In winter, it is much more difficult to drive a vehicle compared to the warm season. It is the weather conditions that become a serious obstacle for the wheels of the car — it can begin to skid, the length of the braking distance increases, the standard and usual smoothness of the ride is violated due to the fact that the car wheels grip the road surface worse.

To combat negative weather conditions, drivers try to adapt to them in different ways. One of these methods is to install snow chains directly on the wheels. These are special elements that are made of hard or, on the contrary, fairly soft materials (rubber, metal, plastic). They are specially fixed on the wheels.

With their help, traction is greatly increased, which is very important in difficult areas, for example, on dirt roads or climbs. Unfortunately, not all motorists know what to look for when choosing this product. We decided to help you a little in this matter and made a rating of the best snow chains. In this article, we will tell you in detail about several of the most popular options, and we will also give you some useful tips regarding the rules for choosing models. After a careful study of the proposed material, it will be much easier to decide on a purchase.

How to choose the right snow chains?

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing is the material from which such products are made. If the driver plans to operate the car in bad weather and in icy conditions, then the most severe options are most suitable for him. They will perfectly protect the vehicle from possible emergencies. If you plan to buy chains for riding in mud or snow, then you can get by with rubber or plastic chains — such products will cost much less, they are easy to put on and take off.

The service life also affects the choice of chains. On sale you can find models that are used only for short distances, they are used only in emergency cases, when you need to overcome the most difficult section of the road, leave the pit if there is no tug nearby. Other chains will be useful for long trips and regular use. They are one of the key elements of passive type safety, with their help the car’s handling becomes much better.

Most chains are made for light vehicles with standard wheel sizes. For larger cars, they will not be useful — they will either break down or will not perform the functions assigned to them correctly. The shape and type of fastening of the product also differ. When we selected products to include in our ranking of the best snow chains, we relied on all the factors discussed above. We have previously studied many user reviews so that only the highest quality and durable models are included in the review. You will not find too expensive products here — our readers will be able to choose such chains for themselves without significant damage to their finances.

Ten best snow chains

10. Taurus Diament 275

Taurus Diament 275 photo

The model was created specifically for use on crossovers, minivans and SUVs. The chains are characterized by a reinforced structure, their thickness is as much as 16 mm, which allows them to be used even on the most difficult sections of the road, including those that are considered impassable for other cars. Patency increases largely due to the unique diagonal pattern. They mount the chains on the wheels only when the car is stationary, and you do not have to use a jack or some kind of auxiliary equipment to perform such manipulations.

The equipment belongs to the all-season class, so it can be used even in the warm season, there is a need to overcome deep mud, wet clay. The kit comes with two chains that are attached to the drive wheels. Even when driving off-road, the risk of getting stuck or damaging the vehicle is minimal.


  • The cost is quite affordable for such equipment;
  • Decent workmanship;
  • Long period of operation;
  • During installation, you do not have to use a jack;
  • Can be used at any time of the year.


  • Not suitable for ordinary cars.

Snow chains Taurus Diament 275

9. Thule CG-10 060

Thule CG-10 060 photo

The products are very popular among consumers, largely due to the optimal ratio of price and quality. One of the key qualities of these chains is the unique automatic wheel tensioning system. It is quite enough for the driver to simply fix the chains on the drive wheels and drive a few meters. It will tighten automatically, besides, it will not need to be tightened during the trip, which is very convenient especially when driving in deep snow. To make it easier to use the products, the developer marked the prefabricated elements with color, along with the chains, a very convenient and informative instruction manual is supplied. Problems with the installation of chains will not arise even for drivers who have never encountered them before.

The performance properties are simply excellent: there is micro-adjustment, there is a flexible cable inside, the chain reliably protects the alloy wheels. You can choose suitable chains for wheels of any radius. Products fully comply with all international standards, as evidenced by certificates.


  • Excellent value for money and quality;
  • Pull on wheels independently;
  • There is no need to stop and tighten the chains from time to time;
  • Provides additional protection to disks.


  • Designed specifically for the cold season, not suitable for the summer period.

Snow chains Thule CG-10 060

8. CarCommerce KN9-100

CarCommerce KN9-100 photo

One of the cheapest options that can only be found in specialized stores today. Made in Poland, it is ideal for buyers who do not often experience driving on ice, deep snow or off-road. Despite the low price, the performance is very high. They were developed for use on passenger vehicles in order to increase their cross-country ability. The products are versatile, easy to install, the chains are suitable for various makes and models of machines.

These chains are quite suitable for year-round use — they are worn to overcome snow, sand, clay, mud. They are easy to put on: the vehicle does not have to lift the car or run into the chains themselves. Buyers in the reviews claim that this budget option is best suited for beginners.


  • One of the cheapest on the Russian market;
  • The car does not have to be lifted;
  • Suitable for use throughout the year.


  • You still have to have some skills when putting on such chains.

Snow chains CarCommerce KN9-100

7. Pewag SXP 550 Snox PRO 88989

Pewag SXP 550 Snox PRO 88989 photo

Austrian-made products are deservedly popular with most domestic consumers for many reasons — they are easy to install on wheels. The model is of the highest quality. The chains grip perfectly on all types of road surfaces, including loose snow or deep mud. The design provides a unique system of automatic chain tension without the use of additional locks. To quickly put on chains, you do not need special skills or dexterity.

Engineers have developed a unique profile of the rod, it is due to it that the tightest adhesion to the base is obtained. It provides additional protection to the rim. The range includes chains for any wheel diameter, installation and dismantling takes a minimum of time and effort. All links have a square cross-section, the products are careful about rubber, so the products can not be removed from the wheels even when driving on asphalt in urban conditions. This is the optimal solution for front wheel drive vehicles.


  • Be careful with rims and tires.
  • Long service life;
  • Chains are automatically tensioned;
  • You can choose products for any size of wheels;
  • Installation takes a minimum of time.


  • They are more expensive compared to other options.

Snow chains Pewag SXP 550 Snox PRO 88989

6. Konig ZIP Ultra

Konig ZIP Ultra photo

The Italian company today occupies one of the world’s leading positions in the production of high-quality and fairly reliable anti-slip chains. This model was created specifically for passenger vehicles. They fully reveal their performance on heavily snowy roads, both dirt and asphalt. Users say that these chains are characterized by increased wear resistance. The fact is that they are made from high-quality material of increased strength — a specially hardened alloy steel with the addition of manganese and nickel to the alloy.

The pattern of chains attached to the wheels takes on a diamond shape, increasing the stability of the vehicle, allowing you to make even very tight turns in off-road conditions. Vibrations transmitted to the suspension and steering wheel are minimized, so the additional load on the hands will be minimal.


  • There is an automatic tension system;
  • Steering wheel vibrations are negligible;
  • The warranty period is three years;
  • It is enough to install products only on the drive wheels;
  • Chains perform well in swept road and off-road conditions.


  • Shooting is not very convenient.

Snow chains Konig ZIP Ultra

5. Industrial sling «Bear 76»


A very reliable product of domestic production, which provides maximum grip of the wheels of cars equipped with front and rear wheel drive, with the road surface even in the most difficult conditions that are not even intended for driving. The products are segmented and consist of three elements, all of which are the same. Each of them is attached to two groups of chains, made in the form of a ladder. All products are completely metal. The function of the fastener here is performed by a steel shaft. It is inserted into the car disk and secured on both sides with nuts.

The fastening is very reliable, so the probability that the chain will come off is zero. Products are distinguished by a long period of operation, they were originally developed for the winter period, but they are also suitable for driving on mud, clay, sand and other similar surfaces in which ordinary tires can get stuck firmly.


  • Significantly increase the controllability of the machine;
  • High-quality fastening ensures a long service life;
  • Quite reasonable cost.


  • Chains weigh much more compared to foreign counterparts;
  • A chain made in the form of a ladder on unsteady surfaces behaves a little worse compared to other ways of arranging links.

Snow chains Promstrop «Bear 76»


TM-SC-UNO1 photo

They are compact in size, so they are easy to carry with you all the time. Products will not deteriorate over time. This model is made of polyurethane, which is characterized by high thermoplastic qualities, they are also equipped with steel spikes. Installing and removing them on wheels is very easy. The design retains its performance at ambient temperatures up to -50 degrees. The chains are optimally suited for conditions such as mud, sand or snow. They are not allowed to be used during long trips, as they are designed exclusively for overcoming difficult sections of the road.

Three belts are put on one wheel at once, which differ in universal sizes — these products are optimally suited for wheels with a radius of 12 to 15 inches. The kit comes with gloves, a storage bag and detailed instructions in Russian. The maximum speed of movement when using such belts should not exceed 40 km / h.


  • Excellent product quality;
  • Quick to install and remove.


  • They are quite expensive;
  • Not suitable for all discs;
  • Cannot be used over extended areas.

Snow chains TM-SC-UNO1

3. PRO-4×4 “Light”

PRO-4x4 “Light” photo

Mounted on wheels with special bracelets on the straps. They are made in the form of anti-slip tapes, so putting them on and taking them off is quick and easy. Products are optimally suited for cars with any type of drive. This is a very compact and lightweight model — even a fragile girl will be able to handle it. Bracelets can be put on the wheels even if the car has already got stuck.

The chains even protect the wheel rims with high quality, in addition, they will be suitable for different types of tires. Metal elements will not come into contact with discs. The products are made on the basis of a chain, the thickness of which is as much as 5 mm, the lock is made of zinc alloy. The model is suitable for cars weighing up to 1300 kg.


  • Small mass;
  • Comfortable and well thought out mounting;
  • Made from high quality and durable materials.


Snow chains PRO-4×4 “Light”

2. Tplus 4WD R16-R21

Tplus 4WD R16-R21 photo

The chain is made of high-quality metal, the thickness of the bars is 6 mm, the width of the tape is 35 mm. The product is suitable for vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 2.5 tons. The lock is made on the basis of zinc alloy, the design can be used on wheels, the radius of which is in the range from 16 to 21 inches.

To protect the edge of the disc there is a special pad located under the clamp. The chains are easy to put on, a special hook is provided to facilitate this process. The product will be optimal for tires whose width is 205-235 mm. The mass of one chain is 3.86 kg — even a person who has not previously encountered such structures can handle it very easily.


  • Reliability of fastening;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Quality material.


  • There is a speed limit — no more than 40 km / h;
  • The fixing cable is not always enough in length.

Snow chains Tplus 4WD R16-R21

1. Sorokin R13 28.4

Sorokin R13 28.4 photo

Made of high-quality steel alloy, the chain can be put on the wheels even in conditions of lack of free space, and the car does not have to be moved at all. The design provides for additional fastening cables.

The product can be used on wheels of various diameters, the whole set weighs 4 kg. The design is suitable for both cars and trucks. Used to overcome the most difficult sections, not suitable for long trips.


  • The chain is made of high quality metal;
  • Universal products;
  • Fastening is reliable;
  • The price is acceptable.


  • The maximum driving speed is 40 km/h.

Snow chains Sorokin R13 28.4

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best snow chains is over. We tried to tell as much as possible about each model included in the rating so that our readers can choose the best option for themselves. If some points seemed incomprehensible to you, then write about it in the comments — we will try to give you the appropriate explanations.


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