physical exertion, so it will last a long time even if the child is not very careful with his toys. Compact overall dimensions allow you to place the track even in a small children’s room.


  • Occupies a minimum of free space;
  • Interesting for children under the age of 10;
  • Good workmanship;
  • The included machine is made of metal;
  • Made using high impact plastic.


  • The new toy has a barely perceptible smell of plastic, but it completely disappears after a couple of days.


5. HTI Teamsterz Rapid Fire

HTI Teamsterz Rapid Fire photo

This toy was designed by a well-known American company, although it is produced in Chinese factories. It has an acceptable cost and a rather original design that will appeal to even the most picky kid. This set contains five cars at once, which can be launched one after another — for this there is a special launcher with an easy start. Despite the fact that the traffic lane is not too long, there are a large number of different obstacles — the track itself, the springboard and the dead loop. There is also a target where the car should hit after passing the entire road.

The child must correctly place the target so that the car hits it exactly. The workmanship is top notch. The track itself is very bright, the cars are durable, they do not break after jumping from a springboard.


  • No need to use batteries;
  • The launcher is easy to use;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • Compact overall dimensions.


  • The inertial mechanism of the machines leaves much to be desired.

HTI Teamsterz Rapid Fire track

4. JJ Slot JJ83-2

JJ Slot JJ83-2 photo

The track turned out to be quite long for the developers — as much as 5 meters. It is equipped with sound and light effects. Products are designed for children aged 5 years and older, will be of interest to children until the end of elementary school. The set is made only from safe high-strength plastic, there are many assembly options. The autotrack is equipped with two cars operating on the control panel.

The latter is a manual generator — the child must rotate the handle. The faster he does this, the greater the speed of the car, and while driving, it makes a fairly realistic sound of the motor, and also glows. The track is designed for two cars to drive along it at once, so children can compete with each other. The track is going to be quite easy and fast.


  • The assembly takes a minimum of time;
  • Quality materials;
  • Cars run on generators;
  • There are sound effects;
  • Lots of build options.


  • Not suitable for a small child’s room.

Track JJ Slot JJ83-2

3. Hua dong toys TD-6568-8010

Hua dong toys TD-6568-8010 photo

In third place in our review of the best auto tracks for boys is a rather interesting model, equipped with both sound and light accompaniment. The cars included in the kit are also driven by a special generator, the speed of its rotation, as in the case of the previous model, directly affects the speed of the cars. Accordingly, there is no need to purchase batteries. The cars themselves imitate the sound of the motor, and their wheels glow while driving. If you wish, you can arrange races on this track.

According to users, the toy fully corresponds to the description given by the manufacturer. Products are characterized by compact overall dimensions, so there are no problems during storage.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • It takes up a minimum of free space both when assembled and when folded;
  • The presence of generators eliminates the need to buy batteries.


  • The assembly is quite complicated — the child is unlikely to be able to cope on his own without the help of adults.

Track Hua dong toys TD-6568-8010

2. Hot Wheels AI Starter set FBL83

Hot Wheels AI Starter set FBL83 photo

A one-of-a-kind product that will help your child take a fresh look at car racing. This is a really smart auto track, and it is also characterized by extended functionality. The track is assembled very easily, as it includes only twenty elements, but the combination of their various combinations allows you to get up to forty options. The cars here are not inertial, but are controlled using remotes, which also have quite a lot of very different possibilities. For example, with their help, you can change the speed of movement of cars, create the illusion of various kinds of incidents that happen on the road, for example, a flat tire, a stalled engine, an error when shifting gears. An autopilot function is provided.

Cars can change their appearance, they are quite powerful, as they can accelerate to 180 km / h — not every adult car can develop such a crazy speed.


  • Great entertainment not only for the child, but for the whole family;
  • Functional control panel;
  • Cars accelerate to very high speeds;
  • Lots of build options.


  • You will have to change the batteries regularly.

Track Hot Wheels AI Starter set FBL83

1 Mattel

Mattel photo

The leaders of the review turned out to be not just an auto track, but a full-fledged game set of very large sizes. It is about 1 meter high, there is a spiral track, a multi-level garage where almost 150 cars can be placed. In addition, there is a landing pad for an aircraft, a manual elevator, and so on. The aircraft is supplied as a kit, and two cars can fit in it. The developers also provided for a King Kong-type gorilla that will interfere with car parking.

The design of the toy is well thought out, and the many possibilities will keep children busy for a long time. It is made of high-quality plastic, no foreign odors have been identified. There are quite a few design elements, so it will be much better if the child assembles it together with adults.


  • Multifunctional toy;
  • Very wide equipment;
  • High quality workmanship.


  • It is very expensive.

Track Mattel

In conclusion, a useful video

Our roundup of the best auto tracks for boys in 2022 is drawing to a close. We hope that after reading you were able to choose a toy for your child that will delight him for a very long time. If some points seemed to you not fully covered — tell us about it in the comments, we will collect additional information as soon as possible and provide it in the most accessible form.


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