Making something at home with your own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is the desire, a suitable set of tools and at least the initial skills to work with them. To make it beautiful and even, use a level that can be water, magnetic, and so on.

Recently, laser levels have appeared — very convenient and easy to use, with many different useful functions. Professional devices of this type can cost several tens of thousands of rubles. It is unlikely that a home master is ready to pay such an amount for a tool that he uses a couple of times a year. However, on sale you can also find inexpensive devices, just right for domestic use. We decided to talk more about them and made a ranking of the best cheap laser levels in 2022. As part of the article, we will not only analyze the most popular models, but also give some tips that will help you choose the optimal device for your tasks.

How to choose the right cheap laser level?

There are several varieties of this tool — point, linear, rotational and combined. The former are the most budgetary, however, it is more difficult to work with them than with other types. Linear ones create a vertical or horizontal line on the surface, with which you can make markings, the projection range usually does not exceed 50 m. Rotary ones create a line around themselves, and combined ones successfully combine the qualities of all the above devices.

Before starting work, the device will need to be leveled. In the simplest designs, an ordinary bubble level is used for this, there are more advanced options equipped with a self-leveling function. If their angle of inclination exceeds 3-5 degrees, then the beam starts flashing or a characteristic sound signal is heard.

The beam projection range may not be too large — about 20 m. For domestic work, this will be quite enough. Such devices are inexpensive, they consume less energy. The number of rays is also taken into account: elementary levels are capable of projecting one or two lines — they are enough to install furniture, hang shelves and paintings. Pay attention to the error, it is measured in millimeters per meter of the beam. For household work, a device with an error of the order of 0.5 mm / m is sufficient. The color of the beam itself is also important — most levels work with red beams, but green ones are better visible in the light, but they are more expensive, and the batteries in them will run out faster.

When we chose products to include in the review of the best cheap laser levels, we took into account all the points discussed above. In addition to them, the ratio of price and quality was taken into account. Although all the devices in the rating are budget, each of them is distinguished by decent accuracy and reliability.

The ten most popular low cost laser levels

10 Top Tools 29C902

Top Tools 29C902 photo

It is placed in a durable aluminum case, has compact dimensions — 240x125x27 mm, the device is convenient to use in hard-to-reach areas. The tripod has a rotating head that can be fixed in absolutely any position. The tripod is supplied as a set, it has galvanized legs, their height is adjustable from 130 to 190 mm. On a tripod can rotate around its own axis.

The level has three projections — vertical, horizontal and at 45 degrees. According to users in the reviews, the device reveals its characteristics well at a distance of up to 11 m, consumes a minimum of energy. One set of batteries will last for about six months with active use of the tool. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Tripod and tripod included;
  • The tripod head rotates 360 degrees;
  • The device can display horizontal, vertical and 45 degree lines.


  • Not too much information about the tool;
  • Weak tripod — legs stagger;
  • The warranty is only 2 weeks.

Level laser Top Tools 29C902

9. Spec ULL-01

Spec ULL-01 photo

The level has two beams, providing the most accurate alignment of building and finishing materials. The error of the device is insignificant — it does not exceed 0.5 mm/m. In domestic conditions, it will practically not affect the accuracy of the work. You can work with the level at temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees. The case received reliable protection against splashes and dust. In order to accurately align the tool, there are two bubble levels. A tripod is not included in the kit, but fastenings to it are provided — they are represented by a system of magnets. The battery charge is enough for the device to work continuously for 15 hours.

Overall dimensions of 250x200x100 mm with a mass of 0.124 kg make the device very convenient to use. There are no various additional features such as a display, a sound alert, or an automatic leveling system, but it is easy to work with the level without them.


  • There are rubber inserts on the case;
  • Attaches to tripod with magnets.
  • Compact dimensions; small mass;
  • Holds up vertically.


  • We feel a blockage horizontally.

Laser level Special ULL-01

8. Deco SP001

Deko SP001 photo

One of the cheapest devices, but at the same time it is able to facilitate any construction work. Ideally shows itself in small areas. There is a built-in 2.5 m tape measure, it is equipped with a lock, and a one and a half meter ruler is also provided. More and more home masters prefer this particular model, the visibility of the lines is about 10 m. The laser is red, it is problematic to see it in sunlight, under such conditions the beam is clearly visible at a distance of about 3 meters.

The design has three bubble levels, there are errors, but not too large. At a distance of up to 3 m, they are not at all critical. The laser line is dotted, so it will take some time to get used to it. The case is made of dense rubberized plastic, well protected even from fine dust, as well as from water splashes. There are no tripod mounts for this level. Device weight 230 g.


  • Three positions in which the device can work;
  • Indoors, the rays can be seen well if the sun does not fall on them;
  • One of the cheapest devices on the market;
  • With the help of the device it is easy to adjust the hydraulic level.


  • It will take some time to get used to the dotted laser beam;
  • In open areas, it is almost invisible.

Level laser Deko SP001

7. Matrix 35007

Matrix 35007 photo

The laser perpendicular line builder has a compact overall dimensions, so it is easy to use even in hard-to-reach places. The device is inexpensive and very easy to use. It emits two laser beams that are illuminated at a right angle. Setting the level yourself is quite easy — there are two flasks for this. To make it even more convenient to work with the device, the manufacturer equipped it with suction cups located on the sole — they firmly attach the tool to any type of surface, but they can still slip slightly on glossy tiles or lacquered chipboard.

One set of batteries is enough for about 8 hours of continuous operation, the equipment operates in a temperature range from 0 to 40 degrees. The case is plastic, has a reliable protection against dust.


  • On the sole there are reliable suction cups;
  • Good resistance to high temperatures;
  • Easy to enjoy;
  • Reliable assembly from quality materials.


  • Batteries are not supplied with the tool;
  • Slightly slippery on smooth surfaces.

Level laser Matrix 35007

6. Megeon 77002

Megaon 77002 photo

Ideal for laying ceramic tiles, parquet, laminate and other similar floor coverings. The design provides two bubble levels, which allows you to work with it, as with a level. The color of the laser beam is red, there is a socket for mounting on a tripod. The device is powered by two 1.5 V batteries. The tool gives out two perpendicular beams, as it was originally developed as an axle builder. There is an automatic leveling system, but it will not be possible to turn it off if necessary. The device is frost-resistant — it can work in the range from -20 to +60 degrees. The dimensions of the device are compact 117x68x42 mm.

The error here is quite decent — the indicator is about one and a half millimeters per meter, the weight of the equipment is only 80 grams. The case is made of plastic, well withstands physical exertion, including falls from a height and shock. If the marks of the laser beams have lost their accuracy, then it will not be so easy to adjust them, because the case is disassembled with great difficulty.


  • Possibility of attaching to a tripod;
  • The device is leveled automatically;
  • The case reliably resists physical influences;
  • The beams can be turned on individually.


  • It is difficult to reconfigure if the settings are lost.

Level laser Megeon 77002

5. Bison TL-8 MASTER 34926

Bison TL-8 MASTER 34926 photo

With this tool, all the necessary markup can be done alone, which greatly increases productivity. There are two projection modes — line or point, they are included separately. On the body you can find two cones that allow you to align the device in a vertical and horizontal plane. There are magnets on the case with which the device can be mounted on a tripod. The manufacturer has placed an adjustment screw here to select the installation angle.

Many users in the reviews say that even professionals often use the tool, although its cost is low. The error is minimal, compact dimensions are small. The measurement range in point mode is 20 m, for a line it is no more than 10 m. A convenient holder is included in the kit.


  • Small dimensions;
  • Very convenient to use even alone;
  • High degree of laser contrast.


  • The build quality of the case leaves much to be desired;
  • The laser line has an uneven thickness.

Laser level Zubr TL-8 MASTER 34926

4.Laserliner LaserCube

Laserliner LaserCube photo

The most compact version of a cheap laser level — its dimensions are 38x38x38 mm and weighs 36 g. Despite this, the device has wide functionality. The error is quite acceptable for a household type tool: no more than 1 mm / m. With the help of the tool, it will be possible to perform all the markup accurately and accurately. The maximum projection is 7m indoors and up to 4m outdoors.

The case is made of high-quality plastic, it is very reliable, neither dust nor moisture will penetrate under it. You can work with this level in the temperature range from 0 to 40 degrees. In continuous mode, the device is able to work for 4 hours, it does not need an external power source — it works exclusively from three AA batteries.


  • Compact overall dimensions — such a level can generally be carried in your pocket;
  • The laser is very contrasty, so it is easy to see it even in direct sunlight;
  • High build quality.


  • The measurement range is small.

Level laser Laserliner LaserCube

3. Stayer LM 34985

Stayer LM 34985 photo

A very successful design solution was offered to consumers by the manufacturers of this model. The device is equipped with a convenient magnetic base, thanks to which it will easily stick to metal surfaces, there is also a swivel leg for even more stable and precise installation. The error is insignificant — 0.5 mm / m. The maximum measuring range is 20 m. The package comes with a tripod.

The red laser beam pierces both horizontal and vertical lines. Moreover, it is capable of projecting dots when the layout needs to be done at an angle. With this laser level, you can install furniture, windows, doors, lay tiles, and perform other types of work. The device weighs only 230 grams, so even when working under the ceiling, your hands will not get tired.


  • It’s easy enough to work with this tool;
  • Magnetic base securely holds on metal surfaces;
  • Beam range can reach 20m;
  • The position of the device can be adjusted literally with one hand;
  • There are two projection modes here.


  • The plastic from which the body of the tool is made is thin, so you need to handle it very carefully — do not drop it or hit it;
  • The brightness of the beam could be more.

Level laser Stayer LM 34985

2.Fixit Laser Level Pro 3

Fixit Laser Level Pro 3 photo

Many home craftsmen often give preference to this particular device for the simple reason that it is inexpensive and easy to work with. The functional side of the tool is really wide — it is used as a laser or as a familiar drip level, the manufacturer has provided a three-meter tape measure, equipped it with a latch. The maximum measurement range is 15 m, providing an accuracy of about 0.5 mm/m. Batteries are included in the kit.

The device is used for both outdoor and indoor work. There is a socket for mounting a tripod, but the tripod itself will have to be purchased separately. The support platform is made of durable aluminum alloy — it will stand exactly on a flat surface, there is no need to use a tripod. Overall dimensions are 190x110x28 mm with a weight of 180 g.


  • High build quality tool;
  • There is a built-in tape measure;
  • The laser beam is clearly visible even under the sun’s rays;
  • One of the most functional devices on the market.


  • Can be difficult to calibrate;
  • There is no built-in magnet;
  • Batteries run out pretty quickly.

Level laser Fixit Laser Level Pro 3

1. Acuangle Aculine AK 435

Acuangle Aculine AK 435 photo

Easy-to-use tool, it has a rotary mechanism, a compensator, there is also a sound notification system, due to which it is possible to achieve maximum marking accuracy. The level of error is insignificant — less than 0.25 mm / m, which makes the device almost professional equipment. An automatic adjustment system is provided here: it is plus / minus 3 degrees of deviation horizontally or vertically. The tool can work at temperatures from -5 to +45 degrees, it weighs only 210 g.

The level is made of reliable high quality plastic, the assembly is reliable. It runs on two AA batteries, if necessary, you can disassemble the case and adjust the position of the beams. The functionality is wide, you can even work outside on a sunny day, the level can be set on a tripod if necessary.


  • High measurement accuracy;
  • The error is the same as that of professional equipment;
  • There is a reliable automatic leveling system;
  • Excellent build quality.


  • The latch on the battery compartment is too flimsy.

Level laser Acuangle Aculine AK 435

In conclusion, a useful video

We have ended our roundup of the best cheap laser levels in 2022. We tried to talk in great detail about the functional side of these tools. If you have experience with such equipment, tell other readers about it.


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