Every self-respecting girl takes care of her appearance, strives to look as attractive as possible, regardless of age and social status. Taking care of your hands is just as important as taking care of your face, eyelashes, eyebrows or lips. If the skin of the hands is usually smeared with cream, then the nails are given special attention. Manicure today has become a completely natural way to give nails an extra appeal, so that others pay attention to the hands of fashionistas.

However, this procedure cannot be taken lightly, otherwise you can greatly damage the condition of the nails, make them brittle and fragile. Most professional masters, when doing a manicure, resort to using a product such as gel polish. You can use it on your own, which girls often use, but a very large assortment of these products often plunges into a stupor.

Today we will try to sort out this variety of products in our ranking of the best gel nail polishes in 2022. As part of this review, we will not only give a detailed description of the most popular compositions, but also provide a number of useful tips regarding the choice of these products.

How to choose the right gel polish for nails?

Similar compositions appeared on wide sale not too long ago, but they immediately managed to gain wide popularity among girls. There are several reasons for this: first of all, you can find a huge selection of colors, these products are also quite resistant to adverse external conditions, which allows you to forget about manicure for quite a long time.

It is best to give preference to compositions that can last on the nail plates for at least two to three weeks. During this time, the coating should retain its original appearance, it should not form chips, cracks, abrasions and other defects. Manufacturers directly indicate the lower limit of the stability of the composition on the packaging, so you need to study it before buying as carefully as possible.

Of course, color will be a very important parameter — this is quite natural, the choice here is completely up to the fashionista, but you need to remember that the brightest shades will require application in several layers at once. Be sure to check how saturated the pigment is used. If it is translucent, then it will have to be applied in a thick layer, and a certain time will have to be observed between the layers. Otherwise, the composition of the varnish will not be able to polymerize, which is why it will not be able to hold on for a long time.

When we chose which products to include in our review of the best gel nail polishes, we relied on exactly the same tips that brought you a little higher. However, some other factors were taken into account — value for money, as well as user reviews. We tried to make a rating from a fairly popular, but at the same time affordable product, so that each of our readers could choose the best composition from her point of view.

Ten good gel nail polishes

Budget segment



These products were developed by domestic cosmetologists, although they are produced today in Chinese factories. Despite the low cost, the varnishes belonging to this collection are characterized by a high level of durability and retain their original color for a long time. In general, this collection includes several series at once, and each of them has its own unique characteristics — there are sparkles, overflows.

In terms of the base and top coat, professional cosmetologists recommend using formulations from the same manufacturer, since they do not contact as well with other brand products as we would like. The consistency of varnishes is a little watery, so it is recommended to apply them in several approaches. You need to be careful with light shades, as they often spread.


  • Manicure lasts for two to three weeks;
  • Quite affordable cost;
  • You can choose from a variety of effects and coverage densities.


  • Varnishes are poorly combined with the base and finish of other brands;
  • The consistency is watery, which is why light shades do not fit well.




Another domestic product made by Chinese enterprises. However, this does not in the least prevent her from being very popular among the female environment, largely due to good durability and reasonable cost. According to fashionistas themselves, most often they prefer special single-phase compositions. The fact is that when using them, there is no need to apply a base and topcoat, so the manicure itself takes no minimum amount of time. Gel polish from this company is characterized by a dense texture and a fairly convenient application.

The mirror shine of this varnish will be maintained throughout the entire period of operation. The durability of the coating is approximately 10-14 days, but in this case everything is individual — it directly depends on the condition of the nails and the conditions where they are located. If you wash a mountain of dishes every day or work with aggressive substances, then, of course, the coating will not last for a long time.


  • Optimally matched product texture;
  • Single-phase varnish — applied and dries in record time;
  • Quite decent durability of the varnish layer;
  • Very comfortable to apply.


  • The coating is quite sensitive to physical and chemical influences.


2. Blue Sky Shellac Camellia

BlueSky Shellac Camellia photo

These products are in very high demand in this price range. Despite the fact that this is an exclusively Chinese composition, it is characterized by quite decent quality and low price. With it, you can achieve a coating with a good level of durability, the quality of the layer does not cause the slightest criticism over the next two weeks from the moment of application. No leaks or chips found. Air bubbles may form on the plates during application, but they just need to be carefully removed with a brush, because their occurrence is usually associated with a violation of the technology for using the composition.

The lacquer will be perfectly combined with the base and finish compositions from any other manufacturers, no incompatibility has been noticed. A series of these gel polishes includes a wide variety of shades, but pink has the most of them. The coating is usually removed without serious effort.


  • Acceptable cost of production;
  • Easy-to-use brush;
  • Many bright and beautiful shades;
  • Gel polish lasts at least two weeks;
  • Combines with the finish and base of most manufacturers.


  • Some people think that the varnish is too thick.

BlueSky Shellac Camellia Gel Polish

1. TNL Celebrity

TNL celebrity photo

This collection of relatively cheap gel polish includes a large number of different options — ordinary colors, with metallic gloss, sparkles, thermal effect. More and more girls prefer this particular product of South Korean production. Their quality is really at the highest level. The compositions are perfectly combined with both the base and the finish of absolutely any manufacturer, regardless of what price category they belong to.

Users always note the excellent brightness of shades, and it remains on the nails in its original form for a very long time. However, the compositions are somewhat watery, so when applying them, you will have to spend quite a lot of time drying them. Otherwise, the color will be faded.


  • Very saturated and bright colors;
  • The durability of the varnish is at least two weeks;
  • Affordable price;
  • Excellent quality.


  • The composition is consumed excessively quickly;
  • Each layer takes a long time to dry.

TNL Celebrity Gel Polish

Average price category

3. PNB Hot summer

PNB hot summer photo

This American product not only allows you to give your nails a stylish and attractive appearance, but also provides them with additional care. In particular, the regular use of such gel polish helps to make the nail plate more even and restore its healthy appearance. The material is characterized by an optimal consistency, therefore it does not spread and is applied as densely and evenly as possible. You can dry your nails in the air, or you can put them under ultraviolet or LED lamps: under the first they will dry within two minutes, under the second — in just half a minute.

Manicure will retain its attractive appearance for a very long time, delight the owner with a beautiful shine and a perfectly smooth surface. The brush is very comfortable.


  • Optimally selected consistency of the composition;
  • The beautiful appearance of the manicure lasts for at least three weeks;
  • Affordable price;
  • Has a certain therapeutic effect;
  • Large selection of shades;
  • Very comfortable brush.


  • It is problematic to find in free sale — it is better to order on the Internet.

Gel polish PNB Hot summer

2. Kodi Professional Hollywood

Kodi Professional Hollywood photo

A product that is very interesting from the point of view of the final result, as it successfully combines a pastel-delicate range and an extremely bright color. In addition, the products are characterized by a smooth gradation of shades. Often, professional manicure masters use these compositions for creative and decorative design of nails. This series is distinguished by a very convenient application, polymerization occurs quickly both in the open air and under lamps.

Before direct application, the products must be thoroughly mixed so that the pigment is distributed as evenly as possible throughout the entire volume of the bottle. Otherwise, the color may vary. It will not be very striking, but upon closer examination it will be noticeable. This gel polish is successfully combined with bases and finishes from any manufacturer. It stays on the nails for at least three to four weeks.


  • Does not spread either during application or during drying;
  • Retains its original appearance for three to four weeks;
  • Forms a dense and rather bright coating;
  • Ideal for nail design.


  • May be slightly sheer at the tips.
  • Be sure to stir thoroughly before application.

Gel polish Kodi Professional Hollywood

1 Grattol Classic Collection

Grattol Classic Collection photo

Despite the fact that this American company launched its products on the market quite recently, its gel polishes have already become popular, not only among girls who do their own manicure, but also among professional masters. This is due to the fact that the products are produced exclusively using safe and proven raw materials with the addition of nutritional extracts. The varnishes of this company not only give the nails a very beautiful look, but also additionally nourish them, restore their original shape, do not allow them to exfoliate, and so on.

A huge number of shades of varnishes will please even the most fastidious fashionistas. The consistency of the varnishes is simply excellent — they are ideally applied to the nails, lay down without spreading, dry literally before our eyes, including in the open air.


  • Designed specifically for application in one layer;
  • Do not crack or peel off for three to four weeks;
  • The manufacturer produces all the necessary materials to obtain the highest quality manicure;
  • There is no irritating smell;
  • Long shelf life of the vial.


  • Not detected.

Gel Polish Grattol Classic Collection

Premium price category



Unique Russian-made products, which have long been known to professional craftsmen. The main difference from all other varnishes considered earlier lies in their composition. All of them are made on the basis of raw materials, in which only natural components prevail. In principle, this is not surprising, since initially the company was engaged in the production of a special Japanese varnish, which is characterized by a restorative effect, restoring the nails to their former healthy appearance.

Despite the fact that these compositions are included in the premium group, they are not too expensive. However, with their help, it is possible to provide an attractive look to the nails over the next three to four weeks. The palette includes all sorts of exquisite shades, which are also complemented by various kinds of effects — mother-of-pearl, sparkles, micro-glitters and so on.


  • Have a restorative effect;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Wide palette of shades;
  • Retain the original appearance for a long time.


  • It is difficult to apply light shades;
  • Sometimes chips still appear from strong blows.

Gel polish MASURA LADY



Gel polishes of this brand were also developed by Russian cosmetologists, besides, both home masters and manicure professionals really liked them with their ideal self-leveling structure. After application, the composition does not spread and does not drain from the nail plate, but evenly falls on it, forming a perfectly smooth layer. This product retains its beautiful appearance for a long time — about four weeks.

Users in their reviews also say that the products of this brand do not have an unpleasant odor, the coating itself is removed with ease after soaking. This collection is characterized by the presence of very bright and juicy shades that will look perfect on the hands, regardless of the time of year.


  • Very comfortable brush — it is soft and has a flat shape;
  • Lacquers contain a significant amount of pigment;
  • Dense texture;
  • Not the highest cost.


  • The varnish layer dries for quite a long time.


1. CND Shellac Nude

CND Shellac nude photo

The American company has been producing cosmetic products such as nail polishes for many years. All products are of excellent quality, well withstand any load and exposure to chemicals, so they were able to gain popularity all over the world. Here is a unique cover. The duration of the socks is at least a month. The integrity and bright color of the coating will not be violated. The polish also has a very nice sheen.

This series is one of the most popular. In addition to cosmetic tasks, varnish additionally strengthens the nail plates. There is no unpleasant odor from these compounds, but there is a huge selection of color options.


  • The duration of the socks is at least four weeks;
  • Positively affects the general condition of the nail plates;
  • No unpleasant characteristic odor;
  • Wide choice of colors and shades;
  • It does not spread, it is applied as evenly as possible.


  • Apart from the high cost was not found.

CND Shellac Nude Gel Polish

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best gel nail polishes comes to an end. We hope that the information that we have collected for you will be enough to choose the optimal composition. If certain doubts still continue to torment you, tell us about it in the comments to this article. We will try to dispel them as soon as possible by answering all your questions.


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