Today, there is no longer any need to waste your time persuading retail store consultants. Virtually all products can be ordered and advice is extremely easy through independent resources specialized in product research. Our project is one of them, and today we want to talk about the best multicooker manufacturers in 2022.

If you do not want to waste time on this question, and you are interested in a specific model in a particular price range, you can familiarize yourself with the rating of multicookers on the TechnoRating website.

The authors of the project compare the leading model ranges of the following types of multicookers:

  1. Slow cookers — are distinguished by uniform heating, affordable cost and convenience. Of the shortcomings, we note the minimum set of options. At the same time, such devices are cooked slowly, which can be understood by the name;
  2. Pressure cookers, on the other hand, allow you to quickly cook any dish. Air does not enter them, which justifies the high rate, but such products are considered more dangerous. Especially those cooked under pressure;
  3. Rice cookers are the oldest type of multicooker, which is designed for cooking cereals, which it does better than any more modern counterpart. The problem is that the scope of such technology is narrow. Plus in favor, because the rice is steamed.

How to choose a modern multicooker?

Many sites talk about the capacity of the bowl or power in the multicooker selections. It is unlikely that these are important factors by which one can draw a conclusion regarding the choice of such a technique. We want to highlight important features that make market leaders stand out. Let’s talk about useful and modern functions:

  • 3D heating — this function assumes uniform heating due to an additional heating element;
  • Titanium bowl is the most durable coating, although it is not widely available. Such multicookers are produced by Cuckoo for professionals. The alternative is ceramics.
  • The keep warm function keeps food warm after cooking.
  • Sauce-wide — support for this technology involves the preparation of vacuum-packed products, which are on sale more and more;
  • Delayed start — you can start the cooking process at a convenient time. For example, before you come home from work or in the morning.

5 best multicooker manufacturers



REDMOND is very effectively developing the segment of smart household goods. In fact, all models of this manufacturer have a balanced price / quality ratio with a ceramic bowl and many functions, including a delayed start. To be honest, not all programs used by the brand are effective in practice. Mostly slow cookers look favorably, in which there are “Multi-cook” or “Multi-shev” modes with the ability to install your own programs. In terms of reliability, everything is fine here, as well as in terms of ease of use.


  • many goods;
  • own programs;
  • delayed start;
  • good slow cookers.


  • Not all modes are needed in practice.

Multicooker REDMOND

4 Polaris

Polaris photo

Polaris attracts with the production of functional multicookers. In the assortment of this brand, you can find many solutions that support Sauce Vaid technology “under vacuum”. That is, you can cook food, including meat in a plastic bag. As a result, food is cooked as if in a water bath at a low temperature. Dishes are very tasty. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the convenience of their equipment. Many useful functions and programs have been implemented. The problem is that most multicooker bowl coatings are worse than many of the competition.


  • modern technologies;
  • ease of use;
  • environmental materials;
  • affordable price.


  • not an ideal bowl for many models.

Multicooker Polaris

3. Cuckoo

cuckoo photo

We are talking about the best manufacturer of professional multicookers. Cuckoo uses a titanium coating to manufacture bowls, which is much more difficult to damage mechanically. In addition to durable containers, professional solutions of this brand have many programs. All products are tested multiple times before they go on sale. In addition to reliability and efficiency, it is worth noting the weaknesses of the products of this brand. In particular, this is a high price tag that many users of simple household solutions cannot afford.


  • lifetime;
  • reliability of technology;
  • titanium bowls;
  • professional modes.


Multicooker Cuckoo


Moulinex photo

The rating of the best manufacturers of multicookers is replenished by Moulinex, which offers an extensive range of classic models with ceramic bowls. All products of this brand boast a balanced price-quality ratio, as well as ease of cleaning. A vivid confirmation of this is the Moulinex MK 707832 model with the patented Fuzzy Logic technology. The bowl is made of 5 layers. In the pressure cooker segment, the Moulinex CE 500E32 model with temperature control from 40 to 160 degrees looks quite advantageous. The power of this series is 1000 W at a price of around 7000 rubles.


  • heating temperature;
  • proprietary technologies;
  • bowl quality;
  • many lines.


Multicooker Moulinex

1. Tefal

multicooker Tefal

The best manufacturer of multicookers in 2022 is Tefal, which has long been valued by the coating of its kitchen products. The manufacturer always uses advanced technologies, so even over time, the multicooker bowls of this company do not lose their non-stick properties. The manufacturer has many good lines: from RK901832 with a ceramic bowl to RK807D32 with support for 44 effective programs. All lines of this brand have many interesting features and patented technologies. These are said to be simple and effective preparation of a wide range of dishes.


  • many lines;
  • bowl coating quality;
  • many options;
  • proprietary technologies;
  • technology reliability.


Multicooker Tefal


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