The summer season is approaching — it’s time to put everything in order before it starts, to purchase the missing tools. One of the key products, without which it is impossible to do in the garden or in the garden, is a rake. They are a multifunctional item: with their help, it will be possible to refresh the lawn in a matter of minutes, level the soil, and get rid of fallen leaves.

In country stores, the choice of this tool is very wide — they differ greatly from each other in size, type of model, and so on. In our ranking of the best rakes of the year, we will help you not to get lost in the presented variety and choose the most convenient and durable products.

How to choose the right rake?

The design of this tool is elementary — it consists of a handle with a transverse bar attached to it, which is equipped with sharp teeth. In this case, the teeth themselves can be at different angles — straight, sharp or blunt. Depending on the type, this tool may differ in weight, number of teeth, length of the handle, width of the crossbar with teeth.

For most work, quite standard designs with 8-10 teeth are suitable. If you plan to work with shrubs or flower beds, then you will need to use a design consisting of 2-4 short cloves, which should be located as close to each other as possible.

The shape of the teeth can be different. The most common are straight lines. They are located strictly across the base, due to which it is possible to easily rake foliage, grass, debris. Twisted teeth are arranged in the same way, but turn 90 degrees in the central part or closer to the base. The ends of these teeth are pointed, which makes the tool optimally suited for loosening the earth. Nails are equipped with thin rounded teeth, in their shape they resemble nails. There are also sickle-shaped ones, in which the teeth are sickle-shaped — they are strongly bent towards the handle. This tool is designed to aerate the soil.

The rake handle can be made from various materials. Traditionally, it is made of wood — the handle is cheap, strong, durable. However, before buying, you need to check how well it is polished, otherwise you can get a lot of splinters. Models with a metal handle are more durable, but they are much heavier. The easiest option are products in which both the handle and the working element itself are made of hardened aluminum. These tools are light weight, have a long service life and are suitable for almost any job.

A tool with a plastic handle must be chosen as carefully as possible. Too cheap models should not be bought, since the quality of the plastic there clearly leaves much to be desired. More expensive products are made of durable and resilient material — it will last almost as long as wood, but weighs much less. When we chose products to be included in the ranking of the best rakes, we relied on all of the above factors. In addition, real user reviews were studied, which allowed us to include the highest quality options in the review. We hope that after carefully studying this article, you will be able to choose the best tool for your purposes.

Ten best rakes

10. Park HG1191 sliding

Park HG1191 sliding photo

Fan type products are quite acceptable in terms of cost and quality. The teeth are made from thin but carefully hardened steel, which allows you to perform a variety of tasks. The width of the tool can be adjusted if necessary — this will significantly reduce the time, for example, for cleaning leaves or collecting debris on the lawn. According to users in the reviews, working with this tool is very convenient. Such a design will be a great helper in a garden or garden plot.

The teeth of the tool are metal, they do not change their shape, regardless of the applied loads. The handle can be made of wood or metal. For it, light woods are used — birch or pine. The total length of the rake is 119 cm, so they are even suitable for removing last year’s foliage or fruits from a tree.


  • One of the most accessible tools in our review;
  • Very convenient to use;
  • A very functional tool;
  • Width adjustable;
  • The handle can be made of metal or wood.


  • Weak lock — poorly fixes the rake in the selected position.

Rake Park HG1191 sliding

9. Sibtech 61763

Sibrtech 61763 photo

A classic design that has been known to most amateur gardeners since Soviet times. This rake can be used not only to collect foliage, debris or mowed grass, but also to loosen the soil, they can be used to level the beds. The main working element and the body are made of high quality carefully hardened steel with a high carbon content. The part is carefully processed with a special powder paint. The layer is very durable, does not wear off for years, allows you to provide reliable protection of the tool from the occurrence of corrosion processes.

The handle is made of hardwood of the highest grade, also not very sensitive to moisture. The teeth have a twisted shape, there are 16 of them on the working surface. The total length of the tool is 1300 mm — suitable for a person of any height and build.


  • Another fairly cheap model;
  • Despite the presence of a wooden handle, the design turned out to be very light;
  • Twisted teeth level the ground well and loosen it;
  • The model has 16 teeth at once.


  • After the purchase, it is better to sand the wooden handle with your own hands, and then also paint it in order to reliably protect yourself from splinters.

Rake Sibrtech 61763

8. RACO 4231-53/744 adjustable

RACO 4231-53/744 adjustable photo

It is a unique and versatile tool designed for active use in the suburban area. The design of the rake is fan-shaped, besides, they are equipped with a telescopic handle. Users in most of their reviews talk about this moment. The handle is securely fixed by simply turning it clockwise. The cost of production is not too high, but it will cost a little more compared to conventional devices.

Not suitable for loosening, however, with the help of this tool it will be possible to collect fallen leaves and mowed grass in just a few minutes. The maximum width of the working part is 55 cm, the rake is equipped with fifteen teeth. The handle is also made of metal, its maximum length is 124 cm, and the telescopic mechanism allows you to precisely adjust the tool to your height.


  • Very convenient to use;
  • The telescoping handle adjusts to the height of the user;
  • The working part is adjustable in terms of width.


  • The telescopic mechanism is quite fragile — the rake must be handled carefully, otherwise the handle may burst or bend.

Rake RACO 4231-53/744 adjustable

7. ZUBR 4-39583-10

ZUBR 4-39583-10 photo

The products are quite affordable — absolutely all summer residents can afford it. The handle of this tool is made from hardwood, so it is quite durable. It is carefully polished at the manufacturing stage, painted with high-quality paint. The handle will not slip out of your hands. The working surface is characterized by increased strength indicators. It is made of highly hardened high carbon steel, which allows the rake to be used for harvesting mowed grass, foliage, leveling beds, loosening and hilling crops.

The working surface includes 10 straight teeth. The design is quite reliable, and the use of high quality materials in the production allows us to fully guarantee a long tool life. Its total length is 135 cm with a weight of 900 grams. A small mass allows you to work with a rake for a long time without feeling tired.


  • Low price;
  • It is very convenient to work with them;
  • Suitable for different tasks;
  • The teeth are well sharpened.


  • The working part could be made wider — you have to spend more time on work.

Rake ZUBR 4-39583-10

6. TRUPER 19065

TRUPER 19065 photo

Quite a convenient model, which is characterized by low weight and a good long handle. Fan rakes — suitable purely for cleaning the site. The teeth are made of plastic. It is quite flexible and elastic, able to withstand decent physical exertion, but it is unlikely to be able to compare with metal in terms of strength. You need to work with such a rake with caution, as there is always a chance of damaging the teeth.

The width of the working part is 76 cm — a very decent indicator, so the work will take much less time and effort. The length of the handle is 122 cm — a universal value, which makes the tool suitable for people of any age.


  • Even a significant amount of work can be dealt with in a fairly short time;
  • The handle is wooden, not very thick, respectively, it weighs a little;
  • Convenient to work.


  • Plastic teeth can break off at any time — you need to work with the tool as carefully as possible;
  • They are much more expensive than the classic ones.

Rake TRUPER 19065

5. GARDENA 3103-20 without handle

GARDENA 3103-20 without handle photo

Another fan-type product for cleaning the site with the arrival of spring or autumn, when leaves begin to fall from the trees. It is made by a company that has been manufacturing garden tools for many years and is widely popular with amateur gardeners. The handle will have to be purchased separately. On the one hand, it is quite convenient — the buyer can choose the most convenient option for himself.

The teeth are made of reliable galvanized steel, they also have a springy effect. The distance between the teeth can be adjusted as needed. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for its tool — as much as 25 years. The width of the working canvas is 50 cm, so the work will take a little time.


  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Long service life;
  • Very convenient to use;
  • Wide working area.


  • For some buyers, the lack of a handle seems to be a minus.

Rake GARDENA 3103-20 without handle

4. PALISAD 61701 reinforced without handle

PALISAD 61701 reinforced without shaft photo

Characterized by a high strength design, the rake is equipped with 22 flat teeth, the maximum girth of the working part is 45 cm. The inner diameter of the body is 45 mm — it is quite suitable for a standard handle. There is a spacer on top, which greatly enhances the springy effect, making the structure even more durable. The rake is ideal for collecting cut branches, weeds, grass, and debris. They are very easy to collect fallen leaves.

The teeth are made from special spring steel, but they are characterized by a high degree of rigidity. They are covered with a layer of zinc, so the tool is reliably protected from the occurrence of corrosion processes. The mass of the tool is only 650 grams.


  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • The design is durable and reliable;
  • Insignificant weight of the tool;
  • Reliable protection against the occurrence of rust spots.


  • Such a large working width can sometimes interfere with high-quality cleaning of the area from debris.

Rake PALISAD 61701 reinforced without handle

3. GARDENA 3004-20

GARDENA 3004-20 photo

In third place in the review of the best rakes is one of the most practical and functional tools that can only be found on the domestic market. With its help, you can loosen the soil, level the soil and carry out a whole range of works with the earth. The width of the working part is 30 cm, 12 teeth are located at this distance. The rake also comes with a three-prong ripper made of high-quality hardened steel. It is optimally adapted to provide soil aeration in a way that does not harm the root systems of cultivated plants.

The rake is connected to the handle with a screw — the joint comes out quite strong, it does not loosen for a long time. The working surfaces are made of the highest quality steel, the material is coated with Duroplast, a special polymeric material whose properties are several times higher than zinc. It reliably protects steel from corrosion, does not scrape off its surface for many years.


  • Easy to use regardless of the person’s height;
  • High reliability;
  • Long service life;
  • Qualitatively protected from corrosion;
  • The kit comes with a ripper.


  • The price is much higher than the market average.

Rake GARDENA 3004-20

2.Green Apple GAGV01-81

Green Apple GAGV01-81 photo

Original and easy-to-use fan type rake. They are entirely made of high quality lightweight metal alloy and have excellent ergonomics, making them very comfortable to work with. The width of the working part is adjustable if necessary — this is quite convenient if you need to clean out debris from a limited space on the site.

The handle is also metal, strong enough, despite the insignificant mass. The teeth are made of high-quality galvanized steel, they easily cope with the tasks assigned to them.


  • Very functional and easy to use tool;
  • The ergonomics of the handle is well thought out — neither the hands nor the back get tired;
  • Effectively removes leaves and debris;
  • Metal handle;
  • Reliable mechanism that regulates the width of the fan;
  • High quality corrosion protection.


  • Opening the rake completely for the first time can be quite problematic.

Rake Green Apple GAGV01-81

1.FISKARS Light 1019606

FISKARS Light 1019606 photo

Another fairly lightweight model designed for cleaning foliage and grass. The teeth are made of reliable steel with high spring characteristics. They will not let twigs and foliage get stuck, will not break off over time and will not begin to rust. The handle is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, has an oval shape in cross section, which will give it additional strength.

The handle is covered with reliable plastic with an anti-slip coating — even from damp or wet hands, the rake will not jump out. There is also a loop on the handle for easy storage: they can be hung on a hook so that they do not take up a lot of free space in the shed. The width of the working part is 51 cm, 25 teeth are located at this distance, which greatly increases the efficiency of the tool.


  • One of the lightest models that can only be found today;
  • Convenient to store and use;
  • A large number of reliable teeth;
  • The mass of the rake is only 590 grams.


  • They are quite expensive.

Rake FISKARS Light 1019606

In conclusion, a useful video

Our rating of the best rakes is coming to an end. We have tried to examine in detail each model presented here from all sides, so that readers get a comprehensive understanding of the instrument. If some points seemed unclear to you or need clarification, then tell us about it in the comments to our article. We will try to make any necessary adjustments as soon as possible.


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