Today, the industry offers many different building materials developed by talented scientists. However, their artificial origin to this day alarms many people. For some reason, they consider them potentially harmful to their own health. But if you don’t want to build a house or finish with something chemical, you need to know the TOP 5 natural building materials. We will present them in this article.

It is worth noting that the production of artificial materials not only carries not only mythical, but also real harm, and here’s how. To create them, you need to spend a lot of energy, and the environment is also polluted with a considerable amount of waste. So if you do not want to harm nature, and also take care of your personal health, then you can safely use the following natural building materials:

List of the best natural building materials

5. Saman

Adobe photo

This is the name of a very ancient building material obtained approximately according to this recipe. We take sand, clay, straw and water in certain proportions. We interfere with all this, make blocks, and then dry them in the fresh air. If the air is dry and hot, building materials are easy to prepare. You yourself understand in which areas of the world adobe houses were most common. Adobe is a cheap, environmentally friendly and very fire resistant material. However, the humid climate spoils it.


4. Stone

stone photo

This natural material has long been used in construction. A house made of natural stone is not only strong and durable, but also has heat storage properties.

A rock

3. Clay

clay photo

This pulverized rock turns into a plastic material, one has only to moisten it. Having passed after that the correct processing, it becomes strong and firm. Clay is used not only in the production of bricks or building blocks — it is even included in the composition of concrete.


2. Sand

Sand photo of a sand castle

Well, where without it in any construction process. It is used in road construction. It is needed for drainage, creating concrete, performing brickwork, backfilling pits and much more.


1. Tree

tree photo

This natural material can also be renewed naturally or with the help of a person planting young trees. The energy-efficient characteristics of wood are very high, so houses from timber and other lumber are actively built today. What is bad about wood is its combustibility. You can impregnate the timber with fire retardant chemistry, but then there are problems with naturalness.

True, it is impossible to uncontrollably cut down the green lungs of the planet — this reduces the level of oxygen in our air ocean and leads to an increase in the greenhouse effect.


Natural materials are still used today in the construction of various facilities. The benefits of nature are invincible!


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