The first lighter in the history of mankind was invented over two hundred years ago. Today it has firmly entered the life of an ordinary person. Billions of them are released every year. These devices can be very different from each other in many ways. Let’s try to understand the existing variety in our ranking of the best lighters in 2022. In this review, we will talk in detail about the most popular models of both economy and premium class, as well as give some useful tips that will surely help you when buying.

How to choose the right lighter?

First of all, lighters differ greatly in how they work. A classic type is a device that runs on special gasoline. The principle here is simple — fuel is poured into the container, the spark is obtained due to the friction of silicon on the gear wheel. Due to the fact that the design is as simple as possible, it is reliable and practical. It is worth noting that gasoline lighters are very expensive, besides, they require special care, but such products look very stylish, they can complement the image of an adult and a man who has taken place in this life. With proper maintenance, it will not break down and will last even several decades.

Gas lighters are much more complicated, but they are much cheaper. They are divided into flint and piezo lighters. The first option is practically no different from the design that operates on liquid fuel, these models are often disposable, but there are also refillable options, but they will have to regularly change the silicon. Lighters with a piezoelectric element are quite reliable — they are able to work for a long time without breakdowns.


When buying, pay attention to the appearance of the product. It should not have cracks or scratches. Quality products are smooth and even without a hint of even the slightest damage. A good lighter is usually sold in a case, which will help to keep it attractive for its entire service life, as well as to use it efficiently. The integrity of the case is especially important for gasoline lighters, as the leakage of flammable liquid can cause a fire.

Be sure to look at the overall build quality. Reliable and durable products are manufactured with maximum precision — there are no gaps between the elements, the mechanisms function quickly and accurately.

When we chose models to be included in the ranking of the best lighters, we took into account all these factors. However, we considered some other points — user reviews and value for money. Here you can find both the cheapest and very expensive products.

Ten best lighters



These are products of a well-known Austrian company that has been producing such units for quite a long time. To date, this enterprise has produced about half a billion of these devices. They are well-deservedly popular with consumers. All consumables are compatible with Zippo products. In general, it is generally accepted that the founder of the Zippo company was inspired by the lighters of this particular company. This model first appeared on the market over 80 years ago, in the 1960s the design was somewhat modernized to make production easier.

The lighter runs on gasoline and is ignited by silicon. The body is made of high quality stainless steel, a lever for adjusting the intensity of the flame is provided. Refueling is very simple — the inner container is easily removed from the body and fuel is poured into it. It does not look quite familiar, but it is very presentable.


  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • High level of strength;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.


  • Some may find the price to be high.


9. Cricket Premium Bollywood 01

Cricket Premium Bollywood 01 photo

Also a rather interesting copy, which is produced by a well-known Swedish company. The product is characterized by a non-standard shape — it is square in cross section, although most of the lighters on the market are rectangular. In the reviews, users also say that this model is very convenient to use. It is made in Indian style, perfect as a gift for a woman. This accessory comes with a velvet case, made in the form of a bag, there is also a napkin and a pendant, which is a cord with artificial amethyst.

Before you is a device that runs on gas, it is equipped with a piezo ignition. The case is made of especially durable brass, and it is additionally decorated with Swarovski crystals. Such a women’s lighter looks very stylish and expensive. The mechanism that kindles the flame is very reliable, it is able to work flawlessly for several years. The body of the device is very durable, it is not afraid of even falling from a serious height.


  • Perfect for the fairer sex;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Looks very attractive;
  • Long service life;
  • Non-standard, original form.


  • A man with such a lighter will walk at least not too solidly.

Lighter Cricket Premium Bollywood 01


BIC J6 MAXI photo

Produced by a French company, designed for three thousand ignitions. It uses abrasion-resistant flint, so you won’t have to change it. This lighter belongs to the class of disposable. The products of this company regularly compete with the products of the Cricket company, so it was decided to equip it with an increased gas capacity. Largely due to this approach, it was possible to significantly extend the service life of these products.

Such a model was developed taking into account all the requirements of reliability and safety. The buyer can be absolutely sure that this product will fully work out its resource. The case is made of special especially strong plastic of the most different flowers. Overall dimensions are very compact — the product can easily fit into the pocket of jeans or trousers, it can even be thrown into a pack of cigarettes. The flame is protected from the wind with a special metal apron with slots that provide additional access to fresh air to the fire.


  • One of the cheapest models in our review;
  • The product design is carefully thought out;
  • Increased capacity with liquefied gas;
  • Comfortable to use;
  • Lasts for a very long time;
  • Compact overall dimensions.


  • Disposable lighter — can not be recharged.

Lighter BIC J6 MAXI

7. Cricket ED4

Cricket ED4 photo

Another cheapest model, however, despite the low price, it works excellently and will delight the user with a stable flame for several months. This device has a different modification, where electronic ignition is installed. Smoking users in their reviews claim that this product is enough for up to six months. Unfortunately, this lighter is also disposable. The design is calm, strict, some even find it rather boring.

On sale you can find lighters in a variety of colors, ranging from basic soothing colors to very bright ones. The device is characterized by small overall dimensions and low weight, it is perfect for daily use.


  • Very low price;
  • Stable work for a long time;
  • Small size and light weight;
  • Excellent choice for every day;
  • Takes a long time.


  • Refueling will not work.

Lighter Cricket ED4

6 Zippo Coils

Zippo Coils photo

Here we see one of the most expensive lighters on the market. First of all, I would like to note that these are limited edition products, and each model has an engraving with a unique number, so the possibility of a fake is completely excluded. The high cost is also explained by another factor — the lighter is equipped with a reinforced metal case. It is made from brass alloy. An original carved ornament is applied on the outer surface with the help of chased engraving. Like all other products of this company, this lighter is covered by a lifetime warranty.

The device operates on gasoline, the fire is kindled using flint technology. The lighter is equipped with a unique wind protection system, so you can not worry that the flame will go out in the wind. It will serve for a very long time, so it is optimal for men who regularly break lighters. In domestic conditions, it will not work to spoil the case; if necessary, any mechanisms can simply be replaced.


  • Top quality workmanship;
  • Long service life;
  • Stylish and presentable appearance that will last for many years;
  • Well-thought-out wind protection system.


  • The price for a lighter is very high.

Lighter Zippo Coils

5. Colibri QTR115006

Colibri QTR115006 photo

Another rather expensive model belonging to the premium segment. The device is equipped with a piezo ignition, this lighter works on gas. A company that produces similar products just specializes in the manufacture of not too cheap models, however, there are several options in the middle price category. It was this company that first launched a model equipped with a piezo ignition system for the wide sale.

The device is equipped with a steel case, which looks very attractive. The original cutter is also provided here, with its help you can cut off the tip of the cigar. The flame is released by three burners at once, which greatly increases their stability in the wind. There is a lever that regulates the power of the flame. Such a lighter is able to work stably even at a considerable height — up to 2,500 meters. This product is ideal for those who prefer cigars to ordinary cigarettes.


  • Robust housing made of steel;
  • There is a cutter for cigars;
  • Long service life;
  • Can work at a decent height;
  • The flame cannot be blown out even by a strong wind.


Lighter Colibri QTR115006

4. Pierre Cardin MFH-126-02

Pierre Cardin MFH-126-02 photo

Very beautiful lighter from the world famous French fashion house. It looks stylish and expensive largely due to the engraving applied to the surface of the case. The case itself is made of a unique zinc alloy, additionally coated with natural copper. The lighter is filled with gas, it is equipped with a flint ignition system, the flint can be changed if necessary. The lid is covered with a layer of chrome, closes with a characteristic click, no backlashes were found. The developers have well thought out not only the appearance of the product, but also its functional side. Filling the device is very easy, the ignition mechanism works reliably and stably.

This product will be an unforgettable gift for a dear person. The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty on the lighter. Products are sold in a stylish branded box that looks like a gift. The device is suitable for people of all ages who prefer quality products, the design is made in such a format that both women and men can use the lighter.


  • Superior quality;
  • original appearance;
  • Long service life;
  • Warranty provided.


  • It’s also quite expensive.

Lighter Pierre Cardin MFH-126-02

3. Clipper CM008

Clipper CM008 photo

Not too expensive, but at the same time stable and durable products. The creators of this device managed to immediately get a well-thought-out model, so even the very first lighters from this company that appeared on the market managed to win the trust of consumers, and the brand itself became synonymous with quality. Overall dimensions are small, the lighter is compact, so it can easily fit in your pocket. On sale you can find options with different types of flame ignition — flint, electronic or with a piezoelectric element. All products run on gas only.

Refueling the product is very easy, the number of refills is not limited. The body is made of durable metal, additionally reinforced with stiffeners, so it is unlikely to be crushed or otherwise damaged. There are modifications made in gold or silver. It is sold in a metal box, which has an attractive appearance.


  • Quite reasonable price;
  • Metal case;
  • Presentable packaging;
  • Long service life;
  • There are various ignition options.


  • Poorly thought out protection of the flame from the wind.

Lighter Clipper CM008

2. Wenger ASTERION

Wenger ASTERION photo

It is characterized by an attractive design and a long service life. The case is made of a special zinc alloy of increased strength, so even strong blows will not be afraid of it. The lighter has a unique ignition system that does not require batteries, silicon or piezo ignition. The device runs on gas, it can be easily refueled even at home.

The design of the lighter is carefully thought out, it is able to provide high-temperature combustion. With it, you can not only light cigarettes, but also kindle fires, regardless of weather conditions. It also provides a gas indicator and a turbo flame, the lighter is available in several colors.


  • Original ignition system;
  • There is a turbo mode that allows you to make a fire in a matter of seconds;
  • Stylish case design.


Lighter Wenger ASTERION

1 Zippo Classic 207

Zippo Classic 207 photo

An excellent lighter with a lifetime warranty, which is quite affordable compared to other models of this American brand. It runs on gasoline, often goes on sale unfilled, but the process of refueling it is very simple — everyone can handle it. The manufacturing company advises consumers to fill in only branded gasoline, which is sold in convenient plastic bottles with a cap. The design of the lighter is such that you can fill it with fuel an unlimited number of times. The ignition of the fire is carried out with the help of flint — the owners of such a device have repeatedly noted that this is very convenient.

If necessary, any element can be replaced — flint, wick, wheel, cotton wool. As in the other model, this lighter has a well-designed wind protection system. Gasoline does not freeze at low temperatures, so the lighter will work stably even in severe frost.


  • Very high quality;
  • World famous brand;
  • Durability;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Works absolutely in any conditions;
  • Quite reasonable price.


  • Not detected.

Lighter Zippo Classic 207

In conclusion, a useful video

Our rating of the best lighters presented on the Russian market in 2022 is coming to an end. We tried to tell as much as possible about the most popular products among buyers. We hope that you were able to choose the best version for yourself. If any questions still remain, then do not hesitate to ask us in the comments to this article. We will promptly respond to them and give you additional information on the model you like.


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