With any type of repair, it is unlikely that it will be possible to do without wallpapering. For many years, this finishing material has been the most popular. In this regard, his choice should be approached as responsibly as possible, because the wallpaper is always in sight, responsible for shaping the style of the interior, and so on. Depending on the purpose of the premises, the color range of products is also selected. For example, it is better that the wallpaper for the bedroom be in calm and gentle colors — this will allow you to tune in for a long rest and sound sleep. In the nursery, you can stick quite bright and colorful wallpapers, with the image of the child’s favorite fairy-tale characters, and so on.

Modern wallpapers are made from a variety of materials — based on paper, vinyl, non-woven and many others, most of which you will find on the wallpaper. Today we would like to tell you more about the best vinyl wallpapers of the year. This product has an acceptable cost, does not emit harmful or toxic substances during operation, retains an attractive appearance for a long time, in other words, it has a number of advantages. In the article we will talk in detail about the most popular brands of these products, as well as give some useful tips that will definitely help you when buying these finishing materials.

How to choose the right vinyl wallpaper?

First of all, I would like to note that these wallpapers have a huge number of different colors and textures. They are sold in rolls, the width of which is in the range from 53 to 106 cm, the length of the wallpaper in a roll is from 10 to 25 meters. The structure is often represented by several layers — often the base is made of paper, fabric or non-woven, a special opaque layer is superimposed on it, with which you can effectively mask minor irregularities of the base. At the very top is an opaque layer of polyvinyl chloride or simply vinyl. It provides long service life of a covering, also gives in to damp cleaning.

Vinyl wallpaper is allowed to paste over a variety of surfaces — wood, putty, plaster, concrete and so on. If there are certain irregularities on the walls, then it is better to give preference to embossed products, which will easily disguise them. Such wallpapers can be used for rooms of any type, there are many design designs, so you can choose products specifically for your own interior. The price range is wide — you will be able to purchase products in strict accordance with your financial capabilities. Wallpapers due to the fact that they are made of several layers do not shine through, they have quite good soundproofing qualities.

When we chose options to include in our ranking of the best vinyl wallpapers, we relied on all of these factors. In addition to them, we also took into account user reviews — this is how we managed to identify the most high-quality and durable wallpapers among all that are presented on the Russian market of finishing materials.

Top 10 Vinyl Wallpaper Manufacturers

10. Hookedonwalls

Hookedonwalls photo

Products of the Belgian brand, these wallpapers fully comply with all existing international safety standards, as evidenced by the availability of relevant certificates. The appearance is unusual — there are several collections that differ in non-standard patterns, which are unlikely to be found in other companies. In the assortment you can find products on a paper or vinyl basis. Regardless of the material of production, wallpapers are of the highest quality. They are very convenient to work with — they do not stick together, the glue is applied to the canvas and distributed easily.

Other positive qualities include good wear resistance, wallpapers are absolutely environmentally friendly, they will not fade even when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Due to such wallpaper, you can give the room a rather stylish look, make it truly unique.


  • Very interesting design execution;
  • Long service life;
  • Do not emit harmful substances into the environment.


  • They are much more expensive than other brands.

Hookedonwalls vinyl wallpaper


Omexco photo

These wallpapers are also produced in Belgian factories. In general, this company is deservedly considered one of the leaders in the field of fashion and interior design. In the manufacture of products, a unique technology is used, in which natural plant fibers are used. This makes the wallpaper even better and absolutely safe — they are allowed to stick even in children’s rooms. The material is made on the basis of jute, bamboo, viscose, flax. The width of the roll is very large, due to which the number of joints of the canvases will be minimal. Wallpaper will retain its original appearance under any operating conditions, they do not lose color over time.

There are a great many design designs, each of them is the fruit of the creation of experienced craftsmen. All patterns with classic monograms are handmade. Products are considered exclusive, therefore, they have a very high price. There are also quite a lot of monophonic options, there are also a lot of colors, there are abstract drawings with which you can get a unique interior.


  • Produced on the basis of natural raw materials;
  • A huge number of different design solutions;
  • Perfectly withstand any operating conditions.


  • They are very expensive.

Omexco vinyl wallpaper

8. Marburg

Marburg photos

We are gradually moving to German-made products. The wallpapers of this enterprise are widely known all over the world. The company manufactures paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpapers of very high quality, the product range includes both completely ready-made solutions and materials designed for subsequent painting. All wallpaper collections are regularly updated with the latest unique design solutions. In each case, patterns are developed by special ateliers.

All products are processed with special compounds that can give the canvas an original shine and provide color overflows. This corporate identity distinguishes the products of this brand. The choice is really very wide, in the assortment there are absolutely all common topics. Wallpapers are durable, resistant to moisture.


  • Have a long period of operation;
  • Wallpapers are distinguished by color overflows;
  • Good resistance to moisture, sunlight and so on.


  • Glue only with the help of certain compounds;
  • They do not hide surface defects well — they can only be glued to perfectly flat walls.

Wallpaper Vinyl Marburg

7 Calcutta

Calcutta photo

These vinyl wallpapers are made on a vinyl basis. The collection has quite standard patterns (however, even they are distinguished by sophistication), which will be associated not only with home comfort, but also with a certain amount of luxury. A variety of fabrics are used as the basis — silk, linen, damask, velveteen and many others. The outer side, in addition to vinyl, is treated with a special substance containing Teflon. Such a technological solution allows for a long time to maintain an attractive appearance of the material.

There are quite a few design options, but the style is restrained — it is unlikely that you will be able to find any original and unique solutions. In general, it is generally accepted that the products manufactured by this company were created with an emphasis on classic interiors. Wallpaper withstands high humidity conditions well.


  • Decent quality;
  • Produced on the basis of high-quality fabric materials;
  • Convenient in sticking;
  • Well withstand adverse conditions;
  • Decent selection of designs.


  • You don’t have to wait for unique designs;
  • Not so easy to find in our stores.

Wallpaper Vinyl Calcutta


erismann photo

Among the products of this company, there are mainly vinyl wallpapers made using the original hot stamping technology. All products are of the highest quality. As a basis for these wallpapers, interlining is mostly used. It is convenient to work with him when gluing the material. In addition, it can easily withstand almost any load.

Wall-paper moisture resistant, will not burn out under direct influence of direct sunshine. The assortment includes about a hundred collections of wallpapers. There are a lot of design options: absolutely all buyers will find something suitable here, from lovers of classic interiors to abstract design. The price range is significant, so you can find even very budget products of this brand.


  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials;
  • Wide choice of design solutions;
  • It is very convenient to glue the wallpaper, since it is not the canvas itself that will have to be smeared with adhesive, but the walls;
  • Products perfectly hide even relatively serious flaws.


  • Not all buyers are comfortable gluing such wide canvases.

Wallpaper vinyl Erismann

5. Limonta

Limonta photo

This company has been producing its products for over 150 years. Initially, the company produced exclusively textile options, but today you can also find wallpapers on a different basis — interlining, non-woven materials, paper, and so on. In design solutions, ideas of classic interior design can be traced. All products are of the highest quality, they look very beautiful.

Many users talk about not too standard drawings, but the latter often turn out to be somewhat blurry. Many wallpapers are stylized as natural fabrics, decorative plaster and so on. There are quite a few shades, ranging from very delicate to bright and as saturated as possible. Decorative design of these wallpapers is suitable for a variety of rooms.


  • Excellent product quality;
  • It is absolutely safe in terms of operation;
  • A decent selection of options.


  • The collections are designed mainly for classic interiors.

Limonta vinyl wallpaper

4. Moscow wallpaper factory

Moscow wallpaper factory photo

Finally, we turn to the story of domestic-made wallpaper. It was this company that was the first in our country to start manufacturing such products. Today the enterprise has excellent production capacities. In the manufacture, the most advanced technologies are involved, the latest developments in the field of wallpaper manufacturing are also introduced into the process. The organization has all the necessary certificates of quality and safety for raw materials or for finished products.

The choice is very large, according to this indicator, the domestic company is able to compete well. Many famous European brands. In the collections there are not only vinyl, but also paper (one- and two-layer), made on the basis of non-woven fabric. There are also a lot of options for photo wallpapers from this company, but at the same time, all products are distinguished by an affordable price.


  • Decent quality;
  • Can be made from a variety of materials;
  • There are products designed for certain types of premises — bedroom, nursery, living room and so on.


  • The most modern design options in the collections of this manufacturer cannot be found.

Wallpaper Vinyl Moscow Wallpaper Factory

3. Emiliana Parati

Emiliana Parati

Italian-made wallpapers have been on the market for over 50 years. During this time, the products have managed to win the highest trust of customers. The company mostly produces non-woven wallpaper, but in order to meet the needs of consumers, it was also necessary to develop vinyl products. Wall-paper from this firm is delivered at once to 80 countries of the world. It should be noted that wallpapers are quite expensive, but their workmanship is of the highest level.

It is easy to stick wallpaper to the walls, besides, the products are able to withstand exposure to ultraviolet radiation, moisture, and a number of other substances that can quickly render cheaper products unusable for a long time. Despite the vinyl coating of the front side of the wallpaper, the product is able to easily pass air through itself. The production process is constantly monitored by experienced designers and artists.


  • Excellent European quality;
  • The structure has micropores that provide the necessary access of fresh air to the walls — helps protect them from the occurrence of fungus, moldy areas, and so on.


  • Too wide rolls — sticking such wallpaper alone will not work.

Wallpaper vinyl Emiliana Parati

2. Palette

photo palette

One of the largest domestic companies engaged in the manufacture of high-quality wallpapers that can last for quite a long time. The production involved a new, but very effective technology, called «foamed vinyl». All equipment at the enterprises is reliable and modern. The range includes a large selection of non-woven and vinyl type wallpapers, there are several options for paper-based products.

Among the products, you can choose the most suitable option for a particular interior, regardless of the purpose of the room — there are products for living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms. There are also several options for painting, there are photo wallpapers. The width and length of the roll are different.


  • A significant variation in prices — you can find both cheap and very expensive options;
  • The width of the roll can be different;
  • There are several options for painting;
  • Design, style, ornament are unique.


  • A small selection of washable wallpapers.

Wallpaper Vinyl Palette

1. Vanguard

Vanguard photo

The leader of our rating of the best vinyl wallpapers is engaged in the production of absolutely safe materials that can be used for pasting walls, ceilings in rooms of various purposes. The colors are colorful and calm, but they all retain the richness of color throughout the entire service life. there are options for painting. The quality of the wallpapers is very high, they are easy to work with. Products are produced on German equipment, with the help of which it is possible to implement a combined printing technology — this approach is not found in Russian wallpaper manufacturers anywhere else.

Products perfectly resist wear, especially for vinyl wallpapers made on the basis of interlining. All colors are clean and bright, the style of drawings and patterns allows you to organically fit the wallpaper into the intended interior.


  • Safe and durable wallpaper;
  • Manufactured on modern foreign equipment;
  • There are products for every taste and budget;
  • By production original technologies are used;
  • Wide selection of designs.


  • Not detected.

Wallpaper Vinyl Vanguard

In conclusion, a useful video

Our rating of the best vinyl wallpapers has come to an end. We hope that the information provided to you was enough for you to be able to choose the best option for yourself. If you still have any questions, or want to share your experience with choosing and sticking wallpaper with other readers, then comments on this article are at your complete disposal.


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