Strawberries are one of the very first berries in the middle zone of our country. Many people love it for its unique taste, beautiful appearance and good juiciness of the fruit. Today, it is hardly possible to imagine a horticultural or household plot that does not have at least one or two plots of this berry. There are a lot of strawberry varieties, they differ significantly from each other in their qualities, fruiting duration, fruit appearance, ripening speed, and so on. In our ranking of the best varieties of strawberries, we will try to tell in detail about the most popular varieties of this crop, we will give some useful tips regarding its choice for specific climatic conditions.

How to choose the right strawberry variety?

The variety of varieties allows you to choose the most suitable for a particular climatic zone. Such a moment is very important not only for increasing the yield, but also for the comfortable growth of the cultivated plants themselves. On sale you can find plants that can easily tolerate elevated ambient temperatures, resistant to frost and even severe frosts. Some species thrive in conditions of constantly high humidity, others do not tolerate drought.

It is important to understand for what purposes you are going to grow strawberries. If the berry will be used to make jam, then the berries of medium density and small size are most suitable. Large and fairly dense fruits are optimal for freezing, including dry, as well as for eating and preparing various kinds of desserts. When choosing, one should take into account the moment that large strawberries are less sweet compared to medium and small ones. In this regard, you will have to choose between the size of the fruit and their taste.

If an amateur gardener plans to grow strawberries in the open field, then it is best for him to purchase several varieties at once, which will differ from each other in fruiting time. This approach will allow you to enjoy fresh berries throughout the season, and will also help you find out which variety feels better than others in this soil and climatic conditions. On sale there are remontant varieties that are capable of producing up to three crops per season, and all three times the crop is very plentiful. However, it should be remembered that the strawberry bush of this species lives no more than three seasons, so you will have to constantly monitor the regular renewal of the bushes.

Experienced gardeners recommend purchasing strawberry bushes in the summer months or, at the latest, in early autumn. Planting them in open ground during this period will allow the plants to take root tightly and prepare for wintering, next year strawberries will already produce their first crop. When we chose the types of bushes to be included in our rating of the best varieties of strawberries, we took into account all the points that we told you about above. The review includes the most versatile options that can feel as comfortable as possible at any humidity, degree of lighting, temperature conditions.

Remontant strawberry

3. Festival

festival photo

It has been known to gardeners since ancient Soviet times, and in those years it was the most popular in summer cottages. The variety is characterized by high yield parameters, is able to adapt to any climatic conditions, unpretentious in terms of care. Mature bushes are quite strong, have abundant foliage, but at the same time grow quite compactly. The foliage grows strictly up, has a large area, is painted in dark green, has a matte sheen. More than 15 peduncles can be observed on one bush. They are also very strong and thick, growing approximately at the level of the leaves, although they can be located below. Under the weight of the berries do not break, but bend.

Inflorescences include several large white flowers. From one bush you can collect up to 50 berries. The fruits are oval and slightly flattened. On their surface, grooves located on the sides are often observed. Ripe berries are distinguished by a bright red color and a shiny surface with a glossy sheen. The pulp is quite juicy, its density is moderate.


  • Bushes grow very compactly — in a small area you can plant quite a lot of them;
  • The berries are fragrant, have a pleasant sweet and sour taste;
  • It tolerates even severe frosts;
  • Long time bears fruit;
  • The first berries are very large.


  • The quality of berries is noticeably reduced towards the end of the season.

Strawberry Festival

2. Mara de Bois

Mara de Bois photo

This variety has been well known to domestic gardeners since about the end of the 80s of the last century. It was developed by French breeders, they turned out to be a very productive variety, which in taste is practically no different from wild strawberries. Strawberries feel great not only in the open field, but also in greenhouses, they are often planted as an ampel option for vertical gardening. The variety has found wide application in farms that sell these products in small volumes.

The plants themselves are not too tall — the maximum height of one bush is 20 cm, the foliage on them is dense, painted in a light green color, their edges are jagged. Peduncles are low, while very thin, because of this, the berries for the most part will lie on the surface of the earth. The fruits do not need additional pollination, however, if other varieties of strawberries are located nearby, the yield increases significantly. Berries weigh an average of 20 grams, have the correct shape, the pulp has an average density, is colored orange.


  • Unpretentious in terms of care;
  • Can be grown in the ground or vertically;
  • Brings a decent amount of berries throughout the warm season;
  • Berries are sweet, taste similar to wild strawberries.


  • Fruits not taken from the bush begin to rot quickly.

Strawberry Mare de Bois

1. Albion

Albion photo

It was bred not too long ago — this variety was developed by American breeders in 2006. In general, initially strawberries were created exclusively for the climatic conditions inherent in the United States of America, however, in our country, you can get a very decent harvest from this variety if you provide good enough care for the bushes. They have a powerful appearance, the leaves are medium in size, painted in dark green. Peduncles are very strong, under the weight of the berries do not begin to fall. If the fruits sag somewhat, then they lie on the foliage, excluding contact with the ground surface — this way it is much more convenient to collect them.

The ability to form fruits in this variety does not at all correlate with the time of year and the length of daylight hours — such strawberries can be grown literally in flower pots on the windowsill and enjoy fresh berries throughout the year. In total, up to three or four crops can be harvested per season, strawberries are often grown indoors on an industrial scale. From one bush it is possible to get up to 2 kg of berries during the season.


  • Very fragrant berries;
  • Contains a decent amount of sugars;
  • Long period of fruiting;
  • Up to 4 crops can be harvested during the season;
  • Berries have a dense texture;
  • Good resistance to various diseases and pests.


  • Poorly tolerate too high and too low temperatures;
  • With a lack of moisture, productivity decreases;
  • After a too rich harvest, some of the bushes may die altogether.

Strawberry Albion

Early ripening strawberries

4. Clary

Clery photo

Bred by Italian experts, domestic amateur gardeners note the fact that the fruits ripen in record time, the berries themselves are large and rather sweet. Strawberries of this variety are often used for industrial gardening. The bushes are quite tall and powerful, spreading is average. Peduncles are powerful, under the weight of berries they practically do not fall. The foliage is large, has a characteristic glossy sheen and long petioles, has a dark green color. It blooms profusely, the flowers are large with a bright yellow core and white petals. The fruits are approximately the same in size, their average weight is about 30-40 grams, however, there are specimens weighing up to 50 grams. Ripe berries are red or dark cherry in color.

The bulk of the fruits ripen at about the same time, the collection period is about two weeks. From one bush you can collect up to 300 grams of berries. The variety blooms around the beginning of May, the plants tolerate spring frosts well. The berries are dense, there are no voids in them, they have a pleasant strawberry aroma. Bushes are able to grow in one place for 4 years.


  • The berries are large and very sweet;
  • The harvest ripens at the same time;
  • The variety tolerates light frosts well.


  • From one bush it will be possible to collect not too many berries;
  • In one place, the variety can grow only 4 years.

Strawberry Clery

3. Honey

Honey photo

The bushes are erect, have large sizes, the foliage is plentiful. It is represented by three-lobed dark green leaves with pubescence. Peduncles are quite thick, located just below the level of leaf growth, on one bush there are from 5 to 8 of them. The roots are strong, well developed, after fruiting the bush gives out a lot of whiskers — it is easy to breed, and strawberries will not waste resources on their development. It begins its most active growth around mid-April, the harvest can be harvested at the end of May.

Up to 15 flowers are formed on one bush. The berries ripen at about the same time and can be harvested within two to three weeks. Their mass can reach 30 grams, the color is burgundy, there is a characteristic glossy sheen. The pulp is elastic and very juicy, the taste is sweet. The fruits have a bright aroma. Fruiting occurs once a season.


  • High yield of the variety;
  • The berries are dense — they are easy to transport without losing their appearance;
  • Bushes can withstand even serious temperature changes;
  • Able to grow in one place for a long time.


  • Too much moisture in the soil can lead to the death of the bushes;
  • Often prone to diseases of the root system.

Strawberry Honey

2. Christina

Christina photo

The variety was bred by the British breeder Jennings exclusively for commercial strawberry harvest. With proper care, the yield can be up to 1 kg of berries. Fruiting continues for about three weeks. The bushes are compact, voluminous, sprawling at an average level. The foliage is bright green, the flowers are large, with snow-white petals and a golden core. The peduncles here are long and rather thin, so they will bend under the weight of the fruits, which is why the fruits are on the ground. To keep them clean, experienced gardeners advise working with mulching material.

Mustache after fruiting is not too much, but for breeding varieties they will be quite enough. The berries have a conical shape, the skin is smooth, it has no tuberosity. Even fully ripe fruits have a greenish tip. The pulp has a sweet and sour taste, the stalk keeps well, it is necessary to separate it with effort.


  • Ripens very quickly;
  • Even ripe berries can be stored for a long time;
  • The fruits are large and beautiful, pleasant to the taste.


  • To ensure high yields, you will have to take good care of the bushes;
  • Strawberries do well in very moist soil;
  • Often the bushes develop late blight.

Strawberry Christina seedlings

1. Alba

Alba photo

It is believed that this is an elite variety of these berries — it is recognized by both domestic and European gardeners. The crop is distinguished by rather large fruits with a pleasant and delicate taste, which makes it in demand not only in amateur, but also in industrial gardening. The bushes of this variety are quite powerful, but there is not too much foliage on them, the average plant height does not exceed 35 cm. The leaves are large, have a bright green color.

Peduncles are powerful, long, so you can clearly see how the berry ripens, but later they fall on the leaves. This is very convenient, because the fruits will not get dirty on the ground. The berries are large, have an elongated conical shape, their weight is in the range from 25 to 30 grams, they are smooth, have a glossy sheen, bright red color.


  • Ripens very early;
  • The flowering period avoids the negative effects of frost;
  • A decent harvest — up to 1 kg of berries can be harvested from a bush;
  • Good fruit taste, transportability;
  • The variety withstands even harsh conditions.


  • Susceptible to various diseases;
  • If it is very hot outside, the berries begin to bake.

Strawberry Alba

mid-ripening strawberry

3. Sensation

photo sensation

Bred by Dutch breeders a few years ago. As a result, you will get a very effective and productive variety of medium ripening. Bushes are able to easily resist various kinds of diseases and pests. The variety is optimal for farmers who grow this berry on an industrial scale throughout the year, as it is suitable for cultivation both in open ground and in greenhouses and containers. Many people plant these strawberries in spacious containers and place them on their windowsills for a fresh, vitamin-packed berry all year round.

The bushes are compact in size, the foliage is directed vertically, there is quite a lot of it. It is able to reliably cover flower stalks with itself, hiding them from spring frosts, and already formed berries from the negative effects of sunlight. Peduncles are strong and powerful, but under the weight of the fruit they still bend. The flowers contain a lot of pollen, but they will not need additional pollinators. The mass of fruits is approximately 30-50 grams. The berries have a conical shape, throughout the entire period of fruiting they retain it, do not begin to shrink. The pulp is juicy, but sometimes there are small voids in it, the berries are sweet, have a slight sourness.


  • The variety is resistant to drought and frost;
  • Provides high productivity;
  • It has excellent immunity in relation to various kinds of diseases;
  • Easy to breed;
  • Fruits even on heavy soils.


  • In a cold summer, the berries are watery, sweetness is almost not felt in them;
  • It is problematic to carry long distances.

Strawberry Sensation

2. Crown

crown photo

Ideal for growing in the middle lane or in the southern regions. Bushes, as users note in their reviews, easily tolerate colds down to -20 degrees, so they are often planted in open ground. Plants do not tolerate drought well, so plantations will need to be watered regularly. If you provide the variety with competent care, then the bushes will certainly not be susceptible to various kinds of diseases. From one bush it is possible to get a crop weighing up to 900 grams. Berries ripen in the second half of June, the average fruit weight is about 20-30 grams. The largest berries can be obtained at the very beginning of fruiting, in the future they become smaller and smaller.

They are sweet in taste and have a pronounced aroma. They have a dark red color, resemble a heart in shape, shine beautifully. The pulp is tender, not too dense, the stalk is detached with little effort. Easy to transport over long distances.


  • It tolerates even very low temperatures;
  • Excellent disease resistance;
  • High yields;
  • The berries look beautiful.


  • Bushes feel depressed when there is a lack of moisture;
  • Too many mustaches.

Strawberry Crown

1. Asia

Asia photo

The leader in this section of our ranking of the best varieties of strawberries turned out to be plants characterized by a very powerful root system, which helps them adapt optimally to almost any, even very harsh climate. The bushes are large, are somewhat sprawling or erect. The foliage is painted in a rich green color, the variety gives a little mustache, but there are always a decent amount of peduncles. It bears fruit for a month — during this time it is possible to collect up to one and a half kilograms of berries from one bush.

The mass of fruits is about 25-40 grams, towards the end of fruiting they do not begin to shrink. If you grow strawberries in a greenhouse, you can get berries weighing up to one hundred grams. In shape, they resemble a slightly flattened cone. The color of the fruit is bright red, there are no voids in the pulp. It is dense, has a pronounced strawberry flavor, suitable for deep freezing, fresh consumption, and so on.


  • High yield;
  • Good taste and aromatic qualities;
  • Universality of consumption;
  • The stalks are easily detached from the berries;
  • Stored for a week without loss of presentation.


  • Does not resist moisture very well.

Strawberry Asia

In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best varieties of strawberries ends. We hope that the above characteristics turned out to be enough for you to choose the most suitable option for your site. If you are already growing such berries, then share your experience with other readers — they will probably be interested in learning some secrets of working with strawberries.



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