A rare housewife does not keep such a product as butter in her refrigerator. It is indispensable in the preparation of sandwiches, it is added when cooking and frying dishes. Unfortunately, unscrupulous manufacturers of dairy products have been making butter far from milk for a long time, but from various fats, substitutes, preservatives and other additives.

According to experts in the field of food quality control, literally every second pack of oil has nothing to do with this product. We decided to help our readers and made a rating of the best butter. The review includes only the most natural products, in which there are either no extraneous additives at all, or they contain an insignificant amount. In addition, we are going to give you some useful tips that will help you buy natural and high-quality butter so that its taste will please absolutely all family members.

How to choose the right butter?

I would like to make a reservation right away that the products presented on agricultural markets were not included in the review. Accordingly, the rating is made up exclusively of store options. This means that it will not be possible to taste a pack of oil lying on the counter, therefore, you will have to be content with only the information that the manufacturer indicated on the package.

The first thing you should pay close attention to is compliance with the state standard. Moreover, the inscription “made according to GOST” alone will not be enough, the number of the regulatory document must be indicated — R 52969-2008 or R 52253-2004. Even on the packaging, the abbreviation STR is often given, which means that the product fully complies with technical regulations.

It is natural that you need to study the composition of products. High-quality and natural butter is produced exclusively on the basis of whole milk and cream. It is acceptable if the composition contains a small amount of salt. There shouldn’t be any other ingredients. If the packaging says that the oil contains various kinds of vegetable oils (for example, coconut, palm or peanut), then we can immediately conclude from this that you are holding margarine in your hands.

The product must be called «butter», «amateur butter» or «peasant butter». These are all natural products, it differs only in terms of fat content: for creamy, the minimum figure is 82.2%, for amateur — 78%, for peasant — 72.5%. Other varieties of butter such as sandwich or tea, according to the standard, do not apply to oils. In addition, emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavorings and various preservatives can often be found in their composition.

A quality product cannot be too cheap. Even if the package contains all the data that we talked about a little higher, but the oil is very cheap, then you should refuse to purchase it, since the manufacturer probably added cheap vegetable-type fats to the composition. It is advisable to purchase butter in foil packaging, as it is able to reliably protect the butter from the negative effects of sunlight, which will destroy the vitamins contained there. The shelf life of butter is usually less than one month. If the manufacturer allows you to use your products for food for six months, then this is another reason to make sure that the oil contains various kinds of additives.

When we chose products to include in this review, all the points that were discussed here were taken into account. We also studied a large number of various user reviews so that only the products of the highest quality were included in the rating.

Top ten best butters

10. Savushkin 82.5%

Savushkin 82.5% photo

A fairly well-known domestic company that successfully combines the use of old, centuries-old recipes and the latest technologies in its production. As a result, it is possible to obtain absolutely natural and safe products. Consumers note a very delicate taste and aroma of this oil. For production, only natural cream of the highest quality is used, which is made only from natural cow’s milk. Special commissions analyzed the composition of the products and failed to detect foreign additives there.

This makes this butter quite suitable for baby food. The enterprise for the manufacture of this product is characterized by a closed production technology. In this regard, the company’s personnel have minimal contact with the products. At all stages of production, the most stringent control over the quality and safety of the oil is ensured so that it fully complies with state standards.


  • There are no foreign impurities;
  • Optimal physical and chemical characteristics;
  • The composition is absolutely safe for human health;
  • It has a characteristic smell and taste;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • After storage in the freezer, it begins to crumble heavily.

Butter Savushkin 82.5%

9. Ilyinskoye Estate 82.5%

Manor Ilyinskoye 82.5% photo

The company positions its products as absolutely safe. Butter is made on the basis of milk cream of perfect quality, no other ingredients are added to it. The production technology is truly unique — the product will retain absolutely all the nutritional and beneficial qualities. The oil fully complies with current state standards, it can be given even to children.

The texture of the product is very delicate, the taste is creamy and milky, no excessive salt content was found. The butter will retain its shape both when frozen and at room temperature. It is very easy to cut and spread. Foil packaging. Oil can be used for food and for cooking a variety of dishes.


  • Only cream of the highest quality is used for production;
  • Fully complies with current state standards;
  • Attractive foil packaging design;
  • Quite reasonable cost.


  • Too quickly fried in a pan, so you have to add it right during cooking.

Butter Estate Ilinskoe 82.5%

8. House in the countryside 82.5%

House in the village 82.5% photo

The company engaged in the production of these products has existed on the Russian market for over 20 years. During this time, consumers have never complained about the quality of butter, cottage cheese or other dairy products. The fact is that the entire range is produced on the basis of fresh cow’s milk, they do not resort to the use of preservatives, flavors, genetically modified products.

The packaging looks pretty unique. It is made from a ton of foil, which is able to retain its original taste for a long time and does not allow excessively rapid oxidation. The composition, taste, color fully correspond to natural butter. It does not crumble even after defrosting. It is easy to resolve with a knife, add to a variety of dishes.


  • Very natural products;
  • Packaging mass is quickly recognized, it can be easily found in the store;
  • Can be frozen repeatedly
  • The texture is quite plastic.


  • It freezes rather weakly;
  • Prepared without adding salt.

Butter House in the village 82.5%

7. Ecomilk Traditional 82.5%

Ecomilk Traditional 82.5% photo

The products of this enterprise have been on the Russian market for more than 15 years. Butter fully complies with current domestic standards, moreover, it even meets European requirements in terms of environmental and biological safety. The assortment of this company includes about 50 varieties of goods, but it is butter that is the hallmark of the company. It has its own ecological laboratory, due to which you can be absolutely sure that on your table there will be products that fully comply with the characteristics given on the package.

The fat content of the butter is 82.5%, it is produced on the basis of only the most natural ingredients — pasteurized cream made on the basis of whole cow’s milk. The weight of the package is 10, 100, 180 and 450 g. The package itself is unique — this allows the oil to be stored for 60 — 180 days, depending on temperature conditions. The oil does not crumble, it is well separated with a knife.


  • Fully complies with domestic and international standards;
  • Produced from natural cream;
  • It has a delicate texture and a pleasant smell;
  • Strict quality control at every stage of production.


  • Absolutely unsalted.

Butter Ekomilk Traditional 82.5%

6. Asenievskaya farm 82.5%

Asenievskaya farm 82.5% photo

In the middle of the rating of the best butter oils are the products of the enterprise, which has a strictly debugged closed production cycle. The main production facilities are located in an ecologically clean area near Kaluga. All raw materials are produced exclusively on the company’s own farms. There, cows are raised without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. Butter is produced on the basis of ancient recipes, however, the most modern equipment and the latest technologies are used.

Butter has a sweet creamy taste, unsalted, it does not contain genetically modified products, additives that do not meet state standards. The texture of the product is delicate. The products are optimally suited for hot or cold sandwiches, they make excellent cream, pastries. It is added to mashed potatoes, cereals and any other dishes. The oil can easily be added to the diet of young children.


  • The company has its own livestock farms;
  • There are no vegetable fats and other harmful substances;
  • Strict quality control;
  • Acceptable taste.


  • Products are presented exclusively in large stores, in small retail outlets you will not be able to find it.

Butter Asenievskaya farm 82.5%

5. Valuiki Traditional 82.5%

Valuiki Traditional 82.5% photo

The butter of this enterprise has been on the domestic food market for more than 40 years. The products are characterized by excellent organoleptic properties and comply with current state standards. In this regard, the oil belongs to the highest grade. It is produced on the basis of pasteurized and normalized cream. The composition is absolutely natural, there are no extraneous additives in it. The design of the packaging is easily recognizable — the oil is in thick foil paper, through which air will not penetrate to it.

The taste and aroma are delicate and very pleasant. The oil is well cut and smeared on the surface. Mistresses say that it is perfect for baking, as it can be easily beaten with a mixer to a creamy texture. It is allowed to be used for baby food.


  • Extremely plastic product;
  • The packaging is easily recognizable;
  • Conforms to the state standard;
  • It has a delicate taste and aroma.


  • The packaging is not very convenient.

Butter Valuiki Traditional 82.5%

4. Vkusnoteevo traditional 82.5%

Vkusnoteevo traditional 82.5% photo

The company has been producing dairy products of various kinds for more than 20 years. Today, she delivers it not only to the shelves of Russian stores, but also far beyond the borders of our country. The oil belongs to the highest grade, is produced in strict compliance with the requirements of the state standard. The main raw material here is pasteurized cream, obtained from the highest quality milk. It is produced on the basis of innovative technologies and will retain its key organoleptic properties for a long time.

Even under the influence of very low temperatures, it does not begin to crumble, does not flow in heat, retains its shape. It always remains very plastic due to cold manufacturing technology. On sale you can find packages of 200 and 400 grams. The packaging is environmentally friendly, made from linkaver. This allows you to significantly extend the shelf life of the oil — it is good for 60 days.


  • There are no additives;
  • Regardless of external conditions, it retains its shape;
  • Long shelf life.


  • Relatively high price.

Butter Vkusnoteevo traditional 82.5%

3. Gudberg 82.5%

Gudberg 82.5% photo

One of the oldest German brands — it was founded over 150 years ago. Initially, it was a family business, but later the brand became recognizable not only in Germany, but also far beyond its borders. All products are made from milk from cows that grow on their own farms. The oil is characterized by excellent taste and aroma. The recipe has remained unchanged, but the production technology has changed significantly. Butter is made only on the most modern equipment.

Products fully comply with domestic and international standards. There are no additives in the composition, the butter is made on the basis of pasteurized cream. It is placed in a foil package with a pleasant appearance, the weight of one package is 200 or 400 grams, all the main properties are also preserved after freezing.


  • Exclusively natural composition;
  • Belongs to the highest grade;
  • The packaging is made of reliable and safe foil, has a colorful design.


  • The price is high;
  • Some consumers find the taste peculiar.

Butter Gudberg 82.5%

2. Prostokvashino 82%

Prostokvashino 82% photo

One of the most recognizable domestic brands, as on the packaging you can find your favorite characters from the Soviet cartoon of the same name. Oil is an honorary laureate of many European competitions and exhibitions. Products are characterized by the highest quality and excellent taste data. Produced without the use of additives.

Butter is made from pasteurized cream, has a pronounced taste and a pleasant texture. It is perfect for sandwiches, and for creams, and for a variety of dishes. It is convenient to fry potatoes, meat and other products on it.


  • Unique packaging;
  • The highest taste characteristics;
  • Tight foil packaging;
  • Minor cost.


  • There are only 180 grams in the package.

Butter Prostokvashino 82%

1. Arla Natura

Arla Natura photo

Products are manufactured on the basis of high-tech equipment. Only the most qualified specialists are allowed to manufacture. Quality standards are strictly observed. Butter is made on the basis of only natural pasteurized cream. The composition will not be able to detect gluten, flavors, dyes of natural or artificial origin, genetically modified products. The products are unsalted, the taste is delicate.

The packaging here is foil, well preserves the aroma and taste of the oil during the entire storage period. Supplied in stores in packages weighing 160, 180, 400 and 500 grams. The consistency is tender, so the oil is easily distributed over the surface, it can even be frozen.


  • Very pleasant and delicate taste;
  • Multiple packaging design options;
  • You can freeze without consequences for quality;
  • Thick and durable foil.


  • Quite rare in stores.

Butter Arla Natura

In conclusion, a useful video

Our rating of the best butters is coming to an end. If you have come across the brands presented here in one way or another, you can always share your impression about the product — our readers will be quite interested to read about it in the comments to this article.


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