Earthwork in summer cottages in the spring and autumn months usually takes a lot of time and effort. Many owners of such lands seek to facilitate this work through various modern devices. One of them is a motorized winch, which is a versatile tool that can be used to plow, harrow and cultivate the soil.

If earlier such products were rather bulky and were used exclusively in agriculture on an industrial scale, today you can find fairly compact designs that are best suited for small areas. Unfortunately, not all gardeners and amateur gardeners are aware not only of the useful qualities of such equipment, but also of its existence in general. It is for them that we decided to rank the best winches of the year. Here we will talk in detail about the most popular designs among consumers, and we are also going to give some important and very useful tips that will definitely help when buying such a tool.

How to choose the right motor winch?

This technique is used for a number of the most difficult agricultural work. In particular, it can be used to dig up the earth using the mouldboard method, to carry out hilling of cultivated plants, for example, potatoes or tomatoes. The device is well suited for planting and digging potatoes. In addition, it can be used to transport goods in a horizontal plane.

The principle of operation is based on the transmission of an impulse from a gasoline or electric engine to a tug of war. Through it, the movement passes to the cultivator or plow. This allows you to significantly save energy, increase productivity. Unfortunately, working alone with such equipment will not work, two people will be needed here — one will control the device, and the second will control the process itself.

The winch plows the ground well, loosens it deeply, which allows you to successfully fight weeds, as well as maintain the overall fertility of the soil. The device is safe to use, as the direction of movement and operation of the nozzles is easy to control. It is worth noting that such a technique is often used even in a closed greenhouse. The design is quite simple, so if necessary it will be easy to repair.

How to choose a good motor winch

As we mentioned earlier, motor winches are gasoline and electric, and according to the type of control they are also divided into two main types — manual (manipulations are performed through buttons and levers located on the handles) and foot (this technology is usually characteristic of gasoline products). If there is electricity in the summer cottage, then it is best to give preference to winches that are powered by electricity. Be sure to pay attention to the power of the engine — it is from this indicator that the performance of the device will directly depend.

Durability is affected by the diameter of the cable, as well as the material from which it is made. They also pay attention to the complete set of equipment — the wider it is, the better, respectively, the device is suitable for most agricultural work.

When we chose products to be included in our rating of the best motorized winches, we took into account all the above points without fail. However, we did not limit ourselves to these: several other factors were taken into account, for example, user reviews and value for money. We tried to compile an overview of not too expensive models, so that each of our readers can choose the best equipment from all sides for working in their summer cottage.

Ten of the best winches

10. Mogilevliftmash LS-100A

Mogilevliftmash LS-100A photo

It has a very compact overall dimensions, so it will be a good helper for owners of small summer cottages and personal plots. The kit comes with a reliable plow made of carefully hardened steel and coated with powder paint. The device is equipped with wheels for easy transportation from one place to another, which is very convenient when you need to dig up individual pieces of the site. The mass of the product is only 50 kg.

The design is based on an electric drive, so if the site is not electrified, it will not work for you. The engine power is 1.5 kW — this indicator is quite enough to not only dig or harrow a site, but also to transport very heavy loads from one place to another. The length of the cable is 40 m, and it is securely hidden under the casing — you can not be afraid that earth, dust or foreign objects will get inside.


  • Quite good quality equipment;
  • Universal — can be used for various jobs;
  • Fairly high engine power.


  • If there is no electricity on the site, then it will not be possible to use such a winch;
  • Some consumers note the high cost of technology.

Winch Mogilevliftmash LS-100A

9. Motor winch Varyag

Motor winch Varyag photo

The product is designed by domestic engineers, but is produced in Chinese factories. The last point does not affect the overall quality of production. This is another product that runs on electricity. The power of the device is 2 kW, so you should take care in advance that the wiring can withstand such a load, because in most cases far from the most powerful power lines are installed in summer cottages. There is no support frame with teeth, so you will have to hold the working block on your own.

The cable passes through a system of rollers that are too close to the ground and are not equipped with any protection, so the likelihood that dust and earth will clog there is quite high. The length of the cable is 80 meters, if necessary, it can be increased.


  • Decent power of the unit;
  • For small areas it will be the best option;
  • The frame is made of hollow metal tubes, powder coated;
  • Extended cable length.


  • The rope roller system is located close to the ground;
  • Quite expensive;
  • You have to hold and direct the device on your own.

Winch Motor winch Varyag


BULL ML-1RX photo

The main distinguishing point of this motor winch is that the domestic manufacturer supplies all the necessary attachments in the kit — you don’t have to purchase anything additional. The device is equipped with eight modules at once, each of which has its own purpose. Moreover, there are designs that are completely uncharacteristic of most similar products. If you unscrew the module with a winch and install the device on a workbench using the original element, you can get a real circular saw.

If the need arises, then even serious weights can be moved on such a winch. It is worth noting that this can be done both in the horizontal and in the vertical plane. Users say that they have never regretted buying such a product. In addition, it has a high level of power — a gasoline engine is capable of delivering as much as 6.5 horsepower.


  • Multifunctional device;
  • Ideal for moving heavy objects;
  • Extended equipment;
  • Easily plows even dense and viscous soil without serious effort on the part of the operator.


  • It is quite expensive — not every amateur gardener can afford such a purchase.


7. Stalker Lifan 168F

Stalker Lifan 168F photo

We present you another model of domestic production. The key difference from most other similar devices is the use of a chain drive, not a belt drive. Such a technological solution can significantly extend the service life of the equipment. Moreover, the design is equipped with a high-power gearbox, due to which it is possible to lift and transport objects weighing up to 250 kg.

This is another model based on a gasoline engine. The device has proven itself well from all sides with the majority of consumers, they, in particular, note its reliability. It has a four-stroke gasoline engine that produces up to 6.5 horsepower. He himself is traction, so you can’t count on a significant speed of movement — in the conditions of a summer cottage with an area of ​​u200bu200babout 6 acres, as a rule, it is not required.


  • The chain drive is very reliable;
  • Decent motor power;
  • Excellent load capacity.


  • Low travel speed.

Winch Stalker Lifan 168F

6. IzhTechMash ML-1M

IzhTechMash ML-1M photo

The equipment has a movable frame, that is, a part of the structure, immersed in the depth of the soil, is connected to the main module using a system of springs and hinges. This solution makes it possible to significantly extend the service life of the rope, since it does not allow dry friction against the metal modules of the apparatus.

Management here is exclusively manual. All key elements responsible for the functional side of the action are located on the handles, including the brake system. The handle itself can be adjusted in height and angle, making it the most suitable for the user.


  • High quality materials from which the winch is made;
  • The cable will not rub against the frame part;
  • If necessary, the position of the handle changes for greater comfort.


  • Not too reliable swivel body and handle.

Winch IzhTehMash ML-1M

5. Burlak ME 6.5

Burlak ME 6.5 photo

The domestic manufacturer has developed these products, taking into account all the features of the soil and climatic conditions of our country. The device is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine that produces a maximum of 6.5 horsepower. A similar indicator allows you to plow up to 700 square meters within one hour, depending on the type of soil. The winch travels at 6 km/h, which means it doesn’t go too fast — the operator doesn’t have to follow it too fast.

The design is equipped with an environmentally friendly motor. Its quality is very high — the valves do not allow either fuel or exhaust gases to pass through. In general, the model is considered universal, but there are not too many types of attachments in the kit.


  • Decent engine power;
  • The minimum amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • Acceptable travel speed;
  • In an hour it is able to plow a decent area.


  • Some attachments will have to be purchased separately.

Winch Burlak ME 6.5

4. Bull ML-1M

Goby ML-1M photo

Due to this unit, it is possible not only to plow, hill up the soil, move weights over considerable distances, but also saw trees, including fairly thick trunks. In other words, the winch can turn into a full-fledged circular saw. Unfortunately, not all attachments are supplied in the kit, for example, for cutting down trees, you will have to buy a nozzle additionally.

The frame where the engine is located is a team. Its main part is equipped with two teeth that rest on the ground. If necessary, it is very easy to remove it, and fix the remaining base on the bed. Instead of the winch itself, you can attach a cutting block, after which you get a very reliable gasoline saw with a four-stroke gasoline engine.


  • Decent build quality;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Fully collapsible design;
  • Versatility of application.


  • Not all parts for full operation are supplied in the kit.

Winch Bychok ML-1M

3. Mogilev LS-100A

Mogilev LS-100A photo

In third place in our ranking of the best motor winches was a unique model made by Belarusian craftsmen. Consumers note the high convenience of working with such a device. All the main controls here are located on the handles. In particular, the design is equipped with both automatic and manual brakes. With their help, the speed of rotation of the engine and the intensity of the winding of the cable are adjusted.

The platform has an original platform with a system of rounded teeth. The total weight of the device is 58 kg. Together with the winch comes the following attachments — a plow and a hiller. In other words, there is everything you need to use the device for its main purpose. The motor power here is 15 kW, which allows you to move even quite serious loads.


  • Decent power for a product with an electric motor;
  • Although not all attachments are supplied in the kit, the key elements are present here;
  • Acceptable mass of equipment;
  • The brake system is represented by both automatic and manual mechanisms.


  • It is problematic to find spare parts for such a device.

Winch Mogilev LS-100A

2. Agate 00-00001595

Agate 00-00001595 photo

The product is best suited for working in small summer cottages. The length of the cable for this model is 50 meters. There is no point in changing such an element for a longer one, since the diameter of the winding drum for this unit is only 10 cm. This model has very compact overall dimensions. The height of the equipment is only 63 cm, it is also 63 cm wide. The mass of the unit is 50 kg, so it can be easily handled alone.

In order for the structure to stand on the ground as firmly as possible, the lower surface of the frame is equipped with teeth that, when moving, will cling to the ground. The kit comes with a plow made of durable hardened steel, it moves on two wheels.


  • Ideal for small areas;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • There are teeth on the bottom of the frame for precise movement on the ground.


  • The system is not equipped with an automatic brake — if plowing is not carried out on virgin soil, then this minus can be neglected.

Winch Agate 00-00001595

1. Celina ML-03

Celina ML-03 photo

The leaders of the review of the best motorized winches turned out to be another model of domestic production. The engineers who created this design thought through every little thing so that the operator would be as comfortable as possible to handle it. The winch is located on a solid metal frame, in its lower part there are teeth made of hardened steel. They reliably dig into the ground, providing high-quality fixation of the device and preventing it from tipping over during operation. To further increase the strength indicators, the device is equipped with a platform on which the operator can stand with his feet.

Adjustment of the engine is made by hands or a foot. The device is equipped with a four-stroke type gasoline engine, its power is 6.5 horsepower. The maximum length of the treated area reaches 50 m. The kit also comes with a hiller, so it is unlikely that you will have to purchase additional attachments for work.


  • Strong frame with teeth;
  • Reliable and durable motor;
  • The kit contains the necessary elements;
  • Speed ​​control is done by hand or foot.


  • Not detected.

Winch Tselina ML-03

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best motorized winches in 2022 has come to an end. We hope that for your garden plot you have managed to choose the best option from those presented in this rating. If you still have some questions, then do not hesitate to ask us through the comments on this article. We will try to dispel doubts and help you decide on the selection of the most suitable design.


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