Cordless tools have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is due to a number of its advantages over traditional network devices. First of all, this product can be used where there is no access to electricity. In addition, a train of wires, extension cords, and carriers will not be pulled behind such equipment, which is also very convenient.

Recently, such an original tool as a cordless grinder began to appear in hardware stores. It is very convenient for her to work in the field or at facilities where electricity has not yet been supplied. Using this device, you can perform all the same operations as a standard network grinder — cut off metal elements, remove dirt, paint, rust, and so on from the surface of the workpieces.

However, such devices are quite new, so not every user knows what to look for when choosing a product. We decided to help our readers in resolving this issue and developed a rating of the best cordless angle grinders. In it, we want to tell you about the most popular models of this tool, and also give you some extremely useful tips that will help you quickly determine the right model.

How to choose the right battery grinder?

There are a number of key points that you should definitely pay attention to when buying such a tool. The main one is the battery capacity and operating voltage. These parameters help to establish the approximate battery life and performance of the instrument.

Before purchasing, it will not be superfluous to hold the tool in your hands — to estimate how much it weighs. The heavier this equipment, the faster the hands and back will start to get tired, respectively, it will be very problematic to work with it for a long time without interruption. The optimal weight of the tool together with the battery should be about 1.5-2 kg.

How to choose a good battery grinder

The diameter of the disk is also very important. In this case, there will be several options — a 115 mm disk is optimal for performing small jobs, in particular, grinding, sawing reinforcement, and so on. The most common are grinders on which you can install a 125 mm disc — these are universal products with which you can do most household chores. Larger diameters — 150, 180 and 230 mm are practically not found on cordless angle grinders, as they need a significant amount of energy that even the most powerful battery cannot provide.

When we chose models to be included in the ranking of the best cordless angle grinders, we took into account all the factors discussed above. However, some other points were also taken into account. In particular, the ratio of price and quality of products played an important role — not the most expensive models were included in the review, so that our readers could choose products for their financial resources. In addition, we paid attention to user reviews, so the rating was obtained only from the devices that received the most positive feedback.

Ten of the best models of cordless angle grinders



The device is optimally suited for grinding and cleaning work on products made of various metals and stone. It is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the voltage of which is 18 V. Such a decision of the developers allows us to provide an optimal spindle speed of 0-8500 rpm for all work. In addition, the design has a three-stage speed control system — 4500/6500/8500 rpm.

As the owners of the tool note, the device is characterized by excellent functionality, it is very convenient to operate it. The creators of the device did a good job on its ergonomics — the angle grinder is very comfortable to hold in your hands, it sits tightly in the palms, regardless of their size, and does not slip out. An additional handle is supplied with the tool, which also ensures the safety of working with it and the accuracy of the cut.


  • Relatively light tool;
  • Three-stage speed control;
  • Supplied in a handy plastic shockproof case;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Long service life.


  • The battery drains pretty quickly.

Rechargeable angle grinder ELITECH LSHU 18BL 4.0 Ah х1 case, 18 V, 125 mm

9. Bosch GWS

Bosch GWS photo

The most compact angle grinder in our entire review. It is characterized by a high speed of disk rotation — it is 19500 rpm. Ideal for grinding work, because this tool works with discs whose maximum diameter does not exceed 76 mm. German engineers got ergonomic and rather compact equipment that can be used both at home and in industrial production. With the help of this device, it is possible to cut thin metal with high accuracy, it can also dissolve various other materials precisely due to the small dimensions and high speed of disk rotation.

The motor here is powerful, brushless, so it will last quite a long time. The grinder comes with a protective cover, a case and several cutting wheels. According to users, the tool is perfect for the production of bodywork and in general will be an ideal option for the garage. The grinder has several protective functions — a start button blocker, when the engine is braked, the spindle is fixed.


  • Quite compact overall dimensions;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • High disk rotation speed;
  • Cuts metal and other materials with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Pretty high cost.

Angle grinder BOSCH GWS 1000, 1000 W, 125 mm

8. Makita DGA901ZU

Makita DGA901ZU photo

This grinder belongs to the class of professional construction equipment, can be used for cutting metal and other materials. It does not work very loudly, but you can install discs on it, the maximum diameter of which is 230 mm. The tool has a quick-acting brake system, which makes it almost completely safe during operation, since the circle after turning off the power stops within just one second.

The device is equipped with a brushless motor, which has a very long service life. The body of the tool is reliably protected from penetration of moisture or building dust. The soft start system is electronic here, so there are no jerks when starting the device.


  • Decent disc diameter;
  • The case is well protected from moisture and dust;
  • Perfect for working with thick metal;
  • Bluetooth adapter provided.


  • It is very expensive;
  • Characterized by a significant mass.

Cordless angle grinder Makita DGA901ZU, 36 V, 230 mm

7. RYOBI R18AG7-0

RYOBI R18AG7-0 photo

The multifunctional tool is characterized by very high performance. The product has a brushless motor that runs on the power of the ONE+ series battery. In combination, these two design elements allow the device to accelerate to a speed of 11 thousand revolutions per minute, and also provide the highest possible autonomy. You can work with metal and other materials using standard discs with a diameter of 125 mm. In order to make it as convenient as possible for a person to use such a device, there is an additional handle that can change its position, a protective cover is provided.

In this angle grinder, it is possible to block the spindle, due to which the disk changes easily and naturally. The system of smart electronics carefully protects the tool from possible overheating, so the device will work without interruption for a long time.


  • Decent product power;
  • Reliable tool;
  • High build quality — no gaps, backlashes or other body defects were found;
  • Very high disk speed.


  • The kit does not include a case for storage and transportation.

Cordless angle grinder RYOBI R18AG7-0, 18 V, 125 mm, RYOBI ONE+ 18V


DeWALT DCG414N photo

The device is excellent for cutting or grinding work, it can be used not only for domestic, but also for professional purposes. The tool operates on the basis of a brushless motor, which does not consume too much energy, so the battery will last for quite a long time. Product performance is very high due to decent rotation speed. As users note in their reviews, the developers’ tool turned out to be resistant to physical influences, it almost never jams, it tolerates even extreme overloads well.

The battery is a very powerful XR FLEXVOLT 54 V series battery, yet it only weighs 2.2 kg, which is quite a bit for such a powerful product. The high capacity of the battery will be enough to perform all the necessary work during the day. There is a built-in electronic system that reliably protects the mechanism from jamming. The kit includes everything you need — a handle, a protective cover, a key to replace the disk.


  • Brushless motor;
  • The case withstands shock well;
  • Mechanisms easily cope with overloads.


  • For such a price, many users would like to see another replacement battery bundled with this device.

Cordless angle grinder DeWALT DCG414N 0 box, 54 V, 125 mm

5. Bort BWS-18Li-125

Bort BWS-18Li-125 photo

At the very heart of our rating is another universal product of the Chinese assembly, which is able to easily cope with a variety of jobs — grinding, cleaning any surfaces, cutting metal, stone and even ceramic tiles, working with other materials. This tool is characterized by excellent performance, moreover, it is absolutely independent of stationary power sources. The engine of the grinder, like most of the other devices that make up this review, is brushless, therefore very reliable.

Users note the small mass of the device, which is only 1.7 kg with a battery. For greater stability of the tool, you can attach the included handle to it, along with the angle grinder, two batteries, a bag for storage and transportation are also supplied. There is also a built-in charge indicator on the case, so the user will always know how long the tool can still be expected to work.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • Two batteries included;
  • Low battery indicator;
  • Ability to perform a variety of jobs on a variety of materials.


  • It is immediately clear that the assembly is Chinese — there are small gaps between the elements of the case.

Cordless angle grinder Bort BWS-18Li-125, 18 V, 125 mm

4. Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick photo

Real German quality at a reasonable price. This is a very convenient cordless grinder, which has all the functions necessary for this tool, as well as a high-quality protection system. In particular, the technology of limiting the starting current is used here, the start button is blocked if necessary, the engine stops almost instantly. The tool weighs quite a bit — only 2.6 kg, so even during long work there is no load on the user’s hands.

The quality of the assembly and the elements included in the kit did not cause any complaints even from the most picky owners. The grinder comes in a reliable plastic casing, there is a charger, a side handle, dust filters, and a support flange is also included in the kit.


  • Belongs to the middle price segment;
  • Assembled soundly;
  • Weight is only 2.6 kg;
  • Suitable for a wide variety of jobs.


  • There is only one battery included.

Cordless angle grinder Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick 0, 18 V, 125 mm

3. Bosch GWS 18-25

Bosch GWS 18-25 photo

It has two batteries in the kit — literally this fact alone confirms the orientation of the device for use in professional areas. The maximum disc diameter for this angle grinder is 125 mm, the highest rotational speed is 10 thousand revolutions per minute, a side handle is provided, and the mass of the device is only 2.3 kg.

One battery is charged within half an hour, but its resource is enough for about 1-1.5 hours. The device is delivered in a protective case, in which it is convenient to store and transport it. The Bulgarian is distinguished by its small size and long service life. She is mobile, functional — she doesn’t care what materials to work with.


  • Absolute freedom from wires;
  • Batteries charge quickly;
  • The tool is powerful despite its small size.


  • A small margin of battery life for batteries;
  • The price is high.

Cordless angle grinder Bosch GWS 18-25

2. DeWalt DCG406N

DeWalt DCG406N photo

Very easy to use model, which is characterized by a spindle speed of 9000 rpm. There is a motor brake, a speed stabilization system — even under load they will not fall, there is protection against overheating and various kinds of overloads. The weight of the device is only 1.75 kg, so you can work for a long time without fear of fatigue.

The case easily withstands severe physical impacts, such as a fall from a small height. The kit contains everything you need to ensure that the work is absolutely safe.


  • Insignificant weight of the product;
  • Decent power level;
  • There is a complete set of protective systems;
  • Copes with any task.


  • The battery is a bit heavy, so the mass balance is off.

Cordless angle grinder DeWALT DCG406N, 18 V, 125 mm

1. Makita DGA504RME

Makita DGA504RME photo

The leaders of the review of the best cordless angle grinders turned out to be another model of this world-famous brand. It is able to work with a circle with a maximum diameter of 125 mm, only one battery is supplied. The spindle can be fixed if necessary, an additional handle is available. Absolutely all internal systems of the device are carefully protected from possible overloads. Here it is possible to completely block the start button, which will prevent accidental turning on of the device. In general, Japanese engineers have carefully worked on the ergonomics of this device.

According to users, the device is much quieter than other tools, although the disk rotation speed is decent — 8500 rpm. A plastic case is supplied with the grinder. The mass of the device is only 2.5 kg.


  • Excellent build quality;
  • Reliable and durable tool;
  • Systems are carefully protected from overloads;
  • Minor weight.


  • Just one battery;
  • Expensive.

Cordless angle grinder Makita DGA504RME, 18 V, 125 mm

Well, the rating of the best battery grinders that can only be found today on the shelves of hardware stores is over. We have tried to give you as much information as possible for each model so that you can accurately determine the version of the tool that is best for you. If some questions remain unsolved — write to us about it in the comments, we will provide all the necessary clarifications in a short time.


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